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Whatever happened to...

The Third Dukes

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Okay, so basically I'm too lazy to Google, and I'm also curious if I'm the only person who liked the musical act (which would explain the Whatever Happened To).

So I've got my music video player on, and the jukebox dials up David Gray's "Babylon". It occurs to me that I really like this song, but that I don't remember anything else he did that came even remotely close to a level of rotation on MTV or VH1. Did I miss a few of his works? Did he have anything else? Does anyone else remember him?

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Depressing? I don't think he is, but I can see why people might think that.

"White Ladder" is one of my favourite albums of all time (which is weird, considering what kinda music I usually like), and his "A New Day At Midnight" was pretty decent. From reviews I've read, his latest album is well worth investing in.

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Guest Red Devil

I loved that song. It was awesome. I haven't really heard anything other then that from him but his new album might be something to check out. I'm going to go listen to "Babylon" now, haven't heard it for ages!

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I'd recommend to check out:

This Years Love

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Soft Cell cover)

My Oh My

Sail Away

The Other Side

Be Mine

Dead In The Water


Fair enough, most of these are singles, but check them out if you wanna hear some more of his stuff, as its worth looking into IMO.

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Guest Locutus of Borg

"Babylon" was the big hit off of "White Ladder", but "Please Forgive Me" got a good bit of airplay on VH1, too. "Sail Away" was on the radio a bit here, but other than that, I haven't heard much else in mainstream media.

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