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**SPOILERS** Reservoir Dogs


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Right, this topic will contain very heavy spoilers, so if you haven't seen Reservoir Dogs don't read this, go watch the film, it's awesome.

Well basically, I watched Reservoir Dogs last night. It's one of my favorite films ever, but there has been one thing that has played on my mind continuously since last night, and since I first watched the film, in fact.

Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?

At the very end of the film, the standings are this:

Mr. Brown - Dead

Mr. Blue - Dead

Marvin Nash - Dead

Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega) - Dead

Mr. Orange (Freddy) - Alive, but unarmed (he unloaded his clip on Mr. Blonde.)

Mr. Pink - Alive, but unarmed (He doesn't have his gun in the warehouse.)

This leaves us with only 3 people alive and armed.


Mr. White (Larry).

Nice Guy Eddie.

After announcing Mr. Orange to be the 'rat' of the group, Joe points his gun at him.

Mr. White disagrees with Joe, he believes Mr. Orange is innocent, so White points his gun at Joe.

Sticking up for his Daddy, Nice Guy Eddie points his gun at Mr. White.

At this point, Mr. Pink sneaks under the ramp, so that after the comotion has finished, he can sneak away with the diamonds.

After a short stare down, Joe shoots Mr. Orange, and instantly Mr. White and Nice Guy Eddie's guns go off. Joe's dead, Mr. Orange is dead, Mr. White is dead... And so is Nice Guy Eddie?

Can anybody clear this up for me, because it is rather confusing.

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Yeah the first few times I tried to figure that out as it bothered me. Then I finally noticed how Mr. White fires off two shots and apparently we aren't the only ones who have thought this. Since on one of the versions of the DVD set on the full screen disc it has as the main menu a image of those three but it looks like a picture and has plans and such scribbled on it. Including which fired what bullet and their intended target.

One thing I always wondered about though was what happened to Mr. Pink as you see him run. Then while Orange and White are talking you can faintly hear the cops come and fire off some shots. Which makes me believe Pink was either 1.)Shot down as soon as he exited or 2.)He just barely escaped and their shots missed. Not to mention they never really SAY Blue is dead, just that he is MIA. And some have said how Blonde wasn't dead and that if (and more than likely they would for the trial that would come afterwards) the cops treated Blonde's wounds he'd live.

Then again Pulp Fiction has had similar theories and urban myths. Kind of funny Jackie Brown and Kill Bill really haven't though. Guess it's cause he gave us all the information we needed in those two. I mean Jackie Brown is a pretty straight forward movie. And Kill Bill is a relatively simple plot.

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Guest -De\/ilock-

One thing I always wondered about though was what happened to Mr. Pink as you see him run. Then while Orange and White are talking you can faintly hear the cops come and fire off some shots. Which makes me believe Pink was either 1.)Shot down as soon as he exited or 2.)He just barely escaped and their shots missed. Not to mention they never really SAY Blue is dead, just that he is MIA. And some have said how Blonde wasn't dead and that if (and more than likely they would for the trial that would come afterwards) the cops treated Blonde's wounds he'd live.

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No, I believe it was Nice Guy Eddie who when told no one knew what happened to Blue assumed Blue was dead. Though he did talk or at least pass on some messages to Joe so Joe could've easily assumed that too. Or didn't know Eddie was assuming Blue was in fact dead.

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Some other fun facts:

    *  Quentin Tarantino wanted James Woods to play a role in the film, and made him five different cash offers. Woods' agent refused the offers without ever mentioning it to Woods as the sums offered were well below what Woods would usually receive. When Tarantino and Woods later met for the first time, Woods learned of the offer and was annoyed enough to get a new agent. Tarantino avoided telling Woods which role he was offered "because the actor who played the role was magnificent anyway". It is widely accepted that the role that Tarantino was referring to was Mr. Orange.

    * Tarantino originally wrote the role of Mr. Pink for himself.

    * The word "fuck" is used 252 times.

    * Steve Buscemi originally auditioned for the part of Mr. White.

    * Michael Madsen originally auditioned for the part of Mr Pink

    * Samuel L. Jackson auditioned for the role of Mr. Orange and didn't get the part. But Quentin Tarantino was so impressed by him he cast him in his next movie Pulp Fiction (1994).

    * Once Tim Roth was cast, Tarantino originally wanted him to play Mr. Blonde or Mr. Pink.

    * Armed with $30,000 and a 16mm camera, Quentin Tarantino was all set to make the film with a bunch of friends, including his producing partner Lawrence Bender who was going to play Nice Guy Eddie. It was then that Tarantino received an answerphone message from Harvey Keitel, asking if he could not only be in the film but help produce it. Keitel had gotten involved via the wife of Bender's acting class teacher, who had managed to get a copy of the script to him. Keitel's involvement helped raise the budget to $1.5 million.

    * Madonna - who is the main topic of the opening conversation - really liked the film but refuted Quentin Tarantino's interpretation of her song 'Like a Virgin'. She gave him a copy of her 'Erotica' album, signed "To Quentin. It's not about dick, it's about love. Madonna."

    * Robert Kurtzman did the special make-up effects on Reservoir Dogs (1992) for free, on the condition that Quentin Tarantino write a script for From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) based on a story by Kurtzman.

    * During filming, a paramedic was kept on the set to make sure that Mr. Orange's (Tim Roth) amount of blood loss was kept consistent and realistic to that of a real gunshot victim.

    * To avoid alienating the film's backers, producer Lawrence Bender had the tamer scenes shot first, so that the dailies would strengthen the backers' confidence before getting to the nasty, violent scenes.

    * Mr Blonde's real name is Vic Vega. This is the same surname as Vince (John Travolta) from Tarantino's other film Pulp Fiction (1994). Tarantino revealed that not only are Vic and Vince brothers, but one day he may do a prequel about them called "The Vega Brothers".

    * Although he supposedly killed more people than any of the other characters did, Mr. Blonde is never seen killing anyone on-screen.

    * The warehouse where the majority of the movie takes place is full of coffins. Mr. Blonde doesn't sit down on a crate, it's actually an old hearse he perches on.

    * The actor who plays the lady that Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) shoots was Roth's dialect coach. Roth insisted that she take the role, as she was very hard on him.

    * Directly prior to the scene showing the colored bottles of soap, you see two shirts hanging on the wall, and a rag in the distance on the floor. These are appropriately in sync with the surnames of the characters in their present states. Mr. White and Mr. Pink are upright and close to each other, corresponding to the two shirt colors, while the orange rag laying in the distance would be the position of Mr. Orange in the next room.

    * Christopher Walken was offered the role of Mr. Blonde, but turned it down.

    * When the cop pleads for his life during the torture scene, he says that he has a child at home. This line was improvised by Kirk Baltz, and when he first said it, Michael Madsen (himself a new father at the time) was so disturbed by the idea of leaving a child fatherless that he couldn't finish the scene.

    * At several points, Tim Roth had lain in the pool of fake blood for so long that the blood dried out and he had to be peeled off the floor, which took several minutes.

    * The budget for the movie wasn't large enough to cover most of the costumes, so many of the clothes worn belonged to the actors themselves. For example, Mr. Pink's black jeans, Mr. Blond's black cowboy boots and Nice Guy Eddie's jacket.

    * Mr. Blonde's Cadillac Coup Deville actually belonged to actor Michael Madsen because the budget wasn't big enough to actually buy a car for the character.

    * The warehouse used in the film was previously a mortuary.

    * George Clooney read for the role of Mr. Blonde/Vic Vega but was turned down.

    * According to an interview on the DVD, Michael Madsen says that Kirk Baltz asked to ride in his trunk to experience what it was really like. Michael Madsen agreed, but decided as he went along that this was time for his own character development. So he apparently drove down a long alley with potholes, and then through a Taco Bell drive through before taking Baltz back to the parking lot and letting him out.

    * Michael Madsen had difficulty filming the torture scenes. He was particularly reluctant when he was required to hit actor Kirk Baltz.

    * Quentin Tarantino was considering using "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet as alternate song for the "ear" scene, but went with Stealers Wheel "Stuck in the middle with you"

    * Tarantino avoids product-placement in his movies as much as possible. This is why anyone who smokes is smoking a pack of "Red Apples", a brand Tarantino made up. This is also why any cereal in his films (Fruit Brute, Kabooom!, etc.) are all brands that died out in the 1970s and no longer exist.

    * According to cast member Edward Bunker, there was a scene that would have shown exactly what happened to his character, Mr. Blue but the scene was cut due to the limited budget. He also said actor Lawrence Tierney could never remember his lines, so Tierney's scenes took a while to shoot.

    * In the scene where Nice Guy Eddie talks on his cell phone about the botched Robbery, an Orange balloon can be seen floating past the car. Some believe that this was intentional, as to foreshadow Mr. Orange as the rat. However, Quentin Tarantino claims that it was accidental.

    * When Mr. White and Mr. Pink are in the washroom talking about what went wrong with the job, there are seven bottles on the shelf behind them. One of them is filled with a white liquid, three of them are filled with pink liquid, and there are three of them filled with a orange liquid. The white and pink bottles are close together and the orange bottles are by themselves. During this time, Mr. Orange is passed out by himself is the other room.

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Stuck in the Middle With You (early references just call it "Stuck in the Middle") is a song written by Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty, and originally released in 1973 by their band Stealers Wheel. The single sold over one million copies, reaching number 10 on both the US and UK pop charts.

According to Rafferty, it was inspired by a pre-signing party at which he and Egan sat around a table with recording company executives.

Stuck in the Middle was used in Quentin Tarantino's 1992 adventure/action movie Reservoir Dogs, during the famous "interrogation" scene.

The song (playfully retitled "Stuck in the Metal") was covered by The Eagles of Death Metal on their 2004 album Peace, Love, Death Metal.

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Mr. Orange (Freddy) - Alive, but unarmed (he unloaded his clip on Mr. Blonde.)

Mr. Orange got shot in the face by Mr. White in the final scene. White shoots Orange then the Police shoot White.

At the time of the film where my question comes into play, Orange is still alive. Joe shoots Orange, but he survives. White shoots Joe, Joe's dead. Eddie shoots White, White survives. White shoots Eddie, he dies. Then White crawls up to Orange, and Oragne confesses just as the police storm in through the door. White shoots Orange for being the rat and the cops shoot White.

Edited by Ollie Beak
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