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Summer of 2004 vs. Summer of 2005


Which Holywood Summer Season was better?  

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  1. 1. Which Holywood Summer Season was better?

    • Summer of 2004
    • Summer of 2005

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Here's the list of some of last summer's films (2004)-


Spider-Man 2

I, Robot

Shrek 2


Van Hellsing

The Day After Tommorow

Supersize Me

Harry Potter and The Prizoner Of Azkaban

The Chronnicles Of Riddick

Napoleon Dynamite

Dodge Ball: A True Underdog Story

Farenheit 9/11

The Village

King Arthur

Anchorman: Legend Of Ron Burgundy

The Bourne Supremacy


The Manchurian Candidate

Garden State

Open Water

Alien Vs. Predator

Without A Paddle

Exorcist: The Beginning

Anacondas: The Hunt For Blood Orcid

Suspect Zero



Here's the list of some of this summer's films (2005)- (It began when Kingdom of Heaven came out and where the Slump officially began as the story of this summer season)

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith

Batman Begins

War of The Worlds

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Wedding Crashers

40 Year Old Virgin

Red Eye

The Skeleton Key

The Aristrocrats

March of The Penguins

Grizzly Man

Dukes of Hazzard

The Cave

The Island


Kingdom of Heaven

Broken Flowers

Fantastic 4


The Longest Yard


The Brothers Grimm

Four Brothers

Sky High

Must Love Dogs

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Bad News Bears

Me,and You and Everyone We Know


Cinderella Man

Hustle & Flow

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Lord of Dogtown


We definently had a lot of shit this year, but Star Wars and Batman Begins made it up for me, and since Star Wars is #1 for me(and Harry Potter is #3, in terms of being my favourite franchise), Batman kicking all kind of ass, Wedding Crashers being more funny then Ancorman and Dodgeball, and March of The Penguins being just as entertaining as any Moore documentary, 2005 wins it for me.

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I went with 2004 simply because I only seem to have seen one new film this year, being Star Wars :\

But any year with Dodgeball AND Anchorman has to be the funniest, at least, and throw in good stuff like Spiderman 2 and Collateral and you got yourself a winner.

There's only maybe three films from that list of 2005 that I'd like to see, but no doubt I'll see a lot more when they're out on DVD :P

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I don't know. Garden State, Anchorman, and Super Size Me (I'll even count Fahrenheit 9/11 into this) were all great movies and considering the only movie given the same grade as those movies this year was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'll lean to 2004, if only for the fact I haven't seen Wedding Crashers or The Aristocrats.

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