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WWF '99: New Dawn


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The World Wrestling Federation was heading towards what some were calling ”the biggest pay-per-view” in the history of wrestling. Of course that phrase has been thrown around so much in the recent years that it has lost it’s meaning. But, they claimed that this time it would be different, that this time they would make good on their promises and that Wrestlemania 15 would be the biggest one yet. On the night of the show everyone settled down to watch what they hoped would change wrestling once more.

WWF WrestleMania XV

March 28th, 1999

Philadelphia, PA

Hosts: Michael Cole, Dok Hendrix, Jerry Lawler, Kevin Kelly, Jim Ross.

Hardcore Holly D. Billy Gunn & Al Snow

A triple threat match up for the Hardcore Title saw Hardcore Holly win his 2nd Hardcore Title.

Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart D. Test and Dlo Brown

For the Tag Titles, Test and Dlo were forced to tag. Interference from PMS and Debra helped Jeff and Owen hold onto the titles.

Butterbean D. Bart Gunn

The Brawl for All match up lasted about 2 minutes. Butterbean hit one hard right, then another scoring a 1st round KO.

Mankind D. Paul Wight via DQ

Who would become the main event referee? Mankind saw a win via DQ when Wight choke slammed him through 2 chairs. Then, Foley was shipped to the hospital and Wight arrested after assaulting Vince McMahon. Vince then named himself the referee

Road Dog D. Val Venis, Goldust and Ken Shamrock

A 4 corners match for the IC title saw no title change. Val Venis and Ken Shamrock were counted out. Later, Ryan Shamrock held Goldust's foot enabling Road Dog to hold onto the title.

Kane D. Triple H via DQ

Chyna effected this match. She turned on Kane, but only to get HHH DQed by hitting Kane with a chair. Triple H and Chyna then reunited.

Sable D. Tori

Nicole Bass, made her WWF debut and destroyed Tori in the meantime. She attacked Tori while the ref wasn't looking, letting Sable get the pin and hold on to the Women's title.

Shane McMahon D. X-Pac

Shane held onto the European title with the help of X-pac's former friends, Chyna and Triple H. Chyna distracted the ref, and HHH Pedigreed X-pac, then put Shane on X-pac for the pin. Chyna and Helmsley left with the Corporation.

Undertaker D. Bossman

Bossman lost his Hell in a Cell match. He did good, but a Tombstone Piledriver ended it for him. The Brood then brought a rope to 'Taker and Paul Bearer brought the cage up as Bossman was lynched from the top of the arena.

Steve Austin D. The Rock

Shawn Michaels came out. He said Vince couldn't be the ref, so he appointed a WWF referee to officiate the match. After many Rockbottom's and Stunner attempts and many referees, Steve Austin hit a Stunner on The Rock winning the World Title, with Mankind returning to be the referee. After the match and a few beers, he got revenge on Vince McMahon with a Stunner and beer bath.

While the main event of the show delivered, the rest of the show was filled with less than stellar matches. There were a few that had potential, but were not given near enough time. From this we saw the turn of Triple H to the full fledged heel that we see today. Austin finally conquered The Rock in what is still being called the ”Greatest rivalry in WWF/E history”. Paul Wight finally broke away from Vince McMahon and claimed to be his own man. In reality, that never went to far, but we’re not dealing with reality here today.

Heading into Raw, most were looking forward to watching the WWF move forward. What they got was more of the same, but with a few added fueds being worked on.

Showed some highlights of McMahon and Austin feud.

Austin's music hits. He starts to walk down the isle while the crowd is going crazy. Austin started out talking about how much credit the Rock should get for the match at WM. Austin was looking at the belt, and said that it isn't worth all the trouble. Austin then asked for McMahon to come out. Austin then stated he would give the belt back. McMahon comes out (crowd chants asshole.) McMahon finally got in the ring. Austin handed McMahon the title. McMahon said that he wishes he could say thank you, but he can't. Before McMahon could walk away, Austin showed a clip to him. Austin then stated that he wanted the old belt that Austin had custom made (with the skull.) Austin said McMahon has 2 hours to get the belt. McMahon then said that he wasn't gonna give him the belt. McMahon said if Austin hits him, he will be fired. Austin shoots another peice of footage. It showed McMahon hitting Austin last night at WM. McMahon now has two hours to get the belt, or Austin will beat his ass. McMahon suddenly hit Austin with the belt.

Sable/Jacki vs Ivory/Tori

Ivory goes after Jacki right away. She grabs Jacki's legs, and spins around. She then tags in Tori. Ivory ran after Terri, and they went into the back. Torri did a body press to Tori, but only got a 2 count. Sable got tagged in, but then hit Jacki from behind. Tori did a backslide to Jacki, and got the three count.

Tori and Sable were about to fight, but then the lights go out. The brood come down the ring. Tori got away, but Sable is still there. The Undertaker then came down, and told Sable "dont be scared, I just came down here to see what you got." Sable was doing a little dance, but then Undertaker grabbed Sable around the neck. Undertaker told McMahon to come down, or he will snap Sable's neck like a twig. McMahon was in the back talking to Shane to guard his daughter Stephanie. McMahon came out and said what kind of man are you. Suddenly, McMahon said Stephanie. He ran to the back, and his daughter Stephanie was gone.


Showed Vince telling Patterson not to call the cops.

X-Pac comes out. He stated one year ago, he came to the World Wrestling

Federation. He stated that last night, Triple H made his choice, and he made his

own. He stated that DX will not die, and they will come out every week and kick ass. X-Pac stated that tonight, Triple H's ass is grass, and that he is gonna smoke it.

Showed McMahon again. Phone rings. Undertaker was on the phone. Taker said it is true. "She is sugar, spice, and everything is nice." McMahon then threw the phone down.


The Big Show vs Test

This match took about 20 seconds. The Big Show destoryed Test with a choke slam. After the match, Wight stated that he doesn't give a damn about what's happening to McMahon right now. Showed Shamrock telling McMahon that he will find his daughter.


Hardcore Title Match: Dr. Death vs Hardcore Holly

Dr. Death came out with furious punches, but then Holly hits him with a big clothsline. Death got up and did a hugh hiptoss to Holly. Dr. Death then grabbed Holly's foot, and wrapped it around the corner post. He then smashed Holly's leg on it. Dr. Death got back in the ring, and was working on Holly's knee. Hardcore Holly was able to knee Death, then Holly grabbed a table and chucked it into the ring. The ref was knocked down, and Death did a big powerslam to Holly through the table. Snow came in the ring and hit Death with a frying pan. The ref got up, and counted the three count. Holly retains the title.


The Rock vs Bad Ass

The Rock took control of the match early with huge punches. Billy Gunn comes back with big right hands. He then does a few hip tosses, and then a big drop kick. The Rock then came back with an awsome ddt. One after another, each man took control of the match. The Rock went out of the ring to talk on the mic, and Bad Ass pulled down his pants, and the Rock saw a full moon. They finally got back into the ring. The Rock caught Bad Ass, and got him in the Rock Bottom. Rock then landed the Corporate Elbow to get the three count.

Showed Shamrock again telling Vince that he will find his daughter.


Showed Austin looking at his watch.

Shamrock vs Gangrel

Shamrock came out with a few punches, but Gangrel came back with a few of his own. Shamrock then regained controll. Gangrel got bounced off the ropes, but then he did a great DDT on Shamrock. Shamrock and Gangrel took the match out of the ring. Shamrock grabbed Gangrel, and slammed his head about 6 times on the steel chairs.Shamrock kept asking "Where is she?" Shamrock throws Gangrel in the ring. Shamrock still in controll, and nails Gangrel with a big European uppercut. Shamrock then nailed a big drop kick to Gangrel. Shamrock then did a big head scissors to Gangrel. He then did the belly to belly. Shamrock locks on the ankle lock. Gangrel tapped out and Shamrock gets the win. Suddenly, the lights go out. The Broods music hits. Brood starts pounding on Shamrock. Bloodbath on Shamrock, but then Christian falls. Shamrock gets Christian in the ankle lock. Christian tells Shamrock that she is in the basement.


Showed Shamrock covered with blood, looking for McMahons daughter.

Intercontinental Title Match: Road Dogg vs Goldust

At the beginning of the match, Ryan Shamrock came down. But the Blue Meanie told her to go away, and she left. Road Dogg had Goldust in the corner, and landed a few chops and right hands. Then, Goldust took control. Goldust was gonna land the shattered dreams, but the ref got in the way. Blue Meanie gets dragged in the ring by the Road Dogg. Road Dogg delivered a bull dog on the Meanie, which landed on Goldust. Meanie then hit Road Dogg with the belt. Goldust landed the curtain call, and got the win. New IC Champ, Goldust Goldust was talking about how he now knows who he is. He then stated that we will know soon as well.

Showed Shamrock finding McMahons daughter. She didn’t look in that good of shape.


Tag Team Title Match: Owen/Jarrett© vs LOD

LOD came out pounding at the beginning, but Owen and Jarrett started to take

controll. Owen and Jarrett did a little double teaming, but Animal was able to come

back and pound on them. LOD was able to do the Doomsday device to Owen, but the ref's back was turned. Jarrett came in the ring, and hit Animal with the guitar. Owen covered, and got the three count. Owen and Jarrett retain the title.

Showed the Stone Cold custom made belt arrive at the arena.


Main Event: X-Pac vs Triple H

Triple H landed a few punches, but then X-Pac comes back with a big spinning heel kick. Triple H makes a come back by kneeing X-Pac in the face. Triple H then lays a big clothesline to X-Pac. Triple H went for a splash in the corner, but X-Pac moved out of the way. X-Pac now has a bloody lip. X-Pac lands a huge spinning heel kick to Triple H, then he landed a flying clothesline. X-Pac went for the Bronco Buster, but Shane grabbed his foot. Chyna then got X-Pac in a big clothesline. Ref calls for the bell, and X-Pac wins by dq. Chyna lands a low blow on X-Pac. Triple H gets X-Pac in the pedigree. Kane's music hits. Kane lands a big right hand on Triple H. Chyna starts to distract Kane, and Triple H hits Kane in the head with a chair. Kane sits up, grabs the chair, and goes after Tripple H. Hunter and Chyna run away.

Shane grabbed the mic. He said if Austin wants the belt, he will have to take it off of the Rocks waist. The Rock comes down the isle, and starts talking about how he beat Austin last night and so on. Austin came down the isle, and both the Rock and Austin start decking on each other. Austin gets Shane in the Stunner. The Rock then hits Stone Cold with the belt . Tripple H comes down the isle, and starts hammering on Austin. The rest of the corporation come down. They all start pounding on Austin. Wight comes down the isle, and starts to clear house. Knocking every Corporate member down. Austin gets up and fights back at the Corporation. Austin Stunners Shamrock. Wight then gets Tripple H in the chokeslam.

That was the End of Raw.

This Raw may not have been everything that the fans were hoping for but it served a certain purpose, and that purpose was to build to bigger things. Triple H and Chyna now had to deal with both Kane and X-Pac after they’d been turned on at Wrestlemania. Paul Wight was finally showing what kind of monster he could be. Steve Austin and The Rock seemed to be continuing as Austin was on the search for his ”Smoking Skull” title which was firmly planted around the waist of The Rock. Christian lead to the discovery of Stephanie McMahon and has shown that he seems to be the weak link of The Ministry.

While it wasn’t what it could have been, it was what it was. Everyone knows what happened from then on. Everyone knows the history, but now everyone needs to forget it. We’re about to make our own history. We’re about to take the wrestling world by storm. We’re going to change it, mold it, and give you something that you want to see....or die trying.

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World Wrestling Federation Business

Owner: Linda McMahon

Money: 49, 000, 000

Size: Global

Public Image: 90%

Risk Level 70%

Production Values: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 100%


Main Event

Mankind-Face-94 Over

Steve Austin-Face-100 Over

The Rock-Heel-100 Over

The Undertaker-Heel-96 Over

Upper Midcarder:

Big Bossman-Heel-84 Over

Kane-Face-90 Over

Ken Shamrock-Heel-87 Over

Triple H-Heel-90 Over

Val Venis-Face-82 Over

X-Pac-Face-86 Over


Al Snow-Face-77 Over

Animal-Face-70 Over

Billy Gunn-Face-85 Over

Bradshaw-Heel-70 Over

Faarooq-Heel-70 Over

Godfather-Face-79 Over

Goldust-Heel-77 Over

Hawk-Face-70 Over

Jeff Jarrett-Heel-80 Over

Owen Hart-Heel-85 Over

Road Dogg-Face-85 Over

Sable-Face-85 Over

Test-Heel-77 Over

Lower Midcard:

Bart Gunn-Face-60 Over

Brian Christopher-Heel-60

Christian-Heel-66 Over

D’Lo Brown-Face-74 Over

Edge-Heel-65 Over

Gangrel-Heel-65 Over

George The Animal Steele-Face-61 Over

Mark Henry-Face-75 Over

Mosh-Heel-58 Over

Scott Taylor-Heel-58 Over

Steve Blackman-Face-60 Over

Thrasher-Heel-58 Over

Tori-Face-47 Over


Blue Meanie-Face-54 Over

Bob Holly-Face-60 Over

Droz-Heel-55 Over

Duane Gill-Face-40 Over

Giant Silva-Face-45 Over

Golga-Face-47 Over

Kurrgan-Face-47 Over

Mideon-Heel-54 Over

Prince Albert-Heel-53 Over

Scorpio-Face-56 Over

Sho Funaki-Heel-47 Over

Taka Michinoku-Heel-49 Over

Tiger Ali Singh-Heel-50 Over

Viscera-Heel-50 Over


Brooklyn Brawler-Heel-30 Over

Jeff Hardy-Face-30 Over

Matt Hardy-Face-40 Over

Development Deals:

Bo Dupp-Heel-20 Over

Brock Lesnar-Heel-41 Over

Bull Buchanan-Heel-42 Over

Chad Collyer-Face-20 Over

Doug Basham-Heel-21 Over

Erin O’Grady-Heel-52 Over

Jack Dupp-Heel-20 Over

Joe E. Legend-Heel-40 Over

Joey Abs-Heel-57 Over

K-Krush-Face-40 Over

Kurt Angle-Heel-70 Over

Low Ki-Face-25 Over

Nick Dinsmore-Face-33 Over

Pete Gas-Heel-57 Over

Randy Orton-Face-39 Over

Rico Constantino–Heel-45 Over

Rob Conway-Heel-29 Over

Rodney-Heel-57 Over

Ron Waterman-Heel-29 Over

Seven-Heel-18 Over

Shelton Benjamin-Face-39 Over

Spellbinder-Heel-20 Over

Steve Bradley-Heel-37 Over

The Prototype-Face-49 Over

Trish Stratus-Face-60 Over

Vic Grimes-Heel-53 Over


Shawn Michaels-Face-96 Over


Chyna-Face-85 Over (Triple H)

Debra-Heel-77 Over (Jeff Jarrett)

Ivory-Face-60 Over

Jacqueline-Heel-37 Over

Luna Vachon-Face-50 Over (The Oddities)

Nicole Bass-Heel-55 Over

Paul Bearer-Heel-70 Over (The Undertaker)

Ryan Shamrock-Face-60 Over (Val Venis)

Shane McMahon-Heel-90 Over

Stephanie McMahon-Face-75 Over

Terri Runnels-Heel-60 Over

Vince McMahon-Heel-96 Over

Tag Teams:

Canadian Country-80 Experience

Droz And Albert-35 Experience

Edge And Christian-80 Experience

Godfather And Venis-40 Experience

Kaientai-60 Experience

Legion Of Doom-100 Experience

Mean Street Posse-45 Experience

Mideon And Viscera-15 Experience

Shamrock And Bossman-30 Experience

The Acolytes-60 Experience

The Hardy Boyz-100 Experience

The Headbangers-65 Experience

The New Age Outlaws-100 Experience

Too Much-70 Experience


The Corporation-Bossman,Chyna,Ken Shamrock,Shane McMahon,Test,The Rock,Triple H, Vince McMahon

D-Generation X-Billy Gunn,Road Dogg, X-Pac

The Ministry-Bradshaw,Christian,Gangrel,Edge,Christian,Faarooq,Viscera,The Undertaker,Paul Bearer

The Brood-Christian,Edge,Gangrel

The Oddities-Kurrgan,Golga,Giant Silva,Luna Vachon


January-Royal Rumble

February-No Way Out



May-Over The Edge

June-King Of The Ring

July-Fully Loaded



October-No Mercy

November-Survivor Series



WWF European-Shane McMahon-70 Over

WWF Hardcore-Bob Holly-70 Over

WWF Intercontinental-Goldust-80 Over

WWF Lightweight-Duane Gill-50 Over

WWF Tag Team-Canadian Country-70 Over

WWF Women’s-Sable-60 Over

WWF World Title-Steve Austin-90 Over


Monday Night Raw, Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler, Prime Time, USA Network

Sunday Night Heat, Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly, Early Evening, USA Network

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WWE.Com-April 01, 1999

-WWE is proud to announce the signing of trainer Killer Kowalski who has been assigned as head trainer to the Traxx facility. Kowalski is known not only for his storied career but also as the man who trained current WWF superstar, Triple H

-Signed to join his team was former WCW wrestler Chris Adams as well as Les Thatcher and Jimmy Ozbourne. WWF has high hopes that these four men working together will assure a talented batch of wrestlers.

Rajahwwf.com-April 01, 1999

-We have been notified that WWF has been in talks with indy wrestler Rob Van Dam who is currently a member of the ECW locker room. It has not been confirmed as to what the talks were about but it appears that WWF are very interested in this young superstar.

-More news on the WWF, it appears that they are in talks with UPN on a new show to air on Thursday Nights. It will not be another “B” show as is being mentioned on a few other sites. WWF is looking for a show to accompany Raw.

-A few recent signees to report from WCW after their day of big releases. WWF managed to pick up Mark Jindrak and Chuck Palumbo who were assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling for more training.

Rajahwwf.com-April 02, 1999

-Only one day after talks with WWF, Rob Van Dam has been released from ECW. WWF was quick to jump on this chance and signed him to a multi-year deal for an undisclosed amount of money.

-Also released by ECW and signed by WWE were The Dudley Boyz. Taz, and The Impact Playas

-Kurt Angle has mentioned on to several reporters that he feels he’s ready to make the break onto television and that it’s just a matter of time before he makes the jump. He has shown respect to the WWF and everything they have done and that the training they have provided has helped him to take what he learned from amateur wrestling.

Rajahwwf.com-April 03, 1999

-WWF have signed former WCW talent Sean O’Haire and Johnny The Bull which have been signed to complete a new idea for a stable. WWE officials have said that we will have to wait and see but it appears as if it is going to be the idea in which WCW had planned a few months ago but in the end were forced to scrap.

Edited by Tristan Kancer
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This diary looks interesting, but I dunno about signing RVD, Dudleys, Taz AND the Impact Players right off the bat.

They came available so I scooped them up before WCW did. I'm going to try to introduce them in a realistic manner.

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OOC: Most people start with a big show, I start slow, with a "B" show no less. Ah well, this is just the beginning. Don't want to throw everything out right off the bat.

Sunday Night Heat-April 04, 1999

1-Has Austin Finally Hit Rock Bottom?

When Heat came on the air, there was a video package cued up from the truck featuring the events of Raw involving Steve Austin and The Rock. It begins with Austin giving Vince McMahon an allotted amount of time to bring him the Smoking Skull title before Austin puts his “boot in Vince’s Ass,” followed by the belt shot by McMahon. The clip then moved to the end of the show where Vince’s son Shane McMahon made his way down to the ring before telling Austin that if he wanted the title that he’d have to take it from around The Rock’s waist. Fade Out. Fade in to the beatdown by The Corporation and then the subsequent comeback by Austin and Paul Wight who comes to Austin’s aid.

Austin/Rock Vid. (Raw Recap)-96%

2-Can Scorpio’s Puke?

The first match of Heat featured former NFL dignitary Droz taking on long time veteran, formerly known as Flash Funk in the WWF. Scorpio. Both men come to the ring alone, Scorpio deciding to do a bit of dancing on the way out to get the fans involved but it doesn’t have the desired effect that he’d hoped. Instead he nor Droz get much of a reaction as the match begins. The two men lock up and fight for position. Droz shows shows his strength as he throws Scorpio away. Another lock-up from the two men and Scorpio surprises Droz with an arm drag, a dropkick to the chin which sends him to the outside. Droz pounds the apron in frustration as he paces around the outside, trying to get a grip on himself.

He slides back in the ring and gets a kick to the back of the head from Scorpio but he fights back to his feet with body shots. A knee to the midsection puts him in control as he sends Scorpio into the ropes before connecting with a Spinning Back Elbow for a two count. Droz pulls him to his feet and sends him to the ropes once more, this time connecting with a powerslam, getting to his feet and hitting a leaping fist drop for another two count. Droz is quite upset and he telegraphs a back body drop and gets a boot to the face and then a spinning heel kick from Scorpio. Scorpio heads for the top rope but his Diss misses and Droz gets to his feet in time to hit a sitout powerbomb and the pin.

Droz p. Scorpio-54/53/68

{Commercial Break}

3-Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice

After the commercial another video airs featuring another of the big feuds in the World Wrestling Federation between Vince McMahon,Stephanie McMahon, and The Undertaker. Most of the video focuses around the previous Raw with the mysterious phone call to Vince from The Undertaker. After this it showed Vince going back to the locker room to find Stephanie missing. Another shot of Vince telling Shane not to call the cops, and then calling Shamrock into the office who says that he will do everything he can to get Vince’s daughter back. The search is on with Shamrock looking for him, and then finally forcing Christian to tell him where Stephanie is. Teary reunion between Father and daughter before they quickly show pictures off all three involved with a three part screen ending the video. A voice over from The Undertaker declares that there is going to be a ”Tragedy” that even the great Vince McMahon cannot control.

Vince McMahon/The Undertaker Vid. (Stephanie McMahon)-79%-The Undertaker Lost Overness From This Segment. Vince McMahon Lost Overness From This Segment.

4-Get Ready For Another Venis Rising

Backstage Michael Cole is standing next to former Intercontinental and European Champion. Val Venis. Venis is prepared for his big main event match on Heat against Scott Taylor, one half of the tag team Too Much

Michael Cole: Val Venis, you’ve had some great success here in the World Wrestling Federation, now I have one question, are you prepared for your match here tonight?

Val Venis: Am I prepared? Does it really matter whether I’m prepared for this match or not? Everyone knows that when he needs it, The Big Valbowski rises to any occasion that is placed in front of him. Tonight, there is one man who is going to find out just exactly how long I can go inside that ring, and when I’m done, there just might be a lucky lady in the audience who can find out how long the Big Valbowski can last outside the ring. If you know what I mean.

Michael Cole: I know what you mean.

Val Venis: No you don’t. When was the last time you had a woman, Cole?

Michael Cole: Well I....uh....

Val Venis: Don’t answer that Michael, because you see, there isn’t anyone quite as good with the ladies as The Big Valbowski. But, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Right after I beat Scott Taylor here tonight, you and I will hit the club and I’ll introduce ya to some ladies.

Venis walks off leaving Cole stewing in his own thoughts with a smirk spread widely across his face.

Val Venis Int. (Scott Taylor/Main Event)-89%

5-Knocked Down, But Not Out

Backstage Bart Gunn is walking through the halls when he passes by the locker room of Tiger Ali Singh who sees Gunn and begins pointing and laughing. Gunn stops and looks into the doorway.

Bart Gunn: You got sumthin’ you want to say to me?

Singh stops laughing and gets to his feet, a serious look on his face as he approaches Gunn.

Tiger Ali Singh: There is a lot of fire in you, but it wasn’t what we saw at Wrestlemania. I’d continue but I’ve been told your hearing goes in and out after Butterbean just about knocked your head off your shoulders.

Boos can be heard from inside the arena as Gunn stares Singh down, intensity in his eyes.

Bart Gunn: So you think you could do better? There is no shame in losing to a man like Butterbean because I’m not a boxer, I’m a wrestler, and in this ring, I’m still better then you.

Tiger Ali Singh: Oh you think so, do you?

Bart Gunn: You’re damn right I think so, and tonight, I’m willing to prove it in the ring.

An intense staredown between the two as the show heads to commercial.

Bart Gunn/Tiger Ali Singh Confrontation-60%-Tiger Ali Singh Debuted His New Gimmick, It Got A Negative Response. Tiger Ali Singh Gained Overness.

{Commercial Break}

6-Tiger Without Stripes

The next match is the match signed before the break between Bart Gunn and Tiger Ali Singh Singh is still laughing as Gunn gets in the ring and the referee is forced to keep Gunn back as he attempts to get at Singh before the bell rings. Gunn finally calms down and the ref moves to Singh to check his boots and trunks for any objects while Bart Gunn pulls some tape from his trunks and uses it to wrap up his fists before the bell is rung.

Both men move towards the center of the ring and Singh catches a right hand from Gunn followed by a nice right cross. Singh is reeling right off the bat as Gunn backs him to the ropes and then throws him to the otherside, catching the rebounding Singh with a dropkick below the chin. Rear chinlock from Gunn which is reversed after two elbows to the midsection and a european uppercut to the chin. Gunn shakes it off and comes back with a combination of his own before nailing a blistering left hand which sends Singh to the mat. The ref pulls Gunn away and checks on Singh before calling for the bell and awarding the match to Gunn.

Bart Gunn def. Tiger Ali Singh via Knockout-43/52/40-Tiger No Sold Everything

7-Another Golden Reign

Before the final commercial break another Raw Recap is shown featuring the title win of Goldust where he defeated Road Dogg to begin another Intercontinental Title reign for himself. It also shows the end of the match when Goldust informs the fans that they have no idea who he is, but that they are about to find out.

Raw Recap Vid. (Goldust Title Win)-77%

{Commercial Break}

Scott Taylor Has Venis Envy

Scott Taylor comes to the ring accompanied by his tag team partner Brian Christopher. Val on the other hand comes accompanied only by his towel as he struts to the ring with all the women in the audience cheering loudly for him. He slides in the ring and gyrates while removing his towel to more cheers from the female fans. Taylor is angered by the reaction that Val is receiving and attacks him from behind. Taylor grabs him by the seat of his pants and tosses him between the buckles and shoulder first into the steel ring post. Val comes back out holding his shoulder and gets a kick to the mid-section followed by a neckbreaker which turns into a mule kick below the belt. Venis goes down and Scotty taunts the fans getting booed as he does.

Taylor goes back to Val, picking him up and putting him in the corner. Climbing the buckles before raining down with his attempted ten punch combo which is countered at about eight into a Manhatten drop from Venis and then a clothesline. Venis hits some shots to the skull before pulling him to his feet and connecting with his knees to the mid-section after an irish whip. Brainbuster, and Venis goes up top for his Money Shot but Brian Christopher grabs his foot and knocks him off the buckles. Taylor hits a second rope legdrop and makes the cover but only gets a two count. He’s surprised and Christopher is livid on the outside. Taylor picks Venis up and goes for a suplex but Val blocks it before hitting a European uppercut and then a body slam. He goes up top once more and this time is able to hit the Money Shot for the three count. Brian Christopher hits the ring but by the time he’s able to even put anything together Val has slipped out of the ring and is backing up the aisle. Too Much look on as Venis disappears behind the curtain.

Val Venis p. Scott Taylor-63/69/72

Edited by Tristan Kancer
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Not a bad first show, definitely had that feel of a B show that the WWF had in the late 90's. I liked how you used Bart Gunn getting knocked out to give his match with Singh some meaning, and with the few video recaps you did we'll soon get to see just how much you deviate from what happened in real life around this time.

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Pretty good Heat. Nice to see you using Bart Gunn. Lets see how you'll use him after he jobbed to Butterbean. I liked Val Venis getting the win, And I hope you continue using him. Maybe a feud with him and Goldust?

I'm interested in seeing how you'll handle this diary, As this time is one of my favorite periods in wrestling. I'm looking forward to seeing you use the big names like Austin, Undertaker, Kane, HHH, Rock, X-Pac etc. I'm looking forward to Raw (Y)

I don't mind you signing those guys, Except for maybe Taz. I never thought he fit in much with the WWF. Maybe RVD could be a new DX member?

Keep up the good work

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WWF Monday Night Raw- April 05, 1999

1-Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Ths show begins backstage with Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon standing face to face. Shane is smiling but there is no sign of happy emotion on the face of Vince, instead he looks quite angered. Audio breaks in on their conversation.

Vince McMahon: Exactly what part of “Give Austin The Belt” didn’t you understand? Don’t you understand that I’ve got enough to worry about without adding the stress of Steve Austin to the mix?

Shane McMahon: I did what I had to do. Look, you worry about what you’ve got to worry about and I’ll worry about Austin. It won’t matter after tonight because The Rock and myself will take him out. Then at Backlash, The Rock will bring the belt back to where it finally belongs.

Shane appears confident but that doesn’t transfer to his father who looks through a window into another room where Stephanie is sitting on a couch.

Vince McMahon: For your sake, you’d better because this entire Undertaker situation needs my full attention.

Vince leaves Shane, walking into the room with Stephanie and taking her into his arms, consoling her. She looks on, his mouth twisted into anger.

Shane McMahon: You keep worrying about Stephanie. She’s the only one that matters to you anyway.

The scene fades to the opening credits with Shane shaking his head with disdain.

Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon Confrontation (Austin/Belt)-88%

2-Ministry Continues To Set It’s Sights On Destruction

Following the opening pyro the dark guitar chords of the Ministry theme begins playing and they slowly filter through the curtains. Mideon with his eye in a jar, Viscera licking his lips like he’s just torn the flesh off some fresh kill, and The Acolytes leading out Paul Bearer and the man of the group himself, The Undertaker. Behind them all walks The Brood with Christian hanging his head in shame. Together they make their way to the ring, getting in and The Undertaker is passed a microphone. He looks at Christian who continues to hang his head in shame.

The Undertaker: In the last few weeks I’ve shown Vince McMahon just how easy it is to get to his family. He’s received many warnings but like the stubborn king that he believes he is, he thinks that he’s invincible. But, like every great king before him, his weakness is very evident and it lies within his own family.

The Undertaker laughs as he turns and looks at the faces of each of his Ministry before turning to Christian.

The Undertaker: Last week I had Stephanie McMahon in my grasp and was prepared to soak McMahon for everything that he was worth. But because of a failure from one of minions, that plan was blown.

Christian raises his eyes to look at The Undertaker and his face is that of shame. Undertaker stares at him for a few seconds but his gaze quickly moves to Mideon and all at once the entire Ministry attacks him, beating him down to the ground as ‘Taker looks on without emotion.

The Undertaker: Christian may have given up the location of Stephanie to Ken Shamrock but if you’d have done your job then Shamrock would never have gotten close to Christian.

The Acolytes pull Mideon to his feet and toss him towards The Undertaker who grabs him by the throat and drills him with a huge Chokeslam before turning back to Christian.

The Undertaker: Now Christian, I don’t want you to confuse kindness with weakness. You have one chance, and only one more chance to prove that you’re worth keeping around. Prove to me that you’re worth more than you’ve done.

Christian nods his head as Edge and Gangrel pat him on the back. Undertaker turns back for his final words.

The Undertaker: Vince McMahon, I’m afraid it’s going to be a long hard ride for the two of us, but when it’s all said and done, you can rest assured that you will never rest in peace.

His eyes roll back in his head as he smiles his sadistic smile. The Ministry filter out of the ring slowly while Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discuss the card for the nights events.

The Ministry Int. (Vince McMahon/Self Promotion)-79%

3-Time To Prove You’re Worth A Damn

The first match of the evening takes place as soon as The Ministry go behind the curtain. The Lightweight champion, Duane Gill makes his way out to take on Kaientai member Sho Funaki for the title. Gill has the sparkler pyro as usual while Sho Funaki comes to the ring with fellow member Taka Michinoku. Michinoku threatens to attack Gill but the ref makes him leave the ring and the ringside area altogether which angers Taka and he throws a fit before finally leaving the area.

To open the match Gill plays the cat and mouse games, trying to stay out of the way of Funaki’s attacks but that only lasts for a minute before Funaki finally manages to get him with a shot to the midsection. Gill stumbles into the corner where he’s stomped relentlessly by the Japanese sensation Whip to the corner by Funaki and a blind charge is met with a Gill boot to the face and then a running bulldog for a two count. Gill sets up in the corner for a spear but is hit from behind by Christian who has made his presence known. Christian hammers the champion down following the bell and hits an Unprettier before leaving the ring, his damage done. Christian backs up the ramp with a smile on his face as he disappears behind the curtain and the show goes to a commercial break.

Duane Gill def. Sho Funaki via Disqualification to RETAIN the Lightweight Title-45/40/50-Lightweight Title Lost Image (Just for being in Gill’s possession)

4-Nobody Wants To See You, They’re Here For A Champion

After the break Jeff Jarrett is found backstage with Debra and the two are arguing. Debra attempts to walk out the door but Jarrett grabs her by the arm and pulls her back in just as the audio breaks in.

Jeff Jarrett: No, no, no honey, you ain’t goin’ nowhere. Nobody wants to see you out there flashin’ them things around. They’re here for one thing and that’s to see a true champion, and toots, you ain’t it.

Debra: But...

She doesn’t even get to finish what she was going to say because Jarrett is already out the door. She sighs deeply before crossing her arms and throwing herself into the chair.

Debra/Jarrett confrontation (Ban from ringside)-63%-Jeff Jarrett Lost Overness (Come on guys, she’s not that hot)

5-Gunn vs Guitar

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with the guitar in his hand, and Owen Hart close behind but no Debra in sight. Billy Gunn comes to the ring to his own music and with no partner which leads to the commentators speculating on whether or not D-Generation X is still together. As Gunn gets to the ring he grabs the mic from Finkel.

Billy Gunn: Just because he’s gonna be a spoiled sport doesn’t mean that you people have to suffer. You might not get any puppies but we’ll give ya a little ass.

Gunn turns and pulls down his pants showing his bare ass but his pants around his ankles provides a target for Jarrett as he connects with a cheap shot. Gunn hits the buckles and Jarrett continues to assault him while Gunn continues to try to pull his pants up. Finally he gets them pulled up and attempts to block the attack. They both hit the mat, rolling around and exchanging fists until they roll completely out of the ring, still firing off shots. Gunn finally manages to fight away from the shots and get to his feet but he’s unable to get any offense in as Owen attacks him and drives him head first into the announce table.

Owen walks away, hands raised in surrender, and playing innocent as Jarrett stretches his back before pulling Gunn to his feet and tossing him back in the ring. Jarrett goes to work on the right knee of Gunn, dropping an elbow onto it and then stretching it with a spinning toe hold. Gunn shows the agony that he’s in but Jarrett continues to attack the knee, driving his own into it and setting him up for the Figure Four. Gunn attempts to fight back, and manages to drive Jarrett head first into the buckles. Gunn comes back, hobbling on one knee as he mounts a comeback with rights and lefts on Jarrett in the corner. A whip to the buckles followed by an avalanche splash which has Jarrett reeling. Gunn kicks Jarrett in the midsection and hits the ropes for his Fameasser but Jarrett goes back to the leg by kicking him in the knee. Gunn stumbles into a Russian legsweep from Jarrett and another set up for the Figure Four.

Jarrett gets it hooked in but not completely locked as Gunn reaches up, grasping his head and hitting several shots to the face to knock him back. Gunn is back up again and once more he’s on a roll as he hits a suplex, a jackhammer. He stil favours the leg but it seems to be bothering him less as he waits for Jarrett to get to his feet. At this point Owen leaps onto the apron with the guitar. Gunn sees this and goes after Owen who slides the guitar into the ring and grapples with Gunn until the ref gets between them. Gunn turns around and BANG! The guitar shatters on Gunn’s skull and Jarrett sweeps the pieces out of the ring and makes the cover as the ref turns around to make the count. Owen and Jarrett celebrate as they leave the ring with Gunn staring them down.

Jeff Jarrett p. Billy Gunn via Guitar Shot-75/77/72

6-Another Golden Interview

Backstage Goldust stands behind a changing screen, his silhouette showing through, but with him there is another silhouette. This one that of a woman. Slowly the silhouette which can be defined as that of The Golden One bends down and kisses the female on the head.

Goldust: “It doesn’t matter how much you love him, you can’t change who you are.”-Gillian Carfra-The Outer Limits-1995

Goldust raises his head and takes the girl by the hands, and they walk from behind the curtain. The couple is revealed to be Goldust and Marlena dressed the same way they were upon their debut in 1995, complete with the cigar burning in Marlena’s hand.

Goldust: Sometimes changing means going back to an old way. An old face on a new stage and the cast keeps changing. Last week I stood on the stage and accepted my award of achievement in the grandest fashion. Tonight I prove that the award was not a fluke and that I will put on that oscar performance of a lifetime. And then you will never forget the name of.....

Goldust dramatically inhales deeply and exhales as he speaks.

Goldust: Goooooolllldddduuuusssstttt

Marlena smiles and takes a deep drag on her cigar before blowing the smoke out at the camera. Her soft voice finishes off the interview with...

Marlena: That’s a wrap.

And they head out as their music hits inside the arena to the thrill of the fans.

Goldust Int. (His Change)-78%

7-What Do Doggs Need Gold For?

Music hits, golden glitter falls from the ceiling and Goldust walks from behind the curtain with Marlena in tow, chair and cigar in hand. They make their way to the ring, arranging the chair for Marlena to take a seat in the “Directors” chair. Road Dogg’s music hits and he has the mic in his hands which means he does his usual random spiel making remarks about the golden freak not needing a woman. Goldust takes offence and meets him on the ramp to start the match with a huge brawl.

Road Dogg grabs him and bounces his head off the barricade before punching him all the way back to the ring. Goldust ducks a right hand and drives Road Dogg’s back into the apron. Another right hand before throwing Dogg into the ring and sliding in after him. Goldust appears to hump the apron before getting to his feet and picking Road Dogg up with him. Whip to the ropes followed by a leaping hip check for a two count. Goldust gets to his feet, and picks Road Dogg up, positioning him for his Last Call but Road Dogg slides down his back and sets him up for a Pumphandle Slam. Dogg does his usual thrust taunt but Goldust freaks him out by thrusting back, enjoying the little action and Road Dogg throws him forward into the ropes just to get away from him. Goldust charges and gets a right hand for his trouble which knocks him to the mat, getting up only to be knocked down again. Road Dogg hits a suplex followed by the Shaky Legs kneedrop for a two count.

Back to his feet, Road Dogg waits for Goldust to get to his feet but he notices Marlena on the apron flirting with the referee. Dogg does what Dogg does best as he approaches her, grabs her by the head and puts a huge lip lock on her. While not exactly liking it, she does her job and Goldust grabs him from behind and hits his Curtain Call for the win. Goldust and Marlena are quick to get out of the ring while Road Dogg punches the mat in frustration at his own distraction.

Goldust p. Road Dogg to RETAIN the Intercontinental Title-75/77/72-Goldust Gained Overness From This Match

8-Daddy, Where Are You?

Backstage Stephanie McMahon is shown walking through the hallways, looking in rooms and behind things in the hallway. She stumbles upon Gerald Brisocoe making coffee.

Stephanie McMahon: Umm, Mr. Briscoe, have you seen my dad?

Briscoe turns around shocked to find Stephanie there without her father and he drops his coffee on the floor, raising his finger to point behind Stephanie. She turns around to find The Undertaker towering over her, chuckling.

The Undertaker: Looking for someone Stephanie? Don’t worry about dear old Daddy, he’s in good hands.

Undertaker chuckles with evil intentions and a tear falls from Stephanie’s eye and rolls down her cheek. She recoils as ‘Taker reaches forward but she doesn’t have far to go and is forced to allow him to wipe the tear from her eye. He raises the finger to his lips and licks the liquid from his finger.

The Undertaker: Mmmmm..Tastes like strawberries.

He continues to laugh as he walks away. Briscoe tries to console Stephanie but she pushes him away and runs out of the arena as the show goes to commercial.

The Undertaker/Stephanie McMahon confontation-87%-Stephanie Gained Overness (Cause she’s looking good)

9-Between A Rock And A McMahon

Backstage Shane McMahon and The Rock are inside their locker room. Shane is wearing one of The Rock’s custom made t-shirts as he bounces around, getting ready for the main event match.

Shane McMahon: Are you ready? Are you ready to do what you should have done at Wrestlemania. We’re gonna go out there and stomp a mudhole in his....

The Rock: Woah, Woah, Woah, What The Rock should have done at Wrestlemania was take that rattlesnake and twist him into so many knots that he couldn’t tell his ass from his head. You see, The Rock has one thing on his mind, and that is the demise of the Rattlesnake. Who would have known that it would only take this piece of shiny metal right here.

The camera pans down as The Rock opens his tailor made shirt to reveal the “Smoking Skull Belt”. He dusts it off with his fingers before raising his head, taking his sunglasses off and raising the eyebrow.

The Rock: Now you want this title, then The Rock says, that you have got to walk down that aisle and take it from around my waist. And Austin, that’s a little harder than you might expect. If You Smell...

He lowers his head, looking at Shane.

The Rock: What The Rock....

His head moves again, this time looking straight into the camera as he raises the eyebrow once more and get a serious look on his face.

The Rock: ....Is Cookin’

The Rock Int. (Main Event/Austin)-92%

10-Smoking Skull vs Brahma Bull and One McMahon

Both The Rock and {b]Steve Austin come to the ring with a look of pure concentration. Rock has the annoying Shane McMahon bouncing around him making shadow shots into the air, but he continues on, sliding in the ring and making sure to stand facing the ramp so that the first thing Austin sees is the Smoking Skull Belt strapped around his waist. Austin doesn’t see anything as he makes a headstrong run towards the ring, sliding in and starting the match off with some basic brawling. Shane stays away from the action as much as possible until the ref manages to get him to the apron, telling him that this is a typical match and that he still has to tag in. This brings The Rock over to argue for a second which gives Austin the chance to get his jacket off and hammer The Rock when he turns back around. Austin backs him to the buckles and stomps him down in his usual style while the fans eat it up. Austin walks out of the corner, turning around to find The Rock blasting towards him with a clothesline.

Rock goes on the attack with suplexes and stomps of his own, standing tall posing for the crowd before hitting a spinebuster. Shane finally wants the tag and Rock gives it to him, waiting for him to come in and he drops an elbow to the back of Austin’s neck and pounds away with left hands until Austin starts to come back and then he makes the quick tag out once again. The Rock comes in and slows down Austin’s momentum with a straight right hand. Rock beats him all around the ring before taking him down and attempting to strap on a Sharpshooter but Austin rakes the eyes and gets to his feet, once again engaging the Rock in some brawling. Austin whips him to the ropes and hits his Thesz press but before he can get the punches in The Rock rolls out of the ring. Austin is right there after him, slugging him to the back and brawling some more. Austin slams him to the mats outside and wraps the camera cords around his neck. Shane charges and gets a right hand from Austin when he’s caught before Austin goes back to choking The Rock. Finally he lets him go and tosses him over the barricade, only to suplex him back into the ringside area. Austin grabs a drink from one of the fans and downs it before smashing the cup over The Rock’s back. Throwing him back inside Austin continues the attack with stomps and elbows dropping but he doesn’t see Shane McMahon getting into the ring with the steel ring bell. The ref gets between Austin and Rock to break them up and check on The Rock. Austin turns around and gets nailed with the ring bell from Shane. Quick cover as the ref turns around but tells Shane that he’s not the legal man and another argument ensues. Austin is busted open and Ross sells it like he was dying. Rock waits for Austin, getting in position for The Rock Bottom. Austin staggers to his feet, blood running down his face and gets caught for the Rock Bottom but he fights it off with two shots to the head with his elbows. Rock staggers around and Austin gets a kick to the midsection in and goes for the cover but he’s pushed off and into the ropes. He bounces off and his head connects with The Rock and both men go down.

Shane is going completely crazy on the apron, trying to get The Rock to realize that he’s got his hand outstretched but The Rock is blinking like his eyes aren’t seeing straight. Austin is face down with his hand over his head, his leg kicking from the pain. Finally The Rock comes too at the count of five and sits up, turning over and pushing himself to his feet. He stumbles back against the ropes and rolls down them until he’s able to make the tag. McMahon comes in quick, rolling Austin over and going for the count. His eyes are wide with surprise when he only gets a two count and he gets to his feet, goes to the top rope and drops a huge elbow. Another two count, another wide eyed McMahon, and a raging rattlesnake as he gets to his feet and punches away at McMahon. Shane is quick to make the tag out as soon as he can and subject his partner to the right hands of The Rattlesnake. Rock fires back some of his own but The Rattlesnake is smothering as he hits a spinebuster of his own and waits for The Rock to get up. His mistake comes when he chases Shane around the ring, all the way to the outside, and back in again because he fails to see The Rock get back to his feet. Shane finally stops, points behind Austin, who turns around and walks right into a Rock Bottom. Shane gets down on his knees and taunts Austin as The Rock makes the pin and picks up the victory.

The Rock stands over him, holding the belt high above his head as he looks down at Austin. Shane standing right next to him, smug look on his face as the two leave. Austin gets to his feet, blood dripping down his face but He’s nailed with another ring bell shot from McMahon who has run back into the ring. Austin goes down and Shane stands over him as the show fades to the credits.

The Rock and Shane McMahon def. Steve Austin (The Rock p. Steve Austin)-90/92/87

Show Rating: 80%

Backlash Card

WWF World Title Match: The Rock © (W/Shane McMahon) vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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I thought there might be a few more matches on the show seeing as it only had one more than Heat did. Still, the two opening segments showed a lot of how things are going to be progressing over the next few weeks/months. The McMahon conversation at the beginning had an interesting end with Shane's jealousy, and the Ministry angle caught me by surprise as you made it seem so sure that Christian was going to get an ass kicking that I never expected Mideon to take the beating. Over all it was a pretty good show, Backlash is already looking pretty interesting with the usual Mania rematch.

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-Several releases were made today. After the angle on Raw last night, Mideon was released from his contract. Also on the chopping block were Ohio Valley residents Bo Dupp and Vic Grimes.

-Also released was George "The Animal" Steele who asked for his release due to the high touring schedule of the WWF. Steele felt that being as old as he was, he just couldn't endure the schedule set by the WWF. He was released on good terms.

-Backstage tensions were high after the recent signing of the former ECW talent. A wild brawl ensued backstage between a few of the members which lead to one firing, which was shocking when it turned out to be newly signed Taz.

-Injury Report has discovered that Tiger Ali Singh injured his tricep during his match with Bart Gunn and will be out for at least two months. Many are wondering why the WWF are keeping this troublesome worker and there are no answers forthcoming.

-No word yet on the talks between UPN and WWF regarding the new television show. Many fans have wondered why the WWF doesn't just turn Sunday Night Heat into a flagship show, to which officials have replied simply "Two shows in two nights, not good for business."

-Many are also wondering why there was only one match added to the Backlash card and why quite a few of the big name stars were not on the show. Answers to that are the fact that WWF are coming off their Wrestlemania weekend are were looking to give a few of their big stars the night off. Look for The Rock and Steve Austin to take their time off this coming week.

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Good Raw, Surprised to see no Triple H or X-Pac, But it was a good show. I liked both Road Dogg and Billy losing, It could set up a possible confrontation between DX down the line. I don't know about Jarrett leaving Debra in the back since she was always the reason he'd pick up wins. Surprised to see Mideon get his ass kicked, I wish you would have kept him around. He was a interesting Ministry member. I don't care for Taz getting cut much. It could lead to you building up some of your current guys that never went anywhere in the WWF during this time.

Looking forward to Heat (Y)

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Sunday Night Heat-April 11, 1999

1-Proving His Worth

As the show comes on Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly discuss the happenings of last week’s Raw, informing the audience that there has been a Lightweight title match signed for Backlash between Duane Gill and Christian but tonight Christian has a match against the youngster Jeff Hardy. Christian comes out alone in this match, as does Jeff Hardy, who seems quite flamboyant in his entrance with the usual Hardy Boy entrance.

Hardy attempts to get the upperhand right off the bat with a slingshot dropkick on entrance to Christian. Christian gets to his feet and gets hammered straight back to the corner with Hardy right hands. Hardy backs up and charges in but Christian lifts him up and drops him face first on the turnbuckles. Hardy staggers backwards and gets a back suplex from Christian for a two count. Christian mounts him and rains down right hands before picking him up and throwing him to the ropes. Christian ducks down for a back body drop but Hardy stops short, kicks Christian in the face and then delivers a twisting ddt. Hardy to the second rope drops a leg across Christians throat and hooks the leg for a two count. Hardy gets up, grabs Christian and pulls him to his feet but Christian goes low with a kick and hits his Unprettier to pick up the win. Christian poses on the second rope. As he gets down he’s forced to side step a charging Duane Gill who crashes into the buckles, staggering backwards and getting hit with an Unprettier. Christian stands over Duane Gill with a smirk on his face before leaving the ring.

Christian p. Jeff Hardy-69/49/90

We’re Here To Make An Impact

Before the first commercial break, a video vignette airs that starts out with a voice over stating “We’re Here For One Thing”followed by the archived footage of each men from a few times that they were on WWF television, as well as the invasion in ECW. Justin Credible appears on the screen with a singapore cane in his hand, and a smile on his face. Lance Storm flashes on the screen in his usual stretch pose followed by the voice over stating “We’re Here To Make An Impact”. Another shot of Justin Credible with a mic in his hands standing behind Storm in his stretch pose.

Justin Credible: Now That’s Not Just The Coolest......Now That’s Not Just The Best......

Storm reaches behind and takes the microphone.

Lance Storm: That’s From Calgary, Alberta, Canada....

He passes the mic back to Credible

Justin Credible Now That My Friends Is....Justin....Credible

Video fades to a commercial break.

The Impact Players Video (Debut Hype)-76%

3-Raw Recap

After the break the video screen lights up with a recap from Raw featuring the confrontation between The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon is shown walking through the hallways, looking in rooms and behind things in the hallway. She stumbles upon Gerald Brisocoe making coffee.

Stephanie McMahon: Umm, Mr. Briscoe, have you seen my dad?

Briscoe turns around shocked to find Stephanie there without her father and he drops his coffee on the floor, raising his finger to point behind Stephanie. She turns around to find The Undertaker towering over her, chuckling.

The Undertaker: Looking for someone Stephanie? Don’t worry about dear old Daddy, he’s in good hands.

Undertaker chuckles with evil intentions and a tear falls from Stephanie’s eye and rolls down her cheek. She recoils as ‘Taker reaches forward but she doesn’t have far to go and is forced to allow him to wipe the tear from her eye. He raises the finger to his lips and licks the liquid from his finger.

The Undertaker: Mmmmm..Tastes like strawberries.

He continues to laugh as he walks away. Briscoe tries to console Stephanie but she pushes him away and runs out of the arena

Raw Recap Vid. (Undertaker/Stephanie)-81%

4-Regurgitation Is An Art

Last week Droz made short work of Scorpio but this week he steps into the ring with much stiffer competition in the form of martial artist Steve Blackman who has had a successful team in the past with Al Snow but has now gone on a solo trip. Droz comes to the ring with his partner Prince Albert and starts off quickly hitting a shot to the midsection with a right hand and a kick to the jaw. Blackman staggers backwards and hits the ropes. Droz throws him to the other side and hits a spinning back elbow. Blackman is back to his feet and Droz hits a kick to the midsection, setting up for the double underhook powerbomb but Blackman drops to his knees and connects with a double handed chop to the midsection, into a split shot to the throat.

Droz hits the ropes and Blackman is back to his feet connecting with two quick kicks to the midsection followed by a spinning back kick to the chest. Rapid fire shots from Blackman have Droz on the ropes, a whip to the ropes but Albert reaches in and grabs Blackman’s foot distracting him. Blackman turns to grab Albert and gets a knee to the midsection which sends Blackman through the ropes. Droz then grabs the ref, telling him about something in his boot and forcing the ref to check. While this is going on Albert attacks Blackman on the outside throwing him into the steel steps. Droz slides out and throws Blackman in, making the cover but only getting a two count. Droz picks him up and connects with a sitout powerbomb for the win.

Droz p. Steve Blackman via Prince Albert Interference-63/52/74

5-Still A Smoking Gunn

Backstage Bart Gunn is shown walking through the hallways when he passes The Headbangers talking in the hallway. They see him walk past and start laughing which brings Gunn walking back, and standing next to them.

Bart Gunn: You got somethin’ to say?

Thrasher snickers before turning to Gunn and answering through his laughter.

Thrasher: We were just talking about wrestlemania and how some poor sap got knocked out by a boxer. Oh wait, that was you wasn’t it.

Gunn laughs but not the kind of laugh that is done after a joke. It’s more of an angry laugh as he rubs his chin for a second before hauling off and cracking Thrasher with a straight left hand that drops him to the floor. Mosh attempts to get at Gunn by several officials race onto the scene and hold the two men apart while they trade comments back and forth, until the commercial break.

Bart Gunn/Headbangers Confrontation-53%

6-Raw Recap Part Two

This recap is used to show the first Raw after Wrestlemania during the match between Triple H and X-Pac. Highlights from that are shown including the interferences by both Chyna and Kane. After the highlights are shown it’s announced that a rematch will take place tomorrow night on Raw between the two men.

Raw Recap Vid. (Kane/Triple H/Chyna/X-Pac)-88%

7- Another Golden Challenge

It’s rare for a title match to be featured on Sunday Night Heat but officials saw it as a chance to get more televison time and so Goldust heads to the ring with his “Director” Marlena to a very nice reaction of boo’s from the fans. They get louder when the music of Al Snow hits and he heads to the ring. They quickly start the match, brawling in the middle of the ring. Snow gets the upper hand quickly and drags Goldust around the ring by his ear before driving him head first into the buckles. Stomping him down Snow comes out of the corner and gets ready for a 3-point clothesline but Goldust ducks it and connects with a thrust to the throat followed by a hangman’s neckbreaker.

Goldust doesn’t get the cover, instead throwing Snow into the corner and hitting some rapid fire shots to the midsection before rubbing his hands up and down Snow’s body to mock him. Snow takes exception and replies with a kick below the belt and then a running neckbreaker drop for a two count. Goldust rolls to the outside where he’s comforted by his manager. Snow goes out after, stalking Goldust around the ring who uses Marlena as a shield. The ref slides out and gets between the two which gives Marlena the chance to grab her purse. She swings it at Snow who ducks and tackles Goldust down with a spear like maneuver. Snow uses the barricade to launch himself off for a moonsault but Goldust moves out of the way and gets back to his feet. Snow, in pain, pulls himself to his feet and ducks the gold glitter that Goldust had in his hands. Snow gets a kick in on Goldust and tosses him into the ring. Snow gets in and heads up top but something stops him from hitting the moonsault and he falls crotch first onto the buckles. What stopped him turns out to be Bob Holly who rushed to the ring and grabbed his foot. Goldust gets to his feet and hits a neckbreaker from the top rope to get the pin.

Holly slides into the ring and together with Goldust stomp away on Snow. Fans cheer loud as Val Venis rushes to the ring and the two men split and slide out of the ring, backing up the aisle as Venis checks on Snow while the show goes off the air.

Goldust p. Al Snow by Bob Holly Interference to RETAIN the Intercontinental Championship-81/79/83

Show Rating: 61%

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Good heat, I'm glad you're continuing the feud between Snow and Holly, And the Impact Players could work out well. Val versus Goldust could be a good feud as well, I didn't get to comment on Marlena during Raw, But I don't know if she's a good fit with Goldust again. Especially since she tried to get back with Goldust when she was "pregnant" and he dumped her. Glad to see Christian will be Light Heavyweight champion again, And lets hope Edge and Gangrel get to do something. Looking forward to Raw (Y)

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Monday Night Raw-April 12, 1999

1-When A Venis Gets Cold There Are Many Hardcore Golden Showers

After the opening pyro and introductions by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler the opening match begins with Al Snow teaming up with Val Venis to take on ”Hardcore” Bob Holly and Goldust. Ross lets the fans know that this match came about last night on Sunday Night Heat, and shows them clips of the final seconds of the match while the four men in the ring decide who’s going to start things off. Finally Goldust and Snow make their way to the apron leaving Holly and Venis in the ring to start things off.

Following a long opening sequence of holds and reversals Holly finds himself on the mat with his arm locked tightly by Venis. Holly fights his way to his feet and breaks the hold, tossing Venis into the corner and beating him down. Holly hits some big power moves including a powerslam before missing a second rope legdrop and making the tag out to Goldust. Goldust opens up with a flurry of punches and chops adding in a throat thrust every so often. Venis backs into the corner trying to avoid the shots but he falls victim to a huge Liplock of Doom which draws “ewwws” from the fans. Goldust responds by backing up and driving his hip into Venis’s midsection followed by a bulldog out of the corner. Goldust makes the cover and gets Snow’s foot in the back of his head. Snow batters Goldust until the ref forces him out of the ring but it gives Venis the chance to drive his knee into Goldust’s midsection. Throwing him from each rope and driving his knee into the midsection of Goldust with every whip.

Venis makes the tag to Snow who comes in with all guns ablaze with right hand after right hand to Goldust. Holly comes in and gets some of the same medecine and he rolls to the outside, grabbing a chair and sliding back in. Snow turns around and gets blasted by the steel chair. This causes the bell and the disqualification. Val comes in to protect and gets a chair shot of his own to the head. Holly and Goldust stand over the two men as Marlena slides into the ring to pose with the two men.

Al Snow And Val Venis def. “Hardcore” Bob Holly and Goldust via Disqualificaton-77/74/80


In the backstage area a television is lit up with someone watching. On the monitor it shows a picture of Vince McMahon chained to the wall. From the detail of it, it appears to be the same wall that The Acolytes were chained to as The Ministry storyline began it’s take off earlier in the year. McMahon appears to be unconscious as the camera zooms out and shows Stephanie McMahon watching the television before taking off down the hall crying.

Vince McMahon Chained To A Wall-80%

3-McMahon’s Mission

Following the first commercial break Michael Cole is backstage with Shane McMahon who’s dressed in his wrestling attire, with the European Title around his waist. He’s dancing around in his usual fashion as Cole asks the questions.

Michael Cole: Shane McMahon, you’re here tonight but your protégé, The Rock is nowhere to be seen. May I ask where he is?

Shane stops bouncing and looks at Cole.

Shane McMahon: It’s not your job to worry about where The Rock is. After his big win last week where he single handedly defeated ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin I felt that he deserved the night off, so he’s somewhere where only The Rock can go, doing something that only The Rock can do.

Michael Cole: Well, tonight you’ve agreed to defend your European Title in a match that you say will keep you in shape for the big challenges. What exactly are the big challenges?

Shane McMahon: It doesn’t matter what the big things are. All that matters tonight is when I, Shane McMahon, retains my title, and then The Rock goes on to Backlash to beat Austin for his title. We’re going to be riding high, and in style because that’s just the McMahon way.

After those words, another McMahon appears on camera. Stephanie McMahon comes on screen, crying as she grabs Shane and tries to lead him away. Shane is having none of it as he pulls himself away from her grasp.

Stephanie McMahon: Come on Shane, please. Daddy is in trouble. Please Shane, help him.

Shane grimaces at his sister and replies with malice.

Shane McMahon: He’s always in trouble and he can handle himself. It’s just another one of his publicity stunts, getting himself kidnapped so someone will care about him, well I’m not biting. I haven’t got time for his games, I’ve got things to do.

Shane leaves Stephanie in shock as he walks away. She looks at Cole and then storms off down the hall, crying some more as the scene fades back to ringside.

Shane McMahon Int. (Austin/Vince)-80%

4-Drunken Rattlesnake’s And Europeans Don’t Mix

Shane McMahon heads to the ring with the corporation theme playing in the background as Ross reiterates that The Rock is not in the building. Lawler says that he’s sure Shane’s only taking on some nobody so there is no need for The Rock to be here. Lawler just about chokes on his words as the music of D’Lo Brown hits and he heads to the ring as well. Shane can’t believe it either but he hides his surprise quite well. Shane charges in and attempts to beat down the challenger before he can even enter the ring but the shots have little to no effect as D’Lo shoves him away and finally gets into the ring. Shane charges again and this time he finds himself on the receiving end of a drop toe hold. D’Lo keeps control as he beats the champion all around the ring, stomping and kicking, slamming and spiking him in the end with a piledriver. D’Lo sees the end is near and heads to the top for his Lo Down but Shane rolls out of the way.

Shane rolls out of the ring and ducks down on the side. D’Lo recovers and heads after him but makes the mistake of sliding out in front of Shane. McMahon charges, driving his knee into the back of D’Lo and sending him into the steel post. Another shot from Shane and D’Lo hits the post again. Shane rolls him in the ring, climbs the ropes and hits a nice elbow drop for the two count. Shane continues to pummel D’Lo with rights and lefts but D’Lo throws him away, getting back to his feet. Shane charges and gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. More offense from D’Lo leads to a powerbomb which Shane turns into a ‘Rana. He gets to his feet and heads to the top rope once again but this time his eyes go wide as the glass breaks and Steve Austin appears from behind the curtain. He strides to the ring, beer in hand as Shane gets down off the buckles and leans over the ropes, trying to get at Austin. Austin simply gives him the finger and tells him to turn around. Shane does turn and walks straight into a Sky High from D’Lo and the pinfall.

Austin slides into the ring and dumps the beer all over McMahon before leaving, backtracking up the ramp, giving Shane the finger all the way.

D’Lo Brown p. Shane McMahon via Steve Austin Interference to win the European Champion-79/77/81-D’Lo Brown gained overness, European Title Gained Overness

5-The Fire Still Burns

Back from another commercial break and a hand reaches out, grabbing Michael Cole and pulling him through the door. Looking up, the man who had done the pulling is revealed to be Kane, peering down. Cole gulps hard and attempts to get a word with Kane.

Michael Cole: Umm, Kane, you’ve requested this time?

Kane looks down at him before reaching behind his back as Cole flinches. Kane pulls out a lighter with a picture, after looking at it, turns it towards the camera to reveal it to be a picture of Chyna. Kane holds his other hand and flicks the lighter in his hand, and lights the corner of the picture on fire, watching it burn in his hand.

Michael Cole: So, I take it that’s a challenge?

Kane nods his head before leaving, and the scene heads back to ringside.

Kane Int. (Challenges Chyna)-62%-Kane Lost Overness (Guess Kane’s lack of speaking confused people)

6-Now That’s How You Make An Impact

Unfortunately for the debuting team of The Impact Players, Ross and Lawler spent most of the time arguing about what Kane meant by burning the picture. Lance Storm and Justin Credible made their tag team debut against The Oddities,Golga and Kurrgan. They came to the ring dancing as they usually did with Luna Vachon leading the way to the ring. Storm and Credible attack before the other team can even get to the ring as they slide out and exchange punches with the two men before brawling all around the ringside area. Kurggan attempts to drive Credible into the steel steps but he gets thrown into them himself. Storm ducks a body attack by Golga and connects with a superkick that sends him to a sitting position. Credible rolls Kurrgan into the ring and holds him as Storm gets into the ring. Storm goes for the superkick again but Kurrgan moves and the shot hits Credible.

Kurrgan fights back with a clothesline to Storm, a scoop slam to Credible, but he misses an elbow on Storm and makes the tag out to Golga who is just getting on the apron. More clotheslines from Golga but he misses a vertical splash. Storm connects with a low dropkick to the face and goes for a sharpshooter but Golgas legs are too big and he can’t get it on. Instead he goes for a cover which is powered out of quickly. Golga makes the tag at the same time as Storm tags out to Credible. Credible charges and gets caught by the huge hands of Kurrgan who drives him to the mat. A darker side of Kurrgan is shown as he chokes Credible. The ref manages to pull Kurrgan off and he quickly scurries to his corner and tags in his partner. Storm comes in and gets clotheslined by Kurrgan. Kurggan goes for a whip but Storm reverses it, grabs the ref quickly, and Credible slams the singapore cane he’d brought with him into the back of Kurrgan. Kurrgan staggers out of the ropes and is nailed with a huge superkick, a cover and the count while Credible cuts off Golga from getting into the ring. Both men slide out of the ring, hugging as they back up the ramp while Ross rages on about how unfair that was.

The Impact Players def. The Oddities (Storm p. Kurrgan)-61/51/72

7-X Marks The Spot

A pre-taped vignette airs, featuring X-Pac in a dimly lit room, hair over his eyes. Slowly he raises his eyes to the camera and looks straight into it.

X-Pac: Look what you’ve done to me. Look what you’ve made me do. Hunter, you’ve turned your back on everybody who cared about you, everyone you’ve called your friend, but most importantly, you turned your back on me. Tonight we’re going to step into the ring again, and this time things are going to be different. Bring anyone you want, because Hunter, this time I’m taking your ass down.

X-Pac Int. (Triple H)-72%

8-Small Taste Of Backlash

Before the match begins we’re informed that this is a small taste of what is to come at Backlash. Tonight The Brood will take on the corporate team of Big Bossman. Ken Shamrock and Test who will face the team of The Undertaker and The Acolytes at Backlash. The Brood make their way out with the usual rising through the fire, spitting the blood from the steps. Like complete opposites The Corporate Team march to the ring with their eyes on the other team. As soon as they slide under the ropes the brawl begins and it’s kick for kick and fist for fist as they battle it out.

The corporation shows that size does matter as they bull the brood around the ring, getting the upperhand in the brawl. Bossman whips Gangrel to the ropes and knocks him over them with a clothesline. Shamrock just about throws Edge out of his boots with an overhead Belly to Belly. Christian tastes a bit of leather as Test drives his foot straight into the jaw of Christian. All three Brood members roll to the outside but the Corporate members chase them and do the same to them around ringside. Gangrel takes a trip into the steps while Edge and Christian take a trip slamming into each other after a couple of whips. Shamrock tosses Christian into the ring, picking him apart with sharp chops and strikes to the chest and mid-section. Knee strikes in the corner have Christian wondering which way home is, and then Shamrock sends him on a ride with another belly to belly. Shamrock goes to work on the ankle, softening it up for the inevitable ankle lock. Leg whips, crunches on the ropes, and several shattering knee shots to the ankle have Christian screaming in pain but he has great ring presence when the move comes, grabbing the ropes and forcing the break.

Quick tags by the Corporate boys as they wear down the man they believe is the weakest link, slamming him, piledriving him, and attempted covers which are quickly broken up by his Brood team mates. Christian finally manages to make the tag after turning a Bossman slam into a headscissors. Gangrel hits the ring, hitting several double arm underhook suplexes, and an inverted ddt on Test. He attempts an Impaler on Shamrock but Test nearly takes his head off with a boot to the face. Edge goes for the Downward Spiral on Bossman but he scoops him up with the Bossman Slam and makes the pin, picking up the win for his team.

The Corporation def. The Brood (Bossman p. Edge)-75/71/79

9-Make Sure It’s Worth It!!

Following a quick commercial break “It’s My Time” hits and Triple H and Chyna head through the curtain, to the ring, where Triple H grabs the mic.

Triple H: X-Pac, I know you’re sitting back there, just waiting for your music to hit because you believe that you want to get your hands on me. Before that happens, before the music hits, I want you to ask yourself one question, Is It Worth It?!! If for even one second you answer that question with “no” then don’t come out here, don’t come down that aisle, and don’t get in this ring because after it’s all said and done, you won’t have this choice.

He walks around the ring for a few seconds, allowing his words to sink in, both to X-Pac and the rest of the fans.

Triple H: Understand this, we’ve traveled up and down the road together. We’ve shared stories about each other, about our lives, about our families, our health. You know just as much about me as I know about you. Which means that you know, I don’t have a weakness. Not like you.

Triple H reaches up and rubs his neck, showing the audience exactly what he’s talking about.

Triple H: How long do you think your neck is going to hold up against a man who is being called a “Cerebral Assassin”. I know your weaknesses, and you have so many. So ask yourself, is it worth it? Is it worth risking your life, and everything that you live for. Ask yourself X-Pac, and then go home.

Before he can say anything else, X-Pac’s version of the DX theme begins playing and he comes racing out of the back.

Triple H Int (X-Pac/Main Event)-84%

10-It’s Worth Everything

As soon as X-Pac hits the ring the brawl begins as they exchange rights and lefts, both trying to get the advantage over the other. X-Pac, being the smaller of the two, manages to get more shots in but Triple H’s are heavy hard hitting shots that snap Pac’s neck back, causing him immense pain. X-Pac manages to back Helmsley into the corner and lay some kicks to his mid-section before using the ropes to leap up and hit a back spin kick to the jaw. Triple H staggers out of the corner and drops to his knees. Sloppy shining wizard by X-pac and he attempts his X-Factor but Helmsley shoves him away and connects with a high knee. From there Triple H picks the smaller man apart, choking him, driving the point of his elbow into X-Pac’s neck, and capping it off by whipping him to the ropes, catching him for a spinebuster but dropping backwards instead. X-Pac’s neck hits the ropes and his head snaps back. Triple H distracts the official and Chyna grabs X-Pac’s head, choking him on the top rope.

Triple H continues the assault, working on the neck with various head and neck submissions, turning it into a choke with every chance he could get. Several times the ref was forced to pull the two men apart but Helmsley always went back to the neck. Using the edge of the apron proved to be a useful tool to wear down the neck, turning him on his stomach and slamming him down hard on the edge, as well as using it to line up an elbow shot. When the ref isn’t looking Chyna gets in her shots as well. It’s one such time when Chyna finds herself in the corner, on the receiving end of a bronco buster. X-Pac turns around and gets caught with a kick to the gut, and set up for a pedigree when the lights shut out and the stage explodes red and Kane heads for the ring. Triple H slides out, grabbing Chyna on the way as Kane hits the ring. Both men are backing up the ramp when new music hits...

Triple H and X-Pac Wrestles To A No Contest Via Kane Interference-77/76/78

11-Matchmaker In Hell

Ohhhh Ohhhhh Shawn

Loud pop from the fans and some dirty looks from both Triple H and Chyna as they continue to back up the ramp. Michaels comes through the curtain in his brown business suit, and cowboy hat on his head. His smile is wide as he sees Helmsley and Chyna backing up the ramp, mocking them with his hands.

Shawn Michaels: Now hold on here, just a second. It appears to me that I’ve missed a party, and that isn’t something that I’m proud of. It seems that you’ve made yourself another enemy Hunter, but let’s face it, you’re good at that.

Fans laugh at the comments while Triple H fumes on the ramp, staring a hole right through Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: You see, we’ve got a bit of a problem here, and if you know anything about Shawn Michaels, it’s that he knows how to take care of a problem. Hunter, X-Pac, you two want to tear the hell out of each other, well it’s going to happen, but it’s going to happen at Backlash, inside a fifteen foot high steel cage.

Triple H turns to look at X-Pac who is being helped up by Kane in the ring, and his eyes narrow. He rubs his hands together as he smirks an evil smirk. Shawn turns to walk away but then he turns around again.

Shawn Michaels: Wait, one more thing, just because I like making your lives a living hell. Just a short time ago Kane made a request, more or less, and I’ve decided to grant it for Backlash. Chyna, you’re going to go one on one against that man in the ring, and if Triple H interferes, he’s going to be suspended indefinitely. Now that’s doing it, like only the Heartbreak Kid can.

Michaels turns and leaves through the curtain while Kane and X-Pac stare them down from inside the ring. Ross hypes this up as the biggest announcement ever made on Raw as it fades to black.

Shawn Michaels Int. (Matches Announced For Backlash)

Backlash Card

WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin© vs The Rock (w/Shane McMahon)

WWF Lightweight Title Match: Duane Gill© vs Christian

Steel Cage Match: Triple H vs X-Pac

The Corporation vs The Undertaker & The Acolytes

Kane vs Chyna

Edited by Tristan Kancer
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