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Cricket 2005


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The computer cheats.

Their batsmen always gain confidence really quickly while yours take ages. Very annoying.

In five day you should notice a HUGE gap on the leg side.

So six hit into the space or turn everything off your legs to the rather square fine-leg fielder.

Once a batsman hits 30, the field changes so must change tactics.

I tend to only cover drive off the back foot, sweeps can work well too.

Defend a lot, even in 50 overs, leave anything short to begin with.

If slips are taken out, play the "waft" or Away from you / left on the stick and on back foot to run the ball down to third man.

Bowling wise, develop a tactic and stick to it.

One wicket I took from packing my legside field, keeping two slips and bowling round the wicket short pitched bodyline into the batsman's gloves. After a while I got a richochet off the gloves up into the slips.

Two wickets were taken by using my left arm slow bowler (Boje), bolwing round the wicket to the right handers, pitching it into the leg stump on a length so it would spin back to off, catch the outside edge and balloon up to my silly point.

Other than that bowl yorker, yorker, yorker and then ram one in around his throat, sometimes he'll pull it towards a fielder.

I've never bowled a computer batsman or got an LBW decision (though I got someone plum and the umpire gave it not out)

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Rate my scorecard... <_<


That's the best total i've managed to get in an innings so far.... Flintoft's total is especially awesome since I just hit out at warne with him nearly every shot. His total came off about 19 balls. It also included one six, which is a rarity for me (makes it about 4 since I got the game). Vaughn's century is also my first... yay me!

Now to bowl those bastards out...

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I see you come down the track a lot....a lot of stumpings :P

I was 140 odd for 4 earlier with Essex in a game, which was good for me (I still haven't managed to get over 50 with one player <_<).

I can't hit sixes for shit...any ideas?

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it's all about timing... I try and avoid it cos there's so much risk if you miss (as can be seen from my card above). I don't use the down the wicket shot at all hardly. I hit my six attempts off the front foot. And I always aim for a large gap in the field, that way if I mis0time em they go safe.

I also don't try and hit pace bowlers for six very often... In that game with the aussies it was only Warne I was trying to smash... connected lots, most went for fours rather than sixes. I also only try it off straight balls, any spin usually messes up my shot.

I think hamster already mentioned it but in test cricket there's usually space on the leg side... until the batsman reaches 30 then the field changes. Best way I score runs is flicking it off the legs for 1's and 2's, with the odd cover drive for four.

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I finished off the Bangladeshi innings today to win my first test (hoorah!)

They were 120 for 5 when I started, they ended 138 all out! Boje got three, including two catches in two balls...Pollock got one caught out in the covers then one caught at second slip with an amazing outswinging ball on a length that the player edged.

Fourth day pitches have lots of rough and spinners are great.

So I won be around 160 runs by mid-afternoon day 4.


Then I played a ten over slog, the other team were 58 all out (spinners bowling just short of a length had them late cutting to slip). But then I got all out for 20 cos there were no scoring gaps and they kept bowling bouncers.

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yeah... well if anyone still reads this thread I'd like to no if the game buffers for you allot as in freezes for 5 od seconds b4 continuing whilst maintaining this on a regular basis. An answer would be greatly appreciated as in I dunno if it's my playstation or the actual game which does this

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I don't have too many problems with the game on my PS2.

My only problem remains with the computer batsmen gaining confidence far quicker than my players.

On a positive though, I got my first century the other day and a partnership of 150, actually going after the spinners and tonking straight sixes and leg side sixes.

But as far as hardware problems, everything is fine for me.

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damn... thanks anyway

when it hasnt kept buffering... my best partnership was 67 on Australian domestic cricket with Victoria's openers... i went shit after that and ended up getting bowled out for 153. So as of now my record is 38... shame, i thought I was gonna get my 1st half century :(

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If playing four/five day, the leg side is always left wide open until your batsman gets to 30, so make sure your confidence is high once you get to 30 otherwise your scoring will come stuttering to a halt when they move fielders back to cover the huge space.

For me the annoyance comes from a computer batsman going up to two third confidence within three overs having played and missed at four of the 18 balls, hit two straight to mid on, left about five and been hit by or defended the rest.

It really is unbalanced.

Oh well, bowled 30 overs last night as England playing NZ in the World Cup. I'd got 250 in my innings and after 30 they're 86/8 so that's a win for me then. Ashely Giles bowling round the wicket outside off and short of a length, spinning away with a slip, a man covering behind slip and a silly point = maidens galore.

Giles has one wicket, Morris (myself brought into the squad) has one, and Flintoff got six.

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