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Sensible World Of Soccer 96/97


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oddly yeah. I still play it. I think i wouldn't play it if i kept the original squads though. I'm in the process of updating it for this season and should finish it soon. Most addictive football game ever in my opinion even if the players had eyes and mouths bigger than their faces :shifty: I don't know if the version i had was that one or the one before, though.

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Won this in a competition recently, can't wait until it arrives. Have many happy memories of playing Sensi Soccer and SWOS on my Amiga, making up ridiculous new teams and everything. Definitely the best football game ever, exluding Champ/Football Manager as they're management games.

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Oh man. SWOS!!! I loved that game as I was growing up. I played it for the first time at a friends house on some old style pc... Amiga or Atari or something... And I was blown away! It was so much ahead of everyone else at the time.

Twas so good, the last present my aunt ever got me before she died was SWOS 96 for the PC!! I shelved my Premier Manager 97 and played SWOS for years. Still got it, but FM's where its at for me now :( But I still have the memories of the chairman shaking his fist at me lol.

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I had the European Championship Editon or whatever it's called (still do on my PC, no idea where the disc is now :P).

I always used to be Bangor City, because it was extremely easy to win with them because they were so much better than any other Welsh team except Inter Cardiff. So one of us would always win the League. I always remember saving up my winnings and buying people like Bergkamp, Merson and Wright, then being untouchable (never won a European game at all though). Then I'd get an international job (usually France, Finland or Estonia. Always went with the Finns :wub:)...

Ahhh, memories.

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