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WWE 2005: A Realistic Diary


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WWE 2005: A Realistic Diary

Promotion Information

Owner: Linda McMahon

Size: Global, 60 PI

Money: $40 000 000

Risk Level: 66%

Production: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 90%


Main Sponsor: Playstation 2

Minor Sponsor: Sports Illustrated

Minor Sponsor: THQ

Minor Sponsor: Stacker 2

Remainder of 2005's PPV Schedule

09 October: No Mercy

27 November: Survivor Series

18 December: Armageddon

Television Shows Information

Monday Night RAW

Time: Prime Time

Network: USA Network

Announcing Team: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Friday Night Smackdown!

Time: Prime Time

Network: UPN

Announcing Team: Michael Cole & Tazz

Saturday Night Velocity

Time: Late Evening

Network: Online

Announcing Team: Josh Matthews & Todd Romero

Sunday Night Heat

Time: Early Evening

Network: Online

Announcing Team: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

EDIT: I changed the No Mercy date back to the original one.

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not to sound bitchy hear but why is No Mercy 2 weeks late, where Taboo TUesday (yes i know its being played on EWR 1 PPV a month, but he has said a realistic approach) and i know there is no proper way to have Heat and Velocity now, and keeping them on Spike TV Network maybe for the best but i would of prefered it if you said Network online, but hopefully there will be a backstory to iron all this out

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Hornpipe Sally

With No Mercy on the game it has it set for 23 October & I will be leaving it as that & i can't do a Taboo Tuesday because of No Mercy & that is why I changed Armageddon to a RAW PPV instead of a Smackdown! PPV.

Also I just changed the network to online because of the news of it being moved online now but in the game it will stay on as Spike TV & in the same timeslots.

Another thing is that there will be no backstory.

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The Roster

Monday Night RAW

RAW Championship Holders

WWE Championship: John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair

WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus

WWE World Tag Team Championships: T.N.T. (Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch)


John Cena

Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

Upper Midcard


Kane - Out Until November

Rob Van Dam - Out Until November


Big Show


Chris Masters


Gene Snitsky

Kerwin White

Lance Cade

Matt Hardy

Rene Dupree

Rob Conway


Shelton Benjamin


The Damaja

The Hurricane

Trevor Murdoch

Tyson Tomko

Lower Midcard


Johnny Parisi


Val Venis



Matt Striker

Nick Nemeth


Ashley Massaro

Candice Michelle


Maria Kanellis

Torrie Wilson

Trish Stratus


Tag Teams

Eugene & Tajiri

Kerwin White & Nick Nemeth

The Hearthrobs

The Hurricane & Rosey



Ric Flair


Eric Bischoff - General Manager of RAW

Jonathan Coachman

Vince McMahon - Chairman of WWE

Special Appearances

Hulk Hogan

Mick Foley

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Aaron Stevens

Al Snow - Smackdown!

Alexis Laree - RAW

Angel Williams

Beth Pheonix

Big Guido

Brent Albright

Brian Carlucci

Chad Toland

Chet the Jet

Chris Cage

CM Punk

Da Beast

Daivari - Smackdown!

Danny Inferno

Dean Visk

Derrick Neikirk

Deuce Shade

Dorian Deville

Drew Hankinson

Gregg Groothuis

Jason Riggs

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Riggs

Justice Smith

Ken Doane

Kid Kash

Mac Johnson

Matt Cappotelli

Michelle McCool - Smackdown!

Mike Hettinga

Mike Mondo

Mike Shane

Mike Taylor

Mike the Miz

Nick Mitchell

Robbie McAllister

Rory McAllister

Ryan O'Reilly

Ryan Reeves

Shelley Martinez

Steve Lewington

Tank Toland

The Boogey Man

Todd Shane

Tony Straddlin

Friday Night Smackdown!

Smackdown! Championship Holders

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista

WWE United States Championship: Chris Benoit

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Nunzio

WWE Tag Team Championships: Legion of Doom 2005 (Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich)



Chris Benoit

John "Bradshaw" Layfield w/ Jillian Hall

Randy Orton w/ Bob Orton

The Undertaker

Upper Midcard

Booker T w/ Sharmell Sullivan


Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio


Big Vito

Brian Kendrick

Doug Basham


Hardcore Holly


James Gibson - Can't Appear Until November Because of Scheduled Appearances

Joey Mercury w/ Melina

Johnny Nitro w/ Melina


Ken Kennedy


Orlando Jordan


Road Warrior Animal

Scotty 2 Hotty

Simon Dean

Super Crazy


William Regal

Lower Midcard

Paul London

Stevie Richards


Bobby Lashley

Paul Birchall


Christy Hemme

Jillian Hall (Manages John "Bradshaw" Layfield)

Melina (Manages Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury)

Sharmell Sullivan (Manages Booker T)

Stacy Keibler

Tag Teams

Legion of Doom 2005


Nunzio & Big Vito

Regal & Birchall


Mexicools (Juventud, Psichosis & Super Crazy)

MNM (Melina, Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)


Bob Orton (Manages Randy Orton)


Theodore Long - General Manager of Smackdown!

Palmer Cannon - UPN Executive

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01 October 2005


The current No Mercy matches scheduled for the event that is taking place on the 9th of October is as follows:

World Heavyweight Title

Batista © vs Eddie Guerrero

2-on-1 Hadicap Casket Match

The Undertaker vs Randy Orton & Bob Orton

More matches are scheduled be announced the last Smackdown! before No Mercy.

Edited by TheTruth
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01 October 2005

Velocity Results

WWE Cruiserweight Title: Nunzio © vs Funaki

In Velocity's debut on WWE.com Nunzio retained his championship belt when he defeated Funaki thanks to a little help from his friend, Big Vito.

Bobby Lashley vs Stevie Richards

Making his debut on Velocity, a former NCAA champion & upcoming superstar, Bobby Lashley picked up the win over Stevie Richards in tremendous fashion by dominating the veteran throughout the match.

Mexicools vs Brian Kendrick & Legion of Doom 2005

The Mexicools made their return to the WWE after taking a break by beating a new superstar named Brian Kendrick & the WWE Tag Team Champions when the Mexicool leader, Juventud used the ropes to pin Heidenreich.

Hardcore Holly vs Orlando Jordan

In the first online Velocity main-event the "Alabama Slammer", Hardcore Holly defeated the former United States Champion, Orlando Jordan.

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02 October 2005

Heat Results

Eugene & Tajiri vs Kerwin White & Nick Nemeth

While Sunday Night Heat was making it's debut on WWE.com, Nick Nemeth was making his debut alongside Kerwin White but they couldn't pick up the victory against Eugene & Tajiri.

Tyson Tomko vs Val Venis

"The Problem Solver", Tyson Tomko picked up a win against Val Venis in style but after the match he gave a Big Boot to Val Venis for good measure.

Rob Conway vs Matt Striker

Even though Matt Striker is a former school teacher his brain didn't get him the victory against Rob Conway.

Get Punk'd

After a video hyping the 30-Minute Ironman match between Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle for RAW Homecoming, a new superstar named CM Punk came out to the ring with a microphone in his hand. He said that Vince McMahon has made the best business decision by signing him & that tonight Shelton Benjamin will learn that a new athlete is in town & that tonight Shelton Benjamin will get PUNK'D.

Shelton Benjamin vs CM Punk

With those words said by Punk, Shelton came out flying in the match until Punk got a low blow in on Punk once the referee's back was turned. Punk then got control of the match from there & got the win with his finisher, The Pepsi Plunge.

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03 October

Monday Night RAW Preview for 3rd October 2005

RAW Homecoming

Tonight one of the biggest moments in the WWE's history will happen when Monday Night RAW goes back home to the USA Network.

In action tonight you will see John Cena defend his WWE Championship against the General Manager of RAW, Eric Bischoff thanks to Vince McMahon. Will Cena be able to beat the crap out of the man who has tried to screw him over since he came to RAW or will Bischoff have something up his sleeve.

Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels have put on two great matches this year at WrestleMania & Vengeance but tonight these two will battle off in a 30-Minute Ironman Match to break the 1-1 draw between them.

The Women's champion Trish Stratus will defend her title against a woman that she knows all too well, Victoria. Will Trish be able to walk out with the gold around her waist or will we have a new champion.

'Piper's Pit' will be happening tonight with Roddy Piper's guest being Mick Foley.

We will also see the returning Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair team up against Chris Masters & Carlito in tag team action. Will the new guys of the WWE be able to get victory against the veterans or will Hogan's & Flair's experience get them across the line?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin will be making a special appearance tonight & Triple H will return to RAW after being injured after his Hell In A Cell match against Batista at Vengeance.

But in the main-event the match that everyone wants to see will happen when Edge takes on Matt Hardy in a Money In The Bank ladder match. But that isn't all thats at stake because whoever loses tonight will be leaving RAW.

So tune in tonight on the USA Network because RAW is finally coming home.

Confirmed Matches

Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan vs Chris Masters & Carlito

Women's Championship: Trish Stratus © vs Victoria

30-Minute Ironman Match: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship: John Cena © vs Eric Bischoff

Money In The Bank Ladder Match / Loser Leaves RAW: Edge vs Matt Hardy

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03 October

Monday Night RAW Results

A Mystery Attack

After Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to the show we cross backstage where we see heaps of staff members running backstage until they get to Eric Bischoff's office where we the General Manager of RAW lying in the corner with his eyes closed & his head against the wall. Next to him is a steel chair that has a big dent in the middle of it. The staff members start shaking Bischoff & yelling at him but he doesn't seem to wake as we cross to the ring for the first match of this evening.

Women's Championship

Trish Stratus © vs Victoria

As Trish is making her way to the ring, Victoria comes from backstage & attacks the Women's champion from behind. Victoria continues her attack on the outside when she throws Trish into the steel steps hard as Trish clenches her back in pain. Victoria then picks Trish up & hits her head onto the steel steps before throwing her into the ring to officialy start the match. Victoria starts kicking Trish's back as she is down on the ground due to the punishment she has suffered so far during the match. Victoria then lifts Trish up & throws her into the corner as she hits heaps of lefts & rights to the face of Trish before hitting a nice superplex from the second rope for a 2-count. Victoria then lifts Trish up once again but Trish starts to mount some offence but Victoria quickly stops it with a knee to the gut before a clothesline. Victoria then starts choking Trish from behind as she knees her in the back until the referee makes Victoria break the hold. Victoria then lifts Trish up by her hair & slams her back down onto the mat face first. Victoria goes for the pin but she only gets a 2-count. Victoria goes for the pin again & gets the same result again. This time Victoria gets in the face of the referee & says that it should've been a 3-count. Victoria then leaves the ring & goes to the outside & grabs the Women's Belt & goes back into the ring. She then goes to hit Trish with it but the referee grabs it off her. Victoria then starts arguing with the referee but once she turns around we see Trish standing up & she throws Victoria into the ropes before before hitting a Chick Kick on the running Victoria for the 3-count.

Winner & STILL Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

After the match Trish Stratus grabs her belt from the referee & starts celebrating by jumping onto the 2nd rope & posing for the crowd but she gets hit in the back from Victoria who has now recovered from the Chick Kick. Victoria then assaults Trish before finishing her off with the Widow's Peak.

A Replacement Has Been Found

After the commercial break Vince McMahon's music starts to play as he walks down to the ring. He says that we were meant to have a WWE Championship match tonight between John Cena & Eric Bischoff. But since Eric Bischoff was attacked earlier tonight he says that he has been forced to make a replacment because he can't afford to have the WWE Champion to not appear on RAW's return to the USA Network. Vince then announces that tonight John Cena will defend his WWE Title against the man who defeated Shelton Benjamin on Heat, CM Punk.

Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan vs Carlito & Chris Masters

The match starts off with the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair & Chris Masters in the ring as Hulk Hogan who hasn't made an appearance since SummerSlam & Carlito are in their respective corners.

Masters & Flair lock up with Masters getting the advantage quite obviously as he pushes him into the corner. The referee makes Masters break cleanly but after they break Flair gabs him in the eye before hitting him with one of Flair's very few moves, a chop. Flair then hits another chop & another & another & another (You'd think Flair would at least try & use a different move once in awhile) before Masters hits him with a powerful clothesline. Masters then tags in Carlito as Carlito starts stomping on Flair before picking him up & irish whipping him into his corner. Carlito then starts to chop Flair before irish whipping him into the other corner & hitting a clothesline followed by a bulldog. Carlito then drags Flair over to the corner & lifts him up before walking over to the other side of the ring & trash talking to Hogan. As he does this Masters starts to choke Flair from behind as Hogan enters the ring but the referee stops him. Once Hogan controls himself & goes back to his corner, Carlito tags in Masters as Masters picks up Flair & hits him with a backbreaker for a 2-count. Masters then drags Flair over to Hogan's corner & grabs Flair's hand & starts to wave it in the air towards Hogan. The Hulkster starts to get frustrated & before you know it he climbs into the ring & hits a couple of punches before throwing him out of the ring. Hogan then goes back to his corner as Flair tags in The Hulkster. Hogan goes straight to the other corner where Carlito is & throws him into the ring. Hogan then throws Carlito into the ropes but when Carlito comes running back he ducks under Hogan's legs & hits him in the back of his head but Hogan turns around very slowly & starts waving his finger towards Carlito. Carlito then starts punching Hogan right in the face but it doesn't affect the Legend who lets them hit him until he blocks one & starts throwing his own. Hogan then irish whips Carlito into the ropes & hits him with a big boot. Hogan then bounces off the ropes but he gets tripped by the Masterpiece who has now recovered from before. Hogan then goes to the outside & gets in a brawl with Masters as the two battle outside the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring Flair has entered the ring & locks in the figure four lock on Carlito. As Carlito looks to tap out, Masters comes into the ring after locking in The Masterlock on Hogan who is now down & out outside the ring. Masters starts distracting the referee as the returning TRIPLE H makes his way down to the ring with a sledgehammer. He enters the ring & hits Flair right in the noggin with the sledgehammer. HHH then leaves the ring as Carlito makes the 3-count for the victory.

Winners: Carlito & Chris Masters

After the match Triple H enters the ring with Carlito & Masters as they start to beatdown on Flair. But as they do this, we see Hogan crawl into the ring & starts to try & save Flair from a vicious beating but Triple H hits him with a sledgehammer in his lower back knocking him down to the ground. The three men then stand tall with their arms raised in victory as we go to a commercial break.

Piper's Pit

When we come back from the break we see Roddy Piper in the ring. He says that tonight backstage many WWE Legends are celebrating that RAW is coming home to the USA Network. The camera then crosses backstage where we see the 10 legends that were scheduled to appear drinking a few beers, including Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin syas tha tonight RAW has come back home & he is going to celebrate by partying all night long. Piper then introduces his guest tonight, Mick Foley. Mick Foley then comes down to the ring with a big pop. The two men talk about how big it is for RAW to come back home to the USA Network & they show some memorable moments Foley has been involved in on Monday Night RAW. Piper then asks Foley if the rumour is true that Mick Foley will be making a full-time return to the WWE. Foley then says that he will be coming back very soon to our television screens.

30-Minute Ironman Match

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

The match starts off with both men sizing each other up firstly & then locking up in the middle of the ring as both men struggle to gain the advantage until Angle grabs Michaels legs & flips him onto his back but Michaels then does a monkey flip to Angle as both men then get up once again & stare each other down. The two competitors then lock up again with Angle gaining the advantage by pushing HBK onto his back but HBK kicks Angle into the ropes before landing an arm drag followed by a nice dropkick. Angle then rolls out of the ring & stands against the guard rail to catch a breather but HBK comes straight after him from the outside by jumping over the rope but Angle moves & HBK hits the guard rail , head first. Angle then lifts HBK up & throws him into the ring & goes for the pin but he only gets a 2-count. Angle then starts stomping on HBK before lifting him up & hitting a belly back to suplex to him. Angle then lifts HBK up again after a few punches to his hand & throws him into the corner where HBK does his usual corner-spot but as he is doing it he gets speared right in the lower back by Angle . HBK fall to the ground in pain as Angle gets an early pin in the match.

7 Minutes Gone

Kurt Angle - 1

Shawn Michaels - 0

Angle then goes for another pin but he only gets a 2-count this time. Angle then lifts HBK up & starts kneeing his lower back before locking in an abdominal stretch but Angle has to let go because of HBK grabbing onto the ropes. But as soon as Angle lets go he hits Michaels with a german suplex trifecta. Angle then puts his foot on HBK's chest signifying his dominance as the referee makes the 2-count. Angle then lifts HBK up & starts talking trash to him for a good couple of seconds before throwing him into the corner. Angle then chops HBK before hitting ten punches to the head of HBK who then falls down face-first onto the mat before rolling over onto his back. Angle then does an uncharacteristic move & climbs to the top rope & hits a move on HBK thats gets him another point in this match, the moonsault.

12 Minutes Gone

Kurt Angle - 2

Shawn Michaels - 0

After Angle hits the moonsault, he starts posing in the middle of the ring as the start to boo Angle qith the heat he usually gets from the fans. Kurt then drags Shawn into the middle of the ring & locks in a rear chin lock as he starts to smile realising that with every second passing it is making it harder for HBK to come back from defeat. So for about 30 seconds we see HBK trying to struggle free but he soon starts to fade out as the ref lifts his arm up as it falls back down again to his side. The referee does the same thing once again & the same result happens. Now it comes down to this moment that could make or break Shawn Michaels during this match. If his arm drops it will be almost impossible for him to come back & win this match but if he raises his arm right now he could come back from 2-0 & possibly win the match. So here we go, the referee lifts HBK 's arm up & it falls back down but WAIT, HBK stop it from only an inch of losing again. HBK then starts to hype up as he breaks out of the hold. He then pushes Angle into the ropes as he bounces off & then into the other side of the ropes & BAM, Sweet Chin Music from out of nowhere. The referee makes the 3-count as Shawn is now a chance of winning this match.

19 Minutes Gone

Kurt Angle - 2

Shawn Michaels - 1

Once Shawn got the pinfall he started stomping his foot waiting for Angle to get up again so he can let him hear another piece of Sweet Chin Music. So once Angle starts to get up, HBK goes for the SCM but Angle ducks but he grabs HBK's ankle & mid-air as he locks in the Anklelock. HBK then starts to scream in pain as Angle just laughs. HBK then looks like the is going to get to the ropes but Angle pulls him away from the ropes. So as HBK lies in the ring trying to battle out of the submission move two minutes pass as there is now only 7 minutes left for HBK to get two pinfalls or submissions over Angle. But as it looks like HBK is going to tap out he rolls over & starts kicking Angle in desperation. Angle then has to let go of HBK who is now standing on his feet. HBK then hits a clothesline followed by his nip-up. Shawn then climbs to the top rope & hits a huge elbow drop for another 3-count as with only five minutes to go until this match ends.

25 Minutes Gone

Kurt Angle - 2

Shawn Michaels - 2

After the elbow drop the two men lay in the middle of the ring exhausted while the crowd start a huge HBK chant as both men get to their feet. The two men go punch-for-punch with HBK getting the advantage as he reels Angle into the ropes before irish whipping him to the other side where HBK hits a back body drop on Angle who gets quickly up to his feet as HBK goes for a DDT, Angle reverses it with a suplex followed by two more. Angle then lifts HBK up & hits the Angle Slam but to everyone's amazement, HBK puts his foot on the ropes. But with Angle not noticing he starts to celebrate in the middle of the ring as he the clock starts to wind down. The referee then comes over to Angle & says that HBK got his foot on the ropes. Angle doesn't believe the referee until the ref points to the scoreboard on the titantron. But as he does with only about 7 seconds to spare, HBK rolls up Angle & gets the 3-count with only one second left on the clock.

29 Minutes & 59 Seconds Gone

Kurt Angle - 2

Shawn Michaels - 3

The bell then rings as Shawn Michaels has beaten Kurt Angle for the 2nd time in his career.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels then celebrates his victory as Angle walks backstage very frustrated.

Warming Up

We go backstage to Matt Hardy's locker room as he is seen putting his wrestling gear on for his big match tonight against Edge. He starts punching the air while looking at a photo Edge & Lita stuck on the wall. Matt then starts to yell at the photo as RAW goes to a commercial break.

WWE Championship

John Cena vs CM Punk

At the start of the match Punk starts trash talking Cena right in his face before slapping him right in his face. Cena starts to rub his cheek before throwing quick lefts & rights on Punk so he goes towards the ropes. So as soon Cena goes for a clothesline Punk ducks & climbs out of the ring as the two men stare each other down until Punk starts to trash Cena once again. This leads Cena to get out of the ring as he chases Punk before Punk gets in the ring. So while Cena gets in the ring, Punk hits him with a standing elbow drop before stomping on him. Punk then lifts Cena up & irish whips him into the corner before hitting him with a running dropick. Punk then chops Cena before hitting a monkey flip to get Cena into the middle of the ring. Punk then climbs to the top rope & goes for a leg drop but Cena rolls out of the way as CM Punk falls flat on his arse. As Punk recovers, Cena gets up & throws Punk into the ropes before hitting a shoulder block followed by some lefts & rights. Cena then lifts Punk up & hits a bodyslam followed by a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena then pumps up his sneekers before ending the match with a F-U.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match as Cena is celebrating, the "injured" Eric Bischoff comes from the back with a steel chair. The GM of RAW enters the ring as Cena has his back turned & hits him right across the head with it. Bischoff then grabs Cena's WWE Championship & holds it in the air over Cena's lifeless body. The crowd boo Bischoff as everyone is confused because of the incident at the start of the show.

The Reason

Bischoff then grabs a microphone & says that he acted the whole thing out earlier tonight so he didn't have to face John Cena tonight. Bischoff also says that Cena make think that things are tough for him now but now things are going to get alot worse.

Warming Up II

We cross backstage where we see Edge in his locker room alone. He seems to be sitting there will his head bowed down before he lifts it up & says to himself that this ends tonight, once & for all.

"Money In The Bank" Ladder Match

Loser Leaves RAW

Matt Hardy vs Edge

The match starts off with both men staring at each other in the ring like how Hogan/Rock did at WrestleMania 18 (not quite sure). The two then say words to each other before trading blows. The two men then wind up on the floor as they just try to kill each other with their own weapons, their fists. After a while, the two men fight their way out of the ring with now Edge gaining a clear advantage as he rolled onto Hardy as both men fell out of the ring. Edge starts to choke Hardy with his hands before letting go as Hardy lays down outside the ring struggling for air. Edge then lifts Hardy up & throws him into the steel steps before tackling him into the guard rail. So as Hardy lays down a beaten man, Edge goes across to the ramp & grabs the ladder. He brings it into the ring & sets it up before going back to the outside where Hardy is now starting to recover. Edge grabs Hardy & throws him into the ring as he follows as well. Edge then starts laying the boots into Hardy before he climbs the ladder hoping to end this match early. But as he makes his way up with only 1/4 of the ladder left, Hardy gets up & grabs onto Edge's feet. As Hardy struggles to hold onto Edge's feet, he just pulls them as Edge goes face first onto the bottom rung of the ladder as the crowd start a 'Holy Shit' chant. The two men then lay down as RAW goes to another of those "let's interupt a perfectly good match with an ad" commercial breaks.

When we come back from the break we get a recap of what happened during the break where Edge hit a suplex from the ring apron to the outside to Hardy followed by Edge htting a facebuster on the steel ramp.

So when we get back to the live match we see Hardy in the corner getting pummelled by Edge. Once Edge beats Hardy down in the bottom corner, he grabs the ladder from the middle of the ring & lays it across Hardy's face. Edge then goes to the outside & gets a steel chair from where Lilian Garcia is sitting. He then makes his way back into the ring & walks over to Hardy & trash talks towards him. But as he does this. Hardy throws the ladder into Hardy's legs forcing Edge to fall onto the mat. Hardy then hits a dropkick onto the steel chair that Edge was holding right in front of his face. Hardy then grabs Edge & lifts him up & drags him over to the ropes. Once they get to the ropes, Matt ties Edge into the ropes so he can't move. Hardy then grabs the chair as the crowd starts to cheer while JR does his usual "Don't Do This" remarks. Hardy then whacks Edge with the chair right over his head as blood starts to flow from Edge's forehead. Hardy then hits another chair shot & another & another before the referee makes him stop. Hardy then drops the chair & instead spears Edge right through the ropes & onto the floor as the crowd looked stunned while the commentators say that Matt Hardy has snapped. Hardy then goes back into the ring & sets up the ladder & starts to climb it but as he does the lights go out for a couple of seconds. They then come back on & we see Hardy & Edge on the ladder punching each other until Edge hits Hardy's head against the top of the ladder numerous times until blood trickles down his face. Edge then grabs Hardy's head & hits a bulldog from the top of the ladder down to the ground as the crowd cheer in amazement. Edge then climbs back up that ladder very slowly & once he gets to the top he goes to grab the briefcase but Matt pushes the ladder over with all his strength sending Edge over the top rope & to the outside. The two men then lay down as we go to another commercial break.

When we come back from the break we see two ladders in the ring as both men climb up on one each. Once they climb to the top they starts battling with each other until Hardy grabs the briefcase but once he does his ladder gives away as he dangles in mid-air. Edge then jumps off the aldder & hits a spear on Hardy in mid-air as both men crash down onto the mat. Edge is the first one to his feet after a very long time of both men laying there as he makes his way up the ladder to grab the briefcase & send Hardy away from RAW forever.

Winner: Edge

After the match Edge celebrates on the top of the ladder as RAW goes off air.

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Good show so far, however pushing Punk this far straight into his WWE run is

1. Very un-WWE'ish

2. Pretty absurd based on the fact that WWE is a Sports Entertainment fed, where casual fans rule the roost so to speak and will have never even have heard of this kid, let alone watched Heat to see him beating Shelton.

Even Goldberg wasn't pushed this much out of the gate, nor Brock Lesnar. If you'd have choosen someone else and then had Punk confront them and get in their face, punking them and then having a screaming match with Vince may have got him over a little better, but so far the idea to me seems balmy.

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Triple X: This is the way I will be posting my shows as it helps me write more.

I was thinking of having the Ironman match as the main-event but I thought it was more important to have the ladder match be the main-event instead & by the results, I think I did the right move.

Extremist: I have a reason for pushing Punk this hard & so soon so don't worry.

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04 October 2005


RAW's return last night to the USA Network proved to be a huge success with a 6.41 rating. The WWE Officials are happy with the result & are confident that they could overtake that rating in the coming weeks & months.

But last night's RAW came at a cost with Edge suffering minor injuries. He won't be involved in any physical contact for a couple of weeks as he is one of the main heels on RAW.

Many people are confused of WWE's decision to push the talented CM Punk even faster then guys like Goldberg & Brock Lesnar. But we have heard news that the WWE were only using this an angle to try & build him up like other superstars.

With Mick Foley also saying that he will be returning this mainly makes the rumour that was going around on the internet a few weeks ago official. Many people are also thinking that he will go to Smackdown! to help them up their ratings in their bad timeslot.

Their has been no news on Matt Hardy being released but we might be finding out what is happening in a couple of weeks.

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06 October

Friday Night Smackdown! Preview for 6th October 2005

With No Mercy only 3 days away & only two matches made, you will have to tune in tonight to see what other matches will be announced.

But that isn't all of what you will see tonight on Smackdown! because Mr. Ken Kennedy will be taking on Chris Benoit for the United States Championship. Will Benoit be able to hold off Kennedy so he can get to No Mercy as a champion or will Kennedy continue his winning ways?

The Undertaker will be in the house, along with Randy Orton & Bob Orton. With these three men in the locker room you won't know what will happen.

You will also see tonight the match that should've happened on Smackdown! last week when Eddie Guerrero & Batista team up to face MNM. Will Eddie prove to Batista that they really are friends or will we find find out he's been lying once again?

Booker T, John "Bradshaw Layfield, Rey Mysterio & many more of your favourite Smackdown! superstars will be there as well.

Confirmed Matches

United States Championship: Chris Benoit © vs Ken Kennedy

Main Event: Batista & Eddie Guerrero vs MNM w/ Melina

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