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Ring of Honor, From the Start


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February 1st 2002


Ladies and Gentlemen, February 23rd 2002, Ring of Honor, will make its debut at the Murphy Recreational Center in Philadelphia, PA, be apart of this amazing event for only $8 for adults and $5 for OAP's and childern, where will be 'The road to the title' 16 Wrestlers, 4 blocks will fight for the right to be apart of a one hour iron man match on March 30th for the Ring of Honor title, for more news and updates, and find out who will be taking part at The road to the title, check back soon

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The road to the title, update.

February 3rd 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen, we can confirm, that earlier today former WWF Superstar Eddy Guerrero signed with Ring of Honor to take part in the debut event, 5 other superstars have also signed to take part in the tournament, the 2000 and 2001 ECWA Super 8 Champions, Low Ki and Christopher Daniels respectivily, current FWA British Champion Doug Williams, Former ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn and APW King of the Indies Championn 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson, more updates coming up tomorrow.

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Guest :shifty:

Judging from some replies in here, once you have a sucky diary, you can't EVER have one. And if you make a mistake, people should make fun of you forever. Please grow up and leave stuff behind. Amitai, you may have changed your username, but you still sound 'am i 8' to me.

I'm hoping Ki wins the title. Although I don't like feds who crown a champion on their first show instead of letting them show what they can do to the crowd, I wish you good luck with this.

GO KI!!!

P.S. btw, If Eddie has a high over, be sure to have him put over a young star before WWE snatches him on a written :)

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Ok, sorry Sally, :shifty: has a good point, I have done some stinky diaries in the past. Anyway, Sally, I have a link here for a spellcheck program, may help for the shows. But, as a quick thing, maybe just try and listen to a few things we say, like less colours and bolding match titles.


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Guest The Timelord


And I shall wait to see a show or some sort of "proper" update before I judge. But everything seems OK to me. I am no hardcore RoH fan, but this diary could be good. Give him a second chance guys. This is a DIFFERENT diary afterall.

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All 16 men confirmed

All 16 men have been cofirmed for the Road to the Title tournament, they are

Paul London

Michael Shane


Bryan Danielson

AJ Styles

Super Crazy

Christopher Daniels

Doug Williams

Jody Flesich

Jonny Storm

James Guido


Eddy Guerrero

Jerry Lynn

Amazing Red

Low Ki

We will have the confirmed brackets for the event soon

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