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GTA: SA Question.


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Guest clintcasey

Both of you guys are absolutly right, the good news is your swimming ability increases faster than most of the other abilities in the game. Oysters will give you additional swimming ability as well. If you can find a map to show you where they are you'll be in good shape prety quick.

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Not sure if this cons the game, but I though I might post it:

Maxed Lung Capacity

This cheat will cause your lung capacity to increase which allows you to swim underwater for a long time without dying.

Down, Left, L1, Down, Down, R2, Down, L2, Down.

Or if it's Xbox:

Super Lung Capacity (Infinite Air)

Down, Left, L Trigger, Down, Down, Black, Down, White, Down.

Haven't tried either though. The main reason I never play San Andreas anymore is because I always have to put the cheats in before I play (like never hungry, and stuff like that) to make the game less annoying or realistic.

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Really? It's not like you have to eat regularly or anything just if you want to replenish downed health. Also I found that once you max out you gym stats all you have to do is keep a tiny bit of fat on yourself to stop losing muscle mass and stamina doesn't seem to go down anyway.

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you may aswell just swim underwater heaps and find oysters while you're at it to get the lung capacity up.

visionary...when you save/re-start the game, your need to eat is back at normal. so if you're like me and saving almost after every mission then there's not much need to eat in the game. (unless you want to get really fat...BEEFCAKE~!)

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