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The Most Money You Spent


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Alright, so the Wrestle Kingdom thread got me thinking. There's a lot of things I would do to play that game, but I wouldn't import a Japanese XBox 360 to play it, that would be a huge waste of money. But then I remembered I am the guy who bought a Dreamcast, a 4x Memory Card, two more controllers, and a Gameshark just so I could play Fire Pro D. Well, admittedly, I didn't buy the DC just for Fire Pro, I got it for Shenmue, Jet Grind, and Skies of Arcadia too, but FPD is the only reason the console wasn't packed up after I finished the three previously mentioned games. So do you have a story like mine to solidify your home in the video game geek hall of fame? Bonus points if it'll get you into another geek hall of fame like wrestling geek hall of fame. Embrace you inner dork, EWB, share your tales.


I forgot to give my final cost

Dreamcast - $200

4x Memory Card - $40

Two controllers - $50

Gameshark - $50

Fire Pro D - $70 (finding and importing that was a bitch)

Total Cost not including Dreamcast - $210

Total Cost including Dreamcast - $410

Yeah let's use the first number so I don't look like I have absolutely no life.

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Since it says for one game, I'll be happy to say I'm now going to buy my FOURTH copy of Madden 06. I first bought it for Xbox but I wanted to play online with the PS2 so I traded it in for the PS2 version. This is when I had the PS2 that scratched disks whenever I put them in, so when it got a few scratches from me not putting it into the case it got scratched up in the PS2 real bad. I traded that one in for another copy and was soon angered when after only 5 minutes of having a new disc it was scratched moderately.

Since then I sold my old PS2 for a slimline(very sexy, can't get the online to work right now), and I'm going to sell back my Madden AGAIN for my fourth copy of Madden.

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For a game... Final Fantasy X

I bought one copy, lent it to a friend and the fucker moved.

Bought my second copy, and my Dad stepped on it accidentally.

In came copy number three, which was Platinum, I hate having platinum games.

Copy number four was a pre-owned copy, when I got it home it had no instructions.

So I bought my fith and final copy.

So that was... £40 + £35 + £20 + £10 + £15 = £120...


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I went a bit mad on Century of Flight last year, I bought COF for around £39.99 and this joystick for £89.99 at the time. That's £129.98.

I did also buy a new laptop for £1450 to play HL2, but I would have probably bought the laptop anyway and it was really to play upcoming game aswell.

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I haven't bought systems just for a certain game, or anything like that. Its sad really, I'm a huge fan of video games and play them all the time, but I have no geeky stories :(

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