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I'm watching right now and this fat women is a nut case. I'm religious,but I'm not religious. I would smack the crap out of her. It's on CBS or NBC or Fox whichever one of those channels carries it. I think it's Fox. This woman though is out of her mind. She just tore up a letter from the other mother that would decide how they would spend the money and now she's going off on her family.

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Funny, I was just watching that too. I decided to flip to Fox, and saw....that....and I nearly had a heart attack :P. What's really sad is that she was yelling all these horrible extremist christian things while her little 6 year old daughter was there. The Southern States really scares me :P.

EDIT- http://www.fox.com/tradingspouses/

Scroll down and go to the white box with a picture of her and video to see what we're talking about :P.

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Watching the show right now and it's fucking awesome.

First woman: Hippie lady whose husband is all about dread locks and is an artist. Their son has purple hair and wears a skirt around the house sometimes, he's also homeschooled.

Second woman: Rich bitch who does everything in her house, expects the man to work etc.

Man that fucking hippie woman is kicking ass. There's nothing I really like about the rich one other than her hot daughter.

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