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Favorite COPS moments?


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Police Officer: "You say you didn't beat the guy? Then why did we find you hiding in a dumpster?"

Random Guy: "Chillin'"

Police Officers: "Chillin' in a dumpster?"

Random Guy: "A-huh."

Alright, so even though I rarely see the show, this one happening that I saw a minute ago just had me in tears laughing. A guy was beat up real bad, and as shown above they found the suspect in a dumpster. So basically, what is your favorite COPS moment? God knows that they've had enough episodes to have some good stuff.

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I remember this one episode where they kept having this 18 wheeler break down outside of the projects in Jersey City. Then all these people could come run up, break in, try and steal VCR's, and the cops just kept running in before they got away. It was so funny how stupid these people were.

Surely you'd figure it out that the police were doing sting operations, doing the same trick every time.

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Some old redneck woman was hiding in her relatives house, in the attic. when they pulled her out, she wasn't wearing pants.

They were arresting a black guy for something, and he was being really belligerent, so they tazered him, after that he was really polite and cooperitive.

Some redneck got arrested for something, and for some reason, they had to hose him down in the parking lot before bringing him in.

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I remember seeing an episode with this crazy Chinese (I'm assuming) kid. He was gonna kill himself or his father. Something. Anyway, he tried to get out of the house and they tazered him. He flipped out and then calmed down a bit. As soon as he gets calm he flips out again. It was really funny.

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