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Recommend me some music


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Or more specifically, bands. I'm bored and need more music, only thing is I have everything by all my favourite bands so I figured you reliable folk would be able to recommend some other stuff.

Some bands that I like are...

Jimmy Eat World

Sum 41

Our Lady Peace

Blink 182

Starting Line

The Early November

American Hi-Fi

All-American Rejects

Taking Back Sunday

Dashboard Confessional


Alkaline Trio

Rise Against


Boxcar Racer



Fallout Boy

Less Than Jake


Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

The Used

The Killers



Breaking Benjamin


I would just post my winamp playlist but I dunno how :(

Anyways, if anyone can recommend anything they think i'd like, it'd be appreciated

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Alk3...Rise Against...some random 'pop-punk' bands screams 1 thing to me.......

STRUNG OUT!!!! Check out their albums "Exile In Oblivion" and "Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" (Greatest pop-punk album ever IMO). Then just go from their. Their sound varies a lot throughout the years from album to album.

Other ideas;


The Get Up Kids


Something Corporate

Ocean Colour Scene

Story Of The Year (The new album is surprisingly good)

Hot Water Music (The next best thing to old school Alk3)

Sunny Day Real Estate (Shits on all emo bands mentioned by you...these are the daddies)


The Strokes

Hum (If you're 'obtaining' these. I suggest you search both band and album name, so you don't get a load of shit)

Phantom Planet

Mew (Because they're class)

Death Cab For Cutie

88 Fingers Louie (This band split and Rise Against were born)

The Killing Tree (Tim from Rise Against's side-project...good shit)

Break The Silence (Dan Precisions new/old band having left just recently...really really good. Put on a good live show too)

Strike Anywhere

Death By Stereo

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Well, since the Used is on there, My Chemical Romance is my suggestion...also, look for some Bright Eyes (I'm looking towards "Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh" and "Lover I Don't Have to Love" in specifics). Perhaps you'd like some Thursday, Silverstein, Atreyu (although if you don't like them, I wouldn't be suprised), Gob, The Rasmus, and maybe even The Postal Service.

And, just because, I'll reccomend Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, since all three rock hard.


Wow...I missed AFI. Sorry about that. Get some AFI, damn you.

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Going on the bands you've listed:




Funeral For A Friend

Bullet For My Valentine


Brand New


Hanoi Rocks



Taking Back Sunday


if you'd like something different, try:



Arcade Fire

System of a Down

Mars Volta

all different styles of bands that you may end up liking.

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