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Veronica Mars


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So yeah, I was flicking channels last week and I come across UPN. Yeah, usually I don't stop but it's Veronica Mars. All I really know about it is Kristen Bell.

So, what's this show about? Is it any good for watching besides the ease on the eye factor? Or is this drivel like The O.C.?

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I havent been able to catch the last episode or two because of work but I am usually able to watch it and it is quite a good show IMO. It numbers are kinda low because of some of the competition it goes up against such as Lost and the fact that it is UPN, but a good show nonetheless.

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Guest Ringo Masterson 27

The show's ratings are actually up this year, and while it is certainly due to being right after America's Top Model, it's still impressive because it is up against heavy competition.

That said, Veronica Mars is probably the best hour long on TV right now. It's nothing like the OC, if you want to compare it to anything, its more like Buffy than anything. The first season deals with a girl who's best friend is murdered and her father, the town sheriff, is fired from his job because he insists that her parents did it. She then decides to investigate to find out who killed the girl. This season follows up on a related matter. It's a badass show, I recommend it to everyone.

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