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The Shield Season Five


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Anyone else looking forward to tonights premiere of season five? I like that Glenn Close is finally gone as I really didn't care for her character that much. I hate that Anthony Anderson is gone, though. He was awesome. I am not sure how to make of Forest Whitaker on this season, but we shall see how that works out.

They are going to air this season in two parts (like Monk, Sci-Fi channel shows, Sopranos this year) as they have 21 episodes lined up.

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I liked that episode. I am liking Forest Whitaker's character. He comes off weird and I like that. His scene with Corrine at the school was nicely done.

The new officer in training, Tina, should make for an interesting pairing with Jullian. I am wondering if they will go the route of her going around sleeping with each and everyone of the men from Vic all the way down to Dutch. I can see that happening.

Billings is the new captain? I don't really see how he deserved to get that job. I am not a fan of this guy at all. Dutch would really have made for a better captain. I hope, if there is a sixth season (or even during this season), Dutch becomes captain.

The father of Danny's child isn't going to be Vic or any cop for that matter. I think it will be Taylor. In a deleted scene from season four episode one, they showed Danny sleeping with him but then he never appears again. But I still think the father will end up being him. It's too predictable to go with Vic, and I hardly doubt it will be someone like Dutch. It certainly wouldn't be Lem, Ronnie, or Shane. Certainly not Billings, Jullian, or Aceveda. So that rules out all the cops on the show. Taylor seems like the only real option.

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I'm assuming this is the last year of the show, so if I had one wish for The Shield Season 5 it would be that Aceveda, the Hispanic female informant that's working both sides, the new skank cop and Forest Whitaker's character all died in a hail of bullets just before someone (preferably Shane or Lem) takes Vic out at the end. Maybe it's just me, but aside from Danny & Julian there's really no one else that's even remotely likable on the whole show.

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Guest Bluesman

It's about fucking time. The first half of the season was poorly done, with way too much focus put on Vic and the crew at the expense of the other characters. I personally felt this was always one of the show's strong points, to develop other characters/storylines outside of the main ones. Other than the rookie cop they didn't put much effort forth for Dutch, Claudette, etc.

This episode was the best of the season, easily. Really reminded me of why this is one of the only shows on t.v. I actually give a damn about. Earlier in the year I wanted the show to end, but now I'm not so sure with them finally putting it together. I have to agree though there has to be SOME consequences for Vic and the crew, even the Seinfeld crew didn't get away with as much shit as they do.

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