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Yellowcard - Lights And Sounds

The Chief

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anyone picked it up yet? i got mine. personally i dont think its as big as ocean avenue and im really pissed at the fact the violins have all but dissapeared in a lot of tracks but otherwise im pretty happy with it and i can still listen all the way through without a skip (sometimes down on my head needs one tho lol)

probably rough landing holly, waiting game and how i go are the ones id say are best.

critics don't seem too pleased with the album though, K! gave it 2K's, but the review was pretty stupid seeing as he got a lot of details wrong, didnt sounds like he knew anything.

(please no "yellowcard suxxorz teh azz", "yellowcard are shite" posts, i already know their hated by some people)

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I like Ocean Avenue (the album), and their other stuff, but I don't like the lack of violin on this album. I got one of the tracks on a free cd with a magazine, I think it might have been the title track, I wasn't that impressed to be honest, which is a shame as I was looking forward to this album.

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