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As the topic says, I saw Primus live on Friday night. With out a doubt, that was the greatest show I have ever seen, even topping Elvis Costello last summer. They were simply amazing, and had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand. I always knew Les was a great bass player, but this show also showcased the incredible talents of the guitar player and drummer. They were the only group to play, playing two sets. The first set was an variation of different songs, and the second set was the complete "Frizzle Fry" album. Towards the end, Les stopped for a second because somebody tossed beer at him and said "Wow, will the ignorant piece of shit that threw beer up here head for the door? Kick the piece of shit out of here". The crowd really got on whomever the fellow was that did that. They also had three circular screens above them, which towards the end of the night flashed "Lakers Suck" to the approval of the crowd (remember, I'm in Michigan). All in all, a great fucking show, a show that kept me dancing the whole night.

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Holy mother fucking shit.

You just reminded me that I forgot to buy Primus tickets.

I am so jealous of you right know. I'd marry Les Claypool if he asked me.

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Zappa > Claypool.

It is true. I love Primus, but Zappa is the man. Catholic Girls is a classic.

I am going to buy my tickets to see Primus in Toronto tommorow. Hopefully they aren't sold out.

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I was really pissed that I had to be out of town when they were coming to Philly. Frizzle Fry is my favorite album ever. Guess I'll have to get the show from PrimusLive.

Oh well, I got to see them in November and they were amazing. Glad to hear you had a good time.

BTW, What was the set list for your show?

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I honestly can't remember what the first set was in it's entirety, as I'm not all that familiar with the names of Primus's songs. I know the songs, but I don't know the titles of each and every one. So the first set was an assortment of things from the Brown album and Pork Soda, and the second set was Frizzle Fry in it's entirety. They continued going back into the song "To Defy the Laws of Tradition".

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