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Protest The Hero


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Protest the Hero

Amazing band here from Ontario, Canada. They recently released a CD called Kezia and it is pretty damn amazing. Politically charged lyrics, ripping guitar solos, booming drums and an amazing live show is what these cats offer. They are going down to the United States of America and I definitely recommend that my American brothers check them out. They will blow your socks off if you like your music loud.

They recently signed to Vagrant records and this has caused an uproar from many of their fans. Protest The Hero have been signed since the tender ages of fifteen to the underground record label, Underground Operations, and have gained quite the following. And out of the blue, they sign to the "emo" record label. Personally, I think it is awesome these 19 year olds kids are getting to do what they love, but the words sell out are being used towards the guy.

Awesome band, awesome guys, awesome shows, find out when they are playing nearest you and check them out.

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My friend works at a music store up in the city and he restrung their guitars when they came around here to play. Now they're coming back and he's been keeping in contact with them, hoping to get on as an opening act and he has a pretty good chance. If they do, he's going to get us in, it should be a wicked show.

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The guys in the band are absolutely amazing. I'd say these guys have peaked with such great song writing but lets be honest - these kids are only nineteen. I remember seeing them open for Sum 41 last year (don't be deceived, they sound nothing like Sum 41) and they said the bassist was leaving because high school was starting up again.

I suggest everyone to find out how to buy their CD's "A Calculated Use Of Sound" and "Kezia" and you will not be disappointed.

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That is funny that fourstarfizzle would mention The Fall Of Troy since that is who Protest the Hero are playing with for a few shows in the states. And it seems I found a new awesome band to listen to. These guys are pretty damn good.

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