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Shadow Of The Colossus


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Oh, the first colossus is nothing, I tell ye. The first eight or so are pretty easy, after that it gets crazy.

I think its just getting used to the controls as much as anything. I keep whistling for my horse instead of jumping, as X is usually the jump button on games :P

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This is by far one of the best games I've ever played. Just watched the opening sequence again, fantastic. The overworld is IMMENSE and features some of the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen in a PS2 game. The temple at the start is amazing too.

The best thing about it? I've still to re-kill the first of the Colossi. Things can only get better.

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I didn't realise this had been released until yesterday!

I remember reading about how amazing it was gonna be about a year ago and I saw the case and thought "Yep they've nailed it".

And it's from the people who made the delicately wonderful ICO, so has to be great.

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I swear I must be the only person I know of that wasn't amazed with the game. I thought it was a mediocre trip through mundaneland.

The graphics were too jagged around the edges but were otherwise nice and serviceable. There's been plenty of games that have immersed me in their world far better. I was interested at first with the trip across the bridge and into the temple but then the game began and was boring. Sure, there's a large and expansive world, but it lacks any personality nor is it anything I'm interested in. The colossi that I went through were pathetically easy. I found myself deliberately screwing up and making them harder for myself just to listen to the wonderful battle music. Which I do have to say was very rousing and quite epic. But there was too little of it and the rest was almost utter silence. And awkward controls did not help its cause. I personally felt God of War's first boss against the Hydra trounced anything from Shadow of Colossus.

I do see what others like about it, but meh, at the time I played it it was totally not what I expected nor what I wanted. Maybe down the road I may rent it again.

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1. The fights get much harder past the 8th or so Colossus.

2. I can see where you're coming from, but I strongly doubt you will be able to appreciate the game even if you rent it a second time. The general atmosphere is not meant to be epic (say maybe outside the Colossi, but I'd argue that point), but rather, laced with a minimalist, sad yet beautiful, almost dream image. Being the pathetic romantic I am, I found much of it brilliant.

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