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24 The Game

Herr Matzat

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Official Release Date is February 28th (US i guss), but the day it went gold (around Feb 7th i think) it already got leaked and is all over the internet.

Anyone of you had the incredible luck that i have and got an "advanced" copy?... i just got it today, sadly barley have time to check it for greatness....

The good news is that it’s Multilanguage (only checked English, but I assume that other languages will only be subtitled because it has a shitload of languages to chose from), on the Pal version you can chose NTSC aswell and there is 480p HD Mode if you have the TV for it. GFX seem pretty smoth, they worked around the edge problem of PS2 by giving stuff some blur most of the time It works great, sometimes it is just way to much. – Voice Acting seems solid.

The bad news (keep in mind that I am saying this after only a very short playtime) is that this issend going t be a real 24 Hours (I finished the first hour in about 15 Minutes, but that seemed a lot like a tutorial, but than again when you see the contend of that “mission” and all of the sudden there is a clock telling you that you are 45 minutes into the houre it feels silly – the second mission feels a lot longer, I have not finished it yet). Gameplay is OK, it´s not bad most of the time but dos not feel outstanding (eg. There is some stealth stuff that could be don MGS style but is way more action based) – when you get split screen during the game play it can be distracting sometimes. Driving seems to be shit, but I am not 100% on that one. – There was a James Bond game with Heidi Klum a while ago, this feels a lot like that (I did like that Bond game, but it could have been better)

Story (barley any spoil since I am still in hour two)

This is after season 2 and before season 3

The first hour is Jack storming some ship with a bunch of agents (I do think you have command power over them like in SWAT games I never played, but I did not check to much on that), no big explanation, there is something terrorists want to release, you go out and kill them, they get away – feels very un 24 that Jack starts in full terrorist hunter mode without any story build before, that might be because of the Tutorial part) – The Second hour starts with Chase undercover in Washington DC, he discovers that Terrorists are planning to assassinate the vice president in LA so he calls his friend Cloey in CTU LA and the very first Chase CTU LA contact is made, he gets busted and needs to kill about one gazillion terrorists and I died trying ;)

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well this game will be 12 houres at most, i just started a new houre and right in the beginning you have 4 minutes to interigate someone, by the time you are don the game claims that you are 27 minutes into the houre....

there also seems to be very few storytelling, it basicly was BAM BAM BAM action after action sinc the beginning, the only thing we know is what the terrorists want to do and that we need to stop them.

ok, in my opinion the story first starts being something like a story after about 8-9 houres (in-game time, not legit playtime) but it´s still a thin, nothing like Metal Gear Solid (wich is what i kinda was hoping for to be honest)

i got a first look at some of the extras, some are just looks at the 3d Models, some are like legit DVD extras, for example i am able to look at a video were the woman that plays michel talks about the games story (i imidialty stoped it becaus i did not want to get spoiled, so i don´t know how good or long this is), you seem to be able to get one extra per mission (one houre most of the time has several missions).




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I will probably be picking this up on Tuesday, either this or Fight Night Round 3 for the 360, either way I will definently rent this. Unfortuently, I don't have my PS2 modded or else I would already have this for sure. The one review for it so far gave it a decent 7.5/10 which is actually pretty good for a licensed game

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I rented this, so far I'm 3 "hours" in.

Sound is completely awesome and so is the presentation. Voice Acting is some of the best from any game. Graphics are decent for a PS2 game. Story definently feels like a 24 storyling so far. And the gameplay is average, not great but it's playable. So far I wouldn't recommend buying it though just because in about an hour I have completed 3 "hours" of game time so the game is not very long and you probably can beat it in a rent(Thanks to blockbusters no late fees, I'll have this game for about a month so I will definently complete it)

Edit: I bought Fight Night R.3 but haven't had a chance to play that yet.

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You start the mission sniping enenmies, then when you're done with that, you have to protect a terrorist leader, but if you don't protect him the first time, every time you load it up only one enemy shows up and if you kill him, nothing happens so you're forced to restart.

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I got this yesterday, and completed it today.

It's kind of short and not too difficult, but it's inslanely addictive all the way through. The storyline, presentation and all round feel of the game is pretty much spot on in my opinion, it really feels like the TV show. Obviously it's AWESOME actually being Jack Bauer too.

I'd definately reccomend it to a 24 fan, maybe rent it though if you're bothered about it being short.

8.5/10 (If it didn't have the 24 license it'd be more of a 7/10)

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