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WWE 2004: The future starts here


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Michael's story

I just can't believe what's happening to me, it's like a dream come true, my life is now made, all what I've lived for is happening to me right in front of my very eyes, it's just great, amazing, a once in a lifetime. So it's the 12th of June, and my friend Andy comes up to me and says "Michael, did you know the WWE are looking for a new creative writer for their booking team? Gerwitz got the sack because of creative differences, and they need a new young guy” I had no idea, so as you could tell I nearly pissed my pants in the middle of the room at the thought of actually being on the creative booking team, but I had to take a step back. Sure I was good at writing, but in the split second I had just nearly pissed my pants because I was on the booking team, what the hell was that about, he just told me about it, not told me I had the job, and what are the chances I'd get the job, slim to none, right?

My friends had always told me that I was a great writer, and that seeing that I loved wrestling so much, why didn't I want to give it a shot at being a writer for the WWE, but I never really took much notice, that was just a dream of mine, nothing that would actually happen in reality. I had done some written a few plays for Broadway, in which they had told me were great, just not stage material, so I thought that seeing as the WWE is the biggest stage of all, I had no fucking chance.

So seeing as there was a vacancy, I applied for the position, in which they asked me for a CV, and I included the copies of paper from the Broadway management in which they had said my plays were great, just to try and influence my vote a little, I also included the play that they said it about. Hey it’s always worth a shot at including the play, if they don't want me on the team they might publish my play....... or not. 3 days later I got a piece of paper saying "Meeting at the WWE house show in New Jersey on the 18th, 15:30pm, VINCES OFFICE". I stood there in silence for about 10 minutes, just thinking of the thought of actually meeting Vince McMahon, I can't believe it, why would he want me, I'm just an ordinary shmoe, from Manhattan NY, I just couldn't get my head around it.

The Interview with Vince went great, actually it didn't go great, it went fantastic, because he said that out of all the applicants, I showed a great mind for the wrestling business, and showed I had done my homework. Well, I didn't need to do my homework, I had been watching the WWE since the age of about 3, I knew everything there was to know, I was the ultimate WWE boffin.

19th of June 2004, and Vince rings my house, it had only been 1 day since the interview, I was doomed, he had thought about it too much and realised that I was just that average guy who had got the job. Hang on, what just happened there, I got the job, I got the job, holy shit I got the job, I stayed calm until Vince hung up, and as soon as Vince put that phone down, BOOM, time froze for 3 seconds, and I exploded into a hissy fit of laughter, and about 20 other emotions that I just can't explain. I start on the 1st of July, and that means it will be the first Smackdown after the Great American Bash, which is a bummer, but I can't wait, excitement has taken over. I've got so many ideas for my new job, this is defiantly going to be one of the best times of my life.

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Vince had invited me to the Raw and Smackdowns before the Great American Bash to see how everything works, to meet all the guys backstage, pick up some ideas, and just to generally get into the swing of things before I actually have to sit down and write for a wrestling show. Both shows were great to watch and see what was happening around the place, but I seemed to be edging a little more towards one show, and that was Raw. I had always liked Raw as the better show throughout 2004, but being backstage, there attitude was just much better than Smackdowns, and they seemed more lively, as it was going out live. The Smackdown guys were just mostly laid back, and seemed a bit off, but after speaking to Paul Heyman, he informed me it was because of the lack of star power on the show, and the injuries and loses that were bugging it up. This got me thinking towards my first Idea, which I decided I would pitch to Vince in the future.

June 27th 2004

So it was here, "The Great American Bash". The matches were set, and everything was looking good, I just couldn't wait to see the action.

user posted image

The Great American Bash


Kenzo Suzuki def. Rico

Suzuki was dominant throughout the match, with Rico only getting a little of the offence onto the big man. Suzuki dominates throughout and wins with the Hagakura. After the match Rico was DDT'ed and tossed over the top rope to add insult to injury.

Rey Mysterio Jr def. Chavo Guerrero Jr, to retain his WWE Cruiserweight Title

These two always put on top notch matches, and nothing was different here tonight, as they went at it and pulled out all the stops in this all action high flying match. Chavo without his dad Chavo Classic was looking out of place for the most of the match, as he wasn't able to easily cheat to win. Chavo soon found his stride, but when he looked to have had the match won, Rey countered a suplex into a small package and won the match up, to the dismay of Chavo. Both men had a good stare down before Chavo pointed to Ray and gave him the "cutthroat" action before leaving for the back and leaving Rey to celebrate.

The Undertaker and The Dudleyz wrestled to a no contest

All 3 men were going at it for the most of the match, with The Dudleyz seeming the stronger, due to the man advantage, but they couldn't keep the Taker down. Heyman soon realised this, and told all 3 to stop fighting, clapping to the Undertaker as if he had passed his challenge, which was to not lose to the Dudleyz it seemed. He then signalled to the Taker to go and get Paul Bearer out of the locked coffin, but when he got to the coffin, Undertaker showed he true colors. As Bearer stood up out of the coffin, Taker nailed Bearer with a right hand, threw him back in and ordered the cement to fill it up, which happened and Bearer was trapped inside, signalling the end of Bearer, and a new beginning for Taker with Heyman.

John Cena def. Booker T, RVD, and Rene Dupree, to retain his WWE U.S Title

With the match now an elimination match up, it seemed everything was set to be against the US Champion Cena, but he came out of the match with the title still around his waist. The first to go was Dupree after a Cena FU sent him packing to the back. The next to go was RVD as Booker T nailed his former friend with a chair to the head, and rolling him back into the ring to get the 3. Cena and Booker went at it like to hungry animals, but it was Booker T's lapse in concentration, which lost him the match. As Booker T had hit Cena with a Book End, he celebrated on the top rope, giving Cena valuable time to recover. Booker hooked up Cena and signalled for a DDT, but as he was about to deliver the impact move, he saw his hand giving the "5 times" signal. After shoving Cena to the floor, and showing people that he could break dance, he again hooked up Cena for the DDT, but it was reversed into and FU, which finished off Booker, and kept the gold around Cena's waist.

Eddie Guerrero def. John "Bradshaw" Layfield, to retain the WWE Championship

This Texas Bull Rope match sure was brutal, but Layfield was denied for a 2nd PPV in a row of the WWE Championship. Unlike in the last match though, Eddie wasn't busted open, it was only Layfield who tasted his own blood, and it weakened him to the point where he could hardly walk. Layfield sucked it up for a 2 minute spell, but he couldn't put Eddie down for the 3, and he had used all his reserves up. Layfield collapsed in a pool of his own blood, Eddie hit the frog splash and he kept his WWE Championship title.

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Looks to be a good start Drezdon, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you do this.

However, how the hell do you hit a frogsplash on someone when you're attatched by a rope, i've never seen a match like this, so is the rope long enough to get to the top rope and do a frog splash?

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Guest Reaperstang

I liked the GAB results. Also you could do it(frog splash) if you had the guy in the corner you climbed. Or maybe at some point the rope came undone and was used on Bradshaw.

I will be checking back.

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Guest the_edgehead_man

It can be done, accually a hurt Bradshaw pulling the rope while eddie was up top and eddie landing in a frog splash would be cool. I'll keep up!

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The Great American Bash results are probably the ones that will be in the real event (except for the Taker thing), so there's not much to say about them. This is your starting point and the important thing is where you'll take it. I'll be reading.

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OOC - The Bullrope thing, I can just say that I guest that the rope would be long enough for Eddie to drag Bradshaw close enough to the top rope to hit a frog splash, because I've never seen a match like this before. The Savio vs Austin 4 corners match in 1996, I thought the rope that they were tied to looked long enough, and even though this will only be a bullrope instead of a peice of tie, I assumed it would be long enough, lets just imagine it is :P

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OOC - The Bullrope thing, I can just say that I guest that the rope would be long enough for Eddie to drag Bradshaw close enough to the top rope to hit a frog splash, because I've never seen a match like this before. The Savio vs Austin 4 corners match in 1996, I thought the rope that they were tied to looked long enough, and even though this will only be a bullrope instead of a peice of tie, I assumed it would be long enough, lets just imagine it is :P

Actually, if I remember correctly, there was supposed to be no pinfall involved. I think you were supposed to drag your opponent to all four corners of the ring and that's how you'd win. Or, that's how I remember people talking about it.


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Date: 30th June 2004

Place: Titan Towers

Attendees: Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Michael Mulqueen, John Laurinaitis, Paul Heyman and Bruce Pritchard (The Booking Team)

So here I am, I finally made it into the WWE headquarters, now this really is a dream come true, and I honestly cannot believe that I have made it this far, I mean from no-body to on the WWE booking team, only in the wrestling industry can that happen, lets just hope that I'm not going to end up like Gerwittz hey. So we all assembled around a long-ish table, not to long but it was far from small, and it looked as expensive as money could buy, but this was Vince McMahon damit, only the best. Vince walked into the room with a coffee in one hand, and a briefcase in the other, he took his seat in the middle of the table, and the meeting officially began

Vince: Welcome gentlemen and Stephanie, this is the first official meeting between us gathering of people, the new booking team. I've added Paul back to the team because I think we need some of his spice to liven things up a little, and more so with the Smackdown brand, and I've also bought in another guy, Mr. Mulqueen. Some people said to me that I was a little stupid bringing you in, but I need a young guy, with a wrestling view as good as yours, and a vision to take us into the future, so you could say that the future starts here for the WWE. Do you have anything to say about the matters in hand, Raw and Smackdown.........*pause of about 3 seconds, and Heyman cuts in*.

Heyman: Well, I would like to say thank you to you first of all Vince, for giving me this chance to return to the booking team, and yeah I have 2 major ideas for Smackdown. The first is Rob Van Dam. Now I'm not saying this because I like the guy, but I just feel that he deserves a chance, like the one he got when we were running the invasion angle, especially the push he got in the triple threat title match he got given against Austin and Angle at No Mercy, when In My Opinion, that was probably the best time for him to win the title, as he was major over, but hey, that's just my opinion. So an RVD push would be welcomed, obviously not straight away, as we would have to ease him back into a push for a title, and I really think it would be great. Secondly is the subject of Smackdown again, and it's time we put a solid tag team on the brand, to maybe challenge The Dudleyz, because Rico and Charlie has now been split, and I don't think Haas should be thrust straight into another tag team once more, and I think I've got just the team for you. They are Nova and Carlito Colon, the two workers you've had your eye on down at OV-WWE, and I think that's just the time to bring them into Velocity an see how they work as a team, because I think this could really work, as they could be our new high flying tag team.

*Heyman stops speaking, and there’s pause for a bit of time*

Vince: Is that all you have to say

Heyman Yes Mr. McMahon

Vince: Ok, well Michael do you have anything to say?

Mulqueen: Well I did have one little thing to say.

Vince: Well don’t hold it in like a fart in a crowded lift, lets hear it

*Vince cracks a huge smile, and everyone smiles at Vince’s fart joke*

Mulqueen: Well again it’s about Smackdown, but it’s about the lack of star power the how is lacking at the moment. Now I know that on the show there is a lot of future star potential there, but we need a quick boost of energy you could say, and someone who is willing to make future stars for the company.

*All look on nodding their heads*

Mulqueen: I can really only recommend 3 guys, and they are.

. Sting – A guy who has lost his in ring skill has decreased little over the years, but the WWE fans have never seen him in a WWE ring, and I think it could be very beneficial for the show. His skill may have gone, but his overall star quality and presence hasn’t, and it could just be the boost that Smackdown is in need of.

. Raven – Now I know that he wasn’t overly successful in his last stint in the WWE ring, but you cannot deny that he has that star power, and he’s had great success on the Indy circuit with NWA:TNA and RoH, so you can see that the potential is there. No offence, but Paul is a man that knows how to book Raven to his greatest strengths, so with him on the booking team to guide us, this could work well.

. Shawn Michaels – A move from Raw could do him very well in my opinion. He has been stuck in the shadows of Triple H and Chris Benoit, and a move from Raw, and a title push could do him great. He isn’t getting any younger, and a final move of freshness could do him great

That’s all I’ve really got to say at the moment Vince, and once again I would just like to thank you on this opportunity.

Vince: Well thank you for that Michael and Paul, I’ve listened to your ideas and taken them into consideration. Has anyone else got any new ideas apart from the ones that have already been but across………..

*silence in the room*

Pritchard: Well I would just like to say that I think we need to push Tyson Tomko away from the bodyguard image if he is to succeed on Raw, and he should be put in the role of a new Sid Viscous, a man who is powerful, fearless, and believes he can take on the World, but he has the strengths to do it.

Vince: ummmmm, it’s good, I’ll give that one a thinking about too. Well if everyone’s had they say for today, I think that we can all be excused, I’ll see you all tomorrow for the new Smackdown LIVE.

They all leave the room, and the meeting ends.

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So, I was getting more an more excited by the day, but the most frustrating part was not being able to book that Raw show straight after "The Great American Bash" on the 28th of June, because just watching it I had so many ideas and thoughts about the show, I really wanted to do it. Shame I couldn't thought, but it turned out to be a great show.

user posted image

WWE RAW recap

Kane def. Matt Hardy

The match wasn't really wanted by Matt, but WWE general manager Eric Bishoff forced him into the match. Matt's mind was in 5 different places during the match, and kept staring at the adoring Lita as she looked so ashamed to be there at ringside, and he looked very disappointed too. Kane totally dominated Matt throughout the proceedings, and took the win after a Chokeslam which was so devastating even the great daredevil Matt Hardy, who has taken so many bumps in his life couldn't rise out of the pinfall. After the match Kane dragged Lita up the ramp, who was looking scared and out of sorts.

Chris Jericho def. Batista

After the clothesline by Batista left Jericho being helped from the ring last week on Raw, the "King of the World" was back in the ring to settle this disagreement between the two. The match wasn't technical in the slightest, just Jericho dodging Batista's constant attacks. When Jericho got an advantage though, Randy Orton came flying down to the ring, but when he swung for Jericho with the championship belt, Jericho ducked and Orton hit Batista. Jericho removed Orton from the ring, and pinned Batista for the 123. After the match though, Orton hit Jericho with his championship belt, but as he looked to conflict more damage, Shelton Benjamin came running down the aisle for the save, showing that the feud between the two is not yet over, and Benjamin still wants that Intercontinental gold.

Trish Stratus def. Ivory

The return of Ivory, but it wasn’t much of a return for the former WWE Womens champion, as she didn’t even last 3 minutes in the ring with Trish. When Trish had tossed Ivory to the outside, she was met with a clothesline from Tyson Tomko, which left Ivory down and out. When Tomko rolled her back into the ring, Trish just had to make the cover for a quick 123.

Eugene and Chris Benoit def. Triple H and Ric Flair

In the main event of the night the crowd were treated to a great match up between 2 legends, the WWE World Champion, and Eugene. Eugene shocked the game with his constant reversals and heart to not be put down, but not even he expected what was about to happen. When Triple H and Benoit battled all the way to the backstage after an out of ring battle around the ring, it was left with Eugene to face The Nature Boy in a 1 on 1 match. Flair seemed to underestimate Eugene immensely, and when Flair spat at Eugene’s friend and manager William Regal, he was met with straight rights and lefts from an angry Eugene. Flair was then given a German Suplex and pinned for a 123, the crowd was in shock, and erupted into huge cheers. As Raw went off air, Eugene was hugging a very happy William Regal.

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OOC - I'm really sorry about the lack of shows, but real life has caught up with me big time, and I havn't been able to do much lately, accept write stuff about my Drama course, and drive to various places. The show should be up by tomorrow if you were enjoying the little part of the diary that you did get. It will be a full written show, not just a page of results like you've got so far :thumbs-up:

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  • 2 months later...

Well I'm bringing this diary back and hopefully it'll be better than my last efforts at it being good. In the real world I've had so much on my plate since I started this that I've not had much time to even be on my PC, and I think this is the first time that I've posted on EWB in fucking ages. So sit back and enjoy the WWE 2004: Drezdon style.

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(Sorry about this, it's another recap show, but that's because I've lost the show that I wrote up for Smackdown, and only have the previous results screen to go by on TEW, Heat and Velocity will always only be recapped, and not written, the first full written show you will get from me will be the next Raw, sorry about that for anybody who actually liked this first time off)

user posted image

Kenzo Suzuki beat Hardcore Holly

Kenzo Suzuki carried on his undefeated run as he beat Hardcore Holly with general ease. Holly looked like he was going to outsmart the big man in the early going, but Suzuki overpowered Holly, and nailed him with the Hagakure to pick up the win.

Mordecai beat Billy Gunn

Another man on a winning run is Mordecai, but he impressed far more than Suzuki as he finished off Gunn in a mere 37 seconds, to pick up the easy victory. Gunn went for the fameasser early on in the bout, but Mordecai nailed him with a stunning clothesline, and the Sinner Shot to get the 1 2 3.

Rob Van Dam beat Doug Basham

Van Dam and Basham went at it toe to toe in a great match for the SD! fans, but it was RVD who emerged as the overall victor in the end. Bashams lack of experience in big matches led him to talk to Danny Basham after great looking reverse DDT on RVD. But he left RVD too much time to recover, and thus letting RVD score the role up for the 1 2 3.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. drew with Rey Mysterio

Chavo and Rey wrestled to a double count out, as these to men carry on their rivalry for the Cruiserweight Championship. Champ Rey went for the West-Coast Hop, but Chavo held onto little Rey, and both men ended up falling over the top rope. It was there where they wrestled around the ring and earned each other the double count out.

The Dudley Boyz beat Scotty 2 Hotty and Billy Kidman

The tag champs kept their titles with a good win over Scotty 2 Hotty and Billy Kidman. The challengers used their superior pace to keep the match alive but it was the Dudleyz power that caused them to eventually get beat, but it wasn't just that, there was a lot of cheating too. Throughout the whole match the Dudleyz were using the ropes to their advantage when in submission holds, D-Von pulled the ref out of the ring on TWO occasions, and Bubba hit Kidman with a chain, which knocked out the young gun, so it wasn't all power that got the win. The 3-D was delivered and the Dudleyz got the 3, but we could be seeing a re-match sometime in the near future.

Booker T and Rene Dupree beat Eddie Guerrero and John Cena

The Undetaker, two words that strike fear into you if you were in this Main Event. The match was in full swing, Eddie was in control of Dupree, and then JBL came running out from behind the curtain, but just as JBL was halfway down the walkway, the lights went out. When the came back on, JBL was on the floor, Undertaker was in the ring, and chaos was about to begin. The Undertaker looked as if he was about to nail Booker, but gave Booker an uppercut, and then turned to Eddie and gave him a thunderous chokeslam, then rolling him outside of the ring. By this time JBL had recovered, but looked stunned and as if he didn't know what was going on, he saw Undetaker attacking Eddie, and went after Cena. The ref who was KO'd from earlier on in the match was just getting his bearings back, and JBL nailed Cena with the clothesline from hell, and pulled Booker T on top of Cena, to give Booker the 1 2 3. Undetaker just stood over Eddie whilst JBL walked over to the scene, Taker signalled to JBL that Eddie was his target now, and that he had had his chance to get his hands on the title. JBL walked off, but it now looks as if he's set his sights on the U.S Title.

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user posted image

Match 1 - Billy Kidman beat Aaron Aguilera (42.8%)

Match 2 - Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli beat Carlito Colon and Nova (53.7%)

Segment 1 - Interview with Orlando Jordan (48.0%)

Match 3 - Luther Rains beat Johnny Jeter (20.1%)

Segment 2 - Interview with Rikishi (66.0%)

Main Event - Orlando Jordan beat Nunzio (62.2%)

Show Rating: 45.1%

Attendance: 14,771

Date: 03 July 2004

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user posted image

Match 1 - Matt Hardy beat Garrison Cade (49.8%)

Segment 1 - Interview with Scott Steiner (65.3%)

Match 2 - A-Train beat Rosey (61.8%)

Segment 2 - Angle Involving Bischoff and Nitro (56.4%)

Match 3 - Tajiri beat Johnny Nitro (54.3%)

Main Event - Scott Steiner beat Maven (62.0%)

Show Rating: 52.5%

Attendance: 5,041

Date: 04 July 2004

Results from Independence Day HEAT

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Date: Monday 5th July 2004

Place: Continental Airlines Arena backstage room

Present: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Michael Mulqueen, Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon, John Ace

Vince McMahon called in his top guys for a meeting just hours before the Raw show at the Continental Airlines Arena. They all sat round a rather small table in Vince’s huge backstage dressing room. The meeting began with Vince saying a few words.

Vince: Good Evening everybody, I’m going to cut straight to the point and say that I’ve called you guys in here to say that we need a plan for this event, because tonight there will be the World Championship feud eruption, and there will be a new challenger for Chris Benoit’s heavyweight title, but I want ideas on how to do it, and who it should be challenging. Now I’ve selected Paul, John, and Michael to put forward the first ideas, and myself, Stephanie, and Jim to put forward ideas to give with these. So first off Paul, who and how?

Paul: Well, first off I think that it should NOT be Triple H, as it would be just the wrong time to give him a re-match, and we should maybe wait until Summerslam to have him fight the World Champion. Now I think it should be one of these 3 guys

.Chris Jericho - Now Chris hasn’t had a title shot in a very long time, and I think it would be great to see him challenging for the title, and maybe even winning it at Vengeance, or a later date, as I think running a longer feud would be great for Jericho and Benoit, as their skills, and Jericho’s charisma could take it far, and lead it to be very successful.

.Shawn Michaels - Now I understand that later on we will be discussing making him a permanent part of Smackdown, but this could be a great way to get him to leave. Say we make a Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit at Vengeance, it’s a Raw only PPV, so there will be no Smackdown stars there, or will there be. We could have someone like Booker T come down and BHAM! takes out Michaels, Benoit retains the title, and it makes perfect sense for Michaels to move to Smackdown to get his revenge. That could also lead Michaels to a Smackdown Title match up.

.Matt Hardy – He’s not doing very much at the moment, and he could easily get the Main Event push, which will cement his high overness for a long time to come. This could be a long ticking feud, which will start tomorrow, but it won’t get Hardy his title shot, leaving him to be disappointed with this, and a botched interference at Vengance against another opponent for Benoit, could set a match for the pair at Summerslam. Another thing could be, we get them to feud big time, and someone will eliminate Matt last in a Battle Royal to be the no.1 contender of the World Heavyweight Title.

They’re my ideas at the moment, I hope you like them.

Stephanie: I don’t really agree what you say about Paul though, he’s always a great contender for the title, and he’s the no.1 Heel on Raw, so why shouldn’t he get the title shot

Vince: Now Steph, I agree with what Paul said, and it would be a little too soon to give him the title back, and Summerslam or even the Survivor Series would be a good time to have HHH facing the champion.

Steph: Well it’s just my opinion, why not have the number 1 heel face the number 1 face for the title, common sense

Paul: Because we need to make more number 1 heels, and have other people who are at the top of Raw, and challenging for the title, other than Triple H, because it’s not good for the brand to have only HHH at the top

Vince: Well it’s not necessarily that bad, but we do need to make another huge superstar, and that’s what we’re doing in the meeting. Now Michael, it’s your chance to speak

Michael: Well Vince I reckon that we should…………………………………

The meeting about the current World Title situation carried on until a conclusion, as all 3 men had pitched their ideas, and it had been honed down to what they all agreed was the best idea for everyone.

Vince: Now with that out of the way, we can quickly discuss what’s happening with Smackdown, and if we have come to a conclusion with the issue of injured stars, and not much star power. Anybody feel free to speak.

Michael: Well now that we’ve all agreed that we should take out Shawn Michaels with the storyline, that still leaves me thinking that he will be occupied with that for a couple of months, so e should sign someone on a short term basis, who will give some much needed star power to Smackdown, and help to push other stars by putting them over, much like Mick Foley done with Randy Orton. Now for me, Sting should be our no.1 focus, but hiring either Vader or Steve Austin back to the WWE could well do Smackdown a hell of good. Austin is a WWE Legend, and Vader is extremely well known to the WWE fans, as he’s had stints with us before. Any of the 3 names would be great to see on WWE Television.

Vince: Well I think Steve kind of wants to do his own thing at the moment, and Vader just doesn’t suit the bill with me, as I would love him to go with a new gimmick, but his Vader “Monster” gimmick is legendary, so there is really no way I could part him from it, as it could have such bad effects on his career, even ruining it to the point where hiring him was a huge mistake. I think we’re going to have to have a talk with Sting, and see how he feels about coming to the WWE, but that’s all I can say at the moment, we need to get the ball in his court first. Anybody have anything else to add, or have any comments to make about us going after Sting?………………


Good, so I’ll let you go and get ready for the show, see you backstage in about 5 hours.

All 6 of then leave the room, after coming to the decision of 2 major happenings, 1 for Raw, and 1 for Smackdown. Will ******’s feud with Benoit be pulled of in the right matter? Will the fans take to it? we’ll find out tonight on Raw.

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  • 3 months later...

O.k, here's the deal, the diary stopped because I didn't have enough time to do it really, and to be honest most the spare time I have will be spent doing this, but that's fine as I have been inspired to give it another go. I carried on my game, so the next couple of post's will be a round up of what has happened whilst I've not been writing.


The Undertaker vs Eddie

This is no new feud, it's been boiling over since the diary began, and now the Undertaker has exploded. He was so eager to fight Eddie, he offered him a match at RAW's Vengeance PPV, but it was turned down by Bischoff, as he didn't know what affect it would have on Raw, and having Kane in the arena couldn't be good at all. So now the Undertakers destruction has continued, he's beating opponent after opponent, even a returning Tazz, putting him into retirement permanently. Eddie isn't slacking off, costing Taker his first match since his return, only by DQ of course, as he nailed Hardcore Holly with a chair just to cost him. Eddie drilled Taker with the chair too. Taken then destroyed Eddie backstage on the next Smackdown, only for Eddie to once again come down to the ring and blast Taker with a chair after his match with Charlie Haas. Smackdown's new GM Shane McMahon has ordered these two to settle this at Summerslam.

Chris Benoit vs Matt Hardy

It was Hardy who got the nod for the job with Benoit, giving him a huge Piledriver after the final match up HHH got at Benoit. The match finished in a draw, and Hardy ran down looking like he would help Benoit, only to show his true colors. Vengeance PPV was rolling round, Benoit didn't want to give Hardy a title shot, but GM Bischoff forced him too, and it was Benoit who prevailed, but only because of a Lita interference as Hardy asked for a divorce with her. Matt demanded a rematch, but Benoit told him to earn it. There was a tag match set up "Benoit and Edge vs Hardy and Rhyno" and it was Hardy who earn his title shot, by pinning Benoit fair and square. Benoit was occupied by the Rhyno Edge fight going on outside, as he stood on the top rope, watchig instead of completing the diving headbutt on Hardy, as his friend Edge was kicked off the side off the stage. Hardy then recovered and shook the top rope, causing Benoit to fall groin first down to the ring ropes. Hardy removed him, Twist of Fate, 1.2.3. So Raw is coming up, and what's going to be said and done for Summerslam?

other minor storylines

Shawn Michaels was attacked by someone on Raw, but he didn't know who it was. He went on a huge search, and it was the attacker who revealed himself as BOOKER T. Michaels went to Smackdown to get his hand on him.

Christian and Stevie Richards have been going at it this past month, facing each other at Vengeance, with Christian coming out the victor.

Kane and The Rock.......TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Kane hates Rocky, Rocky hates Kane, they got put together for a tag match, and won the titles, but now neither man wants to give them up.

Chris Jericho had 1 interview, saying how easy it would be to defeat the whole of Evolution, and they didn't take too lightly to it. With Orton losing at Vengeance to Benjamin, he counts Orton as "too easy" also saying Flair is "too old", and he beat Batista after that devastating clothesline that was dealt out to him. He then defeated HHH at Vengeance, proving that it is possible to beat "all of Evolution". Orton and Flair could be coming up next.

Results From Vengeance

Christian beat Steven Richards (78.9%)

Kane and The Rock beat La Resistance for the WWE World Tag Team titles (72.3%)

Aaron Aguila beat Rosey (55.6%)

Shelton Benjamin beat Randy Orton for the WWE Intercontinental title (85.3%)

Trish Stratus beat Victoria (56.2%)

Chris Jericho beat Triple H by DQ (94.3%)

Chris Benoit beat Matt Hardy (92.9%)

Minor Happenings

2004 Olympic Gold Medallist John Dooey announced he was turning pro, and the WWE are hot on his tail.

Dusty and DDP return to the WWE booking staff

Velocity has been cancelled and Heat is now a join SD and Raw show.

Hope you enjoy the return of this diary, don't expect every day updates, as I hope to make it regular by the New Year and beyond. WWE 2004 with Michael Mulqueen on the booking team returns.

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Last Weeks Raw!

The Return of Rikishi

That's right, Rikishi came back to Raw, and he was not a happy guy. He told the World that he wasn't here to make any friends, and that his first goal was to win some Gold, and that he didn't want no more Tag Titles, he isn't a woman, and the World strap stuff is getting to complicated. That left only 1 title, The Intercontinental Championship. That turned out Edge, who had been having problems with Rhyno, but those looked to have been sorted out, and he said that he and his friend Shelton had agreed to fight, and were looking to slug it out at the next PPV, Summerslam. Rikish said that he was cool with that, and Edge was his friend too, and they should have a "friendly" match up next week on Raw, to see who would be fighting Benjamin next for his strap, whether it be at Summerslam, or at the nearest Steak house, he didn't care. That bought out Eric Bischoff, who said the winner of NEXT weeks match between Rikishi and Edge would face Shelton Benjamin for the IC Title at SUMMERSLAM.

Carlito Cool is here to stay

He came, he said he was cool, he beat the Hurricane, and is here for good. Bischoff said he needed to prove himself to be part of Raw, he beat The Hurricane with a little help from the ropes, and is now a permanent part of Raw.

Matt Hardy defeats the World Champion

After his loss at the PPV, Matt hardy was back with a Vengeance, in a match that squared up Chris Benoit and Edge against Hardy and Rhyno. Edge's mind seemed elsewhere during the match, and when his brawl with Rhyno started to go up the ramp, Rikishi burst out of the curtains to help his friend Edge. He puched Rhyno is his head a couple of times, and set up for the super kick. He looked to blast Rhyno off the side of the stage, but he hesitated for a second, and that gave Rhyno enough time to duck and Rikish nailed Edge in the face, causing him to fall off the stage onto a table down below. It looked like the most set up mistake in history, but Rikish seemed distraught with himself, and headed backstage with his head in his hands. Back in the ring Matt Hardy had just nailed the Twist of fate at almost the exact same time, and the ref put down the 123, and Hardy had defeated the champion of the World.


Shelton and Tajiri defeat Orton and Triple H, with help from Chris Jericho’s double chair shot to Orton and HHH. Benjamin pinned Orton for the second time in a week, and Jericho got HHH back for the chair sot he gave to him at Vengeance.

The Rock and Kane defended the belts against Steiner and Cade. Kane chokeslamed Steiner for the victory

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Raw Preview

Chris Benoit vs Christian

Christian has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, by Matt hardy of all people. Bischoff asked if he wanted a title shot for this weeks Raw, and he referred Christian for the shot, saying that he wanted to prove to Benoit in a different way that he was going to take his gold off of him. So which way will that be, find out only on Raw

Triple H and Randy Orton vs Shelton and Chris Jericho

Same match as last week, just Jericho has been drafted into the equation instead of Tajiri. Jericho was the man responsible for the loss last week, after blasting HH over the head with a chair, much like what happened to him at Vengeance, and now it looks as if they're going to go at it one more time.

Edge vs Rhyno

It was set up, it was going to be friendly, but it all seemed to change so quickly. Rikishi pulled out of his match with Edge, saying that he didn't want it to be this way, and that he would be in Edge's corner for the match, instead of in the ring with him. So now it's Edge vs Rhyno, who will be that man fighting Benjamin at Summerslam for the IC strap, and what is Rikishi up too, one minute he wants gold, now he doesn't? Another interesting situation

The Rock vs Scott Steiner

The Rock is back in singles action against Scott Steiner this week on Raw. The first time he's competed against someone in a singles match in a long time, is The Rock still the same as his old self, or is he too used to having someone to help him out in the ring, whether it being a Mick Foley or a Kane, is he ready?

Tune into Raw to find out what goes down, 9pm on Spike TV

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