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(Backstory part 1)

I’m not going to tell you where I got my money from. Let’s just say I was lucky from birth and made some smart investments. Suffice to say that I had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life. And when you have financial security, life gets boring quickly. I wanted to do something with what I had, and use my business acumen to its fullest ability. It was then that I turned my eye to wrestling. I’d always been a fan, albeit rather casually, but what really attracted me to it was what I saw as a great deal of potential. The WWE had dominated the market for years now, but Vince McMahon did not realise that the wrestling industry was about the last place you could hope to set up a monopoly. It thrived on competition. There was an obvious gap in the market, and I wanted to exploit it – to the tune of millions of dollars.

I sought out the largest possible competitor to WWE in North America, TNA. TNA had been making great progress trying to catch up with WWE, but were still far behind when I contacted them, as well as struggling financially. After a great deal of negotiation between myself, the Jarretts and Dixie Carter, I was able to secure myself a sizable chunk of the company and give it a much-needed cash boost. But I was ambitious – I wasn’t willing to sit back and let the company be run by itself. I lobbied to be allowed a role in the creative side of the company. I spoke with the Jarretts, and after pitching a couple of ideas I was able to convince them that I could help with the booking. Of course, I still had to answer to them as well as other members of the booking committee, like Scott D’Amore and Mike Tenay. But even so, it was where I wanted to be. We worked together, and soon I was an indispensable part of the company.

Bolstered by the added financing, we grew in strength and influence over the next few months. Our first house show in Detroit went well, and we continued to expand, although not as quickly as we had hoped we would. Impact’s debut on primetime was a success, and our ratings were steadily increasing with SpikeTV’s support. WWE was starting to show signs of weakness, too, with fans becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the product and locker room morale dropping, allowing us to bring in a couple of their guys who they had released. We opened a developmental territory, NWA Tennessee (in order to take advantage of our residual popularity in Nashville and to strengthen our ties with the NWA), and improved the Gut Check Academy. We were introducing new title belts to take advantage of the growing roster and extra TV time. The success of Christian Cage as our champion was enough to convince Chris Jericho to make good on his previous rumor-mongering and sign with TNA, a huge coup for us.

And all the time I was learning more and more about the business and applying my own knowledge to it. I improved our production and marketing, I increased our scope in terms of house show markets and allowed us the potential to travel outside Universal Studios for our shows. We still weren’t quite ready to start touring with Impact, or even air live – you can’t jump too far ahead of yourself in this industry, especially when you can’t afford to take heavy losses (and make no mistake, we couldn’t) – but we were making big progress. Some internet fans had started to refer to me as the ‘Saviour of TNA’. Others considered me nothing more than a businessman who didn’t know what he was doing and reviled my guts. I didn’t much care either way. I wasn’t doing this for them. I was doing it for the money that I would get out of it, and the kick I would get out of dethroning Mr. McMahon himself.

But, I realised, the company really needed a kick start in order to really put it over the top and start to mount a serious challenge to WWE. I racked my brains trying to think of what we could do to get to the next level. I remembered WCW getting their boost with the debut of Nitro and the formation of the New World Order. Certainly Impact’s move to primetime had been an important event for us, one that had greatly helped us, but had not had the same effect as the first Nitro: we had booked a great show with excellent matches and surprise angles, but we still weren’t live, and we had nowhere near enough resources to pull off something as big as Lex Luger’s debut had been in WCW. I considered an invasion angle similar to the nWo concept, since the figures and statistics to show the way it had allowed WCW to take off were readily available, but rejected it initially because it was ridiculous to hope that trying something identical would produce the exact same effect; the fans had seen it before. Besides, we couldn’t get stars like that, and the ones we already had who fit the bill (Jericho, Christian, Sting) were doing too well in their current roles to suddenly switch direction like that.

It was only a few days later that I realised that I was looking at it all wrong. Instead of focusing on the past, TNA needed to look to the future. We needed to do something like what had worked for other companies, but in a way that was unique. We needed to do something that allowed us to stand out as something new and different, while still preserving the old school values. We needed something that showed we were serious about presenting the best quality matches and most exciting action, rather than the stale product WWE were putting out. In particular, we needed something that would help us break the deadlock we had been meeting in the Northeast and allow us to really branch out to other parts of the country. We needed something that would help elevate not only the company as a whole, but also many of the individual stars in it.

In short, we needed Ring of Honor.

(Backstory part 2 to come)

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(Backstory part 2)

ROH had been having some tough times in the last few months. It all started at their show ‘Unscripted II’ in February, when TNA’s influence caused havoc as several wrestlers were forced to cancel in order to fly to Orlando earlier, at our insistence. It made be realise just how much control we had over them, that just a well hyped show for ROH could have a generally disappointed reaction from the fans due to our influence. I realised that ROH was only surviving in the wrestling world because we allowed them to do so, and the way that things were changing for both us and them, it wasn’t necessarily in our best interests to do so anymore. If we were to have solidarity in our ranks, if we were to mount a serious challenge to WWE, we needed Ring of Honor. In my mind ROH represented everything we needed to be, exciting wrestling action that fans could easily keep watching regardless of whether or not the storylines were compelling enough. And if they were compelling enough, then so much the better.

I pushed hard for us to disrupt ROH’s schedule wherever we could, always in fairly minor ways but just enough to make a difference. I knew from the past situations with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels that we could convince important guys to stick with us instead of ROH. Pretty soon the company was in trouble, and after a while, we stepped in. I dug deep into my bank accounts and bought the company, hiring most of the wrestlers and gaining their titles. I brought in most of their staff too, and added Gabe Sapolsky to our booking team. We even acquired the trademarks. ROH was effectively ours.

In my eyes, ROH represented everything we needed to bring in. Wrestling was hitting a downturn because of the public perception that it was boring or sleazy or uncool or whatever the hell it was that non-fans thought of wrestling. I wanted to be the one to bring wrestling out of the gutter and back into the mainstream like it had been during the Monday Night Wars, and in doing so propel TNA to the top of the wrestling world. Eric Bischoff had taken on the WWE with big name stars and high profile matches, but he had had Ted Turner’s billions supporting him. We couldn’t afford to work that way. But I was convinced that people didn’t necessarily want to see that anymore, especially as a regular thing; I had pushed hard throughout the year for Sting’s appearances to be kept to a minimum, in order not to burn out his drawing power too quickly and to make his appearances more special. It had worked to a certain extent, but like I said, we couldn’t afford to keep bringing in guys like Sting.

I was certain that people wanted to see a more athletic, exciting brand of in-ring action with the best young talents in the business, which were in the most plentiful supply in ROH. If we couldn’t afford to bring in old stars, we would just have to make new ones. By providing a higher quality of wrestling I was certain we could keep drawing in new fans. WWE had been looking at things the wrong way around, they seemed to think that fans were watching for the storylines and characters, and focusing their attention on that. There was no doubt in my mind that those were important, but the wrestling always came first. This was, after all, a wrestling promotion.

Of course, one certain side effect to my actions was the backlash of the hardcore internet fans. They reacted in the usual childish way they did, creating an uproar, threatening to boycott our shows. They say I killed ROH. I say, so what? The only thing that matters is doing whatever is necessary to defeat Vince McMahon and the WWE. Everything else is secondary, especially the opinions of a bunch of Internet geeks. I only tolerate them because I know that many of them loyally buy our shows, and besides, Internet opinion doesn’t mean squat: anyone who raises an opinion has a thousand people who disagree with him. The Internet was the least of my worries, despite what they might have thought.

Because what those fans didn’t yet realise was what I planned to do with ROH. I planned to turn it into the biggest angle TNA had ever seen. Our own little promotion war, and this time, I was determined to do it right. I studied successful invasion angles to see what they did right, unsuccessful ones to see what went wrong, and I was sure that, with the help of the rest of the booking committee, I could pull it off. It all went down at Bound For Glory 2006, about a month after ROH shut down…

(Backstory part 3 to come)

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(Backstory part 3)

TNA PPV Results for 2006 (italics signify preshow matches)

Final Resolution 2006 Results

Team Canada def. Lance Hoyt, Jay Lethal & Kenny King

The Latin American Exchange def. The Naturals

Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Matt Bentley

The James Gang def. Diamonds in the Rough

AJ Styles def. Hiroshi Tanahashi in an International X Showcase Match

Sean Waltman def. Raven in a Raven’s Rules Match

Bobby Roode def. Ron Killings

Abyss def. Rhino

NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted def. Team 3-D

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. Christopher Daniels

Sting & Christian Cage def. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown

Against All Odds 2006 Results

Ron Killings def. A-1

Lance Hoyt, Cassidy Riley & Shark Boy def. Shannon Moore, Elix Skipper & David Young

The Naturals def. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

Jay Lethal def. Petey Williams, Matt Bentley and Alex Shelley

The James Gang def. The Latin American Exchange

NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted def. Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt

Rhino def. Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

Team 3-D def. Team Canada

Christian Cage def. Jeff Jarrett to win the NWA World Championship

Destination X 2006 Results

Diamonds in the Rough def. Shark Boy & Cassidy Riley

Shannon Moore def. Matt Bentley

Petey Williams def. Jay Lethal

Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt def. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

Alex Shelley def. Lance Hoyt

The Naturals def. Team Canada

The Latin American Exchange def. The James Gang

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in an Ultimate X Match

Team 3-D, Ron Killings & Rhino def. America’s Most Wanted, Abyss & Jeff Jarrett when Sting returned

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Monty Brown

Lockdown 2006 Results

Shannon Moore def. Sonjay Dutt

Roderick Strong def. Lance Hoyt

Team Canada def. The Naturals

The James Gang def. The Latin American Exchange

Ron Killings def. Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and Petey Williams

AJ Styles def. Monty Brown

Rhino def. Abyss

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. Christopher Daniels

Team 3-D def. America’s Most Wanted to win the NWA Tag Team Championships

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Jeff Jarrett

Sacrifice 2006 Results

Diamonds in the Rough def. Lance Hoyt, Cassidy Riley & Shark Boy

Christopher Daniels def. Roderick Strong

Shannon Moore def. Jay Lethal, Austin Aries and Matt Bentley

Team Canada def. The Naturals, Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt

The Latin American Exchange def. The James Gang

NWA Tag Team Champions Team 3-D def. America’s Most Wanted in an Anything Goes Match

Sabu def. Monty Brown

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. Ron Killings

Raven def. Alex Shelley

Sting & AJ Styles def. Jeff Jarrett & Abyss

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Rhino

Slammiversary 2006 Results

Lance Hoyt & Cassidy Riley def. Diamonds in the Rough

Shannon Moore & Shane Helms def. The Naturals

Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Petey Williams & Eric Young def. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Matt Bentley & Shark Boy

The James Gang def. America’s Most Wanted

Raven def. Bobby Roode

NWA Tag Team Champions Team 3-D def. Latin American Exchange

Rhino def. Sabu, Monty Brown and Ron Killings

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels fought to a time limit draw

Jeff Jarrett def. Sting when Abyss interfered

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. AJ Styles

Victory Road 2006 Results

Sonjay Dutt def. Cassidy Riley, Matt Bentley and Jay Lethal

Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Diamonds in the Rough

Jeff Hardy def. Chris Sabin

America’s Most Wanted def. Latin American Exchange, The Naturals and Shannon Moore & Shane Helms

Monty Brown def. Ron Killings

NWA Tag Team Champions Team 3-D def. The James Gang

Raven def. Petey Williams

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. Christopher Daniels in a Submission Match

Abyss def. Sting

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho in a King of the Mountain Match

Hard Justice 2006 Results

Lance Hoyt def. David Young

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt

The James Gang def. Team Canada

Shannon Moore & Shane Helms def. The Latin American Exchange

Jay Lethal def. Alex Shelley, Shark Boy and Matt Bentley

Christopher Daniels def. Ron Killings

America’s Most Wanted def. Team 3-D to win the NWA Tag Team Championships

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy

Raven def. Monty Brown, Rhino and Sabu in a Hardcore Rules Match

Chris Jericho def. AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Abyss

No Surrender 2006 Results

Cassidy Riley def. Shark Boy

Lance Hoyt def. Matt Bentley

Latin American Exchange def. The Naturals

Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt def. Diamonds in the Rough

Jay Lethal def. Alex Shelley

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Team Canada, James Gang and Moore & Helms

Sabu def. Raven, Rhino, Jeff Hardy, Abyss and Monty Brown in Monster’s Ball III to win the TNA Hardcore Championship (Sting attacks Abyss)

Jeff Jarrett & America’s Most Wanted def. Ron Killings & Team 3-D

AJ Styles def. Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe to win the TNA X Division Championship

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Chris Jericho

Bound For Glory 2006 Results

Eric Young def. Cassidy Riley

James Gibson won a 20-man X Division Gauntlet: The other participants were Andy Douglas, Cassidy Riley, Chase Stevens, Chris Sabin, David Young, Delirious, Elix Skipper, Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Jerrelle Clark, Jimmy Yang, Matt Bentley, Matt Sydal, Petey Williams, Roderick Strong, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt

A good old fashioned X Division showcase match. Both James Gibson and Shane Helms had left the WWE after it was becoming clear that neither of them was going to be used effectively; Helms was given the Cruiserweight Title and then booked in clusterfuck after clusterfuck, while Gibson had been kept out of the title scene altogether and left stuck on Velocity. Eventually, after much wrangling, they got their releases and we brought them in. This was Gibson’s debut match, one of a couple of surprise entrants along with Jimmy Yang, Matt Sydal and Delirious.

Alex Shelley def. Jay Lethal in a tournament final to win the NWA World Television Championship

We’d acquired the NWA World Television title to go with the World and Tag titles as part of our continued good relations with the NWA. I was sure that we should strengthen our relations with them even if we weren’t a member, since they could provide us with newer talent if we needed, and looking long term, eventually our lease on those belts was going to run out, and we didn’t want to be in a position where they didn’t want to let us keep them. A tournament had been quickly organised with the final taking place at Bound For Glory. Shelley and Lethal had been engaged in a mini-feud for a couple of months, so they made natural choices for the final, with Shelley coming out on top.

Monty Brown def. Austin Aries

Austin Aries was another guy who I saw great potential in as a singles star, although he’d been kept primarily in the tag ranks up to this point. This was his first major singles match in TNA since his debut match against Christopher Daniels. Monty Brown was somewhat lacking direction, having been programmed primarily in the World and Hardcore title scenes without much success. Monty won this one, as he really had to, but Aries’ performance was enough to show that he had potential as a singles wrestler as well as in the tag ranks.

The James Gang & Ron Killings def. The Latin American Exchange

For a while now, we had been discussing the possibility of the James Gang being used in more of a backstage capacity as road agents. With injuries catching up with them, they readily agreed, and this match was billed as their last appearance. It made sense to let them go out on a high note, so they won and basked in the crowd’s cheers before leaving. Konnan also headed back to Mexico after this, leaving the LAX (by this point consisting of Homicide and Low-Ki) without a manager. Convenient, that.

TNA Hardcore Champion Sabu def. Rhino

In order to capitalise on the popularity of the various kinds of hardcore match we had been running, like Monster’s Ball, we introduced a new Hardcore championship to give that section of our shows its own division and allow us to put on those kinds of matches on a more regular basis. Sabu was a logical choice based on his association with hardcore wrestling and the fact that he had made it clear to use that he wanted to continue with it as long as he was physically able. There was no sense in taking the title off Sabu so soon, although Rhino really needed to pick up some wins, as we weren’t capitalising on his popularity as we should.

NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted def. Team 3-D

Team 3-D had been given a decent run as Tag champions during the middle of the year, but soon the decision was made to switch the titles back. Some people on the writing team had real faith in America’s Most Wanted. AMW finished off Brother Ray cleanly with the Death Sentence in a fairly good match.

Chris Jericho def. Raven

The first of our four billed main events. Jericho had made his big debut at the Slammiversary, attacking AJ Styles and teasing an alliance with Christian Cage before attacking him too. Then when Jeff Jarrett and Scott D’Amore came out to accept him as a member of Team Canada, he attacked them also, with Jericho and Christian brawling as the show went off the air. Building on his usual egomaniac character, we had him explain on Impact that he was only out for himself and wouldn’t ally with anyone, and that he only wanted the NWA World title. Raven had been reinstated in a storyline too complex to attempt explaining (I think it was D’Amore’s idea) and had been systematically going through Jarrett’s allies. After a short detour to bolster the fledgling hardcore division, we brought him back to the main event with this match, built by Jericho taking verbal shots at Raven for taking his time defeating guys like Alex Shelley and Bobby Roode rather than jumping straight back into the main event. Jericho won after an excellent match.

TNA X Division Champion AJ Styles def. Samoa Joe

After Christopher Daniels spending most of the year trying to take the X Division title from Samoa Joe (including fighting to a 30-minute time limit draw in a fantastic match at Slammiversary), it was AJ Styles who won the title the month before this is another triple threat rematch. Since Styles pinned Daniels and not Joe, a rematch was signed for Bound For Glory, but on the night, it was announced that Daniels had failed to show up for the match and that it would continue as a singles match. Styles finally handed Joe his first singles loss in TNA, with Joe and AJ shaking hands in the ring to a huge pop. But the real question was, where was Daniels?

Abyss def. Sting

Sting and Jeff Jarrett had been feuding for most of the year, mainly to keep them in the main event scene without disrupting Christian’s title reign. Jarrett had brought in Abyss to help him defeat Sting at Slammiversary, setting up a feud between the two. Abyss had defeated Sting at Victory Road and ‘put him out of action’, leading to Sting returning the next month to cost him the NWA World title and later the Hardcore title as well. Thanks to interference from Father James Mitchell Abyss picked up the victory again here, but the crowd gave Sting a huge ovation after the match.

NWA World Champion Christian Cage def. Jeff Jarrett

The natural choice for main event. I had been pushing for the belt to be kept on Cage ever since he had won it, with the reasoning being that WWE had never made him the true main event player we wanted him to be, and so it was on us to do that. Christian was having a great run as champion with fantastic matches all across the year. Jarrett had mostly been kept in his feud with Sting and other enemies of ‘Jarrett’s Army’, as even Jeff himself was realising that the crowd was tired of having him constantly in the main events as champion and some time away from the title scene would help his overness. We relented and let him have another shot at the belt here, with Christian again getting the win in fairly convincing fashion. As he celebrated, though, a familiar voice rang out through the arena.

“Great win, champ, but don’t think it’s over yet!”

Jim Cornette walked out onto the entrance ramp to a great reaction from the crowd! Christian and Jarrett both stared at him in confusion as Cornette continued.

“You see, you may have won this match against a great competitor like Jeff Jarrett, and it was certainly a great match that all these people paid to see. But there is one man that I’d like to introduce you to. A man who you have never beaten, a man who holds a belt that makes him the real world champion, a man who I pulled off this show tonight in order to make a bigger impact right here, right now. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce to you… ‘The Fallen Angel’, Christopher Daniels!”

The crowd reacts with confusion to this news, a confusion that is only increased when Daniels walks out… with the ROH World title over his shoulder! Tenay explains about Daniels winning the belt from Bryan Danielson at ROH’s last show Glory By Honor V while Don West goes nuts.

“For those of you who don’t know,” Cornette continues, “until about a month ago, I was the commissioner of a promotion called Ring of Honor. A promotion that was run out of business by guys like you! Christian Cage, as good as a wrestler as you are, you are not the true World Heavyweight Champion. Anyone who saw the match where this man won the ROH World title knows that there is no man in the wrestling industry who can beat the Fallen Angel. And as for you, Jeff Jarrett, there’s a lot of things that me and every true wrestling fan would like to say to you, but for now there’s only two words I have: turn around!”

Jarrett does so, and gets levelled by CM Punk! Punk had left WWE a few months ago after a very public blow-up with management, and so received a fairly huge reaction. Christian attacked Punk, so Daniels ran down to the ring and took out Christian with a blow from the ROH title belt! Daniels and Punk were beating down Christian and Jarrett when the locker room started to empty, with Styles, Rhino, Killings and Raven rushing the ring. They were quickly followed by Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Homicide, Low-Ki, Austin Aries, Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong, all wearing ROH shirts, who attacked the TNA guys. Everyone was brawling as the PPV went off the air.

It was an unexpected, chaotic situation that had everyone buzzing. That was exactly the atmosphere I had been hoping for. Now we needed to keep up that momentum with the next month of programming. It was time to see if we could really pull this off.

(Company information to come)

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I really like the idea behind this one....

Loved the fact that The Fallen Angel is the ROH Champ, but... bringing him into a title feud after he has lost what... four straight PPV matches just recently?? I think his record on the shows is 1-6?? That is not good...

If you could really pump him up, I would definitely be a supporter...

That is my only complaint... good luck man.

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(Thanks for the feedback - I know Daniels has lost a bunch of matches, but almost all of his losses were to Joe - it's going to be part of the storyline as to whether or not Daniels can beat Joe. I am going to try to build up all the ROH guys because they're generally not as over as the TNA guys.)

(Company info)

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)

Owner: Dixie Carter

Size: Global (5%)

Risk: 67%

Money: $5000000

Production: 90%

Advertising: 80%

Merchandising: 80%


Heels in bold, faces in italics, tweeners plain

Main Event

Christian Cage (TNA)

Sting (TNA)

Chris Jericho (TNA)

Upper Midcard

AJ Styles (TNA)

Raven (TNA)

Rhino (TNA)

Jeff Jarrett (TNA)

Abyss (TNA)

Christopher Daniels (ROH)

Samoa Joe (ROH)


Brother Devon (TNA)

Brother Ray (TNA)

Chris Sabin (TNA)

Jeff Hardy (TNA)

Ron Killings (TNA)

Sabu (TNA)

Chris Harris (TNA)

Elix Skipper (TNA)

James Storm (TNA)

Monty Brown (TNA)

Petey Williams (TNA)

Shane Helms (TNA)

Shannon Moore (TNA)

Bryan Danielson (ROH)

CM Punk (ROH)

Colt Cabana (ROH)

Homicide (ROH)

James Gibson (ROH)

Jimmy Yang (ROH)

Low-Ki (ROH)

Lower Midcard

Andy Douglas (TNA)

Chase Stevens (TNA)

Matt Bentley (TNA)

Shark Boy (TNA)

Sonjay Dutt (TNA)

Austin Aries (ROH)

Bobby Roode (TNA)

David Young (TNA)

Eric Young (TNA)

Jack Evans (ROH)

Jay Lethal (ROH)

Matt Sydal (ROH)

Roderick Strong (ROH)

Simon Diamond (TNA)

Alex Shelley (ROH)

BJ Whitmer (ROH)

Jay Briscoe (ROH)

Jimmy Jacobs (ROH)

Jimmy Rave (ROH)

Mark Briscoe (ROH)

Nigel McGuinness (ROH)

Ricky Reyes (ROH)

Rocky Romero (ROH)


Jackie Gayda (TNA) (Manages Raven)

Shane Douglas (TNA)

Traci (TNA) (Manages Matt Bentley)

Gail Kim (TNA) (Manages Jeff Jarrett & America’s Most Wanted)

Larry Zbyszko (TNA)

Scott D’Amore (TNA) (Manages Team Canada)

Allison Danger (ROH) (Manages Christopher Daniels)

James Mitchell (TNA) (Manages Abyss)

Jim Cornette (ROH) (Manages Bryan Danielson & The Briscoe Brothers)

Julius Smokes (ROH) (Manages The Rottweilers & The Havana Pitbulls)

Lacey (ROH) (Manages Lacey’s Angels)

Prince Nana (ROH) (Manages The Embassy)

Tag Teams/Stables

America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)

Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper)

Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal & Roderick Strong)

Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero)

Lacey’s Angels (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs)

Moore & Helms (Shannon Moore & Shane Helms)

Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana)

Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon)

Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Petey Williams & Eric Young)

The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

The Embassy (Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave)

The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)

The Rottweilers (Homicide & Low-Ki)

Title Belts

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage

NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

NWA World Television Champion: Alex Shelley

ROH Pure Wrestling Champion: Nigel McGuinness

ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoe Brothers

ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Christopher Daniels

TNA Hardcore Champion: Sabu

TNA X Division Champion: AJ Styles

Training Camp: Gut Check Academy

Facilities: Superb

Head Trainer: Ace Steel

Developmental Territory: NWA Tennessee

Head Booker: Jerry Jarrett

Roster: A-1, Adam Pearce, Azrieal, Bobby Dempsey, Buck Quartermain, Cassidy Riley, Chad Collyer, Claudio Castagnoli, Davey Andrews, Delirious, Deranged, Derrick Dempsey, Dunn, El Generico, HC Loc, Izzy, Jay Fury, Jerrelle Clark, Kenny King, Kevin Steen, Lance Hoyt, Lex Lovett, Machete, Marcos, Mikey Batts, Pelle Primeau, Ryan Wilson, Sal Rinauro, Shane Hagadorn, Smash Bradley, So Cal Val, Sterling James Keenan, Tony Devito, Tony Mamaluke

I studied the information critically. We still had a good amount of money, though there was no doubt my supplies were running out, and I had no idea if what we had left was going to be enough to take on Vince if we didn't turn a profit quickly. The nature of the angle I wanted to run played havoc with the roster, as most of our heels became tweeners in order to maximise the potential TNA vs. ROH matches. We were going to have to take some time to introduce the ROH teams and factions, but we were otherwise more or less trusting to luck there that people would either know who they were already or quickly accept them. We also now had way too many title belts, another oversight that could change things for the worse. Fortunately, we now not only had Impact running successfully at primetime on Thursdays, but Xplosion had been moved up to Impact's old slot late night on Saturdays, also on SpikeTV. Spike were putting a lot of faith in us, and we couldn't afford to let them down. The next month of television could make or break this entire angle, and perhaps the company as a whole...

(Next: Impact)

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iMPACT! (November 2nd, 2006)

“From Universal Studios, this is TNA iMPACT!” Pyro goes off to open the show, while Mike Tenay and Don West talk excitedly about how tonight we’re going to see the fallout from Bound For Glory. They discuss ROH invading the main event and tonight’s scheduled main event leading from that of Christian Cage & Jeff Jarrett vs. Christopher Daniels & CM Punk when the music of the Fallen Angel hits!

Daniels makes his way out to the ring, Jim Cornette and now Allison Danger at his side and the ROH World Championship around his waist. As he enters the ring to a mixed reaction, other members of the ROH faction start to appear on the entrance ramp, some already well established in TNA, others unfamiliar; noticeably absent are Samoa Joe and CM Punk. All of them are wearing ROH shirts to clearly mark them out as representing the other side. Cornette demands and receives a microphone.

“As the commissioner of Ring of Honor, allow me to introduce to you the new ROH World Champion, the ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels!” Cornette hands the mic to Daniels, who collects his thoughts for a second before beginning.

“I guess I have some explaining to do. Ever since what happened on Sunday, people have been asking me, ‘Why Chris? Why did you turn down your best chance yet to win the X Division Championship that you deserved so long ago? Why did you turn your back on TNA?’ Well, I’m here to tell you people that I didn’t turn my back on TNA. TNA turned its back on me. You see, let me tell you a little story.

“A couple of years ago, I was working for both TNA and ROH when I got a call from TNA management. They told me that due to circumstances outside their control, I could no longer wrestle for Ring of Honor.” Those among the crowd who realise what he’s talking about start to murmur. “I was told that I had to make a decision, either to wrestle for ROH or to wrestle for TNA. And it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, because I knew that no matter what I chose, I was going to be leaving something that I cared about, that I believed in. I believed in ROH, in its values and in what it represented. But I had to do what was right for my family, and for myself. I believed TNA was the only company in wrestling that could really make it to the top of the wrestling business. So I made my decision, and I walked away from ROH.

“I called up the ROH offices, and told them I was leaving. They offered me a lot to stay with them, but I stuck with TNA. And at first, I couldn’t fault my decision. I mean, look at what I’ve accomplished since then. Three-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, one of the participants in the best match of 2004, and most importantly at all, I was X Division Champion of the world for 7 months. That was the longest reign on record until Joe broke it. I was so successful, and no one could stand in my way. But despite all that, I noticed one important thing: whenever the time came to determine the number one contender for the NWA World Championship, the man who always got passed over was the Fallen Angel.

“Understand that in ROH before I left, I had gotten world title shots. I may have lost, but at least I got that opportunity. Twice I wrestled for sixty minutes, against opponents I knew I could beat, and twice I failed to win that belt, despite never losing. In TNA, I could have been the World champion. But in all the time I’ve been here, despite everything I’ve accomplished, it’s never been good enough for TNA management to give me that opportunity.

“And then another thing happened. TNA finally relented and allowed me to return to ROH. And you know what? In spite of everything that had happened, the ROH fans still welcomed me as a returning hero. I was given the chance to earn title shots again. Since the very beginning of ROH, I had been saying that I was going to be the ROH Champion. It took until the very last show, but I achieved my destiny. I am the ROH World Champion, and now, I’ve got something to prove. To everyone in TNA who thought I couldn’t be world champion, I stand before you and say that Christopher Daniels is the greatest wrestler in the world. That this belt around my waist in the most important belt in the world. More important than the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, more important than the WWE Championship, this is the belt that tells people that the guy who holds it can outwrestle anyone in the world. TNA, you had better listen up. ROH is coming into this company to take over. You ran our company out of business. You’ve been trying for years, and now you’ve finally done it. And you know what? We’re going to return the favour. Christian Cage, I want a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! If you’ve got any guts, if you really believe your belt is superior, then prove it the old-fashioned way, in the ring. ROH is taking over TNA… and that’s not the truth and that’s not a fact… that’s GOSPEL!”

Daniels waits for a response from TNA. But instead, the next theme to hit is that of Samoa Joe! Joe heads through the crowd of ROH wrestlers surrounding the ring and enters, staring Daniels down before receiving the microphone from Commissioner Cornette.

“Christopher Daniels,” Joe says, casually. “New ROH World Champion. I’m sure you know, Chris, exactly what that belt means to me. I made that belt what it is more than anyone else. I was the ROH World Champion for 21 months. That was 21 months of my life that I put into that belt, defending it against all comers. And by all comers, I do mean everyone… including you, Chris. Remember that? You remember Glory By Honor II, don’t you? I remember. I remember pinning your shoulders to the mat. I remember how close you came, how you hit me with the Angel’s Wings and the near fall was so close that everyone in the arena thought you had beaten me. But you didn’t beat me. I remember how ever since I won the TNA X Division Title, you’ve been trying to take it from me. For all ten months I was champion, you challenged me again and again. You almost beat me at Slammiversary, I’ll admit, but the clock ran out on you, Daniels. You still have never beaten me.

“So what I’m saying is, you want to come out here and talk about being the ROH World Champion? That belt always has, and always will, belong to me. Just winning a belt does not a great champion make. Holding a belt, defending a belt is what makes you worthy of calling yourself a champion. You may have won that belt, but you still have yet to defend it. And you and me both know that if I got a shot at that title belt, you wouldn’t be champion much longer. So if you really want to call yourself a champion, you’ll put it on the line in a match against me.”

“Not so fast, Joe!” American Dragon Bryan Danielson rolls into the ring with his own microphone. “You may want a title shot, and I understand that, but you need to understand this. I have been the ROH World Champion for the past year. Daniels, I’ll admit that last month, you were the better man, but that was just one win. I know I can win that belt back if I get the chance. After my title run, I think the least I deserve is a rematch, right? What do you say, champ?” Daniels goes to respond, but is interrupted again, this time by CM Punk!

Punk makes his way towards the ring as his music plays, a microphone already in his hands. “Hold on, Danielson. Say what you like about your title reign, but I think we all know that the only reason you held the title as long as you did was because you never had to beat me. And as for you, Daniels, you know our history. I’ve never liked you, and you’ll never like me. You remember what happened when you challenged me for that belt, don’t you? You were just talking about it. You tried so hard, but in the end, I outsmarted you Daniels. The clock ran out on you as it has so many times. Now I’m willing to put that aside for tonight’s tag match, but if anyone should get a shot at that ROH World Title, it should be me!” The fans pop for each of these different match possibilities, but Cornette interrupts.

“Guys, relax. Understand that if we’re going to be fighting TNA, we’ve got to stay united. So I’m putting a freeze on anyone receiving World title shots for the time being. We don’t even have ROH shows to defend the title on. You’ll all get the title shots as you want them, later on down the line, but for right now, we are going to focus on TNA. Everyone understand?” Joe and Danielson don’t look happy, but they nod.

Cornette goes to continue, but a voice interrupts him. “Haven’t you said quite enough by now?” It’s Larry Zbyszko! (Segment Rating: 77%)

Larry Zbyszko appears on the Impactron, in the TNA Director of Authourity's office. “I think all of these fans will agree with me when I say that we’re sick of seeing some jumped-up two-bit indy promotion taking up TV time in the greatest wrestling promotion going today!” That receives a decent enough pop. “So I will tell you right now, everyone in that ring wearing those ROH shirts, I don’t expect to see you in any matches, and as a matter of fact, I don’t expect to see you, period! Even the guys who work for TNA, you can consider yourselves suspended. Don’t think I don’t know that your plan relied on some of your guys taking our title belts, Cornette. Well, Joe failed to win the X Division title like you planned, so I don’t want to hear it. You can get out of that ring as soon as I’m done, and then leave this show to the professionals.

“And Daniels, as for your request for a NWA World Title shot? Well, lucky for you, I’ve decided how we’re going to determine a number one contender for Genesis, using three guys who won their matches at Bound For Glory and so have earned the shot. But – oh, I almost forgot, Daniels! Not only did you not win your match at Bound For Glory, you didn’t even show up for it! So tonight, we’re going to have a triple threat match between Abyss, Chris Jericho, and the X Division Champion AJ Styles. And the winner of that match will go on to face Christian Cage at Genesis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. But as for you, Daniels, you’ve done nothing but disgraced yourself and this company. Don’t expect a title shot for a long, long time. Maybe you can worry about defending the belt you’ve already got, but how you do that and who against I really don’t care about, so how about getting the hell out of our ring and deciding for yourself!” The ROH guys are angrily escorted away by security as we go to commercial. (Segment Rating: 73%)

Chris Sabin vs. ‘Primetime’ Elix Skipper

‘Just say it! Say my name! Primetime, baby!’ Elix Skipper heads to the ring with fellow Diamonds in the Rough David Young and Simon Diamond. Chris Sabin gets a decent pop for his entrance and he quickly locks up with Skipper. They wrestle a typical X Division match that almost comes to an abrupt end when Simon gets on the apron to interfere, but Sabin kicks him off while giving Skipper a Tornado DDT! The Cradle Shock quickly finishes after that. Sabin barely gets up to celebrate, however, when he turns into a chair shot from Alex Shelley! The NWA Television Champion chases Skipper from the ring and produces a microphone.

“You don’t want to see me on your TV, huh, Zbyszko?” he yells, before pausing to stomp Sabin down. “You can’t keep me off TV, I’m the TV Champion! That’s one belt you forgot about, isn’t it? And as for you, ‘Uncle Jeff’, I hung around with you for as long as I can stand it. But now I’m back where I belong, in ROH, and back where the money is – with the Embassy!”

Prince Nana and Jimmy Rave head to the ring and help Shelley beat down Sabin. To add insult to injury, Rave drops Sabin with a Rave Clash and leaves him laying in the ring before getting chased off by security.

Winner: Chris Sabin (Segment Rating: 74%)

‘My World’ hits, leading Jeff Jarrett to the ring. Accompanied as ever by Gail Kim and his acoustic equaliser, his expression is serious as he enters the ring and takes the microphone.

“On Sunday night, I challenged Christian Cage for the NWA World Championship, and lost. Tonight, I have to team with him against these ROH invaders. I’m asking you, Cage, come to this ring right now cause I got something to say to your face. Come on, Christian. Get out here.”

It doesn’t take long for Christian to answer him, the NWA World Title draped across his shoulder. He looks somewhat confused as Jarrett continues. “See, Christian, it’s been a long time now since you took that NWA World Title from me. And I’ve been desperate to get it back ever since then. I challenged you again at Lockdown inside a solid steel cage, and you beat me. I had another chance in the King of the Mountain Match, my signature match, and you got the best of me again. But while I was doing that, you were going out there and defending that belt in the main event of every show. You were proving yourself, Christian. I know you never got a chance to do that in some of the other companies you’ve worked for, but you got that shot here, and you made the most of it.

“Since then, I’ve been less determined to get that belt back. Because as much as I want to be World champion, there’s no questioning your talent. At Bound For Glory, I promised you there would be no interference, no weapons, no cheating. I gave you that. I wanted to prove that I could beat you, Christian, clean in the middle of the ring, and I didn’t want there to be any excuses. Instead, you won again. Christian, whether I like it or not, I have to admit that you are TNA through and through. And those ROH guys, they ruined one of the best PPV events this company has seen in a long time. So Cage, I’m willing to be your partner tonight. Eventually I’ll get my next shot at that belt, and then, I promise you, it’ll be a different story.”

Christian seems hesitant to accept Jarrett’s words. “Jeff, you know we’ve been enemies since I first came to TNA,” he answers, clearly trying to gauge the crowd’s feelings. “But back then, you called me a nothing more than a midcard comedy act. I’ve been trying to prove a lot of people wrong, including you. What you gave me wasn’t exactly an apology, so I’m not going to accept it. But I will put our issues aside for now, to team up against ROH. Are you with me?”

“I’m with you. You’re the NWA World Champion, you should be leading our charge.”

“OK, then listen up ROH! You want to come into our arena and ruin our PPV main event? Well, tonight we’re going to show you what happens when you start something you can’t finish. Chris Daniels wants to challenge me? The ‘Fallen Angel’ has obviously fallen a hell of a long way if he’s going around calling an indy belt bigger than the most prestigious title in wrestling history! I am the NWA World Champion, and I will show anyone who wants to challenge for this belt that I am the best wrestler in the world today… because that’s… how I roll!” (Segment Rating: 89%)

Monty Brown vs. Shark Boy

No prizes for guessing who wins this one. Sharky still has a lot of Fin Fans in the crowd who do their best to get behind him, but he falls to the POOOOOOOOUNCE~! within a minute or so. Afterwards, it’s Monty’s turn to get on the mic.

“Another win for the Alpha Male! Are you not… entertained? You should be. Everyone going around here talking about World Titles all the time, and I’m sick of it! I’ve been in TNA for over two years, and you know what I have to show for it? Nothing. I should be World Champion now, but every time the Alpha Male gets close to bringing that title back to the Serengeti where it belongs, someone manages to pull the rug out from under me. I’m not going to put up with it any more. Christian Cage, you’ve been ducking the Alpha Male for too long. You may have beaten me once, but I promise you, the next time I get a title shot, all you’re going to feel is the POOOOOOOOOOOUNCE-uh… period!”

Winner: Monty Brown (Segment Rating: 61%)

Backstage, Shane Douglas is standing by with Raven and Jackie Gayda. “This has certainly been a wild show so far, what do you think about the controversial turn of events that took place at Bound For Glory?” Douglas asks him.

“Only one thing happened at Bound For Glory that concerns me, Shane, and that’s the fact that I lost to Chris Jericho. Understand that ever since returning to TNA, I’ve been on a mission. A quest to destroy the cancer that has taken root in this company from the bottom up. I have been defeating opponents left and right in this mission, but Jericho was not one of them. He simply wanted to provoke me into letting my guard down, and I allowed him to do so. For this, I cannot forgive myself. But what Jericho didn’t realise was that my mission is far from over.

“I will not be satisfied until I have received and won the two matches Larry Zbyszko doesn’t want to give me: a match against Jeff Jarrett, and a NWA World Title match. Until I have had my revenge on Jarrett, and until I wear that title around my waist, I cannot rest. Fortunately for me, however, I now have something TNA needs; information. I’ve been in ROH. I’ve wrestled a lot of their guys. I know their strengths and their weaknesses. And if TNA wants to stand a chance of taking on ROH, they need my help. I’ll give it to them, of course – but only if they give me what I want. And that means that soon, I will be the NWA World Champion once again… quoth the Raven, nevermore.” (Segment Rating: 87%)

Team 3-D vs. Shannon Moore & Shane Helms

The cocky duo of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms make their way to the ring to the boos of the crowd. Their opponents were Team 3-D, who are still able to get the fans to cheer just by turning up. Their tag title run really helped them a lot. Team 3-D quickly dominated their smaller opponents with power offence until Moore used a distraction to allow Helms to hang Devon over the ropes. Moore & Helms continued to work over Devon with cheating as they followed standard tag formula for a bit.

Sure enough, Brother Ray soon got the hot tag and starting clearing house on Moore and Helms with clotheslines, backdrops and big elbows. Helms fought back, surprising Ray with a step-up enzuigiri that knocked him out of the ring, setting up for a big corkscrew plancha from Moore that brought the crowd to their feet. Devon was fighting back in the ring, knocking down Helms with a spinning back elbow and setting up for the Saving Grace, but Moore broke that up. Ray tried to get back into the ring to help his half-brother, but was blindsided by Homicide & Low-Ki while the referee’s back was turned! The Countdown finished Devon in the ring. As Moore & Helms left celebrating, Homicide & Ki continued to assault Team 3-D along with Julius Smokes of the Rottweilers before being chased off by security.

Winners: Shannon Moore & Shane Helms (Segment Rating: 73%)

Backstage, Shane Douglas was standing by with Father James Mitchell and the monster Abyss. “Tonight, James Mitchell, your charge Abyss has the chance to earn a World title shot at Genesis against Christian Cage. You’ve got to believe this is a huge opportunity.”

“It is a huge opportunity, Shane Douglas, and one that Abyss fully intends to exploit. AJ Styles may be phenomenal, and we all know about Chris Jericho’s accomplishments, but can either of them stand toe to toe with a 6’ 8”, 350lb monster? Why don’t you ask Sting that question? He thought he could, clinging as he was to the scraps of what remains of his career and reputation in the hopes that they would save him. But they didn’t. Abyss left him in a bloody heap in the middle of the ring, after pinning him 1-2-3. Not even a legend like Sting could hope to stand against the power of Abyss. AJ Styles and Chris Jericho will simply be the next victims in Abyss’ path to the prize he deserves more than anyone else in this promotion: the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. A lot of guys are talking about doing that. Well, the talking is over with. Now sit back and watch as Abyss turns words into actions.” Abyss growls at the camera as we cut back to the ring… (Segment Rating: 73%)

#1 Contender’s Match: AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho vs. Abyss

Styles and Jericho were already waiting in the ring by the time Abyss’ pyro went off and he made his way to this match, accompanied by James Mitchell. As soon as the bell rang, however, Jericho and Styles acted on an unspoken agreement, both going straight after the monster and beating him down with kicks and forearms. Abyss fights them both off, but is sent flying out of the ring by a double dropkick. Jericho offers to let Styles have the first dive, but of course suckered him in, drop toe holding him and throwing him out with Abyss before hitting a diving somersault senton of his own. Jericho rammed Abyss into a few things on the outside before rolling AJ back in the ring to work over with some mat work. AJ soon fought back though, taking Jericho down with a springboard clothesline before getting a hard lariat from Abyss.

Abyss went to work on AJ with the big power offence, hitting a big flapjack and a body press drop. Jericho nailed Abyss with a springboard dropkick, only to get stunned with a Pele kick from AJ. Styles puts Jericho in the Muta Lock, but Abyss breaks it up. Abyss lifts up AJ to hit the Shock Treatment, but AJ fights out and hits a neckbreaker. AJ hauls Abyss up for a huge Styles Clash, and gets it, but Jericho recovers and dropkicks Styles in the face to break the count. Jericho then Lionsaults Abyss and pins him to win.

After the match, the lights go out… and when they come back on, Sting is in the ring! Abyss tries to run, but Sting lays him out with a shot from his baseball bat and stands over him victoriously before chasing James Mitchell to the back.

Winner: Chris Jericho (Segment Rating: 77%)

Christian Cage & Jeff Jarrett vs. Christopher Daniels & CM Punk

The ROH wrestlers enter first, accompanied by Jim Cornette… in a referee’s shirt! Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Cage and Jarrett enter separately, both obviously upset at this turn of events, but Borash announces Cornette as the special guest referee for this match. Cornette is clearly biased in favour of Daniels and Punk, allowing them to enter and leave the ring at will while obstructing or even just flat out ignoring tags between Jarrett and Cage. Cage gets to play Ricky Morton for a bit, as Daniels and Punk work him over in suitable heel fashion in order to really get the crowd against them. Punk excels here, as always, hurling insults at opponents and fans alike (although we did take the time before the match to convince him to stick to ones that wouldn’t get censored). Daniels does more than his share of the work, getting near falls off a Blue Thunder Bomb and a Death Valley Driver. Punk almost gets three with a Pepsi Twist, but again the champion is able to kick out.

Finally, Cage makes the hot tag to Jarrett (although it’s more lukewarm, as the crowd still aren’t thrilled with the prospect of cheering him) and he goes to work on both Punk and Daniels. Cornette does his best to stop him, but Jarrett quickly clears the ring and helps Cage up, only to be blindsided by Daniels and hit with the Angel’s Wings. Cage breaks up the count and drops the Fallen Angel with a reverse DDT. Punk gets back in and sets up for the Welcome to Chicago, but Christian counters into an Unprettier attempt, only for Punk to reverse that and nail a jumping leg lariat. Punk goes to lock in the Anaconda Vice, but Christian rolls out and drops Punk with a gutbuster. Christian pulls Punk to the ropes for a reverse tornado DDT, but Samoa Joe comes out of nowhere and kicks Christian on the top rope! Cornette, of course, ignores this, allowing Punk to climb up and nail the Pepsi Plunge. Pinfall, but Jarrett breaks up the count. He hits the Stroke on Punk, but Daniels breaks that count and sends Jarrett out of the ring. One BME later, and Christopher Daniels holds a pinfall over the NWA World Champion!

Joe re-enters the ring, helping to beat down Cage and Jarrett, until AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Rhino head to the ring to make the save. They clear the ring and help Cage and Jarrett up until…

Winners: Christopher Daniels & CM Punk (Segment Rating: 81%)

On the Totalnonstopatron, Julius Smokes’ face appears! The camera pans out to show all of the Rottweilers standing outside a door labelled ‘TNA Director of Authority’. Smokes laughs and says, “This show’s all about making an Impact, right? And ol’ Larry Z, he says he’s not gonna let ROH guys on the show? Well why don’t we go and see if we can change his mind?”

The Rottweilers laugh and head into the office as the screen fades to black… (Segment Rating: 71%)

Overall Show Rating: 73%

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Xplosion (November 4th, 2006)

The show opens on the shot of a limousine pulling into the parking lot of Universal Studios. The door opens to reveal the ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels, along with Jim Cornette and Allison Danger. He walks straight to the camera and says, “Allow me to make things perfectly clear. On Impact, Larry Zbyszko tried to stop Ring of Honor from appearing on the show. And we showed him exactly what happens, what’s going to continue happening, when you mess with us. Larry Zbyszko, you don’t understand that we have nothing to lose. We will do whatever it takes to make our presence felt here in TNA. You killed our company, and we will have our revenge. You want to know why? Because there’s nothing you can do to stop us. We are the very people you depend on. We are the men who TNA management used to build your company to the level it has reached. Without us, TNA would be nothing more than Jeff Jarrett’s little playground that no one had ever heard of. And because while you can grandstand about firing us, you can’t afford to lose performers as talented as we are. You can’t risk the Fallen Angel showing up on Raw and telling the world what kind of place TNA is.

“So allow me to offer some friendly advice to TNA management. Let us on the shows. You can’t stop us. All you can do, if you truly aren’t scared of us as you claim, is come on out and fight us. We’re ready for you, TNA. And just as soon as you have the guts to give me what I so richly deserve, a shot at the NWA World Title, then the gospel will be completed. When I hold that title over my head and the world knows that the greatest wrestler alive is the Fallen Angel, that’s when TNA will have no choice but to concede defeat to ROH. Tonight is the first step. With no Director of Authority to call the shots, the path is open for ROH to take over the show. Prepare to see some of the very best wrestlers in the world compete with the code, work ethic, and spirit of ROH. And if TNA doesn’t let us in after tonight, then we’ll take over the next week, and the week after that. We’ll take over Impact, we’ll take over the PPVs, we’ll take over everything until TNA gives us what’s rightfully ours. And that’s not the truth and that’s not a fact… that’s… gospel.” (Rating: 91%)

NWA World Television Title: Alex Shelley © w/ Prince Nana vs. Matt Sydal

Xplosion opens with new commentators Jimmy Bauer and Jim Cornette hyping ROH’s takeover of the show, and saying only ROH wrestlers will appear in ROH sanctioned matched. It’s therefore somewhat ironic that the opening contest is for a NWA sanctioned title, although Cornette claims on commentary that as ROH holds the title, they can sanction defences. Questions over the validity of the match aside, Alex Shelley is accompanied by Prince Nana as he re-establishes his link with the Embassy, and he quickly takes control in the early going. Shelley uses some of his great technical skills and even busts out an It Came From Japan for a close two count. The crowd are clearly enjoying the wrestling action, though they’re still going to need to get to know guys like Matt Sydal before we get the reactions we’re looking for. Sydal fights back with a big spinning heel kick and a standing moonsault, and gets a near fall off an inverted legdrop bulldog. Sensing danger, Prince Nana gets up on the apron and distracts the referee, allowing Jimmy Rave to run in and hit Sydal with the Rave Clash! The ref turns back to see Sydal locked in the Border City Stretch, gaining Shelley the submission victory.

Winner and still NWA World Television Champion: Alex Shelley (Rating: 65%)

ROH Tag Team Championships: The Briscoe Brothers © vs. Generation Next (Evans & Strong)

The first ROH title match on TNA television sees the Briscoes defending against Jack Evans and Roderick Strong of Generation Next. The Briscoes had been extremely dominant since winning the titles back a couple of months after returning to ROH, and showed no signs of losing that momentum here. Evans and Mark started, exchanging high-flying moves and really increasing the pace. Evans amazed the crowd with his Ode to Blitzkrieg, which could have ended the match right there if Jay hadn’t broken the count. Strong unleashed the backbreakers on Mark but couldn’t keep him down for the count, so Gen Next started using some of their double team offence, including Strong suplexing Evans into a 450 splash for a two count. Mark finally managed to fight back and tag in Jay, who cleaned house and almost scored the three with the Crucible on Evans, only for the count to be broken. Roderick tried the half nelson backbreaker but was countered into the J-Driller for the three count!

Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoe Brothers (Rating: 66%)

ROH Pure Championship: Nigel McGuinness © vs. Jay Lethal

The third title match of the night is the defence of the Pure title by Nigel McGuinness against Jay Lethal. I wasn’t entirely certain about having so many title matches on Xplosion (which, although it had gained a lot of exposure since heading to SpikeTV, was still definitely a B-show) but the titles needed TV time and we didn’t have the time on Impact. Nigel started showing off his European style early, taking down Lethal with a European uppercut and working over the arm with his trademark moves. Lethal countered wherever he could, as both men used plenty of submissions and really got the Pure rules over as well as possible to an audience who might not have seen them before. Nigel managed to goad Jay into throwing closed fists, costing him a ropebreak, and then gradually worked away the remaining two with painful arm submissions. Lethal almost had the three after hitting the Lethal Injection, but Nigel used another ropebreak to get out of the pin. Lethal tried to press the advantage by going up top, but got caught up there and dropped with the Tower of London, and Nigel pinned him with his feet on the ropes to retain.

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Nigel McGuinness (Rating: 71%)

The music of the Rottweilers hit, and Homicide, Low-Ki, the Pitbulls and Julius Smokes made their way to the ring. Bauer and Cornette are raving about what they did to Larry Zbyszko on Impact, with Cornette calling it a victory for ROH while Bauer says they went to far in his usual wussy way. Homicide takes the mic. “Allow me to welcome everybody to ROH’s house! And in Ring of Honor the Rottweilers call the shots. Just ask Zbyszko. He was stupid enough to get on the wrong side of us, and he found out the hard way that you don’t ever disrespect the Rottweilers! Now don’t worry, we didn’t rough up your punk-ass Director of Authority too bad, just gave him a warning. But you better hope he’s learned his lesson because if he don’t change his mind about ROH soon, then he’s really gonna be DOA! He don’t wanna know why they call me the Notorious 187. If TNA wants to cross the Rottweilers, they better have one hell of a backup, ‘cause -”

And he gets interrupted by Team 3-D, who jump them from behind! Brother Ray and Brother Devon cleared the ring quickly to the cheers of the crowd. Homicide and Low-Ki got up again, the bell rings, and we have an impromptu match! (Rating: 72%)

Team 3-D vs. The Rottweilers

Brother Devon and Low-Ki start, exchanging punches and hard chops with Ki gaining the advantage due to his sheer power and hard-hitting offence. The size of Team 3-D contrasts heavily with the intensity of the Rottweilers, and they start to work over Brother Devon in their corner. This doesn’t go on for too long before Devon fights back and gets the lukewarm tag to Brother Ray, who takes on both Rottweilers using his size advantage to good effect with big flapjacks and back body drops. Team 3-D regain control and look to finish things with the 3D on Homicide, but Ki distracts the ref while the Second City Saints of CM Punk and Colt Cabana drag Devon out of the ring! Ray tries to help his partner, but gets jumped by Homicide and nailed with the Cop Killer for the win. After the match, the Rottweilers and the Saints lay waste to Team 3-D as the crowd boos.

Winners: The Rottweilers (Rating: 75%)

Overall Show Rating: 73%

News and Notes (from www.tnawrestling.com):

- AJ Styles suffered a minor leg injury during his match with Chris Jericho and Abyss, most likely straining it while lifting Abyss up for the Styles Clash. His condition will be updated on Impact, but he is not expected to miss any in-ring time.

- ‘Captain Charisma – The Best of Christian Cage’ DVD is selling extremely well, as Christian’s popularity seems to be at an all time high. Also doing well on the merchandise side of the company are our Ron Killings and Chris Jericho T-shirts.

- Impact Preview (for Thursday, 9th November):

- AJ Styles, Raven & Rhino will take on ROH represented by Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels in six man tag action

- Sting will announce his intentions regarding ‘The Monster’ Abyss

- Team 3-D will attempt to get revenge from Xplosion when they take on the Second City Saints

- Chris Jericho will address the fans regarding his NWA World Title shot at Genesis

- Larry Zbyszko will make a ruling on the ROH situation

- Alex Shelley defends his NWA World Television title in a triple threat match against

Matt Bentley and Team Canada’s Eric Young

- More matches for TNA Genesis will be announced!

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iMPACT! (November 9th, 2006)

Impact opens with the music of Chris Jericho playing, as the Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rolla himself makes his way to the ring. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Impact is Jericho!” he declares, as the crowd gives him a hearty booing/massive ‘Y2J’ chant. You just can’t help the fact that people love Jericho. “And folks, you are feasting your eyes on the sexy beast who is the number one contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. At Genesis, I will have one of the biggest matches of my entire career as I get a second chance to win the one championship that has eluded me all these years, the NWA title. I’d like you people to just think about what that means to me. You see, when I beat Christian Cage at Genesis, I will become only the second man to have held the WCW, WWE and NWA titles. That, more than anything I’ve done in this business, will cement me once and for all as not just the king of the world and the rock god that you all know me to be, but it will prove once and for all that I am a larger-than-life living legend!

“Christian may have beaten me a couple of months back, but he just got lucky. Everyone watching that match knew that I was robbed of the belt. Now I have the chance to get even. And Christian, understand that despite all our history, it’s nothing personal. I don’t care about beating you. I don’t feel I have anything to prove by beating you. All I want is what you have, and that’s the NWA title belt. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me taking it from you.”

That brings out Cage, NWA championship belt over his shoulder! “You know what I think, Jericho? I think this is personal. I remember when you and I were the tag team champions of the world. Back then, you always insisted to anyone who would listen that you were the real star of the team. You’d go on about how you’d been world champion and I hadn’t. Well, I got sick and tired of being in your shadow, even after I kicked your ass at Wrestlemania 20, I kicked your ass at No Surrender, and I’m going to kick your ass again at Genesis! Because right now, the tables are turned. Now I’m the one wearing the championship and you’re just the stupid, whiny bitch!”

“Good God, Christian, would you please shut – the hell – up?” Jericho is clearly thrown off balance by Cage’s words. “I don’t think there was ever any question that in our team, I was the star and you were just the supporting player. You’re running around all worried about a bunch of ROH guys and about Chris Daniels when you should be worried about me! So hit the bricks, Junior, or I’m going to have to come down that aisle and beat some sense back into you so you realise who the real living legend is!”

Christian thinks for a second – and then charges into the ring, attacking Jericho! The two men brawl for a bit with neither getting a clear advantage before security breaks them up. (Rating: 87%)

NWA World Television Title: Alex Shelley © vs. Eric Young vs. Matt Bentley

Our opening contest for Impact is for the NWA World TV Title. It’s so funny whenever Matt Bentley and Traci come out and Bentley seems to think the crowd is actually cheering for him. Anyway, Young and Bentley start out while Shelley rolls to the outside for a bit, supposedly consulting match strategy with Nana. That ends when Bentley dives onto them. Eric Young then planchas out onto everyone and actually gains control in the match for possibly the first time in his career. Young goes for the Youngblood Neckbreaker on Bentley, but counters out and nails a superkick, only for Shelley to break the count. Shelley throws Bentley out of the ring and pins Young, but he kicks out. Shelley sets up for the Shellshock, but Traci gets up on the apron to distract him, only for Prince Nana to pull her down! They argue, distracting Shelley long enough for Bentley to knock him down. But then Bentley makes the same mistake of watching Traci and Nana instead of his opponents, allowing Shelley to roll him up for the quick victory!

Winner and still NWA World Television Champion: Alex Shelley (Rating: 64%)

As Alex Shelley celebrated in the ring, Chris Sabin appeared on the stage with a microphone! “You want to attack me from behind, Alex? You want to turn your back on this company and join up with ROH, and take one of our title belts with you? Well, I’m not going to let that happen. I’m challenging you to a match at Genesis, for that NWA World Television title! What do you say, champ?”

Shelley considers for a few moments before responding, “You’re on!” with a huge grin on his face. Sabin looks puzzled, and turns – right into a chair shot from Jimmy Rave! The Embassy beat down Sabin and leave laughing. (Rating: 59%)

BJ Whitmer vs. Sabu

The TNA Hardcore champion Sabu makes his way to the ring for this non-title match. His opponent, BJ Whitmer, is accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey. I have to admit that storyline wise, it didn’t make a hell of a lot of sense for these three to be brought back together, but we wanted more ROH tag teams and we wanted to do something with Lacey, so Lacey’s Angels now ride again. Or something. Sabu took control quickly with some high-flying moves, but these two didn’t really mesh very well, and a couple of blown spots brought the crowd out of it. Whitmer fought back with suplexes, but sabu dropped him with a spinning heel kick and brought a chair into the ring, hitting the triple jump moonsault! Rolling straight back to his feet instead of going for the pin, however, Sabu turned straight into a POUNCE from Monty Brown! The ref called for the bell as Brown hauled up Sabu and hit the Alpha Bomb before leaving.

Winner (via DQ): Sabu (Rating: 66%)

Backstage, Shane Douglas was with Shannon Moore and Shane Helms. “Last week you two scored a big victory over the former NWA Tag Team champions, Team 3-D, with some assistance from the Rottweilers. A lot of people are talking, saying maybe you guys have defected to ROH because they helped you win your match. What do you guys have to say to that?”

“We don’t have anything to do with ROH,” Helms answers, taking the mic. “We didn’t ask for their interference, it’s got nothing to do with us. All that matters is what you said, that we beat Team 3-D. And as far as we’re concerned, that means we’re next in line for a shot at those NWA World Tag Titles held by America’s Most Wanted.” He passes the mic to Shannon Moore.

“Ever since I brought Shane into TNA, we’ve been running through the tag division, winning a bunch of matches. But we haven’t been given the title shot we deserve yet. Last week was proof of that. That’s why we’re demanding TNA grants us a tag title shot. We’ve earned it, and we’re going to -”

And AMW jump him from behind! Chris Harris and James Storm beat down Moore & Helms and put the boots to them as security arrives to separate them. (Rating: 65%)

James Gibson vs. Ron Killings

Killings goes straight on the offensive here with a side crescent kick and a flying forearm as the announcers put this match over as a TNA vs. ROH battle. Gibson fights back with a painful looking neckbreaker and we enter the heat portion of this match. Gibson wears down Killings with various restholds focusing on the neck, as Tenay theorises that he’s building up to his front guillotine choke. That’s why they call him the Professor. Gibson rallies the crowd with a somersault plancha out on the floor before heading into some ringside brawling. Back inside with headlockery, as Killings starts to regain the advantage. Killings knocks Gibson back with hard elbows and manages to hit the Truth Conviction, but Gibson gets a foot on the ropes. Both men are down, with Gibson up first, and we have a forearm slugfest. The Truth gets the best of it and suplexes Gibson before going up top, missing a 450 splash. Gibson finally hits Paydirt, but Killings fights out of the hold, allowing him to nail the axe kick for the three.

Winner: Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings (Rating: 77%)

Shane Douglas is standing by with the ‘King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett. “Jeff, a lot of the fans have been somewhat surprised by your attitude to the recent Ring of Honor invasion. What are your thoughts on the current situation?”

“Shane Douglas, you know just as well as anyone that TNA is my world. I built this company from the ground up; I’ve been here since day one. I have held the NWA World title more times than anyone since TNA started. And if you think I’m going to stand by and let it happen, you’re dead wrong. This is a huge threat to the company that I have put so much of my life into. There are plenty of guys in TNA who I don’t get along with, but I’m willing to put aside those differences in order to protect TNA. And I’ve been going to Larry Zbyszko and asking him what he’s going to do about ROH. Even TNA management, the guys who have been trying to get rid of me for the better part of a year, even they have to admit that I’m one of this company’s best chances of getting rid of these ROH invaders. Larry promised me that he’s going to do something about it tonight. That’s all I’m waiting for, that’s the only reason I’m here tonight, and I hope ROH finds out that you can’t just step into my world without dealing with the King of the Mountain.” (Rating: 83%)

Second City Saints vs. Team 3-D

CM Punk and Colt Cabana, finally reformed as the Second City Saints, certainly make an odd sight as they head to the ring, as they’re back to their ‘odd couple’ deal, although since Cabana’s supposed to be a heel we’re advising him to try to be more annoying than funny. This, of course, he has absolutely no problem with, drawing the ire of a group of fans before the match even starts by making fun of them and being damn funny while he’s at it. Of course, Punk doesn’t lay off the fans either. It’s not long before Team 3-D make their way to the ring, and they don’t wait for the bell, going straight after the Saints as the match quickly degenerates into a brawl. They fight around the ringside area for a bit as the ref comes close to throwing the match out a couple of times. After a few minutes Team 3-D get Punk in the ring alone and take him out with a 3D, but Cabana breaks it up. It’s not long before the Rottweilers appear on the entrance ramp, and as Brother Devon brawls with Cabana, Brother Ray goes to fight them too. This allows Punk to low blow Devon, and Cabana finishes with the Colt 45 while Ray is distracted with the Rottweilers on the outside.

Afterwards, Brother Ray grabs a mic and yells, “Homicide! Low-Ki! You guys think you’re a couple of tough guys? You want to make a name for yourselves on the greatest tag team in history? Well, you can step right up! We’re challenging you to face us at Genesis, and I promise you, we are going to show you why you don’t mess with Team 3-D!”

He hands the microphone to Devon, who adds a helpful, “Oh my brother, TESTIFY!”

Winners: Second City Saints (Rating: 82%)

After the commercial break, Sting’s music hits and he heads towards the ring to a big reaction. “You guys all know that a few months back, Abyss put me out of action. But he couldn’t keep me down. I came back, and I cost him the NWA World Championship. I challenged him to another match at Bound For Glory, and again, he pinned me. Again, he beat me down in the middle of the ring, and tried to put me out of action. But he couldn’t keep me down. I’m still here. And understand that at the end of this year, I plan to retire, for good this time. But I can’t do it as long as I know that I haven’t beaten you Abyss. You can have James Mitchell interfere all you want, because that’s the only way you can pin my shoulders to the mat, but you can’t keep me down.

“And that’s why, Abyss, I’m challenging you again to a match at Genesis. And you’ll have your chance to prove that you can keep me down. Because it will be a Last Man Standing match! And I swear to you, if you can keep me down, I will just retire and declare you the better man. I can safely guarantee that because it’s not gonna happen. At Genesis, it’s going to be showtime for you Abyss, because the Stinger is coming to take you out!” (Rating: 89%)

AJ Styles, Raven & Rhino vs. Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels

The main event is a big TNA vs. ROH six man tag match. The ROH wrestlers are again accompanied by Jim Cornette, although this time he isn’t a factor in the match other than with yelling from ringside. Styles and Joe start with a big staredown, as Joe clearly hasn’t forgotten who it was that handed him his first singles loss in TNA. They exchange holds for a bit with neither man gaining a clear advantage, so they each tag out to Rhino and Daniels respectively. Rhino tries to beat down the ROH World Champion with his hard hitting offence, but Daniels is too quick for him and takes him down with a step-up enzuiguri. He tags in the American Dragon Bryan Danielson, who goes to work with headlocks and other submissions, trying to wear down the War Machine. Rhino fights back with a hard spinebuster and tags in Raven. Raven unloads on Danielson with his corner clothesline/bulldog combo and the running knee lift for a two count.

Raven then makes a critical mistake, trying to outwrestle Danielson rather than sticking to brawling. Needless to say, that does work too well, and Danielson hooks the Cattle Mutilation on Raven shortly thereafter, only for Rhino to break the hold. Sensing Raven was in trouble, Danielson tagged in Joe who unloaded with stiff strikes and the charging knee in the corner, setting up the Facewash. All three ROH guys worked over Raven, but he was able to withstand the punishment as he has done so many times before. Eventually Raven took down Daniels with a superkick and tagged in Rhino, who started cleaning house with clotheslines and backdrops. Rhino soon set up for the Gore on Joe, but Joe moved out of the way. Raven tagged himself back in and starting slugging it out with Joe, a battle he was never likely to win until AJ dragged Joe out of the ring. Daniels tried to hit the Angel’s Wings on Raven, but was countered into the Evenflow DDT! 1, 2, 3 and this week it was ROH who suffered the humiliation of having their World Champion pinned in a tag match!

Winners: AJ Styles, Raven & Rhino (Rating: 79%)

Cornette quickly jumped into the ring to protest the decision, only to be interrupted by Larry Zbyszko on the entrance ramp! “Hey Cornette. If you didn’t like that, there’s no way you’re going to like what I have planned for you guys next. Because that was just a preview of what you’re in for November 26th at Genesis! At that PPV, it will be a 10-man elimination tag match. In one corner, 5 guys representing TNA, and in the other, 5 guys representing Ring of Honor. If Team ROH wins, then we’ll accept them into this company, give you free reign to do what you want, for the time being. But if you lose, all of you guys are history! None of these people will have to put up with any of you ROH guys any more. It’ll all be over for you!”

Cornette does his best to throw an apoplectic fit in the ring (and he’s damn good at it) as Impact goes off the air. (Rating: 79%)

Overall Rating: 75%

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Yo man this is definitely an interesting and intriguing diary and I can't wait to see where you take this from but what I want to know is who is the heel and who is the face in the Jericho vs. Christian match because I know you have it listed on your roster part but they way you write for them is hard to determine which is which

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Xplosion (November 11th, 2006)

Diamonds in the Rough vs. Havana Pitbulls

Our opening tag team contest is another TNA vs. ROH match, albeit not quite as high-profile as the Impact main event. Also, Jim Cornette has been removed from the commentary desk and replaced with Shane Douglas, as TNA tries to reassert control over Xplosion (although Jimmy Bauer’s still there… guess he was too DANGEROUS to remove). Pretty standard tag fare here, decent enough action but the crowd isn’t really into it. Pitbulls finish off David Young with the Cuban Missile Crisis fairly easily. They then go to deliver one to Skipper as well, but Simon Diamond runs them off.

Winners: Havana Pitbulls (Rating: 64%)

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with James Mitchell and Abyss. “Well, James Mitchell, you and Abyss may have gotten the better of Sting at Bound For Glory,” Borash tells them, “but Sting has made it clear that this isn’t over, attacking Abyss two weeks ago on Impact and now challenging him to a Last Man Standing match.”

“Sting is nothing more than an annoying fly that won’t go away no matter how many times you swat it. Abyss has beaten Sting twice already, and he has nothing left to prove. Sting, you could have just left it alone, but you have to get creative. You had to challenge Abyss again. And in doing so, you have signed your own death warrant! If you thought the beating that Abyss gave you at Bound For Glory was bad, it will seem like a sweet release compared to what Abyss is capable of doing at Genesis, and that’s why we accept your challenge… because this is the perfect opportunity for us to get rid of you once and for all! You’re so certain that you’ll win? You better pray that you do, because if you don’t… you’re history. And you won’t ever have a chance to beat Abyss again, because you will be RETIRED! See you at Genesis.” (Rating: 61%)

The Naturals & Shark Boy vs. Generation Next

Generation Next is represented in this match by Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong. Plenty of X Division action here, with Evans bringing the crowd to their feet early on with a springboard 450 to the outside on all three opponents. As the match breaks down, Aries almost gets the victory from a 450 Splash to Shark Boy, but the Naturals break the count. They go to deliver the Natural Disaster to Aries, but Strong attacks Douglas and drops him with the half-nelson backbreaker while Aries hits the Brainbuster on Stevens. Evans finishes with the 630 on Stevens for the win. Too short to really mean anything.

Winners: Generation Next (Rating: 63%)

Monty Brown vs. Jimmy Yang

Something of a mismatch in terms of styles here, with Yang trying to use his mat based skills and speed to counter the Alpha Male’s power attack early on. Yang almost takes Brown’s head off with a hard spinning heel kick, but when he goes for Yang Time, Monty moves out of the way and nails the POOOOOOUNCE~! for the tree count. Afterwards, Monty gets on the mic, saying “Sabu! You want to know why I attacked you on Impact? It’s because you’ve got something I want, TNA gold! Because TNA management may not want to give me a shot at the NWA World title, but if I finally win a title belt, they’ll have to consider me as a contender again. So Sabu, I’m challenging you for the TNA Hardcore Championship. And I promise, at Genesis, you will feel the POOOOOOOOOUNCE… period!”

Winner: Monty Brown (Rating: 71%)

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is standing by with Raven and Jackie Gayda. “Raven, this week on Impact you pinned the ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels in a tag match, and at Genesis you will be a member of TNA’s five man team to take on ROH in the big elimination match.”

“I told the world that I had something that TNA management needed, the ability to take on ROH… and I proved myself correct on Thursday when I pinned the Fallen Angel. I signed up to be a member of Team TNA because when I am the one who gets ROH out of this company, TNA management will have no choice but to reward me by finally giving me another chance at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. That’s all that matters to me. I was the NWA Champion and that was taken away from me before I was ready for it to be taken away. Christian Cage has proven himself to be a great champion, but he hasn’t beaten me. Destiny will once again be fulfilled… quoth the Raven, nevermore.” (Rating: 85%)

Chris Harris vs. Shane Helms

The commentators mention that Shane Helms & Shannon Moore will challenge for the NWA Tag Team titles at Genesis as we get this match to build up to it. Harris takes control in the early going, trying to ground Helms’ and prevent him from using his more aerial based attacks. Helms tries to fight back a couple of times, but James Storm on the outside repeatedly interferes to keep Harris in control. Eventually Wildcat goes to hit a superplex, but Helms fights him off and hits the Overcast leading to a double knockdown. Helms gets up first and attacks, getting a near fall off a Shining Wizard. James Storm tries to interfere again, only for Shannon Moore to attack him, but the distraction allows Gail Kim to deliver a top rope rana to Helms! As the referee turns back around, Harris sets up for the Catatonic, but Helms counters… into the Nightmare on Helms Street for the win! Both teams slug it out as Xplosion goes off the air.

Winner: Shane Helms (Rating: 72%)

Overall Rating: 69%

News and Notes (from www.tnawrestling.com):

- TNA has signed former WWE wrestlers Bobby Lashley, Mark Copani, Maven Huffman and Shawn Daivari to open contracts. They have been assigned to NWA Tennessee for the time being, but there is a good chance that one or more of them will be brought up to the full roster soon.

- AJ Styles’ leg injury may be more serious than originally thought, and it was hampering his performance during the six-man tag match on Impact. He will likely be kept out of the ring until Genesis to allow him time to heal.

- Current TNA Genesis card:

- NWA World Heavyweight Championship: ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian Cage © vs. ‘King of the World’ Chris Jericho

- TNA vs. ROH 10-Man Elimination Tag Match: ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles, ‘King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett, Raven, ‘The War Machine’ Rhino & Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings vs. ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe, ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson, ‘Straight Edge’ CM Punk & ‘Classic’ Colt Cabana

- Last Man Standing Match (If Sting loses, he must retire): Sting vs. ‘The Monster’ Abyss

- NWA World Tag Team Championships: America’s Most Wanted © vs. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms & ‘Prince of Punk’ Shannon Moore

- TNA Hardcore Championship: Sabu © vs. ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown

- Team 3-D vs. The Rottweilers

- NWA World Television Championship: Alex Shelley © vs. Chris Sabin

- Impact Preview (for Thursday, 16th November):

- All five members of Team ROH will be competing in individual matches

- Team TNA will give their thoughts on the upcoming Elimination match

- Simon Diamond of TNA will challenge for the ROH Pure Championship

- Christian Cage, Chris Jericho, Sting, Monty Brown, Abyss and more!

(OOC: Anyone who's reading this, I wouldn't mind some feedback on my match and interview writing and any ways in which I could improve it. Oh, and Christian's the face and Jericho's the heel... guess that's one thing I need to work on.)

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iMPACT! (November 16th, 2006)

ROH Tag Team Championships: Briscoe Brothers © vs. The Naturals

Impact opens this week with a match for the ROH Tag titles, as Tenay and West hype the TNA-ROH war as being in full swing, leading to TNA wrestlers being given the chance to challenge for ROH championships. The theme of the show is very much TNA vs. ROH building to the big elimination match at Genesis. This opener doesn’t last too long, though; although the Naturals dominate in the early going, the Briscoes soon take control. Stevens gets taken out with a Doomsday Device, so Douglas fights on alone. Unfortunately for him, while Mark Briscoe distracts the referee, Jay shoves Douglas into Cornette’s racket. After that comes the Spike Jay-Driller, and before you can say ‘damn we should have held on to Jimmy Hart’, it’s over.

Winners and STILL ROH Tag Team Champions: Briscoe Brothers (Rating: 70%)

Jimmy Yang vs. Sonjay Dutt

Another TNA vs. ROH battle between two X Division high-flyers. The more experienced Yang takes control early on, damn near decapitating Sonjay with a spinning heel kick and then strangling him over the ropes with a leglock chokehold. Yang brings the crowd to their feet with a moonsault kick in the corner, only for Dutt to come charging out of the corner with a flying kick of his own. Sonjay gets a near fall off a springboard rana and goes for the Sonjay Star Press, but Yang avoids it and nails a leg lariat. Yang sets Sonjay on the top rope for a back suplex, but Sonjay fights him off… and hits the Hindu Press! That’s enough to get the three.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt (Rating: 74%)

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team 3-D. “Team 3-D, you’ve recently been embroiled in the war between TNA and ROH, coming into conflict with the Second City Saints and the Rottweilers. You’ve challenged Homicide and Low-Ki to face you at Genesis, what are your thoughts heading into that match?”

Brother Ray takes the mic. “Our thoughts? Homicide and Low-Ki are a couple of no good street punks who wanna be gangsters, but right now, they’re just a couple of little fish in a big pond. They wanna come into TNA and take over the top spots right away with ROH, but they gotta realise that they’re taking on the most decorated team in wrestling history. When you step into the ring with Team 3-D, you discover that there are three things in life that are inevitable: death, taxes and tables! And you can rest assured that one of you boys is going through a table at Genesis!”

Brother Devon justifies his existence by adding, “Oh my brother, TESTIFY!” (Rating: 66%)

ROH Pure Championship: Nigel McGuinness © vs. Simon Diamond

Our first brush with the ROH Pure title and rules on primetime television. Tenay and west explained them as extensively as they could as the competitors made their way to the ring, Simon flanked by his Diamonds in the Rough and Nigel accompanied by his iron. Both men exchange holds, with Nigel getting the advantage with his European style, which was, after all, just made for matches like this. Nigel takes advantage of Simon’s unfamiliarity with the Pure rules, throwing a closed fist out of the ref’s field of vision and so causing Simon to throw one himself, earning a warning. Nigel continued with these tactics while working over the arm, but Simon learned quickly, refusing to throw any more closed fists. Nigel forced Simon to use up his ropebreaks with his patented arm submissions, but Simon fought back with the Simon Series, which was almost enough to get the three. After that, Nigel didn’t waste any time locking in the Thames Barrier and forcing the submission, despite Simon’s foot being on the ropes (which, of course, counted for nothing).

Winner and STILL ROH Pure Champion: Nigel McGuinness (Rating: 74%)

Second City Saints vs. Shane Helms & Shannon Moore

The first of the advertised Team ROH matches sees CM Punk and Colt Cabana taking on the #1 contenders to the NWA Tag titles. The Saints take control in the early going after Punk gives Helms a thumb to the eye, and the Chicago natives work over Helms in the corner. There’s a funny spot where Helms whips Cabana into Moore’s corner and charges, only for Cabana to charge back and do-si-do with Helms, sending Helms to get knocked down by Punk while Cabana knocks Moore off the apron. Colt Cabana rules. Eventually, of course, Helms gets the hot tag to Shannon Moore who attacks both Saints with dropkicks. The Prince of Punk goes up top looking for the Halo, but Punk catches him up there and goes for the Pepsi Plunge, only for Moore to fight him off and hit a frog splash for two. Punk and Cabana go to whip Moore and Helms into each other, but they both get reversed, allowing Moore and Helms to hit duelling flying neckbreakers! The Countdown finishes off Punk after that, giving Moore and Helms the victory. They don’t have long to celebrate, however, before AMW jump them again, hitting both Moore and Helms with the Death Sentence and leaving them laying.

Winners: Shane Helms & Shannon Moore (Rating: 75%)

The cameras show the backstage are where the NWA Champion Christian Cage and his Genesis challenger Chris Jericho are embroiled in a confrontation. They yell at each other for a bit, until Cage tells Jericho “You’re not worth it” and turns to leave, only for Jericho to attack him from behind. Jericho beats the hell out of Christian with a chair and stomps him down before standing over, slapping his face and calling him ‘junior’, ‘assclown’ and a variety of other Jericho insults. How friendly. (Rating: 85%)

Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe

The Canadian Enforcer sensibly attacks straight from the bell, trying to stagger Joe with hard right hands, but he only ends up running into the STJoe. Joe unleashes his hard hitting offence with slaps and chops, almost getting the three count off a hard powerslam. A facewash nearly knocks Roode out cold, but the Team Canada member somehow gets the shoulder up. Joe sets up Roode on the top rope to finish with the Muscle Buster, but while Scott D’Amore distracts the ref, Petey Williams breaks it up! He then idiotically sets up for the Destroyer, which of course Joe simply fights out of, planting Petey with the Island Driver. Roode hits the Northern Lariat, but Joe kicks out at two and rolls into the Coquina Clutch, causing Roode to tap out within seconds.

Winner: Samoa Joe (Rating: 73%)

After the commercial break, a desk has been set up in the ring. You all know the set up. Borash announces that the match between Sting and Abyss for Genesis will now be signed, bringing Abyss and James Mitchell to the ring. Mitchell takes the microphone. “Yeah, I know that this is when the Last Man Standing match is supposed to be signed. But I’ll tell you this. Sting, I know you’re watching in the back. I want you to know that Abyss and I have nothing but your best interests at heart. Abyss has destroyed you twice. He has nothing left to prove. Frankly, it’s getting boring to have to beat you up every so often. So we’re asking you, just stay in the back. Give up now. It’ll be better for yourself if you just quit.”

Sting’s music hits, and he heads to the ring! Barely even acknowledging his opponent, he heads straight to the contract and picks up a pen. As he goes to sign, Mitchell interrupts again. “Just think about it! Think carefully about what you’re doing. You’re not just signing your name to a piece of paper, you’re signing your career away. Think about your family. Think about what they will have to witness when this 6’ 8”, 350 lbs weapon of mass destruction tears you limb from limb. They will have to see you, the whole world will have to see you for what you are, a broken shell of a man clinging to the last vestiges of his career. You can bow out gracefully. Just give up now!”

Sting seems to consider for a moment, before determinedly signing his name to the contract. “Well Sting,” Mitchell continues, “I guess you leave me no choice.” He motions to Abyss, who attacks Sting with a big boot! Abyss throws Sting out of the ring and poses, but Sting comes back in with his baseball bat in hand and lays him out! Sting slowly turns to Mitchell, who scurries away as Sting poses in the ring. (Rating: 74%)

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Sabin

Tenay makes my day by referencing this as a rematch from ROH ‘Showdown in Motown’ a year ago. Danielson starts showing off his superior technical skills, twisting and stretching Sabin in ways that the human body isn’t supposed to go. Danielson holds onto a Wakigatame well after Sabin makes the ropes, reminding the referee that “I have till five!” in a forceful tone. Good for him. Sabin fights back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker, but Danielson regains control with a roaring elbow. American Dragon lifts up Sabin for the Airplane Spin, going round and round and round until dropping him and going up for a diving headbutt, but Sabin kicks out. Sabin fights back with right hands, powerbombing Dragon hard into the turnbuckles before going for the Cradle Shock. But Alex Shelley climbs up on the apron, distracting Sabin and allowing Danielson to fight out and pull Sabin down into the Cattle Mutilation! That gains the quick submission victory as Shelley heads back up the aisle, gloating.

Winner: Bryan Danielson (Rating: 75%)

In the back, Shane Douglas is standing by with all five members of Team TNA. “Jarrett, Styles, Raven, Rhino and Truth, you are the five men who have been chosen to represent TNA in the elimination tag match at Genesis against Ring of Honor. Team ROH seems to be doing well in their matches here tonight, but what will the story be next Sunday when they have to face you?”

Jarrett takes the microphone. “They’re going to find out exactly what you get when you come into the company we built and try to leech off of our success. ROH are just bitter and jealous of the fact that they failed where we’re succeeding. They don’t belong in this company. We’re going to send them straight back to where they came from.”

“I’m one of the only guys here who’s been in ROH,” Styles adds. “I know what it’s like and I’ll always respect them, but TNA is something that I believe in. I have worked so hard since TNA’s inception to bring it to the top of the wrestling industry, and I won’t let that be taken away by anybody.”

Killings says “When I left WWE, it was TNA that gave me the opportunity to prove what a huge mistake they made by letting me go. I never would’ve gotten the chance to be world champion without TNA. Same for you Rhino. No one is going to stop us from taking these ROH punks to school at Genesis.”

Next is Rhino. “Whenever two companies collide in wrestling, it’s always a war. And no one’s better suited for a war than me. I’ll show you why they call me the War Machine, when I take you all out with the GORE!”

“ROH, you are looking at five former NWA World champions,” finishes Raven. “You are looking at the proverbial dream team… and you are looking at the people with the power to put you out of business forever. Quoth the Raven, nevermore.” (Rating: 88%)

Non-Title Match: Christopher Daniels vs. Monty Brown

It was only after much debate that the decision was made to not make this match for the ROH World Championship, mainly out of a desire to keep it worth something rather than allowing Monty Brown (who, after all, isn’t your typical ROH wrestler) to gain a title shot for free. Monty uses his size advantage well in the early going, repeatedly knocking down Daniels with hard punches and clotheslines, staggering the Fallen Angel with a running knee in the corner. Daniels regains control when Monty runs into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Daniels gets a near fall off an Arabian press, and unwisely tries to follow with the BME which the Alpha Male avoids. Brown tries to capitalise with some hard suplexes, and sets up for the Alpha Bomb, but Daniels flips out of it and plants Brown with the STO, this time successfully hitting the Best Moonsault Ever for two. Daniels goes for a Death Valley Driver, but Monty fights out and sets up for the Pounce, only to run straight into a dropkick! Daniels hits the Angels’ Wings to get the pinfall. After the match Brown is raging in the ring when the lights go out… and Sabu appears! He nails Monty with the TNA Hardcore Championship belt and poses as Impact goes off the air.

Winner: Christopher Daniels (Rating: 82%)

Overall Rating: 76%

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Hey! I just wanted to tell you that this seems like a really interesting idea for me and I'll keep an eye on this diary. I think that you are doing great and I really like your writing. The descriptive style you use is the one I like the most! Keep the things going in the right direction! (Y)

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Xplosion (November 18th, 2006)

The Embassy vs. The Naturals

‘Ladies and gentlemen, your opening tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall!’ The Embassy of Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave make their way to the ring with Prince Nana, who proudly displays Alex Shelley’s NWA TV Title to the crowd’s jeers. Shane Douglas mentions on commentary that TNA has made it a top priority to recover the TV Title and are putting a lot of faith in Chris Sabin to get the job done at Genesis. The Naturals lay waste to The Embassy to begin with, only for Jimmy Rave’s thumb in Andy Douglas’ eye to signal the turn in the match’s momentum. Rave and Shelley beat down Douglas for a couple of minutes until Andy took down Shelley with an enzuigiri and tagged in Chase Stevens. Stevens took out both Embassy members with dropkicks, prompting Prince Nana to get on the apron to distract the referee while Shelley grabbed the title belt from ringside… only for Chris Sabin to grab it off him! While the two men argued, Rave was dropped with the Natural Disaster for the three. Sabin and Shelley fought into the ring, where Sabin took out Shelley with a shot from the belt. Prince Nana then climbed into the ring, so Sabin laid him out with the Cradle Shock! He posed with the belt as the Embassy was left laying.

Winners: The Naturals (Rating: 72%)

Jeremy Borash is backstage with BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey. “I’m here with three representatives of the ROH faction, who TNA fans may not be familiar with. We saw BJ Whitmer take on the TNA Hardcore champion Sabu on Impact last week in a losing effort, but what will happen when Jimmy Jacobs takes on ‘Maverick’ Matt Bentley next?”

Jimmy goes to answer but Lacey takes the microphone from him. “First of all, whatever your name is, you should be talking to me. I’m Lacey, and these are my Angels. Two time ROH Tag Team champions, two of the most accomplished wrestlers in ROH history. And they owe their success to one person…me. I was the one who took two guys with a lot of talent but not much success, and I used my managerial prowess to get them to the top. Because I am the smartest businesswoman in the wrestling industry, not to mention the hottest diva in TNA or ROH. And that’s why -”

But before she can continue (or Whitmer and Jacobs can object to some of the more obvious lies in Lacey’s speech), she’s interrupted by Matt Bentley and Traci! “You honestly think anyone believes any of that stuff you’re saying?” Traci asks her. “People are going to see who the best manager and the best diva is when Matt destroys your guy next.”

Lacey’s response is simply, “We’ll see about that.” (Rating: 64%)

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Matt Bentley

Bentley is accompanied by Traci, Jacobs by Whitmer and Lacey. And no, no one but Jimmy wants to HUSS! Bentley drops Jacobs on his head with a hard back suplex and follows up with a fisherman’s suplex for two. Bauer says something on commentary about Bentley needing the win to secure future bookings, while Douglas asks him what the hell he’s talking about. Bentley goes up for the frankensteiner, but Jacobs holds onto the ropes and we see the Bentley Bounce where Bentley’s face bounces off the mat, followed by the Berserker Boot for two. Jacobs goes up for a sitout Senton, but Bentley moves and sets up for a not-Sweet Chin Music. This causes Lacey to distract the referee while Whitmer hangs Bentley over the ropes, with Traci pulling Lacey off the apron and slapping her way too late. Contra Code finishes seconds later.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs

Brother Devon vs. Homicide

More build for the tag match at Genesis, it’s the tried-and-tested ‘put tag guys in a singles match’ tactic. Devon gets in the offence early, taking the smaller Homicide down with a spinning elbow smash and a piledriver. Homicide fights back, blocking a clothesline and hitting an Ace Crusher for a two count. He throws Devon outside, distracts the ref long enough for Julius Smokes to get in a shot with his baseball bat, and then hits the tope con hilo through the ropes to take Devon down. Back inside, Homicide sets up for the Lariat, but Devon counters with a big boot. Julius Smokes gets up on the apron to distract the referee as Devon goes for the Saving Grace, allowing Low-Ki to take him out with a springboard gamengiri! That’s enough to get the win. After the match, Homicide sets up for the Cop Killer, but Brother Ray runs off the Rottweilers before they can do any more damage.

Winner: Homicide (Rating: 70%)

In the Generic Interviewing Place, Jeremy Borash is standing by with Chris Jericho. “Jericho, you will receive a NWA World title shot against Christian Cage at Genesis, but your recent comments and actions towards the champion suggest this may be a little more personal than just wanting the gold.”

“It’s always going to be personal between me and Christian,” Jericho explains. “Because ever since I became the first Undisputed Champion in history back in 2001, Christian knows he’s been living in my shadow. He’s been desperate for any opportunity to prove himself better than Y2J. Christian, you might think that belt around your waist makes you a big shot, but don’t kid yourself, junior! As prestigious as that title is, it’s not enough to put you on the same level as the living legend himself. And I’m not talking about Zbyszko. But there’s only one way for me to cement my legacy.

“See, when I became Undisputed champion, TNA wasn’t around to make the NWA mean anything. Hell, when I became Undisputed champion, there was no NWA World Champion, because the title was held up! But now it’s back to its former status, and that means that there’s still a major World title that Chris Jericho hasn’t held. But look at the guys who have held that belt since TNA started: Jarrett, Killings, Rhino, Raven, Styles, Christian. All amazing wrestlers and great athletes, but none of them are on the same level as Chris Jericho. None of them have the star power, the name recognition, the legendary status afforded to a guy like me.

“When I win the title at Genesis, it’ll prove three things: that the NWA Title is once again the most important title belt in the world, that Chris Jericho is the greatest wrestler of all time, and that Christian Cage is nothing but a looooooser! You better be ready, Christian because I’m going to kick your ass once and for all, and take that title belt. I’m going to take you downtown to Chinatown, assclown! And the world will know Chris Jericho as the greatest wrestler ever to live!” (Rating: 90%)

Colt Cabana vs. Rhino

A member of Team TNA and a member of Team ROH battle out in the Xplosion main event. Cabana makes sure to piss off Rhino good and early, repeatedly offering handshakes and extending the other hand whenever Rhino goes to shake the first hand. This causes Rhino to explode with a side belly to belly suplex and a spinebuster for two. Cabana tries to take over with his more submission based offence, but Rhino simply powers out of such attempts, so Cabana changes it up, whipping Rhino into the corner and delivering a running double knee strike. Cabana gets a near fall off a missile dropkick, but takes too much time concentrating on the fans and gets clotheslined as a result. Rhino charges Colt in the corner before dragging him out and suplexing him hard. He sets up for the Gore, but CM Punk gets on the apron, only to get knocked down with a hard right hand. This gives Cabana time to recover and he goes for the Colt 45, but Rhino wasn’t nearly worn down enough, as he fights out and Gores Cabana (actually called as the ‘Gore DANGEROOOOOOUS!’ by Jimmy Bauer) for the win. After the match, Punk tries to attack again, and gets Gored too for his trouble. Rhino climbs the turnbuckles and poses for the fans as Xplosion goes off the air.

Winner: Rhino (Rating: 73%)

Overall Rating: 72%

News and Notes (from www.tnawrestling.com):

- TNA has come to terms on the release of ‘Maverick’ Matt Bentley, David Young and ‘Primetime’ Elix Skipper. Although TNA recognises the talents of these three individuals, it has been decided that with the current limited roster space, these individuals have yet to make the best of the opportunities given to them. We wish them the best in all future endeavors, and hope to leave the door open for them to possible return at some point in the future.

- With TNA Genesis next week, you can expect the action to increase leading into the PPV. Be sure to tune into Impact this Thursday and Xplosion this Saturday as the stars of TNA prepare for what could be one of the most important shows of the monthly era so far. Also, expect a full preview of the show here on tnawrestling.com next week.

- Current TNA Genesis card:

- NWA World Heavyweight Championship: ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian Cage © vs. ‘King of the World’ Chris Jericho

- TNA vs. ROH 10-Man Elimination Tag Match: ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles, ‘King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett, Raven, ‘The War Machine’ Rhino & Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings vs. ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe, ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson, ‘Straight Edge’ CM Punk & ‘Classic’ Colt Cabana

- Last Man Standing Match (If Sting loses, he must retire): Sting vs. ‘The Monster’ Abyss

- NWA World Tag Team Championships: America’s Most Wanted © vs. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms & ‘Prince of Punk’ Shannon Moore

- TNA Hardcore Championship: Sabu © vs. ‘Alpha Male’ Monty Brown

- Team 3-D vs. The Rottweilers

- NWA World Television Championship: 'The Next' Alex Shelley © vs. Chris Sabin

- Impact Preview (for Thursday, 16th November):

- Christian Cage will team up with Sting to take on Chris Jericho & Abyss in the main event

- Raven of Team TNA will take on Samoa Joe of Team ROH

- Hear from Monty Brown as he prepares for his upcoming Hardcore Title match against Sabu

- Chris Sabin will take on Jimmy Rave of the Embassy

- Plus more matches for TNA Genesis to be announced!

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iMPACT! (November 23rd, 2006)

The Naturals vs. The Rottweilers

The last Impact before Genesis kicks off with a TNA vs. ROH tag match. Homicide starts off against Andy Douglas and proceeds to just kill him dead with hard chops and strikes. He then tags in Low-Ki, who delivers more of the same and almost kicks more Andy’s head off. Homicide comes back in and goes for a lariat, but Douglas ducks and manages to come back with a leg lariat of his own before tagging in Chase Stevens. Stevens goes to work on Homicide, hitting a flying clothesline and a tornado DDT before tagging Stevens back in for a cool double team where they goes to whip Homicide, wraps his arms around him Japanese stranglehold-style, and take him down. Douglas hits a high knee and sets up for a double arm DDT, but Low-Ki flies in with a kick to the face to break it up. Stevens attacks, but a couple of hard kicks set up the Ki Krusher, taking him out. Douglas throws Ki out of the ring and walks backwards, straight into the waiting arms of Homicide who hits the Cop Killer and gets the victory. After the match, Team 3-D run in and attack Homicide, hitting the 3D! Low-Ki tries to make the save and gets a 3D as well for his trouble.

Winners: The Rottweilers (73%)

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the Embassy of Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley and Prince Nana. “At Genesis this Sunday, Chris Sabin will challenge for the NWA World Television championship against Alex Shelley in a battle of TNA vs. ROH. What are your thoughts going into this big match?”

Douglas goes to give the microphone to Shelley, but Nana grabs it off him. “On Xplosion, Chris Sabin, you did something that you just don’t do!” Nana half-screams. “You laid your hands on my royal personage! Take a look at the footage.”

A replay is shown of Chris Sabin costing the Embassy a match against the Naturals on Xplosion, and then hitting Prince Nana with the Cradle Shock. “Understand, you FOOL!, that this is not something you can just get away with. Before you were just the fool who TNA selected to try to take the TV title back, but now you’ve made this personal. So not only can I guarantee that you will not be taking the title from this man, Alex Shelley, at Genesis, but you won’t even make it that far after the Crown Jewel, Jimmy Rave, gets through with you tonight. We will make out of you an example of what happens when you mess with the Embassy, because I have three words and those are the Embassy FOREVER!” (Rating: 68%)

Chris Sabin vs. Jimmy Rave

Jimmy Rave runs straight to the ring to attack Sabin on the instructions of Prince Nana, rather than sauntering out in his usual fashion. He goes to work immediately with right hands and forearms, taking Sabin down with a scoop salm and hitting the running knee to the face for a two count. Sabin fights back with an enzuigiri and locks in an armbar, trying to force the submission. Rave makes the ropes and rolls out of the ring to recover, allowing Sabin to hit a big suicide dive onto him and Alex Shelley, taking both men out. Shelley grabs a chair as Rave and Sabin brawl on the outside, allowing Nana to attack Sabin from behind and Rave regains the advantage. Rave gets a near fall off a tiger suplex and tries to capitalise, going for several pins in a row. Sabin counters a back drop attempt into a tornado DDT and a suplex before hitting the Cradle Shock, but Nana pulls the referee out of the ring. While they’re arguing, Sabin rolls Rave up, but Rave kicks out and sends Sabin into a chair shot from Shelley on the outside! Rave then calmly takes his time hitting the Rave Clash and getting the three count. After the match, all three Embassy members beat down Sabin and celebrate.

Winner: Jimmy Rave (Rating: 73%)

After commercial, Monty Brown hits the ring with a microphone. “So at Genesis, the Alpha Male challenges Sabu for the Hardcore title. Sabu, people may call you a hardcore legend, but at Genesis, you will be stepping onto my Serengeti. But I don’t want to wait until then. Sabu, get out here right now!”

Monty waits until the lights go out, and when they come back on, Sabu is indeed in the ring with a chair – but Monty has disappeared. As Sabu looks around for him, the Alpha Male rolls back in and hits the POOOOOOUNCE sending Sabu flying! He then levels Sabu with a vicious chair shot and poses in the ring. (Rating: 87%)

In the back, America’s Most Wanted are hanging out in their locker room when Jeff Jarrett walks in. “Listen guys. I know you’ve got a big title defence at Genesis against Shane Helms and Shannon Moore, and that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I’m telling you, there’s something up with those guys. I don’t trust them, not as far as I can throw them. Now if they get their hands on those NWA Tag titles, I don’t know what’s gonna happen but it won’t be good. TNA is relying on you to hold onto those belts, understand? You do what you’ve got to do.”

“I’m sorry, Jeff, was that you giving instructions to us?” Harris answers, looking annoyed. “In case you haven’t noticed, we’re the ones wearing gold around our waists. We’re the seven-time tag team champions of the world. We’re not the ones who couldn’t get our titles back when we lost them. You’re the one sucking up to Christian Cage because you can’t beat him. Why should we listen to you?”

Storm stands up and looks Jarrett in the eye. “Don’t think we’ve forgotten how the last few months have gone. When we lost the tag titles to Team 3-D, suddenly you didn’t care about us any more. And when we won them back, you wanted to get all buddy-buddy with us again. Well, we gave you one last chance to prove you were worth following at Bound For Glory, and you blew it again. We’ll take care of this situation in our own way. We don’t need instructions from you. So in case you haven’t worked it out yet, the NWA World Tag champions aren’t your whipping boys any more. Sorry about your damn luck.” With that AMW walk off, leaving Jarrett looking furious. (Rating: 86%)

James Gibson & Jimmy Yang vs. Shane Helms & Shannon Moore

The announcers discuss the situation from the previous segment as Moore and Helms make their way to the ring. This match starts off with some fast passed X Division action between Yang and Moore, getting the fans into it. Tenay brings up Yang and Gibson’s association from the Jung Dragons in WCW and how these four men engaged in many wars back then along with Kaz Hayashi and Evan Karagias. Good times, great memories. Gibson and Helms exchange holds as Don West announces that Larry Zbyszko has announced that there will be an X Division four way at Genesis featuring two ROH guys and two TNA guys, and that ROH have already selected Gibson and Yang. All four men get involved now, with Moore and Helms throwing their opponents through the ropes and following up with stereo somersault planchas to the outside. Not-3 Count throw Yang back into the ring and hit the Countdown to score the victory. America’s Most Wanted then rush the ring with chairs, laying out Helms and Moore with hard shots! They then appear to consider for a moment before taking out Gibson and Yang with chair shots too. They pose with the belts for a bit to be evil and stuff.

Winners: Shane Helms & Shannon Moore (Rating: 77%)

Jeremy Borash enters the ring after America’s Most Wanted have left to interview Helms & Moore. “Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, America’s Most Wanted have just attacked you again, and Jeff Jarrett doesn’t appear to trust you or think that you’re loyal to this company. The odds appear to be stacked against you going into Genesis.”

Helms is clearly still hurt from the chair shot he received. “You know Borash, a few months back I was abandoned by a company that claimed that it was giving me the shot that I never got in this business. And my friend Shannon Moore called me up and told me about this place, TNA, where guys like us, X Division guys, can be respected and appreciated for our abilities. So I came here, and ever since then we’ve been trying to prove ourselves. Why anybody would think we’re with these invaders is beyond me. I’ve never worked for ROH, neither has Shannon. We don’t care what Jeff Jarrett thinks, we don’t care what AMW think, all we care about is being the tag team champions of the world! That’s what we’re going to prove at Genesis, Jeremy Borash.” (Rating: 66%)

In the back, Jeff Jarrett is watching this on a monitor and shaking his head. He turns to where Raven is preparing for his match. “Did you see that Raven? Did you see that? I’m telling you, there’s something about those guys that I don’t trust.”

Raven looks up, giving Jarrett a death glare. “I don’t care. We may be on the same side at the moment, Jarrett, but don’t think I’ve forgotten for a second what my ultimate goals are. From the day I entered this company, we’ve been enemies. I’m putting that aside for now, but once this is over, I will regain the NWA World championship, and I will stand over your broken, defeated body.”

“Hey!” AJ Styles walks in and separates the two, who look as if they’re about to start throwing punches. “Relax, guys. We’ve got to stick together for this match at Genesis, OK? Now I came in here to check you’re ready for your match with Joe tonight.”

Raven just looks at AJ and says, “Hey, if you can beat him I shouldn’t have any trouble, should I?” before walking off.

“What are we gonna do if he turns on us at Genesis?” Jarrett mutters. “He could ruin everything. We’re thinking of the whole company, but he only ever worries about himself.”

“We can trust him at Genesis,” AJ answers shortly. “Now, what I’m really worried about is -”

But before we can find out what he’s really worried about, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Colt Cabana attack him! They beat Jarrett and Styles down, taking advantage of Styles’ injured leg to inflict as much damage as possible before Genesis. Rhino and Killings run in and fight them off, chasing them out of the room. (Rating: 74%)

Raven vs. Samoa Joe

Apparently oblivious to the events following his departure, Raven heads to the ring for his match. Joe is clearly still angry over his loss of the X Division title as we saw last week when he destroyed Bobby Roode, and he goes straight to the pain inflicting here with hard chops and kicks. Neat spot where Joe charges Raven in the corner to be met with a superkick, only for Raven to charge Joe and be taken down with a snap powerslam. Joe powerbombs Raven and turns him over into the crab, and then the STF and the crossface in succession as Raven inches towards the ropes. As Raven fights back with right hands, the members of Team TNA and Team ROH who were fighting earlier brawl out to the ringside area, with Jarrett and Styles having rejoined the fray. Confused, Raven is distracted long enough for Joe to hit a hard German suplex. But as he attempts to roll him over for the Chimaeraplex combo, Raven fights out and hits a bulldog before setting up for the Evenflow. But with the referee distracted by the brawling outside the ring, Christopher Daniels sneaks in to break it up and hit Raven with the Angel’s Wings! Joe chokes out Raven with the Coquina Clutch shortly afterwards. Security finally arrives to break up the huge brawl, which other TNA and ROH wrestlers were starting to join.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Backstage, Shane Douglas is standing by with the NWA World Champion Christian Cage and Sting. “Guys, you have a huge tag match here tonight against your respective opponents at Genesis. Christian, I assume you heard Jericho’s recent comments about why he wants to beat you, what are your thoughts on the situation?”

“Jericho thinks he’s so much better than me. But the simple truth is, he’s an egomaniac who can’t accept the fact that I’m better than him. I already proved it once, and I’m willing to prove it again at Genesis. Yeah, we used to be tag team champions together. That just shows that I already know how he thinks. It shows I know exactly what he’s going to do in our match. I have been NWA World Champion for 10 months now. I have proven more than anyone that this belt makes the man who holds it the very best wrestler in the world. At Genesis, I will put Jericho back in his place, because that’s how I roll!”

He hands the microphone to Sting. “Abyss, the time for talking between us is over. I’ve already told you that I’m willing to put my career on the line to take you out once and for all. I don’t have anything to lose, Abyss. I probably don’t have that long left anyway. My doctors are telling me not to go through with this match, that a match as dangerous as a Last Man Standing match against a man as dangerous as Abyss could damage my long-term health for the rest of my life, but this is more important than that. This is about pride. Tonight, I’ll give you just a taste of what’s in store for you, Abyss. At Genesis, it’ll be showtime for you. And I promise you, I will be the last man standing.” (Rating: 90%)

Abyss & Chris Jericho vs. Christian Cage & Sting

The crowd is hot for this combination of two of the three Genesis main events. Sting gets his usual massive reaction, Cage and Jericho aren’t too far behind, and Abyss is still getting some decent heat. Cage and Jericho start with a staredown, building the heat, before Jericho chickens out and tags Abyss in. Cage hammers the Monster with hard punches, but Abyss holds onto the ropes when Cage tries to whip him. Cage dropkicks out Abyss’ knee, but runs straight into a HUGE flapjack. Abyss nails Christian with a painful looking powerbomb, and suddenly Jericho wants to tag in after all. Jericho mocks Christian, kicking and slapping him while he’s down. Jericho whips him into the ropes and catches him with the Flashback, but only gets two. Christian fights back, countering an attempted backdrop into a gutbuster and clotheslining Jericho down. He goes up top for the frog splash, but Jericho catches him up there and goes for a superplex. Christian fights him off, though, and hits the reverse tornado DDT. Abyss gets in the ring to break the count, drawing Sting in, and they brawl. Abyss tries to charge Sting in the corner, but Sting avoids it and hits the Stinger Splash before throwing Abyss through the ropes. They fight away from the ring, leaving Jericho and Christian to duke it out. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Christian powers out and hits the Unprettier! That’s enough for the three count. Christian stands over Jericho and poses with the NWA Championship as Impact goes off the air.

Winners: Christian Cage & Sting

Overall Rating: 78%

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Yo dude, this diary is certainly an intriguing concept and I am enoying not only the shows but the way it is written and certainly can't wait to see where you take this whole TNA vs. ROH feud and see who you push as the major stars of each company

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Xplosion (November 25th, 2006)

Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy

Xplosion kicks off with a match to determine one of the participants in the X Division four way at Genesis. Petey is flanked by members of Team Canada, clearly worrying Shark Boy, who quickly goes on the offensive, sending Petey to the outside with the bite to the ass (perhaps the stupidest move in history). Petey angrily charged with a clothesline, but Sharky countered into the neckbreaker for two. Shark Boy goes for a DDT, but Petey counters to a Northern Lights suplex for two. Shark Boy fights out of the Canadian Destroyer and sets up for the Deep Sea Drop, so D’Amore distracts the referee while Bobby Roode breaks the hockey stick over Sharky’s back! Canadian Destroyer finishes moments later. Crowd doesn’t seem into it tonight.

Winner: Petey Williams (Rating: 65%)

In the back, Team Canada celebrate their victory when they come across the Naturals. “Oh, what do we have here?” D’Amore says mockingly. “A couple of losers who got their asses kicked on Impact while Petey Williams is going out there and earning a spot on the Genesis card. Too bad, I guess.” He laughs, that evil evil man.

“Hey, maybe we lost, but at least we lost fairly,” Andy Douglas fires back, foolish face that he is. “I’d rather get my ass kicked than be anything like a bunch of lousy cheaters like you guys.”

Team Canada considers this… and attacks! Roode and Williams continue the beatdown while D’Amore reminds Eric Young that he has a match. (Rating: 57%)

Eric Young vs. Sonjay Dutt

Young almost doesn’t make it to the ring in time, leaving Sonjay waiting for him. Dutt takes advantage of his opponents disorientation, hitting a nice rana and following up with a dropkick sending Young to the apron. Sonjay fakes him out with another dropkick, and just when Eric thought he’d avoided it, he was sent crashing to the floor. They brawled outside for a bit, with Sonjay unwisely rolling Young back into the ring, allowing him to take control again with stomps. Young gets two off a backbreaker and goes for a flying elbow drop, but Sonjay avoids it. Then Sonjay goes up for the Hindu Press, rolling out when Young avoids that. Young goes for the hockey stick, only to remember that it isn’t there since he came out alone. This allows Sonjay to hit an Asai DDT for the three count, putting him in the X Division four way at Genesis also.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt (Rating: 58%)

Chris Sabin & Ron Killings vs. The Embassy

Shane Douglas gives us the in-depth backstory for this tag match. Long story short: Sabin needed a partner, Killings was there. Sabin starts and wants Shelley, so the Embassy give him Rave and call it ‘mind games’. Rave goes for a wristlock, but Sabin wrestles his way out and hits a dropkick. Sabin tags in the Truth, who takes Rave down with a big hiptoss and a leg lariat, forcing the tag to Shelley. Shelley does his best to outwrestle Killings, eventually forcing him down to the mat for the Total Nonstop Alex facebuster. The Embassy isolates Killings, wearing him down and preventing the tag in classic tag formula. Eventually Sabin gets the hot tag and cleans house on the Embassy. He goes for the Cradle Shock on Shelley, but Shelley fights out and locks in the Border City Stretch! Killings breaks it up, and he and Rave duke it out. The Truth drops Rave with an Axe Kick, and at the same time Sabin successfully hits the Cradle Shock on Shelley! That’s all.

Winners: Chris Sabin & Ron Killings (Rating: 68%)

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is standing by with America’s Most Wanted. “I’m here with the NWA World Tag Team champions, and guys, you have to defend those titles this Sunday against the impressive team of Shane Helms and Shannon Moore.”

“Understand, Jeremy Borash, we ain’t got nothing against these guys,” Chris Harris explains. “Jeff Jarrett might think there’s something up with you, but honestly, we don’t care either way. We don’t listen to him any more, he’s just a paranoid jackass. All we care about is one simple fact, which is that you want what we have, the NWA Tag titles.”

Storm takes the mic. “Teams like you come along, wanting to be the next big thing in tag team wrestling. Well, we’re already here, boys. We are going to prove one more time why we are the best tag team in the world today. And if you don’t like that, well, sorry ‘bout your damn luck!” They head to the ring for the next match. (Rating: 65%)

Non-Title Match: America’s Most Wanted vs. Havana Pitbulls

Our main event is a non-title match featuring the NWA Tag champions. Ricky Reyes starts out against James Storm as the crowd aren’t sure what to make of this. I guess they’re happy to be pro-TNA, but still uncertain about being pro-AMW. Besides, this crowd haven’t gotten into the action all night, why should they start now? Reyes and Storm have a chop battle won by the larger Storm, so Reyes fires off some hard kicks that bring the Cowboy down. Tag between the Pitbulls, as Romero showcases some of his more unusual offence, including a flying armbar. Tag to Chris Harris, who takes down Romero with hard clotheslines. Harris scores with a spear, but Romero grabs the ropes. Tag to Reyes who nails an impressive-looking spinning powerbomb, but Storm breaks the count. Storm and Romero fight on the outside, but inside the ring, Harris hits the Catatonic and that’s all. After the match Moore and Helms run in, attacking AMW just a day before they challenge for their titles! They continue to brawl as Xplosion goes off the air.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted (Rating: 64%)

Overall Rating: 63%

Full TNA Genesis Preview (from www.tnawrestling.com)

- NWA World Heavyweight Championship: ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian Cage © vs. ‘King of the World’ Chris Jericho

Since making his shocking debut in TNA back at Slammiversary, Chris Jericho has had one goal in mind: to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. However, recent interviews have suggested that it may be more than simple desire for the gold that is sending Jericho after his former tag partner and longtime rival, Christian Cage. It seems that Jericho has neither forgiven nor forgotten Cage defeating him at Wrestlemania XX, or successfully defending the title against Jericho at No Surrender. Can Jericho become only the second man in wrestling history to hold the WWE, WCW and NWA World Championships?

- TNA vs. ROH 10-Man Elimination Tag Match: ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles, ‘King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett, Raven, ‘The War Machine’ Rhino & Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings vs. ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe, ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson, ‘Straight Edge’ CM Punk & ‘Classic’ Colt Cabana

A match that could well have long-lasting implications for both the companies involved, 5 former NWA World Heavyweight champions will take on a team of 5 wrestlers from Ring of Honor, led by the current ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels. A victory for TNA could be enough to drive the invaders out of the company while a victory for ROH would cement their place in TNA, leaving the invaders with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The shape of this potential war will be determined by this match.

- Last Man Standing Match (If Sting loses, he must retire): Sting vs. ‘The Monster’ Abyss

The war between Sting and Abyss has raged on for several months now, with Sting unable to defeat the Monster. At Genesis, he will have one last chance to do so, as he will retire if he fails to win this match. Sting is willing to put his career on the line to defeat Abyss, knowing that a loss would haunt him for the rest of his life. Surprisingly, it was Sting himself who chose the stipulation, saying that as many times as Abyss had beaten him, he couldn’t keep him down. As focused and determined as the Stinger is, however, defeating the 6’ 8”, 350lbs Monster is never an easy feat, especially with Father James Mitchell (who has made no secret of his disdain for Sting) lurking around ringside.

- NWA World Tag Team Championships: America’s Most Wanted © vs. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms & ‘Prince of Punk’ Shannon Moore

By defeating Team 3-D, Shane Helms & Shannon Moore earned the right to challenge for the NWA World Tag titles, albeit under dubious circumstances. Jeff Jarrett has accused the team of being connected with ROH, saying that they will defect if they win the titles, a claim Moore and Helms vehemently deny. For their part, America’s Most Wanted are simply out to prove that they are the best tag team in TNA.

- TNA Hardcore Championship: Sabu © vs. ‘Alpha Male’ Monty Brown

Monty Brown is determined to finally claim some gold in TNA, which has eluded him in all the time he has been in the company. Despite a number of World Title shots, the Alpha Male has never managed to claim the gold. He hopes to work his way back up the roster by winning the new TNA Hardcore Championship. However, he should by no means count out the reigning champion, the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Sabu, especially when this match will take place in Sabu’s faboured environment of Hardcore rules.

- Team 3-D vs. The Rottweilers

Since ROH debuted in TNA, the former Latin American Xchange has been going after the top tag teams in TNA, mainly Team 3-D. Brother Ray and Brother Devon have made it clear that they consider the Rottweilers to be nothing more than a pair of street thugs trying to make a name for themselves. They may be underestimating their opponents, however, as Homicide and Low-Ki are both dangerous competitors at the best of times.

- NWA World Television Championship: 'The Next' Alex Shelley © vs. Chris Sabin

Having both been trained together in their home state of Michigan, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin have been career long rivals and know each other extremely well. So when Shelley defected from TNA and joined ROH while holding the newly revived NWA World Television title, Sabin was the natural choice for TNA when deciding who to assign with the task of retrieving it. Sabin has been battling with Sheley and his new group, the Embassy, ever since then, and he’ll finally get the chance to take an NWA belt out of ROH hands at Genesis.

- X Division Four Way: ‘Redneck Messiah’ James Gibson vs. Jimmy Yang vs. ‘Canadian Destroyer’ Petey Williams vs. ‘Original Playa from the Himalaya’ Sonjay Dutt

TNA officials announced last week that Genesis would feature an X Division four way match featuring two wrestlers from TNA and two wrestlers from ROH. ROH selected two of its top wrestlers, James Gibson and Jimmy Yang, while TNA held qualifying matches on Xplosion to determine the entrants. This match could have a somewhat unusual dynamic, as Gibson and Yang are friends and occasional tag partners, while Dutt and Williams are unlikely to work together.

- Preshow match: The Naturals vs. Team Canada

Due to events on Xplosion, this match has been booked for the preshow to Genesis. The Naturals feel as though Team Canada haven’t been pulling their weight during the battle against ROH, and that the Canadians simply cannot be trusted. Team Canada, for their part, consider themselves superior to American athletes like the Naturals. ‘Canadian Enforcer’ Bobby Roode and ‘Showtime’ Eric Young will have the chance to put their money where their mouths are when they face the Naturals on the preshow.

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TNA Genesis - November 26th, 2006

Preshow Match: The Naturals vs. Team Canada

The preshow counter is in the corner of the screen as Genesis is right around the corner… BUT FIRST! Out comes Team Canada, minus Petey Williams on the preshow for the match made on Xplosion. The Naturals make their way to the ring with revenge on their mind, and waste no time going to work on the Canucks and clearing the ring. The referee restores order, and we start with Bobby Roode against Andy Douglas. Roode overpowers the smaller man easily, but Douglas fights back with a high knee and tagged in Stevens, allowing the Naturals to do some double team work. Stevens goes for a cross body, but gets caught by Roode and slammed down hard on his back. Roode tags in Eric Young, and the Canadians stomp away as D’Amore cheers them on. A piledriver puts Stevens down for a two count. Young goes for a superkick, but Stevens avoids it and gets the tag to Douglas, who takes Young down with clotheslines and dropkicks before dropkicking Roode off the apron. Douglas gets a two count off a rana, but Young fights back with a backbreaker, only to miss a flying elbow drop. The Naturals take down Roode with a double dropkick and sets up for the Natural Disaster on Young, but just then, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong run in to break it up! Jack Evans and Matt Sydal assist the beatdown on the Naturals and Young while the ROH Tag Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe beat down Bobby Roode on the outside. The ref throws the match out as Aries takes a microphone.

“Yeah, that’s right! We’re here to take these guys out!” he yells as the others continue to beat down the TNA wrestlers behind him. “You know something? When Joe and Danielson and Punk were throwing out challenges to Daniels a few weeks back, they forgot all about me. I’m a former ROH World Champion! My group, Generation Next, dominated in ROH. But with the transition to TNA, lo and behold, the same people we fought our way past to reach the top of the card are pushing us back down. Well, we’re sick and tired of the way we’ve been treated. So are these guys, the Briscoe Brothers. They proved to us that they were the very best tag team in the world by taking those tag titles from us. There’s a group of us who are sick and tired of being left in the background. It’s time for everyone else to move aside and allow us to take the top spots in this business once again. And we’re not going to stop until we get what we want.”

Winners: No Contest (Rating: 69%)

X Division Four Way: James Gibson vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt

Various hype videos for the different matches play as the counter eventually reaches zero, and the opening video for Genesis plays! It features the TNA vs. ROH war fairly heavily, talking about ‘two worlds colliding’ and ‘the ultimate war of attrition’ and so on. Cool stuff. Then we get the pyro, the fans cheering, and Mike Tenay and Don West welcoming us to TNA Wrestling’s latest PPV spectacular. The opening contest is the X Division Four Way, as Team Canada’s music hits again and Petey Williams comes out alone, with the rest of Team Canada still reeling from their assault at the hands of Generation Next. Petey starts against Jimmy Yang, with the set up looking suspiciously like a tag match in principle, although Petey and Sonjay are clearly eyeing one another with mutual distrust. The crowd come alive as Williams and Yang exchange holds, showing their appreciation for the excellent wrestling action. They go through several combinations of competitors, keeping one TNA guy and one ROH guy in the ring each time, and they go through the process of getting the action going. Eventually Gibson takes control over Williams with a hard dropkick to the back, sending him to the outside, and follows up with a somersault senton. Dutt then climbs the ropes and lands a moonsault on both men on the outside. Not to be outdone, Jimmy Yang nails a corkscrew plancha of his own. He goes after Petey, who fights back, rolls back into the ring, and springboards over the ropes into a rana on the outside. Petey rolls Gibson back into the ring and goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Gibson backdrops out and hits the Tiger Driver, only for Jimmy Yang to break the count. Yang and Gibson argue, eventually coming to blows. Gibson avoids a spinning heel kick from Yang and locks in the Guillotine Choke, but Yang fights to the ropes and throws Gibson out of the ring into Sonjay. Yang drags Petey to the corner and goes up for Yang Time, but Petey avoids it. Sonjay rolls Gibson into the ring and hits the Hindu Press, but Petey breaks the count. Sonjay takes Petey down with a superkick and goes up again, but Scott D’Amore runs out and shoves him off the top rope with the referee distracted! One Canadian Destroyer later, it’s all over.

Winner: Petey Williams (Rating: 75%)

NWA World Television Championship: Alex Shelley © vs. Chris Sabin

‘Hail Sabin!’ The challenger makes his way to the ring, ready to take on the Television champion. The two traded holds to start, with their knowledge of one another from having wrestled so many times quickly becoming apparent. Shelley eventually gained the upper hand with a thumb to the eye, jawing with the fans and the referee before taking Sabin down with the Golden Gate Swing for two. Shelley takes control, choking Sabin and following up with Total Nonstop Alex. An enzuigiri sends Sabin to the outside as Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana commandeer the Shelley-cam and follow the fighting around ringside. Sabin dropkicks Shelley down on the outside and rolls him back in, hitting a slingshot legdrop for two. Sabin tries to build momentum, but runs straight into a modified octopus stretch, keeping him down on the canvas. Shelley converts it into a pinning predicament, and follows up with another submission hold when Sabin kicks out. Sabin counters a front chancery into a sleeper, but Shelley hauls him up and drops him with the backpack stunner for two. Shelley hits the It Came From Japan cross-legged brainbuster for another close two count. Frustrated, Shelley starts ramming Sabin’s face into the canvas with his hands before rolling him up for another two count. Shelley starts pummelling Sabin before rolling him over into the Border City Stretch. Sabin rolls out of it, though, and superkicks Shelley down. He then hauls Shelley up for the Cradle Shock, and hits it, only for Prince Nana to pull the referee out of the ring! Jimmy Rave rolls into the ring with the title belt, but Sabin kicks him down in the process of giving Shelley a tornado DDT. Sabin throws Rave out of the ring and sets up another Cradle Shock on Shelley, but the champion fights out and hits Sliced Bread #2! That’s enough for the win.

Winner and STILL NWA Television Champion: Alex Shelley (Rating: 77%)

Team 3-D vs. The Rottweilers

The Rottweilers don’t even attempt to start this match correctly, jumping Team 3-D at the bell and triggering a brawl. They don’t even attempt to keep it in the ring either, brawling around ringside, onto the stage and even into the crowd a couple of times. Brother Ray gives Homicide a hard suplex on the entrance ramp, giving Homicide the opportunity to do one of those awesome sells he does whenever he’s brawling outside the ring. Ki springboards onto the guardrail and launches himself at Brother Devon with a flying kick. Ki and Ray exchanges chops and strikes until Devon recovers, and they take Ki out with a double flapjack into the ring steps. Neither of them notices Homicide rolling back into the ring, though, and he wipes them both out with a Tope Con Hilo. Homicide rolls Devon into the ring, and we finally get something that resembles a match. Homicide goes straight for the pin, but Devon sensibly uses the ropes to break the count. Low Ki tags in, leading to more double teaming as they beat Brother Devon down. Ki slams Devon down and goes for a double stomp from the top rope, but Devon avoids it and tags in Brother Ray. Ray cleans house on both Rottweilers with right hands, flapjacks, backdrops and pretty much his entire moveset, slamming Homicide down and hitting the Whassup Headbutt. Ki sends Ray flying with a vicious running dropkick to the chest, and hits a Ki Krusher on Devon to score the victory!

Winners: The Rottweilers (Rating: 81%)

TNA Hardcore Championship: Sabu © vs. Monty Brown

As wild as the last match was, the next match looked to be even more extreme, as do all TNA Hardcore title matches. That was kind of the point, after all – it gave us more of an excuse to book matches like Monster’s Ball and Barbed Wire Massacre and whatever, without the need to make up a new match name every month. Sabu comes to the ring with a chair, and nails the Alpha Male with a couple of brutal shots to send him out of the ring before setting up the chair and hitting Air Sabu! The Hardcore champion keeps up the assault with hard stomps, ramming Monty into the steps. Monty drop toe holds Sabu into the ring post to fight back, following up with a hard chair shot. Monty hits a hard pumphandle slam on the floor and goes searching for more weaponry, but leaves Sabu too much time to recover. They brawl up the entrance ramp, where Sabu dropkicks Monty into the set. Sabu sets up a table on the top of the entrance ramp, but when he goes to drag Monty to it, the Alpha Male fights back with a neckbreaker on the concrete. Monty pulls a ladder out from under the ring, and gets it dropkicked back into his face. When Sabu tries to climb the ladder, though, Monty catches him up there and back suplexes him from the top of the ladder into the ring! Neat spot. Sabu pulls himself up on the chair while Monty sets up for the Pounce, and when he hits it, his head collides with the chair! Dazed, it takes Monty precious seconds to cover Sabu, allowing the champion to kick out. They fight to the outside, where Sabu regains control by hitting Monty in the face with the fallen ladder. He drags Monty back towards the table on the entrance ramp, but a low blow stops him in his tracks. Summoning his remaining strength, Monty hauls Sabu out in a scoop lift and, with Tenay and West going nuts on commentary, drives him straight through the table with the Alpha Bomb! Falling on top, the ref counts the three and awards the match to the Alpha Male.

Winner and NEW TNA Hardcore Champion: Monty Brown (Rating: 75%)

NWA World Tag Team Championships: America’s Most Wanted © vs. Shane Helms & Shannon Moore

The challengers make their way to the ring with a point to prove, determined looks on their faces as they await their opponents, who make their elaborate entrance complete with pyro and Gail Kim. Chris Harris starts out against Shannon Moore, with the Wildcat trying to goad Moore into a brawl that would undoubtedly favour the champions. Keeping his cool, Moore instead quickens the pace, running the ropes and avoiding Harris’ clothesline and reverse elbow attempts before nailing a running leg lariat. A springboard crossbody gets an early two count, and Harris rolls to the outside to regroup. As he and Storm discuss strategy, Moore goes for a suicide dive, but crashes and burns when Harris and Storm move out of the way. AMW stomp away at Moore, with Harris eventually rolling him back into the ring and covering for a two count. Tag to James Storm, who overpowers the smaller Moore easily. The Eye of the Storm almost gets the three, but Helms breaks the count. Storm drags Moore back into AMW’s corner and tags, allowing Harris to lock in a Sharpshooter. Moore fights his way to the ropes, but another attempt at a tag is stopped with a painful looking elbow drop to the back of the head. Harris sets up for the Catatonic, but Moore swings out and counters into a tornado DDT, getting the hot tag to Shane Helms! Helms climbs up top and takes Harris down with the Overcast for a two count. Storm gets superkicked off the apron as Helms gets another two count on Harris with an X-Plex. Harris fights out of the Nightmare on Helms Street setup, and takes down Helms with a spear for a near fall. Harris again goes for Catatonic, but Moore breaks it up and drops Harris with the Fameasser/Bottom’s Up, only to get dragged out of the ring by Storm. Helms throws Harris through the ropes and dives out onto America’s Most Wanted, with Moore following up with the Halo from the top rope to the outside! Moore rolls Storm back in, but Harris trips him and AMW hit a Hart Attack on Moore. They set up for the Death Sentence, but Helms shoves Harris off the top rope. Storm attacks Helms, going for the Eight Second Ride, but gets countered into the Nightmare on Helms Street for the three count! As Helms celebrates, he gets attacked from behind by an enraged Harris. AMW try to handcuff Helms to the ropes, but Shannon runs them off with a chair as the referee hands him and Helms the titles.

Winners and NEW NWA Tag Team Champions: Shane Helms & Shannon Moore (Rating: 79%)

Last Man Standing Match: Abyss vs. Sting

Sting receives a huge ovation for what could be the last time, if he fails to win this match against a man he’s never beaten. The increasing level of heel heat Abyss has been receiving as this feud has progressed is making the whole thing worthwhile. James Mitchell watches on from ringside as the two competitors face off, building the crowd heat before Abyss finally charges with a clothesline. Sting ducks it and fires away with right hands to the face, rocking the big man. Sting clotheslines Abyss over the top rope and continues to attack on the outside, nailing Abyss with hard chair shots that the Monster just shrugs off. “How can you stop a guy like Abyss?” West yells on commentary, sounding like his head’s about to explode. Abyss effortlessly lifts the Stinger into the air and rams his spine into the ring post. Grabbing his chain, Abyss wraps it around the neck of Sting and hangs him over the ropes as Mitchell mocks Sting on the outside. Abyss pulls Sting back into the ring and hits the Shock Treatment before standing back and allowing the ref to count. Sting gets up at 7, so Abyss boots him straight back down. Sting gets up again, this time unloading with right hands to the Monster. He tries to build some momentum, bouncing off the ropes, and charges straight into a Black Hole Slam! Mitchell laughs on the outside as the referee counts Sting down. 7… 8… 9… and somehow, Sting answers the count at nine! A furious Abyss throws Sting out of the ring and drags him to the entrance ramp, slamming him into the set. Abyss and James Mitchell start setting up tables for the inevitable holy shit bump, allowing Sting time to recover and crawl back into the ring. Sting avoids a charge in the corner and dropkicks out Abyss’ knees, retrieving his baseball bat and clobbering Abyss right in the face with it. Sting hits a few more home run swings, but Abyss stays on his feet, so Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop! Abyss is able to pull himself back up at the count of 8. Sting takes out the big man’s legs with the bat and locks in a Scorpion Deathlock, refusing to release the hold when Abyss grabs the ropes. Eventually Sting lets go, but again Abyss is able to answer the count, this time by rolling to the outside. Sting follows, and gets caught by surprise with a big boot. Abyss drags Sting back to the entrance ramp, going to throw Sting through the stack of tables, but Sting fights back with right hands. Mitchell sneaks up behind Sting with his cane, but Sting sees him coming and grabs the cane off him, taking him down with it. Abyss tries to attack Stinger from behind, but gets caught with a low blow! A hard cane shot sends Abyss off the stage and through the stack of tables at ringside! That’s enough to keep Abyss down for the ten count! Sting celebrates in the ring to a huge ovation.

Winner: Sting (Rating: 88%)

Team TNA vs. Team ROH

The huge 10-man elimination match is next. With each wrestler coming out separately, the entrances take some time to get through, which deflates the crowd a little after the Last Man Standing match. We have an extra referee on the outside to try and maintain order with so many guys in the ring, as Colt Cabana squares off against Raven to start this match. Cabana offers a handshake to start, and pulls Raven into a headlock when he accepts. Raven shoots him off the ropes, ducks under him, leapfrogs him… and eventually gets bored and goes for a rest in the corner while Cabana keeps running the ropes. Cabana keeps running until Raven comes out of the corner to clothesline him, only for Colt to suddenly stop and put him back in the headlock. This time Raven sends him into the turnbuckle, and takes him down with the clothesline/bulldog combo for an early two count. Raven tags to AJ, who hits a beautiful spinning heel kick on Cabana and follows up with a Pele Kick. Cabana tags out to Bryan Danielson, who has a face off with Styles before they start exchanging holds, with the American Dragon gaining the upper hand with a roaring elbow. Danielson locks in a Mexican surfboard, only releasing when the ref started counting his shoulders down. Danielson tags in Samoa Joe, who is only too happy to beat the ever-loving hell out of Styles in revenge for Styles pinning him at Bound For Glory. Joe hits the Joe Combo on Styles, with the snapmare, kick to the back and running knee drop, but Styles kicks out. Joe tries to wear Styles down with an STF, but AJ fights his way to the ropes. Joe avoids an attempted enzuigiri, though, and counters with one of his own, taking AJ down. Joe tags in CM Punk, who drags Styles back to the ROH corner and mocks him with slaps and kicks to the face. Punk hits the Welcome to Chicago, but Styles was too close to the ropes. This time Styles successfully hits the enzuigiri, sending Punk to the outside, but when the other ROH wrestlers gather around him, Styles ignores the potential tag and instead dives onto them with a backflip plancha! AJ makes his way back to the TNA corner and tags in Jeff Jarrett, who kicks Punk as he tries to re-enter the ring. Punk eventually rolls back in and brawls with Jarrett, exchanging right hands before tagging Joe back in. Joe rocks Jarrett with hard chops, and Jarrett quickly tags back out to Rhino. Joe and Rhino face off to a pretty decent reaction before exchanging punches and forearms. Rhino actually manages to haul Joe up for a huge spinebuster, but Joe kicks out! Joe tags out to Colt Cabana, who goes for a big lariat, but Rhino ducks and hits the Gore! Team ROH rushes the ring, obviously unwilling to suffer the first elimination in a match of this importance, which draws Team TNA into the ring, and we have a brawl on our hands. It quickly spills to the outside, where AJ Styles takes everyone out with a no hands somersault plancha. The Truth follows that with a dive of his own. Daniels gets in on the action with an Arabian Press, and then Joe with a spinning dive, and finally Cabana recovers enough from the Gore to hit a huge Asai Moonsault onto all nine men! Cabana rolls the other legal man, Rhino, back into the ring where he sets up for the Colt 45, but Rhino fights out and hits the Rhino Driver for the three count, giving first blood in this match to Team TNA!

Danielson gets in the ring for ROH and goes straight for the Cattle Mutilation, but Rhino fights him off. With both teams still fighting on the outside, Killings gets on the apron and tags himself in, taking Danielson down with a flying leg lariat. The Truth hits the sitout gourdbuster, but Danielson gets a foot on the ropes. Killings sets up for the Axe Kick, but Danielson avoids it and locks in a Crossface Chickenwing! Rhino tries to break it up, but CM Punk pulls him off the apron. Trapped in the centre of the ring, Killings has no choice but to tap. Rhino fights off Punk and gets back in the ring, setting up Danielson for a Death Valley driver, but Dragon fights out of it and instead hauls Rhino up himself for an airplane spin. Jarrett tries to break it up, but gets hit in the head by Rhino’s feet as he spins around. Danielson puts Rhino down and immediately locks in the Cattle Mutilation! Rhino submits. Jeff Jarrett is next for TNA, and he wastes no time taking down Danielson with stomps to the midsection. Jarrett locks in the figure four, but Danielson works his way out of it. Danielson staggers Jarrett with a kick to the head and goes for a Dragon Suplex, but Jarrett fights out and hits the Stroke for the three count. More referees come out to finally break up the ringside fighting, restoring some order. Joe enters next, and Jarrett goes straight on the offensive, but to no avail. Joe shrugs off Jarrett’s attacks and hits a huge STJoe for a two count. Jarrett dropkicks Joe and tags out to AJ, who has a staredown with Joe before they exchange chops. Joe gets the better of that encounter, naturally, but charges straight into a huge dropkick from AJ. Styleshit the springboard reverse DDT for a close two count that only seemed to make Joe even angrier, as he retaliated with hard knee strikes to the head. Joe went for a powerbomb, but AJ flipped out and managed to lift up Joe for the Styles Clash! He slowly rolled Joe over and pinned him… but Joe kicked out! In desperation, AJ tried to Muta Lock, but Joe was too close to the ropes. Joe nailed Styles with a huge kick and deposited him on the top rope for the Muscle Buster, but AJ fought out of it, kicked Joe down, and hit the Spiral Tap! That was enough to keep Joe down for the three! While an enraged Joe started smashing things up outside the ring, CM Punk quickly ran in and dragged AJ to the centre of the ring, applying the Anaconda Vice! Styles, who had used all of his remaining energy eliminating Joe, had no choice but to quickly submit. Jarrett re-entered the ring, attacking Punk and going for the Stroke, but Punk held onto the ropes and countered into the Pepsi Twist for a two count. Punk then drove Jarrett back into the corner with a Shining Wizard and set Jarrett up on the top rope. Seeing what was coming, Raven ran in to attack Punk, but Daniels cut him off. As they fought, Punk hit the Pepsi Plunge from the top rope on Jarrett and pinned him for the easy three count.

As the referee forced Daniels back onto the apron, arch-rivals Punk and Raven had a staredown of their own, with Raven realising that he was the last remaining man for TNA. No fool, Punk tagged out to Daniels without throwing a punch. Raven and Daniels fight it out, with Raven gaining the upper hand with jabs to the face and a bulldog. Raven pulls Daniels to the corner for the calf branding for two. Daniels hits the STO and Best Moonsault Ever for a two count, and tags out to Punk. Punk goes for the Anaconda Vice, but Raven rolls though and manages to hit the Evenflow DDT! That’s enough to eliminate Punk. Daniels wastes no time beating Raven down, but runs into a superkick and legsweep from Raven, who gets a two count from that. Daniels hits a step up enzuigiri and sets up Raven on the top rope for the Fall From Grace, but Raven kicks out. A Death Valley driver isn’t enough to keep Raven down, either. Signalling for the end, Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings… but Raven kicks out again! Daniels looks up in disbelief and goes for it again, but Raven counters to the Evenflow, only for Daniels in desperation to send Raven backwards into the turnbuckle. Raven staggers Daniels with rights and lefts, whipping Daniels into the ropes and setting up for the backdrop, but Daniels leapfrogs him and hits the Last Rites, a move he hadn’t used in TNA in months! He added a BME for good measure before finally putting Raven down for the three count.

Winners: Team ROH (Rating: 80%)

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Christian Cage © vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho’s music hits (one of Fozzy’s songs, I believe) as he makes his way to the ring for the main event. Christian Cage gets a big pop for his entrance, with the Peepulation in full force as Jeremy Borash takes the microphone for the super special World title match intros.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Genesis main event for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The man in charge in this match, TNA official Mark ‘Slick’ Johnson. Introducing first the challenger in the corner to my left. Hailing from Winnipeg in Manitoba, he weighs in for tonight’s contest at 229 lbs. He is the self-proclaimed King of the World, Chris Jericho!” Jericho poses for the fans, who give him some decent heat for a change rather than cheering him. “And his opponent, coming to us from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he weighed in this morning at 227 lbs, he is the current, reigning, and defending NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, he is ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian Cage!” Cage holds up the belt for the fans.

The bell rings, and this match is underway. Cage and Jericho start this match slowly, going through a feeling out process, careful not to rush into any big moves, aware that the first man to make a mistake could well be the loser. Suddenly the pace increases, with both men exchanging armdrags, headlock takedowns, pinning predicaments. Christian gains the advantage, locking in an abdominal stretch. Jericho counters to one of his own, Christian counters that into another abdominal stretch, and when Jericho tries to reverse it again, the champion takes him down with a hiptoss. Back to the headlock, Jericho shoots Christian off the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Cage holds onto the ropes and rolls Jericho up for two. Christian sends Jericho into the corner and chops him hard, which leads to a chop battle won by Christian. Seeing that he can’t gain the advantage, Jericho bails to the outside and then trips Christian, pulling him outside and ramming his ribs into the ring steps. Jericho rolls Christian back inside and stomps away at him, using the cocky pin to rile up the fans. Jericho hit the double powerbomb for a two count, and cockily slapped Christian and kicked away at his face. A running enzuigiri took Cage down and Jericho went for a Lionsault, but Christian just managed to avoid it, only to run straight into the Flashback for two. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Christian powers out and gets back to his feet as both men exchange right hands. Cage hits a gutbuster and a reverse DDT into a backbreaker before going up top and hitting a Frog Splash for two. Christian locks in a Texas Cloverleaf, but Jericho rolled through into the Walls of Jericho! The champion fought his way to the ropes to break the hold. Christian countered another attempt at the Walls into a backslide for two. Christian gets another nearfall off the diving reverse DDT. Christian goes for the Unprettier, but Jericho fights out into an attempted Breakdown, but Christian counters that… into the Unprettier! That’s enough for the win! Christian celebrates with the title belt as Genesis comes to a close.

Winner and STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage (Rating: 90%)

Overall Show Rating: 80%

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TNA v. ROH (Catching up on things; the beginning to now)

- After reading the first part of the backstory, I have to say it looks like you have a pretty good grip on things. I didn't find any speling mistakes and your grammar was right on, so thumbs up on that.

- Hmm.. not so sure about this big invasion thats about to take place. Sure it seems like a pretty cool idea on paper, but I'm not sure if thats the storyline that would put TNA over the top. I mean the average wrestling fan doesn't know what ROH is, so I'm not sure they'd be all that excited. The Hardcore fans yes, but not the average ones.

- I'm really liking the additions of Shane Helms, James Gibson and Jimmy Yang to the X-Division.

- Wow, your Tag Team roster has some depth to it, and thats a good thing. Moore and Helms are an awesome pairing, glad to see you kept Aries and Strong around as well.

- I sorta like the addition of the World Television Title, but I'm a little meh on the Hardcore Championship. Hardcore seems so '99

- Low Ki back, NAO becominning Road Agents, and Konnan returning to Mexico is all good news in my opinion.

- Abyss over Sting? A monstrous push better be in store.

- Ah, I thought you'd be bringing in a bunch of guys from ROH that many people hadn't heard of but instead many of the TNA roster realize their roots and turn coat. I have to say that was a pretty damn good debut of the company by James E. Cornette, and the Fallen Angel leading the pack works just fine.

iMPACT! (November 2nd, 2006)

- I was digging the Daniels promo until he mentioned the WWE Title, TNA guys in their promos usually tend not to mention it by name. I didn't really like everyone questioning Daniels, at this stage in the game everyone needs to be united and Daniels needs to look like a serious champ if ROH is to pose any threat to TNA. Also when the ROH guys went on and on about what had happened on their shows, if I was a fan in the audience who knew nothing about them I'd be bored to death that whole time.

- Go Zbyszko, I actually liked that segment. Suspending all of the ROH guys? I smell some run ins.

- Ah, I knew it. I'd actually forgotten Shelley was the tv Champion myself.

- Jarrett: "I know you never got a chance to do that in some of the other companies you’ve worked for," thats what I'm talking about, good job on that.

- I really liked that segment between Jarrett and Cage, I could picture both of them saying such things. One little bone to pick, and its just me being picky. Christian said "obviously fallen a hell of a long way if he’s going around calling an indy belt bigger than the most prestigious title in wrestling history!" I would have preferred that instead of saying "indy belt" he went with something like cheap pice of tin over his shoulder or something of the sort.

- For some reason I don't think poor Monty realizes that he's no where near the NWA Title right now.

- Damn good Raven promo right there, you had me feeling it as I heard Raven's voice in my head while I read it. I take it Jackie was "the girl" Raven had been talking about for a while now?

- Helms and Moore get the "W" but not without help from ROH. I know it's a necisarry evil to have the ROH guys running in, but I hope this doesn't become an every match thing. Don't get me wrong I like it but it will get stale after a while.

- The Mitchell promo was alright, Abyss beat Sting but I'm not so sure he'll go over Jericho here tonight.

- Didn't think so... ah the Sting and Abyss feuds still going on. Good way to save Abyss, while keeping the big lug with something to do.

- It's kinda fishy how Cornette got to be referee, who's the mole in TNA? After all Cornette has no real power in TNA.

- Oh I see how Cornette got to be ref, Zbyszko is knocked the fuck out.

Overall Comments: I think you have some good direction and good planning in where you want to go with this. I hope you keep in mind that some of the ROH guys are completely unknown to the TNA audience, and find some interesting ways to keep this invasion idea fresh and fun. I can't believe I've never checked in on this once before, its sorta like a sleeping giant I've completely missed but I am glad I checked in.

Xplosion (November 4th, 2006)

- Another good promo from Daniels, I like that you've given a reason why the ROH guys are on the shows with Zbyszko still out after that attack. Its little things like that that I like to find, makes things believable.

- You're right it is going to take a while for the crowd to react to the Matt Sydals of ROH, hopefully you have some big plans in how to do that.

- The Tag Match was just sort of there. I've never seen the Briscoe brothers at all, so for the TNA fans that hadn't it might have been a good way to get them over with a victory against Strong who appeared on TNA TV many a time.

- I like that the ROH guys are using cheating tactics against each other. United as a team but in the ring its like they don't care what they do as long as they win. Works for an all ROH show though.

- Not too happy with the Rottweilers going over Team 3D. They were jumped from behind, would have been the perfect way for TNA to get one up on ROH and end their nite on a bad note, but I see that you're trying to make ROH look dominant. I just didn't like seeing the Rots go over THEE most Dominant Tag Team in history.

Overall: The B show of TNA, you must be using EWR as I see there weren't too many segments between matches, thats the only downfall with the Game. Not a bad show with the only downer being Team 3D's job.

iMPACT! (November 9th, 2006)

- I like the direction you are going with Jericho he seems like an outsider who would be willing to help ROH if it ever came up, or side with TNA. He's a wildcard. I wasn't feeling his promo all that much, it seemed a little generic but in the latter part of his WWE run Jericho himself was seeming generic.

- Again WWE is mentioned with WrestlMania Twenty, "you beat me back then" would have been better.

- "It’s so funny whenever Matt Bentley and Traci come out and Bentley seems to think the crowd is actually cheering for him." I laughed a bit at that one. didn't think Shelley would lose here and he didn't, surprised to see the win come over Bentley and not Young though.

- Shelley v. sabin should be a good match, don't see the title going anywhere though.

- Glad to see Sabu went over there. What the hell is Monty's problem?

- The beat downs are becoming too many. I would have preferred for AMW just to come up and talk smack, what did Moore and Helms say that was so offensive?

- Nice match between Gibson and Killings, and no outside interfence. Good little match.

- "I hope ROH finds out that you can’t just step into my world without dealing with the King of the Mountain.” I like the way you end your problems with the go home lines, nice realistic way to finish off the dialogue. Wonder what Larry Z is gonna do?

- NOOOOO! Another team goes over Team 3D? Damn you. It leads to a match at the PPV but those poor Dudleys.

- Sting promo came across to me as rushed, not sure why. Again he sounded a little generic and not quite up to par, I see Sting going over at the PPV.

- Raven over Daniels? Sets up Raven perfectly in the role that he could become the "Saviour of TNA" I like where this is going.

- The match for Genesis is a no brainer, ROH HAS to win in order for this whole thing to advance. Reminds me of Survivor Series '01 don't make the same mistake the WWF did.

Overall Thoughts: A pretty solid show once again, less interference which was a plus. I liked Raven getting the win, but once again the Duds doing the job brings me down a little :-(

Xplosion (November 11th, 2006)

- The Pitbulls had to go over the Diamonds there, no one takes them seriously in TNA so putting them over wouldn't have made any sense.

- Shoulda ended Mitchell's promo with some evil laughter, but that was spot on. Nice job there.

- Monty wants to settle for Hardcore Gold now, what a chump. He needs to realize that squashing X Division type guys only makes him LOOK like a badass.

- That Raven promo was no where near the other one, but I'm glad to see he'll be representing TNA.

- Helms and Moore against AMW at Genesis should be nice, but once again I don't see the titles changing hands. I can see Helms and Moore turning the backs in the future. Helms getting the win here furthers my hypothesis.

Overall Thoughts: A show that focused on the buildup for Genesis more than anything, and one I didn't see too many glaring weaknesses in. Thumbs up.

iMPACT! (November 16th, 2006)

- Not too sure if I like the idea of TNA guys challenging for the ROH belts, scream Invasion '01 as that was one of the major problems of the whole storyline.

- You're trying to build the Briscoe bros. up, a win over the Naturals will do that to some extent. Alot of the ROH guys aren't going to be taken seriously though if they all need help in beating the TNA crew.

- Sonjay and Yang is a match I would like to see, as I said your X-Division has a pretty talented roster.

- Nice way to hype the tag match at Genesis. Never been a fan of the Death, Taxes, and tables line but it works.

- Good way to put Nigel over with his tactics during the match and explain the rules surrounding the Pure Title.

- That match had me confused, how exactly did Moore and Helms win. Was it by count out?

- Christian/Jericho segment was RUSHED.

- Petey is a freakin' moron. The Canadian Destroyer on Joe. Ha! Ha!

- Sting/Abyss reminds me of Sting/Vader for some reason.

- I don't know what the Cattle Mutilation is, could you maybe describe that when he uses it again? I've always wondered. Shelley/ Sabin is moving along nicely.

- The only weak part of the Team TNA promo was Killings reference to WWE, other than that it was pretty solid. I didn't realize that you had assembled a team of Five World champs until you mentioned it either.

- This TNA seems alot like the Attitude era with all of the run ins, a necissary one for this match as there was no way Brown was getting the ROH belt.

Overall Thoughts: The buildup for Genesis continues and this show did a good job of hyping the TNA v. ROH match, and some of the lower card ones. Jericho/ Christian took a backseat tonight, so hopefully you do something next week to rectify this.

Xplosion (November 18th, 2006)

- I can't picture Sabin getting Nana up for the Cradle Shock, but I know he could. Sabin v. Shelley should be the best lower card match at Genesis.

- Go Traci, you tell that bitch. I'm feeling an ROH win though.

- I knew it. I smell a Traci v. Lacey match coming in the not so distant future.

- OMG the Dudley(s) job again! I hate you!

- Jericho is a hypocrit first its not personal, but now it always is going to be according to him. He's also wrong because up until TNA's debut either Severn, Hashimoto or Corino were NWA Champion. The NWA Title is theoretically the only one Jericho hasn't held - he's going over at Genesis.

- I would have been pissed if that fag Cabana would have went over Rhino, but he didn't so all is good.

Overall Thoughts: You have some pretty good build going for Genesis and the show made me more interested in seeing how the PPV will come out. Thumbs up.

TNA News

- Holy fuck! You got rid of Bentley, that was out of left field! Skipper and Young aren't surprising but damn Bentley was just on Xplosion! Where does that leave Tracy?

iMPACT! (November 23rd, 2006)

- Another team beats the Naturals, and again Team 3D run in. Woulda been nice to do a table tease there.

- Nana's pissed because Sabin laid his hands on him, good character portrayal.

- Now I'm kinda hoping Sabin goes over Shelley, you're doing a good job of putting Shelley over as a dastardly heel.

- Like Jericho and Christian last week, Monty and Sabu seemed RUSHED.

- AMW had come across as the heels up until now with their antics, was that what you were going for? Ooh never mind, they're still heels. I smell AMW turning coat.

- Ok I get how Helms and Moore won last time, the Countdown is the name of their finisher, gotcha.

- K you've clearly settled who are the faces and who are the heels in the tag match, go not 3 count!

- Attacks Galore! Those evil ROH bastards, AJ's leg is broken!

- Keeping both Joe and Raven strong, but still more interference?

- Christian and Sting going over here tells me a few things. One Sting goes over Abyss and Jericho goes over Christian, or vice versa.

Overall Thoughts: The last impact before Genesis is now over, with only one more stop to go. The Team TNA v. ROH match shoulda had just a little more build to it, but overall the buildup for Genesis has been great.

Xplosion (November 25th, 2006)

- Petey's not getting much reaction from the crowd? That's a shame for a guy who has the coolest finisher in wrestling.

- Team Canada and the Naturals both are starting to bore me, please fix this.

- Williams and Dutt against Gibson and Yang is gonna be a hell of a match.

- Sabin pins Shelley!? Yeah he's not going over at Genesis.

- I'm hoping Helms and Moore go over AMW really bad.

- Again the run ins seem to happy just because they can. It kinda seems like an easy way to build heat, I'd like to see a little bit more ceative of a way.

Overall thoughts: Can't wait to read Genesis now, Xplosion was rather bleh.. with Sabin getting the win being the highpoint (but also a low point because I doubt he's gonna get the win at Genesis)

Genesis Predictions:

* Chris Jericho over Christian

* Team ROH over Team TNA

* Sting over Abyss

* Helms and Moore over AMW (please)

* Brown over Abyss

* Team 3-D over the Rots (If you know what's good for you :P)

* Shelley over Sabin

* James Gibson over Yang, Williams and Dutt

* The Naturals over Team Canada

TNA Genesis Pay-Per-View

- More run ins :/

- So Aries is upset with his position in ROH? Or was he talking about TNA? I'm confused.

- OOh, pleasant surprise there with Petey getting the win.GEtting it over the other TNA guy might spell trouble.

- Shelley winning with the Sliced Bread #2 is that a shout out to Spanky?

- Nooooo! Team 3-D jobs again!? Their worth is plummeting. They should be TNA's saving grace in the tag division, not jobbers!

- Brown pretty much had to go over there, he's been floundering for a while.

- Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! New Tag Champs, they looked strong in this one too.

- Sting going over was no surprise he pretty much had to, judging by the rating it must have been a damn good match.

- Rhino submits :(

- Wow, Joe got eliminated? I didn't see that coming at all.

- Punk eliminating Jarrett and AJ has him coming off way too strong IMO.

- Raven has to make a superman comeback here

- The match went just as I thought it would, and there's really nothing wrong with that.

- Wow, Jericho didn't pick up the win. You have pushed Christian to the moon from the start and I'm not going to complain.

Overall Toughts on Genesis:

I like how the show went, many of the matches were predictable but they needed to go as they did for continuity. Great show in my opinion.

Overall Thoughts on this Diary:

I'm really glad I checked in on this one as you have proven to be a pretty good writer, you have plenty of ideas and thus far you have brought them across well. I will be tuning in for the next show without a doubt.

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(OOC: Seeing as how it took me longer than I expected to write up Genesis the way I wanted to, I'm making a couple of changes to the diary format. Impact will stay the same for now, but Xplosion posts will feature a much shorter recap of the results and a more in-depth Impact preview, like this one. I always hated the two show format anyway, so this will give me an excuse to put the focus on Impact and leave Xplosion as a B-show. P.S. Greatly appreciate the feedback (Y) )

IPB Image

TNA iMPACT! Preview for November 30th, 2006

from www.tnawrestling.com


At Genesis, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage successfully retained his title in an excellent match against Chris Jericho. Tune in to Impact to here the champ's thoughts on that match and to find out who he will have to defend his title against at TNA's next pay-per-view spectacular, Turning Point, as Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko has announced there will be a number one contendership match on Impact!

Also at Genesis, the team of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms successfully captured the NWA World Tag Team Championships from America's Most Wanted. The former champions have demanded and received a rematch, which will be the main event of this week's Impact! Will the new champions fall at the first hurdle?

Team ROH was successful in their bid to defeat Team TNA in a 10-man elimination match at Genesis. When the dust had settled, it was ROH World Champion 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels left as the last man standing. ROH have cemented their place in TNA for the time being, and their commissioner, Jim Cornette, has been ringing TNA management and making demands non-stop since then. Larry Zbyszko has said he will address ROH on Impact and declare exactly how things stand between the two companies as the build to Turning Point begins.

Speaking of ROH, a group of wrestlers from Ring of Honor disrupted the Genesis preshow, interfering in a match between the Naturals and Team Canada. A furious Scott D'Amore has demanded revenge, and so on Impact 'Canadian Enforcer' Bobby Roode and 'Showtime' Eric Young will take on the Briscoe Brothers with the ROH Tag Team Championships on the line!

Finally, in an emotional match up, Sting was finally able to defeat 'The Monster' Abyss at Genesis in a Last Man Standing match. Abyss will be in action against Shark Boy this week, and Sting has told tnawrestling.com that he has a huge announcement for his fans regarding his future and his potential upcoming retirement on Impact that will have huge future implications! There's only one way to find out what that will be, though, and that's to tune in to Impact, this Thursday on SpikeTV!

Match listing:

ROH Tag Team Championships: Briscoe Brothers © vs. Team Canada

BJ Whitmer vs. Simon Diamond

Abyss vs. Shark Boy

#1 Contendership: ??? vs. ???

NWA Tag Team Championships: Shane Helms & Shannon Moore © vs. America's Most Wanted

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