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The Blood Brothers Poster


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I've been talking to this chick lately, and she's been looking all over for a Blood Brothers poster. I guess it's some punk rock band or something, I don't really know or care. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas besides e-bay/allposters.com to find one.

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The Blood Brothers' Crimes could not have come at a more perfect time.” Various colors of vinyl, 16 page lyric book and full color poster.

As you can read on the site, Crimes at least from that site, I don't know if it is so in store, comes with a poster. The Blood Brothers are actually a really good band but they're not for everyone. Crimes is a good CD, try listening to Crimes and Love Rhymes With Hideous Carwreck.

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As good as the Blood Brothers are, I actually prefer the Neon Blonde side-project. I challenge anyone to listen to the song "Chandeliers & Vines", and not be blown away.

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I must admit, I was kinda disappointed with Crimes. Other then the song Crimes, and Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck, there was nothing that really stood out.

Burn Piano Island, Burn > Crimes indeed. Anyone else find Crimes a bit disappointing?

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The Blood Brothers are pretty good. I wasn't into them when I went to see the Coheed & Cambria concert in Toronto but when they played live they were actually pretty good.

Plus I got cracked in the head with the drum stick they threw into the crowd, I made sure I grabbed that shit before anybody else could though.

Peacocks Skeleton With Crooked Feathers & Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck are my two favourite songs.

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