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TNA Impact game models


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Why wouldn't he be in it?

He is currently suspended for no showing Genesis (which isn't the first time either) - and is only suspended instead of fired because he's a huge moneymaker in the merchandise area. If his stuff suddenly didn't sell anymore - he would be gone instantly in my opinion.

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Guest The Trooper

Just some little titbits i thought i might add (cant find the exact links, but they were posted some time ago on a legitimate source)

It is scheduled for the big three formats in 2007, so it will probably be on PS3, X-Box 360, Revolution.

AJ Styles more or less confirmed that it would be using the AKI system, in an interview (around December) he said that the AKI system is the greatest engine for a wrestling game, and that the latest TNA game will be using it.

So... sounds like an awesome game, possibly a rival of SD Vs RAW 2007/8 when it comes out, depending on whether this game gets the advertising that it rightfully deserves.

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