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The Matrix: The Path of Neo


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man I've heard a lot of bad things about this game but I rented it earlier today and wow its amazing . I loved the training missions like sparring with Morpheous or sword fighting with a samurai . I'm up the part in teh frist move where they get trapped in the apartment and they have to escape the agents .

Gunfighting is cool but the controls for it are akward . you hold r2 to keep your guns out , use r1 to fire and the right analog stick to aim

the hand to hand and melee fighting is spot on . I haven't earned all the skills yet but i have some sweet combos . nothings better that slapping Morpheus around with a around 30 hit staff slap only to follow it up with a downward swing right onto his bald head.

I rented mlb 06 the show but I haven't touched it yet lol

anyone played it if so whats your opinions . to me its leaps and bounds better than enter the matrix. even though the graphics could be better

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I don't understand why people think this is better than Enter The Matrix :\

It's been a while since I played ETM, sure, but this is horrible. And I love the Matrix, don't get me wrong, but the game itself is ridiculous. The only part of ETM I didn't like was the driving, but the only thing I DO like of PON is his powers. I hate shooting so much I spent practically the first two 'films' doing nothing but hand to hand combat :@

Combos are weird too, since they consist of hitting Triangle until the other guy dies. I do however love doing the One stuff, stopping bullets, seeing in code...jumping really high. Stuff like that is cool but the rest of the game is just annoying. I wasn't keen on the storytelling bit since it jumped around so much, showing you footage of a bit in the film long before you come to the actual level and whatnot, but I like the Red Pill bits.

But seriously, better than Enter The Matrix?

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To me the matrix is all about the combat and I hated the system in enter the matrix .. Sure PON has some problems but to me the fighting is great. Shooting is good too its just the way they mapped the controls

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Guest _sTe_

When I first got the game, I hated the controls, and the difficulty determine level confused the hell outta me because I didn't have a clue what was going on or what I was doing.

I stopped playing it after about 1 or levels and only played again because I had no others games to play, and no money to buy more. And it turned out that, once you get the hang of the control system and the awkward camera, it's a pretty fun game to play.

Although I'll have to agree with who said it's ok to play through once, but I probably won't play it again.

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