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Iron & Wine


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Does anyone else besides Shibby & I like them? They're kinda like Nine Inch Nails (not really, just based on the fact that it's a one man band + contributors). It's really simple music, and I guess it's folk. It's beautiful music, to me atleast. Amazon.com says it's depressing (or something) but I don't think it is. Just somber songs.

If you've heard of Iron & Wine in the past few years, it's most likely because of the movie, Garden State (covered "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service) or that M&Ms commerical which has the same song on it.

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You know... I think Postal Service covered "Such Great Heights" but I may be wrong...

As for Iron & Wine, it's like the folk music all the emo kids at my school listen to (Because the subject matter is really depressing). I happen to enjoy Iron & Wine a lot. But definitely gets too depressed for me if I listen to too much at once.

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I loves me some Iron & Wine. Prefer the stripped I&W stuff, compared with the tracks done with Calexico, but then again, I think the full band merely adds to Sam Beam's wholesomeness (if that's a word).

And are they touring anywhere else in the UK? I'd look myself, but it's early. :shifty:

Oh, and Iron & Wine's cover of Such Great Heights is now used in the ask.com adverts. :wub:

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Guest Professor Kou

I've been an Iron and Wine-o (See what I did there, lol Kou you so funny.) for a couple of years now. Since I have a new wipe of my HD and Beatnik's Send-A-Thon didn't include any Iron & Wine I'm off to "purchase" some more music.

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They play them often at my school's coffeehouse. I'd definitely say they're good, considering that I'll actually listen to them despite the fact that I REALLY hate folk music.

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