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The biggest video games and the most controversial video games


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My current college project is about video games and I am going to use the biggest icons in video gaming history, preferably from the early 90's thru to nowadays, not so bothered about the old skool style, I know what to use from there. Of course all the big names spring to mind like Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Tomb Raider etc, but its always good to hear from other people. So far I am gonna be using games such as: Street Fighter II, Mario Brothers (any of them really), Donkey Kong, Sonic, Pac-Man, Pong and a few others I have at the back of my mind. BIG GAMES PEOPLE!

And secondly, controversial games. I can immediately think of Doom, Postal and GTA.

Thanks in advance for you help, and hell, if you don't help lets get some classic gaming talk going (H)

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Manhunt is a good call, but was it really big? I don't remember it causing as much fuss as GTA.

EDIT - Just thought of Mortal Kombat. People got pissed because of the blood. Same thing with Carmeggedon.

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From Wikipedia

The game was banned in New Zealand on December 11, 2003. Following a meeting in Toronto on December 22, 2003 between Bill Hastings, the Chief Censor of New Zealand, and officials from the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services, Manhunt became the first computer game in Ontario to be classified as a film and was restricted to adults on February 3, 2004. It was banned in Australia on September 28, 2004 by the Classification Review Board after having earlier received a classification allowing it to be purchased by under 15 year-olds accompanied by their parents. The game has been declared illegal for players of all ages in Germany. In the UK, the game received a BBFC 18 certificate, legally prohibiting its sale to anyone under that age. The game is the only video game to ever be awarded an "18" certificate in the Republic of Ireland, and as a result the only video game ever awarded any certificate, as censorship laws in Ireland allow only games with an 18+ PEGI rating to go forward for certification, where they are treated as if cinematic releases of movies. In the UK, games of any type may be submitted for BBFC rating.

In the United Kingdom the game was linked to the murder of Stefan Pakeerah, 14, by his friend Warren LeBlanc, 17. Giselle Pakeerah, the victim's mother, claimed [1] that LeBlanc had been 'obsessed' with the game after the former pleaded guilty in court.

During the subsequent media circus, the game was removed from sale by some vendors, such as the UK and international branches of GAME and Dixons, leading to "significantly increased" demand [2] both from retailers and on internet auction sites.

The police denied any such link between the game and the murder however [3], citing drug-related robbery as the motive. The presiding judge also placed sole responsibility with LeBlanc in his summing up after awarding him a life sentence [4]. GAME have since returned Manhunt to their shelves, after it transpired that the murderer did not own or play the game. It was the victim who owned a copy of Manhunt, even though he was under 18.

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Guest Professor Kou

Tetris is a huge game, Not just because of it's enormous impact on the gaming world but for the history behind it.

That history you'll have to find yourself. As I'm in school and I'm far too lazy to actually come up with proof of said history at this time.

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You'd have to include The Sims I'd say, it's the biggest selling PC game of all time and was certainly the big game of recent years, in my opinion, that attracted non-gamers and women to gaming like no other seems to have.

I guess you could include some of the big MMO's such as World Of Warcraft and Everquest that seem to get people addicted to ridiculous levels, including people dying because they play for so long. Also the fact that people pay real money (and lots of it) for items in-game. Not controvertial in the obvious sense, but there's definitely some issues there.

I think all the obvious controvertial games have been mentioned: Manhunt, GTA (including the ridiculous hot coffee malarky), Mortal Kombat, Doom, Postal, Carmageddon.

EDIT: I remember doing an essay on censorship many years ago for an English project and came across the game Harvester. Another game to throw in with the controversial ones, it apparantly features everything under the sun: violence, sex, S&M, cannabalism, racism.


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Guest Professor Kou

Actually I haven't read into why Thrill Kill was never released. As videos of game play that I have seen of it looked pretty solid for a four person figther.

I'm assuming EA didn't have the stones to release it.

Daikatana can be concidered controversial as for it's aggresive advertising plan and then falling flat on it's face.

That and I hate that long haired bitch that made it.

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I wouldn't include 'postal' in the list of controversial games because 1)It's a bad game and 2)It's unpopular. All the other controversial games mentioned have been really good games(more or less), and that's why they were popular. Postal, on the other hand, sucked. If you mention Postal you might as well mention all those weird ass hentai games. Yes, they're controversial, but very few people play them, and their impact on the video game culture is non-existant.

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