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I played 3 days as WWE. On Day 4, I got an email:

You forgot to book an arena for RAW, so the show was canceled. You lost popularity.

I then stopped playing. EWR may not be perfect, but at least I don't have to book EVERY SINGLE ARENA you go in for every TV show, every house show and every PPV.

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Ok.. I'm watching this Thread the last 2 Days now..

And.. I put to much Time in creating this Game, to let you say these Things without answering.

This Game is NOT an EWR Rip Of. If it would be, you would had understand how to play it. Yes, there are things that are even in EWR. There are things from TEW, too. BUT.. there are also things from 5GWS. That means, I programmed the last 1,5 Years a 5GWS Rip Of?

A Game in this Sector, can only work with some things, working the same way. EWR was, at it's last Version, very complex. So, there is no Way to create a Game like this, without doing some things the same Way.

But there are much things, that work a completely other Way then EWR.

"Too much shit to bother with for me, straight to the Recycling Bin." <- This sentence can review the Game in all it's deepneth? LW is NOT only signing Contracts, clicking on "Next Day" and let the Game do the rest, till you need to book a Show. That's what most of EWR Players don't unterstand. And things, some people don't understand is crap for them. Yeah.

The File Size, is a result of the Wrestler pictures and the Skins, I provided with the Game. It's Year 2006. I think that the Internet Connections are great enough for Downloading a 60MB File. I don't know, what a Game must have to make you all Happy. LW is a great Game. Yes, it's having some Bugs. It's surely not perfect. But anybody here, remember the first Version of EWR? Was it perfect?

I spend 1,5 Years, to make LW what it is at the Moment. And I will continue developing LW. As FREEWARE. I do this in my freetime and I don't get Money for this. If you want an excellent and perfect Game, with 3D Effects and DirectX 9 Graphics.. ask THQ. Perhaps, they do it.

(sorry for my bad English.. I'm German and here it is 05:12 am.. and now, I go to sleep.)

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