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Never Went to Church


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Has anyone heard "Never Went to Church" off the new Streets album?

I heard it the other day on Jo Whiley's show, and it is flippin amazing. I can't wait to get hold of "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living". Everything I've heard so far has been among the best stuff Mike Skinner has done.

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The whole album is pretty damn good but short. Come on Mike, 11 tracks all under 4 minutes is a little weak, you can do better than that.

Oh, and listening to Never Went To Church the beat reminds me of Let It Be.

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I think the albums alright, gonna have to grow on me though I think. Not as good as the previous two. Think thats cuz he's been focusing on other stuff like the mitchell brothers album which I think is a better than this one. Never went to church is class though.

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Guest muddatrucker

I never understood how people could sit down and listen to his 'rhymes' and be like 'thats quality' because for the most parts they're long winded and don't even go.

He has a few good songs but thats down to the beat, other than that he's an annoying chavvy cunt.

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He's pretty solid I think. I really liked Original Pirate Material and I know I listened to the other cd, but I didn't like it that much.

I'm going to see him in Chicago in June though for some music festival. Him and Bloc Party are going to be playing... and those are the only two artists I recognized. Should be awesome though. I'm interested to see how the beats translate live.

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