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How to build a Game in week from scratch with no budget


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Wow, that was super interesting. Much like exposes on the wrestling business, tho, it takes away some of the mystique and leaves the reader thinking "Is that all there really is to it?"

I might've dl'ed Python and mucked around with it, but then I remembered I already have way too many hobbies and my programming days are looooong behind me. :ohwell:

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The magic... is gone.

Way to go Droppy :shifty:

Looks cool, I will play it in a bit and maybe even give a review. Probably not though, I am really lazy.

EDIT: It certainly plays like it was made in a week... I suppose I can give it a D+ because it's impressive to make a game at all (Much less in a week's time) so yeah. I get bored quickly though, as you can tell by the fact I have already given up on the game after playing it less than ten minutes...

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