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Skumfrog's new favourite band...


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This band just added me on Myspace.

Words can't sum them up. Dirty, distorted, energetic, incredible Detroit-style garage/punk. By a TEN year old and a TWELVE year old.

It's like...they're an amazing punk band. And they're ICKLE.

Mindblowing stuff.

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"Cell Phone" is actually rather catchy. I'm not too big on the other stuff but the potential to be awesome in a couple of years is definitely there.

Plus their list of influences is very strong.

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Who needs little pre-teen punks when you have the MIGHTY MOSHING EMO RANGERS!!!

There're my new favourite band for at least the next hour. I'm not even sure they're even a band but it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Ugh. I hated them when they were a rubbish joke before they became a band. I hate them more now that they're a rubbish joke that has become a band. They tarnished the hard-rocking Power Rangers theme tune, damn them!

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