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Play.com question


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In my experience with Game, they're tight bastards when it comes to trading in games (even newer ones). If there's the slightest scratch on the disc, fingerprints or whatever else they find on it, they tend to refuse to bring it in. Also, they hardly ever give out much money; I once bought Metal Gear 3 from there for £35, took it back about a week later after I had completed it and they would only give me £12 for it.

So, I always stick with Play.com for games. It's cheap, free delivery and always reliable.

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It will almost certainly be more expensive in-store than on their website. I'd say at least £24.99 in-store for the PC version.

But yeah, I find Play a very good online retailer. Don't think I've ordered many games with the view to getting them on the exact day of release, but I think I got Football Manager 2005 on the day of release from them. If you definitely want it on the Friday, you might be better ordering from Amazon and paying for express delivery, however much that is. I'm sure my bro got Halo 2 the day before release when he did that.

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