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Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain to DVD


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Animaniacs -- Pinky & The Brain

Source: IGN

Damn youse all to hell! I don't have this kind of money! Although, to be honest, I don't have the money to buy a Twix right now, but eh, that's not the point.

Good news for all of us who are still 12 or so at heart, although I think they could've just combined the two and extended the Animaniacs volumes by at least two. I mean, that's how Pinky und ze Brain got started and all...

Other DVDs I'm looking out for:

Samurai Jack, Vol. 3 -- out today.

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego -- June 13th

The Weird Al Show -- August 15th

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I was absolutely obsessed with this show in the mid-90s. My friends and I were talking about just two days ago, in fact.

The only specifics I've managed to find out (from Amazon.com) is that the Anamaniacs boxset is 5 discs long, with the P&TB boxset has 4. They're listed as having 25 episodes (550 minutes) and 22 episodes (471 minutes) respectively.

If they're both "volume 1", how much of them is there still remaining? o_O

And oh god, I remember the Carmen Sandiago TV series (which I came across after having played the Mega Drive game :shifty:). Frankly it was poor.

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Yeah, it generally sucked hard (although the game show was fun, if only because it seemed like NOBODY could win the last round) -- I still waste time on it, though, so if it's relatively cheap, I'll nab it.

There honestly can't be that many more P&TB episodes -- there were only 94 total. By contrast, there were close to 500 individual Animaniacs cartoons (enough for about 165-250 full 30-minute episodes.)

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It's time for An-i-man-i-acs

And we're zany to the max

So just sit back and relax

You'll laugh till you collapse

We're An-i-man-i-acs

Come join the Warner brothers

And the Warner sister Dot

Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot

They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught

But we break loose

And then vamoose

And now you know the plot

We're An-i-man-i-acs

Dot is cute and Yakko yaks

Wakko packs away the snacks

While Bill Clinton plays the sax

We're An-i-man-i-acs

Meet Pinky and the Brain

Who want to rule the universe

Goodfeathers flock together

Slappy wacks 'em with her purse

Buttons chases Mindy

While Rita sings a verse

The writers flipped

We have no script

Why bother to rehearse

We're An-i-man-i-acs

We have play for play contracts

We're zany to the max

There's baloney in our slacks

We're An-i-man-ee

Totally insaney

Here's the shows namey


Those are the facts!

.......Had to be done.

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We need Freakazoid on DVD, that show ruled.

And Rocko's Modern Life...and Courage The Cowardly Dog...

...damnit :(

Edit: It could just be me, but does anyone else have the overwhelming urge to dance as they sing the Freakazoid theme?


I also want Earthworm Jim on DVD. I fucking LOVED that show, perhaps even more than I loved Freakazoid and I loved me some Freakazoid.

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  • 1 month later...

Actually, according to the ToonZone Forums, they said that there is a chance that Warner will release Freakazoid! on DVD. Currently, a rep from Warner said that the series is under "Heavy Consideration" in regard to a DVD release. Hopefully they will release the series as it was (And still is) one of the wittiest shows to ever be show on Saturday mornings.

Here is a link to it.


I'm definetly looking foward to the upcoming A! and P&TB DVDs. I really hope these sets sell well and give Warner the idea to release more of their series from the 90's.

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I know it's not a cartoon, but I'm dying for This Morning With Richard Not Judy to be released on DVD.

Tonight on... When Things Spill, Fall Down or Get Knocked Off Of Shelves.... BEETROOT.

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Slight update on a few things.

IGN has released a review of the Animaniacs DVD set. Overall a good review, but you sticklers for extras & video transfers may have a gripe. It's over here.

Secondly, the animated version of The Tick is finally hitting store shelves August 29th. Spoon!

Last and certainly not least: Darkwing Duck is out on DVD Aug. 29th as well. News flap goes here.

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Coolness in regard to The Tick. I always loved that show when they aired it here in the backs on the old Fox Kids saturday morning block.

Anybody remember Eek! The Cat? That was another great show from the 90's. That is definetly another show I'd love to see get the DVD treatment.

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Anybody remember Eek! The Cat? That was another great show from the 90's. That is definetly another show I'd love to see get the DVD treatment.

It was pretty good, and a good blueprint for Courage The Cowardly Dog later on (although I think Courage was greater in terms of entertainment and just outright strangeness.)

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