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Agent Orange


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Okay, so I downloaded a punk tribute to Metallica, that has bands like The Vibrators, D.O.A., DeeDee Ramone, Dr. Know and other bands, but the standout band to me is Agent Orange.

Can anyone give me their best albums, or some songs to grab? Anything?

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This Is All I Need is the best song they've ever done ever at all ever.

Admittedly I've never listened to a full album but over the 20+ songs I've heard TIAIN is easily the best. Their cover of Police Truck is also pretty cool, as well as Bite The Hand That Feeds (Both parts, but part 1 is the better I think)

The only song I've heard that wasn't as good as the rest was Bored Of You. But yeah, get TIAIN >_>

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Go with Nefarious's suggestions, that's about the best they've ever done.

There really isn't any differences in the two versions of Bloodstains, just two different recordings. One is possibly a bit faster.

By the way Tristy, Dr. Know and D.O.A. absolutely smoke Agent Orange, so you ought to check them out as well.

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I fucking love Agent Orange, i'd also go with This Is All I Need for best song.

The police truck cover is superb, as is their cover of Somebody To Love. The Last Goodbye is good.

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