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Major League Wrestling: 2006

Guest Korrosion

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Guest Korrosion

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Major League Wrestling: Vision On The Horizon


I worked my as off for years and years… I started at the bottom, worked shows for no-name Indy promotions that drew 25-30 people per show. I knew I was better than that; I started to find my feet in MLW. I started getting booked all over North America, all over the world. I found my spot in ROH, that’s where I loved it. I wrestled my matches and the fans appreciated me for it. I worked my ass off every single night and knew that it was worth it because of what the fans gave me back. I wrestled hurt, injured, sick and through depression but the fans were the ones who got me through it all. I knew that if anything they would always be on my side as long as I gave them what they wanted. The day came so early, when I grew to big for my boots. I got my call up to the big league, the major league. Vince McMahon himself scouted me and wanted my talent, my charisma. So I left at the drop of the hat. I packed up my stuff and just plain walked out on the people that got me through everything, when I was down. I sold out.

The major league wasn’t everything I was dreaming of, I mean Heat wasn’t exactly my thought of where my talent and charisma was going. But that’s what I got; my huge paycheck eased the pain a little. But the thought of my other offers, places where I would have got recognition. Places like ROH which was one of my homes, MLW was were I stood on my own two feet before it was shut down, TNA was beckoning. But I sold out I took the contract that had the most money because I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I started dreaming about getting out of this hell hole which was the WWE and going home, going home to my roots. MLW, ROH the places where I could showcase my talent, showcase my charisma. I was used as nothing but a jobber in WWE. I kept thinking that if I done what I was told it would get better. I would start headlining at least Heat. I started to save my money off my big bucks contract that has got me nowhere, only for when the ‘E’ released me.

I was pretty well of towards my last two years of the contract. I was itching to get out of this place and go back to my roots but it was a long way away. To my amazement they started to push me. I worked my way into the Smackdown! Upper midcard. I was working regularly on Smackdown! Which was about as good as Heat at this stage. I got my push to my first title, the WWE US Title. I was excited as hell that they were going to actually use me for once. I started wrestling the new boys and I was getting more and more over. But someone had something to say about that, before I was to go into my WWE US Title feud. I was scheduled for a small feud with Hardcore Holly. My thoughts went for this place is all right to, fuck this shit!

Our first match I knew something was wrong, he wasn’t happy that I was going over. All match he stiffed me, he broke my nose in the first 2 minutes, but I kept going on with the match. Just before we were about t go home. Holly decides he wants to hit some germans. The first was good, the second was a nasty neck bump and hurt like shit, the third was a release german. I would have loved for him to tell me it was going to be a release but he didn’t. I landed straight on the top of my head.

After a night in hospital I had found out that I broke my neck and I would never be able to wrestle again. I was emotional drained by this point and still couldn’t believe my career was over. I kept thinking to myself “What do I do now, Where do I go from here?” After a lengthy rehab program my neck was in as best shape as it could be. I still wasn’t allowed to wrestle, but hey at least I could walk. I went to see Mr. McMahon in a meeting he had scheduled with me. I was guessing that he would either give me my money so I could leave or offer me a staff position. As I thought he voided my contract payed me out and I left. Left the WWE hurt, not able to wrestle but with a shit load of money.

I was thinking for days on end what to do with my life, when it hit me. Wrestling was my life it was my pride and passion. So I decided what I was going to do with my life and my money. I Petey Parker was going to start my own wrestling company. Now I didn’t want to start from the bottom. So I looked into things, I looked at promotion’s that had come and gone but none struck my attention. I always wanted to go back to my roots when I was in the WWE, I couldn’t do anything with ROH because they were going so well. But on the other hand I could try and get MLW back into the limelight. I done some research and Court Bauer the previous owner of MLW sold all of MLW's assets and properties to W.G.O. Properties based in Asia. I got in contact with W.G.O Properties and they decided that they would sell me all of MLW’s assets and properties for a fair price, but I had to take on a helper if you may call it that. W.G.O Properties sent me over a nice girl named Sophie who was to help me out with things.

I now own Major League Wrestling, I was going to get this baby back on track and ready to roll. Hybrid Wrestling was back on the rise and it was under my vision, under my control and with this I was going to make history. We were to get it under way and find MLW’s new roster. This was the new beginning of MLW, the new beginning of professional wrestling, and the new beginning of my life. I was going to set thing right with the fan’s that once loved me. I was going to show them that I am not a sell out because MLW’s vision is on the horizon.

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Guest Korrosion

Major League Wrestling 2006: Vision On The Horizon



Alex Shelley

Andy Douglas

Austin Aries

BJ Whitmer

Bobby Roode

Chase Stevens

Chris Sabin

Elix Skipper

Frankie Kazarian

James Mitchell

Jay Lethal

Jimmy Jacobs


Petey Williams

Roderick Strong

Ron Killings

Samoa Joe

Scott D'Amore

Sonjay Dutt


MLW World Heavyweight Championship

MLW Global Tag Team Championships

MLW Junior Heavyweight Championship

Major League Wrestling

Size & PI: Regional at 10%

Money: $2000000

Risk: 66%

Production: 40%

Advertising: 25%


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Guest Korrosion

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MLW News

-Frankie Kazarian has left MLW before they even had their first show, reportly he got a bigger offer from NWA:CS

-Booby Roode has been released from MLW after admitting to having a drug problem, he checked into rehab and told MLW managment that he didn't know if he wanted to be in the wrestling business anymore.

-Three members of the MLW roster will miss the first MLW show due to touring commitments. Alex Shelley, Low-Ki and Sonjay Dutt will all miss out on MLW's first show 'Back In Power' but should be back for their next event 'Glory Is Passion'

Credit- PWInsider.com

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Guest Korrosion

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MLW Back In Power

27th, August 2006

Tag Team Turmoil

Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) kick off the show as they walk down to the ring to a mixed reaction. They both seem to be walking rather cocky, like they don't have anything to prove. Aries grabs a microphone whilst Strong slides into the ring, Aries shortly follows. Aries waits a second before starting to talk.

Aries: "MLW is the place to be we are told. This is the place where stars are going to be made, well guess what. We are both already huge, huge stars. We don't need to be 'made', because we have already made ourselves. Thats why Roderick and I have come to the conclusion that we... Generation Next should be Major League Wrestling's Global Tag Team Champions"

Aries gets a chorus of boo's from the loud crowd. He soaks it up as he hands the mircophone to Strong who looks around at the crowd smiling before he starts talking.

Strong: "Well said Austin, couldn't have said it any better myself. Except for the fact that we also should be crowned MLW Global Tag Team Champions because.... We are the best dam team this business has ever seen.."

Strong gets cut off by The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) music as they walk out onto the top of the small stage where MLW's announcers are. The fans give them both a warm reception. Andy Douglas takes a microphone from the announcers table and starts to speak.

Douglas: "Did we just hear you say that you two are the best tag team this business has ever seen? I Don't know if your history is up to scratch boys but what have you two done to make you the best tag team in the business, let alone this company? Nothing. The Naturals are the new era of the tag team division."

Douglas hands over the microphone to Chase who lets the fans start a Naturals chant before he 'gets on the mic.'

Stevens: "Look boys if anyone deserves the titles its us. But we don't just want to have them given to us. We want to show everyone here in MLW. That the Naturals are the team to beat, so i propose this. A Tag Team Round Robin. Four teams enter, thus being us, Generation Next and two other teams. Each team wrestles every other team once. If you win you get three points, you lose you get 1 point and if somehow the match ends in a draw both teams get one point.

After everyone has faced each other once. The top two teams face of to crown the first ever MLW Global Tag Team Champions. Are you both in or out?"

Aries and Strong quickly chat between themselves before Aries immidetaily speaks.

Aries: "We're in, but who are the other two teams?"

Douglas: "We thought you would ask that, so for your sake we have already gone and got the other two teams. The round robin will feature The Naturals, Generation Next, The Rottweilers (Ricky Reyes & Homicide) and the team of BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs... We have already drew up the matches and tonight, the first matches will be.... The Naturals Vs The Rottweilers and Generation Next Vs BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs! Goodluck fellas!"

The Naturals music hits as Generation Next are yelling insults at the from the ring. The Naturals are just smiling motioning that they will be crowned MLW's Global Tag Team Champs.

Overall Rating: 59

Elix Skipper & Petey Williams (W/ Scott D'Amore) Vs Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal

Elix Skipper & Petey Williams come out first with Scott D'Amore. Williams and D'Amore are trying to get Skipper to hold the Canadian flag they have but he just slides into the ring, Williams and D'Amore follow shortly after having a short discusion. Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal come charging to the ring as their music hits and get the match started as soon as they hit the ring.

Lethal whips Skipper into the corner and hits a dropkick to the chest and Skipper goes down. With Skipper sitting in the turnbuckle, Lethal holds a chair infront of his face and Sabin hits his trademark delayed dropkick onto the chair, onto Skippers face. Sabin goes for the pin but D'Amore breaks it up. Lethal goes to get rid of D'Amore but as he get closer Williams canes him in the head.

D'Amore rolls into the ring and smashes Sabin in the head with the chair. Sabin turns around after being hit with the chair and Skipper delivers The Sudden Death to Sabin and goes for the pin. D'Amore keeps Lethal out of the ring as the ref count 1...2...3.

Winners: Elix Skipper & Petey Williams

Skipper, Williams and D'Amore celebrated in the ring. D'Amore wrapped the Canadian flag around Skipper who looked to be weirded out by it but got over it. The three walked to the back whist D'Amore was still waving the Canadian flag.

Overall: 75

Tag Team Round Robin Match #1

Generation Next Vs BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs

Generation Next stroll out first. The crowd are giving them some heat which they soak up. Jacobs and Whitmer come out second playing the crowd up, the crowd respond with a small pop towards them.

Jacobs cleans the ring and pulls Whitmer over to his corner and makes the tag. Aries slides back in and Jacobs hits him with a kick to the back of the leg, Aries goes down onto one knee and then is hit with a shinning wizard by Jacobs. Strong comes in from behind Jacobs and hits the CX 20'. Aries goes for the pin but Whitmer somehow breaks it up. Strong puts the Stronghold on Whitmer whilst Aries hits the brainbuster on Jacobs and then goes up top and hits a perfect 450 Splash. Aries makes the pin and gets the three count to give Generation Next 3 points in the round robin.

Winners: Generation Next

Overall: 63

Monster Roll Call

Abyss and James Mitchell come out from behind the curtains and make their way to the ring. Abyss follows James Mitchell into the ring and as screaming and has his chain wrapped around him. Mitchells asks for a microphone and walks to the centre of the ring before he starts to speak.

Mitchell: "Abyss is a monster, the only big man in the promotion. He is a 6 foot 350 pound wrecking machine who will decimate every single person in MLW just to get what he deserves, the MLW World Heavyweight Title. Abyss is the only man on this roster who deserves to be a champion. No one on this roster let alone in the world could stop this monster. And he will prove that later tonight when he faces Ron Killings. 'Truth' you have got what is coming to you tonight. We want to destroy you and everyone else on this roster and we will. Because no one and i mean no one can stop a monster like Abyss!"

Mitchell starts his evil laugh as Abyss screams and pulls his chains. They walk out of the ring and to the back with Mitchell motioning that Abyss will soon be the MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Overall: 71

Oh Canada?

Scott D'Amore and Petey Williams are seen in the back talking to Elix Skipper.

D'Amore: "Look Elix, We could be a force to be reckoned with around here. You, Me & Petey i mean thats what you call a team... Team Canada."

Skipper: "But i'm not even Canadian"

Williams: "You can become Canadian, just apply for Canadian Citizenship. It's easy, and then we will be Team Canada taking over Major League Wrestling"

D'Amore: "That's right, we would take names and kick asses. Because thats what Canadian's do best. With you on our side no one would be able to stop us. We could rule this place. The little Tag Team Round Robin that's happening wouldn't mean a thing if you joined us, because after it finishes we will become number one contenders and take the titles of which ever losers are holding them.... Because we are Canadian!"

Skipper: "But i don't know if i really want to be a Canadian, i mean your country isn't much of a country compared to mine"

Williams: "Don't you say that, We are just as good as your country if not better. But with you as a Canadian we will be better. I'll look into the papers for you ok?"

Skipper: "Ok, well give me some time to think about it!"

D'Amore: "Deal, i have faith in you i know you will do whats bet for you... and us.... and Canada!"

The three men start to walk away with D'Amore starting to teach the Canadian national anthem to Skipper.

Overall: 69

Tag Team Round Robin Match #2

The Naturals Vs The Rottweilers

The Naturals come out first to a big pop from the crowd. They play it to their advantage and get the crowd behind them. The Rottweilers come out yelling at the crowd which gives them heat. They get into the ring not paying attention to The Naturals just worrying about the crowd, The Naturals capitalize on it and jump The Rottweilers to get the match started.

Douglas is still down and Reyes slides the ladder into the ring. Reyes sets up the ladder in one of the corners and then hits a fishermans brainbuster. Reyes climbs the ladder and taunts the crowd but just before he goes to jump Stevens out of no where climbs the ladder and grabs onto him. Stevens and Reyes start trading blows at the top of the ladder before Douglas gets up and climbs the ladder aswell. Douglas grabs Reyes as does Stevens and they set him up for the Natural Disaster. They hit it off the ladder to the mat and Douglas shortly after makes the cover and picks up the win and three points for The Naturals.

Winners: The Naturals

Overall: 68

Not Scared Of Monsters

Samoa Joe's music hits as he walks to the ring, he seems to be on a mission as he steps into the ring with a microphone in hand. He waits for the crowd to settle down before he speaks.

Joe: "It's back, 'Back In Power'. Major League Wrestling is finally back to stay, and on its arrival back Abyss and James Mitchell think that just because Abyss is a monster that he deserves the MLW World Heavyweight title. Not in my eyes. I worked for this company before it went belly up. So don;t you dare come into my house and say that Abyss deserves the title. And as for your little speech about Abyss being a Monster and that no one could defeat him, well guess what.

I'm not afraid of monsters, nor am i afraid of getting hurt. So if Abyss wants a shot at the title, i say he has to go through me. Because i am the one who will hold the torch for MLW, i am the man who will be crowned Major League Wrestling's World Heavyweight champion. And i guarantee everyone that the person i beat for the title, will be none other than the piece of crap James Mitchell calls a monster.... Abyss. Just remember one thing Abyss.... 'Joe's gunna kill you!'"

Overall: 70

Abyss (W/ James Mitchell) Vs Ron 'The Truth' Killings

'The Truth' comes out first and dances his way to the ring. The crowd give him a nice pop as he shows them his moves in the ring. Abyss's music hits and he is led to the ring by James Mitchell, Mitchell is barking instructions to Abyss before he slides into the ring.

Samoa Joe is seen on top of the announcers stage watching on. Abyss sees Joe and starts yelling at him, Killings takes advantage of this and rolls Abyss up but only gets a two count. Abyss turns his attention back to Killings hitting a chokeslam on Killings. Samoa Joe starts making his way through the crowd which gets Abyss's attention but he stops at the rail. Killings has had time to recover and hits a dropkick to the back of Abyss's head. Killings picks Abyss up from the ground and kicks him in the gut, Abyss bends over as a result. Killings goes to bounce of the ropes to hit his finisher but Mitchell trips him with his cain.

Abyss has time to recover and starts throwing Killings around like a rag doll. Abyss looks at Mitchell who motions a detonator to Abyss. Abyss sends Killings to the ropes and as he comes back hits the Black Hole Slam. Abyss makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Abyss

Joe climbs over the rail and steps into the ring. He walks up to Abyss and gets in his face staring him down. They both have a stare down for a while and it looks like Abyss is just about to attack, but Mitchell comes into the ring and pulls Abyss away. Mitchell walks Abyss who is raging to the back signaling to Joe that Abyss will destroy him.

Overall: 71


Overall Show Rating: 68%

MOTN: Abyss Vs Ron Killings.

Biggest Pop: Samoa Joe staring Abyss down after his match.

Ticket Sales: $11560

Attendance: 578 People

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Guest Korrosion

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MLW News

-After Frankie Kazarian and Bobby Roode left MLW before the first show, Ricky Reyes and Homicide were brought into MLW. Managment is happy with their work and has decided to have them both on the roster full time.

-MLW workers Alex Shelley and Sonjay Dutt will be working at the next show as they don't have any japan commitments on that date. Sadly Low-Ki wont be able to work the show as he has a japan commitment on the 24th. MLW are looking foward to the debut of all three men in the coming events.

-MLW jumped up in public image after their first show last week, MLW went up to 14% PI.

-MLW's next event is schudled for the 24th of September, the event will be called 'Glory Is Passion'

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Guest Korrosion

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Glory Is Passion

24th, September 2006

Challenge From The Dutt

The show starts of with debuting wrestler Sonjay Dutt coming out to the ring to address the crowd and it seems the MLW roster aswell. Dutt flips over the top rope to get into the ring. He walks to the side of the ring and is handed a microphone and he starts to speak.

Dutt: "I'm finally back, I'm back in MLW. I got my first break in this company and i won my first title here aswell. I was the last person to hold the MLW Junior Heavyweight title before this company closed down. Now that its back up and running, i think that i should get my title reign back up and running. SO with the permission i have got from MLW management.

I am issuing a open challenge to anyone on the MLW roster to a match now. The winner will become the number one contender for the MLW Junior Heavyweight title and will also get his shot at the title at the next event 'Lightning Strikes'. So who ever wants a shot come get it!"

Dutt waits in the ring and seconds later Alex Shelley another debuting wrestler walks out to his music he has a microphone in hand and starts to speak.

Shelley: "Sonjay, Sonjay, Sonjay. Why don't you just give me the title, i mean i am like the best wrestler this company has ever seen. Everyone knows me, everyone sees me on iMPACT. Everyone knows that i have the skills, i mean my mentor Kevin Nash has taunt me just about everything i know. I think some of the big men skills he has are rubbing off on me.

You want a challenge, well guess what i'll give you one. But for me this isn't going to be much of a challenge just a walk over and a step to Alex Shelley becoming the greatest MLW Junior Heavyweight Champion this company has ever seen, and 'That's what the camera is going to catch!'"

Shelley walks to the ring, which leads us to our first match for the evening.

#1 Contenders Match For The MLW Junior Heavyweight Title

Sonjay Dutt Vs Alex Shelley

Shelley and Dutt get the match started with Shelley taking control right off the bat. Hitting a piledriver out of nowhere gave Shelley the real advantage of the match. He kept working Dutt, whipping him into the conrer and delivering some knife edge chops to Dutt's chest. Shelley stated to taunt the crowd which gave Dutt time to recover, as of that Dutt quickly whipped Shelley into the ropes and then hit a nice Dropkick to send Shelley over the ropes and to the floor.

As Shelley got to his feet Dutt leaped over the ropes and hit a suicide dive right onto Shelley. Dutt kept on top of Shelley hitting a Shinning Wizard to kept his roll on. Dutt threw Shelley back into the ring and hit a running shooting star press. Dutt dragged Shelley towards the corner and then started to climb the turnbuckle. Dutt was signaling for the Hindu Press. But Shelley had quickly gotten up and climbed the same turnbuckle. Both men were trading blow for blow on top of the turnbuckle until Shelley got Sonjay from behind and hit a lungbuster of the top rope to the mat. Shelley capitalised after that wicked move and hit the Shellshock to pick up the pin.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Overall: 69

Canadian Primetime

Scott D'Amore and Petey Williams are out the back warming Elix Skipper up for his match next against Jay Lethal. Primetime is standing behind a create for some reason, you can't see below his waist.

D'Amore: "Come on, it looks good. Don't worry about it just come out here and we will be on our way for your match."

Primetime: "I'm not even Canadian!"

Williams: "Well that's why we got the citizenship papers for you. Look we have your back now and yo have ours, so that basically makes you Canadian."

D'Amore: "Let's go Primetime baby, quick come here team huddle"

Primetime slowly walks around the create to show he is wearing 'Petey Williams' like wrestling shorts with the maple leaf on them. He gets into the huddle with Williams and D'Amore.

Williams & D'Amore: "Oh Canadaaaaaaaa...."

They both look at Primetime to sing the next part.

Primetime: "I don't know the anthem yet."

D'Amore: "That's ok, you will learn it after time. Let's go your match it up."

The three men start walking away towards the ring entrance, you can hear D'Amore in the distance saying "So have you looked at the papers yet?"

Elix Skipper Vs Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal comes out first to a pop from the crowd, he walks to the ring and starts bouncing off the ropes. Team Canada's music hits as Primetime in the Canadian trunks comes out followed by Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore waving the Canadian flag.

Primetime slides into the ring to get the match started, there is some fast-paced movement in the open part of the match with either man gaining a advantage. Primetime finally gets the upper hand after a nice backbreaker to Lethal. Skipper sends Lethal into the corner, Primetime lifts Lethal so he is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Skipper climbs the turnbuckle and hits a superplex off the top rope. D'Amore throws Skipper a chair and he picks it up and starts destroying Lethal with it.

Williams slides into the ring and they start double teaming Lethal. Williams ends up setting Lethal up for the Canadian Destroyer, and he hits it onto the steel chair. Skipper picks Lethal up and toys with him, Primetime finally sets him up and hits the Play Of The Day. Skipper makes the pin with D'Amore already in the ring waving the Canadian flag. The three celebrate before they walk to the back leaving Lethal a bruised and battered mess.

Winner: Elix Skipper

Overall: 74

Tag Team Round Robin Match #3

BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs Vs The Rottweilers

BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs are the first to come out to the ring, the salute the crowd as they get into the ring and await their opponents. The Rottweilers come running down the ramp in need of a win to stay in the round robin, they slide into the ring and get the match started straight away.

The Rottweilers take immediate control after their quick start. Ricky Reyes takes Whitmer to the outside and they brawl on the ramp, whilst in the ring Homicide and Jacobs are trading blow for blow. Homicide hits a fishermans suplex to take advantage in the ring. Reyes and Whitmer are still going for it on the outside. Reyes knocks Whitmer down with a kick to the legs. Reyes is looking under the ring and brings out a steel pipe. He stalks Whitmer until he gets up and smashes him in the head with it, leaving Whitmer down and bloody.

Jacobs has gained momentum back in the ring and is starting to mount a good offence. He hits a Reverse Pedigree on Homicide to take him down. Reyes comes into the ring and gets thrown straight back out by Jacobs. Whitmer slowly gets back into the ring and picks Homicide up in a electric chair drop position. Jacobs climbs the turnbuckle and they hit the Doomsday-Rana. Jacobs makes the pin and picks up the win and a needed three points for the round robin.

Winners: BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs

Overall: 62

Tag Titles Are In The Bag

Generation Next's music hits and they are scheduled for the next match against The Naturals but it looks like they have something to say before it. They step into the ring with Aries grabbing a microphone, they both let the crowd boo them until Aries starts to talk.

Aries: "This Tag Team Round Robin is a total joke. I mean we have only had one match i we already know its to easy for us. We are a team that nobody can beat. We proved that last month when we beat Bj Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs, and tonight those two just beat The Rottweilers which means we are also better than them aswell."

Aries hands the microphone to Strong who starts his little speech.

Strong: "I don't know why we have to go through all of this, why doesn't' MLW just give us the titles. I mean after tonight we would have basically beat all three teams in the round robin, it just makes sense doesn't it. On that note, The Naturals. If you think that you have a chance in hell to beat Generation Next, well you both have another thing coming because we are the most innovative tag team in the business today. We are the future of tag team wrestle and we will prove that to both of you wannabe's now"

Strong Drops the microphone and both men await the arrival of The Naturals.

Tag Team Round Robin match #4

Generation Next Vs The Naturals

Generation Next are waiting for The Naturals to come from the entrance ramp. But to surprise them The Naturals have come through the crowd and jumped them from behind to get this match underway. Both teams are battling it out going toe to toe. The Naturals get the upper hand by tossing Strong over the top rope and then double teaming Aries. They hit a series of double team moves before Stevens goes to the ring apron and lets Douglas stay in the ring. String is back on the apron and awaiting a tag.

Douglas is dominating Aries getting a series of good offensive moves in. Aries hits back with a low blow which allows him to tag in Strong. Strong comes in flying of the ropes and hits a clothesline on Douglas. Strong starts hitting backbreaker after backbreak on Douglas before Stevens comes in to try and help his partner out. Aries comes in aswell and GeneratioN Next toss Stevens over the ropes to the floor.

Aries goes out side and pulls some handcuffs from his trunks. Aries handcuffs Stevens to the rail and then oes looking for a steel chair. Aries comes charging at Stevens with a chair and smashes him straight in the head busting him wide open. Aries leaves Stevens handcuffed and gets back in the ring. Generation Next start double teaming Douglas. Strong tells Aries to go up top and Strong hits one of his trademark backbreakers and then Aries hits the 450 Splash straight after it. Strong picks up the pin and the three points for Generation Next.

Winners: Generation Next

Overall: 74

Monster's Can Destroy

Abyss's music hits as he is led to the ring by James Mitchell. They both step into the ring Abyss easily stepping over the top rope. Mitchell grabs a microphone and Abyss stands behind him as he starts to speak.

Mitchell: "I never though anyone would be dumb enough to try and pick a fight with Abyss. Abyss is a giant, a human wrecking machine.... A Monster! Samoa Joe, you are nothing than a TNA X-Division kid trying to work your way up to the mainevent. But guess what.... You will never get there. Not if Abyss has anything to do with it. Next month at 'Lightning Strikes' we have got to word from management that it will be Samoa Joe Vs Abyss for the MLW World Heavyweight title.

So Joe, bring your A game because your going to need it. Abyss is going to destroy you my friend and he won't hold back. Because as soon as i click the donator he will snap you into two. You find that out sooner rather than later."

Mitchell stars his evil laugh as Abyss starts screaming and motioning that he will be the champion. They walk to the back with the fans booing them.

Samoa Joe Vs Petey Williams (W/ Scott D'Amore & Elix Skipper)

Tonight's main event gets started with Petey Williams coming out to Team Canada's music, shortly followed by Scott D'Amore waving the Canadian flag and Elix Skipper still in his Canadian trunks. Samoa Joe's music hits next and he comes out to a big pop. He looks determined to show Abyss and James Mitchell what they are in store for next month.

The match starts with Williams trying to take the legs of Joe out but he just receives a flurry of lethal kicks to the chest and legs which takes him down. Joe hits a dragon suplex on Williams which gives him the advantage in the match. Joe continues to dominate throughout the match until D'Amore send Skipper in to help Williams. Skipper comes in with a chair and cracks just in the head which lays him out on the mat. Primetime starts unleashing on Joe, smashing the chair into has back several times.

Williams recovers and starts taking control of Joe thanks to Skipper. Abyss and James Mitchell are seen at the top of the entrance ramp. Williams sets Joe up for the Canadian Destroyer..... but Joe counters it. Williams comes back with the chair and hits Joe in the head with it. Williams sets him up again for the Canadian Destroyer this time he hits it. He slowly drapes his arm over Joe. the ref counts the 1...2... kickout. Joe kicked out to Williams amazement he can't belive it.

Williams goes for the chair again in rage, but Joe has already gotten up and starts unleashing kick after kick, chop after chop on Williams and Joe has backed him into the corner. Williams is sitting in the corner after some brutal kicks to the legs and chest. Joe starts his trademark facewasher. He hits the last big wash to the face and Williams seems to be out. Joe picks Williams up and sits him on the top of the turnbuckle. Joe pints to Abyss and the picks up Williams in the Muscle Buster position. Joe starts spinning round and round and then hits the Muscle Buster. He covers and gets the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Skipper comes into the ring to try and get some revenge on Joe but Joe just sends him flying back out. D'Amore is looking to come into the ring but Joe is just waiting for him. Joe has turned his back on Abyss concentrating on D'Amore and the monster has ran down the ramp and slid into the ring. D'Amore walks off knowing whats coming for Joe. As Joe turns he runs at Abyss only to get hit with the Black Hole Slam. James Mitchell slides a table into the ring and Abyss sets it up. Abyss picks Joe up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Abyss picks Joe up in his own Muscle Buster position, and Abyss hits Joe's Muscle Buster on Joe through the table.

Abyss leaves the ring, laving Joe down and out. Mitchell is heard laughing saying "Doomsday Joe, Doomsday!" Abyss motions to the crowd that he will be champion but they just boo him until he is out the back.

Overall: 75


Overall Show Rating: 69%

MOTN: The Naturals Vs Generation Next (Match Quality was 91%)

Biggest Pop: Wasn't a pop it was Heat. Abyss attacking Joe after his match.

Ticket Sales: $11540

Attendance: 577 people

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW News

-After last months MLW show 'Glory Is Passion. Sonjay Dutt informed MLW management that he had recived a better and bigger offer to work for IWC, which he was taking. We wish Sonjay the best of luck.

-MLW superstar Homicide recently turned 30. We here at MLW would like to wish he a Happy Birthday.

-MLW have jumped in Public Image again this month. MLW is now at 18% PI.

-MLW have been lucky enough to score a deal with Empire Sports. After sending away tapes of our last two events Empire Sports have offered us a graveyard spot on Wednesdays. MLW have taken up their offer and are please that we are going o be on TV. the show will be called 'MLW Underground' and will start this coming Wednesday.

-MLW's next big event will be 'Lightning Strikes' on the 29th of October. Samoa Joe will be facing Abyss to crown the first MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Also Alex Shelley will be cashing in on his MLW Junior Heavyweight #1 contendership, Shelley will be facing a unnamed opponent.

Credit- MLWrestling.com

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW Update

-Rumour's have been circling around that MLW are intrested in ROH worker Bryan Danielson. These rumours have been confirmed with MLW recently informing us that Bryan Danielson has signed a open contract with the promotion. Danielson is looking to make his debut on MLW Underground on Empire Sports this Wednesday

-The Tag Team Round Robin is almost finished. We thought we would just update everyone on the scores so far.

1st- Generation Next on 6

=2nd- The Naturals on 4

=2nd- BJ Witmer & Jimmy Jacobs on 4

3rd- The Rottweilers on 2

With each team having one match left each it looks like its a 3 way dance between Generation Next, The Naturals and Bj Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs. Which two teams will battle it out at 'MLW Lightning Strikes' for the MLW Global Tag Team Titles? Tune into MLW underground this Wednesday on Empire Sports to find out!

Credit- MLWrestling.com

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW Underground

4th, October 2006

MLW first Underground on Empire Sports is kicked off with the new intro video. After the intro video the camera pans the small arena in Florida.

Tag Team Round Robin Match #5

Generation Next Vs The Rottweilers

Shortly after MLW Underground's theme music ends, Generation Next's music hits. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong walk out from behind the curtain to the fans boos. They both work the crowd, gesturing that they will soon be MLW's Global Tag Team Champions. After both Aries and Strong have stepped into the ring The Rottweilers music hits and out comes Ricky Reyes and Homicide. They also don't recive a warm welcome from the crowd and are pretty much out of this round robin, a win here would be just for some pride.

The match starts with Homicide and Strong in the ring. Homicide is quick to attack, whipping Strong into the corner. Homicide follows shortly after and hits a forearm to the face. As Strong stumbles out of the corner Homicide hits a T-Bone suplex. Strong picks himself up to one knee and recives a shinning wizard for his troubles. Homicide tags Reyes in. Reyes comes in and hits three german suplex's in a row. Strong is struggling in the ring and is in need of a tag. Reyes hits a tilt-a-whirl slam and goes for the cover...1...2.. Aries breaks up the pin. Aries starts attacking Reyes and sends him over the ropes to the outside. Aries drags Strong over to their conrner and makes the tag. As soon as Aries is in the ring he runs and hits a suicide dive onto Reyes on the outside.

The Naturals are seen walking down the ramp both with chairs in their hands. Chase Stevens starts attacking Aries with the chair, hitting him over and over again. Douglas slides into the ring and Strong is just standing up. Douglas throws him the chair and Strong catches it, Douglas then hits him with a superkick to the chair, to the face. Douglas slides back out of the ring as he and Stevens walk back up the ramp to the fans approval. Homicide steps into the ring and hits the Cop Killa on Strong. Reyes slides back in the ring and is the legal, Reyes picks up Strong and puts the Dragon Sleeper on him. Strong is out and the ref calls the match. The Rottweilers pick up their first win, 3 points and they keep their pride thanks to The Naturals.

Winners: The Rottweilers

Overall: 66

(Commercial Break)

Did Shelley Say Low-Ki?

After the break, MLW Underground is back on Empire Sports. Alex Shelley's music hits and the crowd delivers with a chorus of boo's. Shelley walks to the ring with a microphone in hand. He slides into the ring and opens his arm but the fans just boo him even more. Shelley waits before he starts to speak.

Shelley: "Well would you look at that, Last month at 'MLW Glory Is Passion'. I, Alex Shelley beat Sonjay Dutt to become the number one contender for the MLW Junior Heavyweight Title. And i think everyone knows what happened after my match. Sonjay Dutt was so scared because i beat the living hell out of him, that he attacked his bags and moved over to so second rate promotion.

The fans start chanting 'He Sold Out!"

"He did sell out, your right. But i would have done exactly the same thing because quite frankly, who wants to wrestle for a bunch of piece of crap MLW fans. Not many people i can tell you that. One thing that is keeping me here is the MLW Junior Heavyweight title, because i'm all about the gold. And who ever my opponent is at 'MLW Lightning Strikes' its not going to matter because Alex Shelley is bring the gold home baby and...."

Shelley is cut off by Low-Ki's music which the fans recognise and get behind him as soon as he walks out from behind the certain. Low-Ki has a mic in his hand and starts to speak as he walks to the ring.

Low-KI: "There is one thing that i hate the most. It's people who think working in a place like this is a gift. I have worked my ass of my whole career, training to become a better wrestler and i have done so. And if you for one second think you have more skill, more pride, more passion than me...... Then you are dead wrong boy!"

Low-Ki is in Shelley's face by this time.

"At 'MLW Lightning Strikes', lightning won't strike Low-Ki. Low-Ki will strike gold, I am the man that is going to be crowned the MLW Junior Heavyweight Champion. Because i am the man that has worked the hardest to get where i am today!"

MLW Underground fades to a commercial with Low-KI and Shelley staring each other down in the middle of the ring.

Challenge Anybody?

MLW Underground comes back from its break and Shelley an Low-Ki are still staring each other down in the middle of the ring. But seconds later Chris Sabin's music hits and he comes walking out onto the ramp. He has a microphone in hand and starts to speak.

Sabin: "Yo, you two settle down. The way i see it Shelley doesn't even know who he is facing yet. I just had a word with MLW management, and they told me that next week on MLW Underground there is going to be a four-way match to determine who faces Alex Shelley at 'MLW Lightning Strikes' for the MLW Junior Heavyweight Title"

Shelley and Low-Ki look at Sabin as they want more information.

Sabin: "The match will be, Chris Sabin Vs Low-Ki Vs Jay Lethal Vs Elix Skipper. SO Low-KI don’t plan to much in advance and also Shelley. I'll see you at 'MLW Lightning Strikes'"

Sabin's music hits as he walks back through the curtain, whilst Low-Ki and Shelley keep staring each other down before Shelley slowly walks to the back.

Ron 'The Truth' Killings Vs Petey Williams (W/Scott D'Amore & Elix Skipper)

Petey Williams comes out first followed shortly by Scott D’Amore holding the Canadian flag and also Elix Skipper who is in his new Canadian trunks. The fans are booing all three men as they walk to the ring. Killing’s music hits and the fans have a small pop for him. He comes out and does his dance moves and then makes his way to the ring.

Williams gets the match started by attacking Killings while his is standing on the ropes saluting the crowd. Williams starts of with some nice chops to the chest of Killing’s. Williams then hits a tornado DDT out of the corner and goes for a kick pin. 1…2… only a two count. Killings is stunned by Williams quick offence, Killings gets to his feet and dodges a Williams lariat. Killings then kicks Williams in the gut and bounces off the ropes and is just about the hit his finisher when out of no where Skipper hits him with a lariat.

Williams recovers thanks to Skipper and climbs to the top and hits a moonsault. Williams then picks up Killings and sets him up for the Canadian Destroyer, and he hits it sweet. Williams covers Killings for the one, two, three.

Winner: Petey Williams

Overall: 73

MLW Underground cuts to its last commercial before their main event

MLW Underground comes back onto air with debuting superstar Bryan Danielson’s music, Danielson walks out and the fans give him a mixed reaction. He walks to the ring and steps in as Samoa Joe’s music hits and the fans go crazy for him. Joe walks to the ring with determination on his face, he steps in the ring and starts the match straight away.

Joe goes straight for Danielson hit him with some hard kicks to the leg’s and chest. Joe whips Danielson into the ropes and as he returns hits him with a snapping bodyslam. Joe gets up and looks like he is ready to snap. He picks up Danielson who quickly counters by punching Joe in the gut. Danielson mounts a series of his own offence until he was shut down but a lariat by Joe.

Joe looks to be in control and is ready to finish the match when Abyss lead by James Mitchell comes to the ring holding a steel chair. Abyss slides into the ring and swings the chair at Joe who ducks and Abyss hits Danielson. Abyss turns around towards Joe and is hit with a superkick to the face. Joe sets Abyss up on the turnbuckle and hits the Muscle Buster on Abyss. Joe then turns his attention back to Danielson applying the Kokina Clutch to him. Danielson taps out giving Joe the victory.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe looks at Abyss lying on the crowd and just walks away from him. Joe walks to the back signalling to Mitchell that Abyss wont be alive after he deals with him.

Overall: 70

MLW Underground goes off the air and finishes its first episode on Empire Sports with a picture of Samoa Joe motioning that he will hold the title.


Overall Show Rating: 69%

TV Rating: 0.24

Ticket Sales: $2250

Attendance: 150 people

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW Underground

11th , October 2006

MLW’s second episode of Underground on Empire Sports starts off with the usual intro video and theme music.

Four-Way Elimination Match

Chris Sabin Vs Low-Ki Vs Jay Lethal Vs Elix Skipper (W/ Petey Williams & Scott D’Amore)

As the music stops Team Canada’s music hits and Elix Skipper comes out followed by Scott D’Amore and Petey Williams, the fans show them how much they dislike ‘Team Canada’ by throwing bottles and rubbish at them as they walk towards the ring. Jay Lethal’s music hits next and he comes out running to the ring, the fans give him a nice pop. Low-Ki’s music hits and the fans give him a mixed reaction whilst he makes his way to the ring. Chris Sabin is the last one out and makes his way down to the ring with the biggest pop of all three men. Sabin slides into the ring and the ref starts the match.

Skipper and Lethal lock up as do Low-Ki and Sabin. Sabin takes Low-Ki to the outside and both men start brawling around the ring. Whilst in the ring Skipper and Lethal are going at it punch for punch. Skipper hits a nice spinebuster to gain an advantage. D’Amore slides a chair into Skipper and he picks it up. Skipper swings it at Lethal but he ducks and kicks Skipper in the gut. Lethal grabs the chair off Skipper and goes to hit Skipper but as he swings Williams grabs the chair out of his hands and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Lethal. Williams sets the chair up on the mat and grabs Lethal. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Lethal onto the chair. Skipper goes for the pin 1…2…3.

Eliminated: Jay Lethal

Skipper takes a break in the ring while Sabin and Low-Ki are still battling it out on the outside. Low-Ki throws Sabin back into the ring and starts looking under the ring. Skipper quickly starts to lay the boots into Sabin. Low-Ki finds what he wants, he slides a ladder into the ring and starts double teaming Sabin with Skipper. Low-Ki soon turns on Skipper flattening him with a huge lariat. Low-Ki climbs the ladder and hits the Double Foot Stomp on Skipper. Low-Ki makes the pin and gets the three.

Eliminated: Elix Skipper

Low-Ki immediately starts beating down on Sabin. Ki hits a brainbuster on Sabin. Low-Ki goes to the outside again and gets a table from under the ring. He slides it into the ring where Sabin is waiting for him. Sabin hits a series of forearms as Low-Ki gets back in the ring. Sabin has Low-Ki on the back foot and picks up the chair. Sabin smashes Low-Ki with the chair busting him wide open. Sabin places Low-Ki on the top turnbuckle, he then slides the ladder towards the corner. Sabin climbs the ropes and sets Ki up for the Cradleshock, and he hits the Cradleshock onto the ladder. He goes for the pin 1…2… kickout. Low-Ki just kicked out of the Cradleshock to the ladder which Sabin can’t belive. Sabin sets up the ladder in the corner and then sets the table up near it. Whilst Sabin was doing that Low-Ki recovered and picked up the chair smashing Sabin in the ribs and then in the head, also busting him open. Low-Ki places Sabin on the table and then puts the chair on his chest. Ki climbs the ladder and signals to the crowd. Low-Ki hits the Double Foot Stomp from the top of the ladder onto Sabin and the chair and through the table. He makes the cover 1…2…3. Low-Ki picks up the win and the chance to become the new MLW Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Low-Ki

Overall: 74

MLW Underground goes to its first commercial break

Shelley’s Time To Shine

Low-Ki is celebrating in the ring and the fans are behind him. Out of no where Alex Shelley comes running out with what looks like to be a championship belt. Shelley slides into the ring knocking over the ladder, he stalks Low-Ki waiting for him to turn around and as he does he smacks him square in the head busting him open even more. Low-Ki is bleeding like nothing at the moment. Shelley doesn’t stop he picks Low-Ki up and drags him over towards the ladder. Shelley sets him up and hits the Shellshock on Low-Ki onto the ladder. Shelley picks up the chair and starts hitting Low-Ki over and over. Shelley picks Low-KI up and applies the Border City Stretch onto him. Low-Ki has no life left in him. Shelley drops Low-Ki’s lifeless body to the mat and grabs a microphone from ringside. Shelley picks up the title belt before he starts to talk.

Shelley: “This is what Low-Ki was asking for, he was asking for the MLW Junior Heavyweight Championship. So I brought it to him, this in my hand is my soon to be title. At ‘MLW Lightning Strikes’ I will become MLW’s Junior Heavyweight Champion because I have show all of you and Low-Ki just then, that I am more than capable of being the champion. I just showed everyone that wants a shot at my soon to be title, that they might get close to me but as Low-Ki just found out. You will never and I mean never get the best of me. Because ‘that’s what the camera will catch!’”

Shelley drops the microphone as his music starts to play. He looks at the title and holds it in the air to the fans boo’s. Shelley walks to the back staring at the MLW Junior Heavyweight Title.

Overall: 72

MLW Underground goes to its second break of the night

Canadian’s Are Roode

The make shift Team Canada are out the back bickering about how Primetime isn’t getting his title shot at ‘MLW Lightning Strikes’. Skipper says ‘We need a enforcer’ just as Bobby Roode walks up to the three men. D’Amore and Williams jump on Roode welcoming him back, they are telling him that they are so happy he is back and that they missed him. Meanwhile Primetime is just standing in the back ground with a dirty look on his face. Roode sees him and gets in his face.

Roode: “So this is the guy who is trying to take my spot, hey?”

Skipper: “Pfft, Welcome back. I guess this means that I am going to have to start putting up with your crap from now on!”

Roode: “If you don’t want to put up with my crap…. There is the door buddy”

Skipper: “You know what Scott, I have had enough of this piece of crap already. I have right here my Citzenship papers to become a Canadian, to become your Canadian brother. want you and Petey to choose who you want as your Canadian brother. Booby Roode, or the new generation of Canada ‘Canadiantime’ Elix Skipper! So who’s it going to be?”

D’Amore and Williams look at each other confused about what to say.

D’Amore: “Why can’t we just get along we are like family. Elix sign the papers and we will sort this all out”

Skipper: “I will sign these papers next week, after you two give me your decision”

Skipper walks off on Williams and D’Amore as they are still chatting. When Skipper gets out of distance Williams and D’Amore start hugging Roode welcoming him back once again.

Abyss (W/ James Mitchell) Vs Ron Killings

Abyss’s music hits and he is lead to the ring by James Mitchell. Mitchell is barking instructions to Abyss whilst walking to the ring. Ron Killings music hits next and the fans chant ‘What’s Up’ as he dances to the ring. ‘The Truth’ steps into the ring and Abyss starts attacking him.

Killings tries to whip Abyss into the ropes, but Abyss reveres it and whips Killings into the ropes. Killing the corner. Abyss comes bouncing back and gets planted with a lariat. Abyss picks Killings up and hits a powerslam on him. Abyss is taking control of the match, he picks Killings up and whips him into the corner. Abyss charges in but ‘The Truth’ dodges the attack and then slams Abyss’s head into the turnbuckle. Abyss stumbles backwards ad Killings hits a dropkick to the back of his head.

Killings starts to take control hitting a series of offensive moves. Killings goes for the kill kicking Abyss in the gut and then bouncing off the ropes to hit his finisher, but Mitchell trips him with his cane. Killings turns his attention to Mitchell going to the outside and chasing him around the ring. Mitchell slides into the ring and Killings follows. Mitchell runs past Abyss and Killings doesn’t see him, Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Killings. Abyss yells at the crowd who are booing him. Samoa Joe is seen walking down the ramp, but Abyss can’t see him. Abyss goes for the cover 1…2.. Samoa Joe breaks up the pin. Joe picks Abyss up and locks him in the Kokina Clutch. Abyss goes to the crowd and after a while looks to be out of it. Joe releases the hold and pulls Killings Overall:over Abyss for the cover. The ref counts 1…2…3 and Killings picks up the win over Abyss thanks to Samoa Joe.

Winner: Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings

Overall: 72

MLW Underground goes to its last break of the show

Tag Team Round Robin Final Match

The Naturals Vs BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs

With Generation Next already through to the title match at ‘MLW Lightning Strikes’. It’s between these two teams to determine who will face them for the titles. BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs come out first to a small cheer, they make their way to the ring and look pumped up. The Naturals music hits and the fans are on their feet, they are really starting to be crowd favourites. As The Naturals make their way to the ring Generation Next are seen walking on to the top of the ramp with two chairs. They sit down on the chairs, looking on to see whom their opponents will be.

Chase Stevens and Jimmy Jacobs are looking to start the match. Stevens and Jacobs lock up, Jacobs gets sent to the ropes and on his way back gets hit with a nice dropkick. Jacobs is quickly back to his feet and both men starts going at it punch for punch. Stevens gets the advantage with a nice suplex. Stevens tags Douglas in an Douglas starts off by sending Jacobs to the corner, Douglas comes in and hits a splash on Jacobs. Douglas picks Jacobs up but receives a low blow for his troubles. Jacobs makes the tag to Whitmer who comes in and starts to dominate, getting Douglas on the back foot with some quick forearms.

Whitmer then hits a nice neckbreaker and then a leg drop. Whitmer goes for the cover but Stevens breaks it up. Jacobs comes in to help Whitmer but is thrown to the outside by Stevens. The Naturals start double teaming Whitmer and then set him up for The Natural Disaster, and they hit it. Douglas goes for the cover as Stevens keeps Jacobs out of the ring. Douglas picks up the win and the shot at the ‘MLW Global Tag Team Tiles’.

Winners: The Naturals

As The Naturals are celebrating Generation Next come down to the ring with their chairs and start unleashing on The Naturals. They just keep beating them down with repetitive chair shots to the head and body. The Naturals are down and out as Generation Next leave the ring with a smile on their faces.

Overall: 70


Overall: 69%

TV Rating: 0.23

Ticket Sales: $2145

Attendance: 143 people

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW News

-Empire Sports has offered 'MLW Underground' a late evening spot. MLW has gladly accepted the new time slot giving us more TV time.

-The MLW roster is in shambles after TNA went global yesterday. TNA has signed many of their workers to written contracts. MLW wishes the following the best of luck as they are now not apart of our roster: Abyss, Ron Killings, Homicide, James Mitchell, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Elix Skipper and Samoa Joe. Sadly many of these wrestlers were MLW's main focus. Look forward to some fresh faces in MLW very shortly.

-To put even more strain on the MLW roster, Bryan Danielson has left MLW because of a better pay package over at NWA: CS who are stealing a lot of MLW talent. MLW wishes Bryan Danielson the best of luck in his career.

-MLW is slowly rising up in the wrestling world. MLW is currently on 21% public image at regional level and are ranked 26th out of 35 other wrestling promotions.

-'MLW Lightning Strikes' had its card almost set out, but now with the roster shake up only two matches remain. Low-Ki Vs Alex Shelley for the 'MLW Junior Heavyweight Title'. The final of the Tag Team Round Robin, The Naturals Vs Generation Next for the 'MLW Global Tag Team Titles'.

Credit- MLWrestling.com

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW News

-After the huge roster shake up MLW management have hired some new and old faces. This is MLW's new look roster:


Black Tiger IV

CM Punk

Johnny Devine

Lance Hoyt

Sonjay Dutt

Sonny Siaki

TJ Wilson

MLW management are looking forward to working with each of these workers as we think they all have something to bring to the table.

Credit- MLWrestling.com

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW Underground Preview

This weeks edition of MLW Underground is setting the platform for MLW Lightning Strikes. MLW management have decided since we don't have a MLW World Heavyweight Title match at Lightning Strikes, that there will be a tournament starting this week on Underground to find four men to battle it out at 'MLW Lightning Strikes' for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of each Tourament match will go on to MLW Lightning Strikes to have a chance at the title.

Matches already booked for this weeks MLW Underground:

Alex Shelley Vs Jimmy Jacobs in the first tournament match.

Sonny Siaki Vs TJ Wilson also in a tournament match.

Low-Ki Vs Petey Williams in the final tournament match of the night.

Underground's Main event will be The Naturals Vs The Havana Pitbulls

To find out how the MLW World Heavyweight Championship dilemma will unfold, watch Underground this Wednesday on Empire Sports.

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW News

-Empire Sports has told MLW that they are very happy with MLW Underground. Last week MLW Underground got a 0.43 TV rating, which is the highest MLW Underground has ever done as well as the highest Empire Sports can do in that time slot.

-With MLW Undergrounds high ratings, Empire Sports has offered MLW a 9 month extension on its contract for MLW Underground which MLW have gladly accepted.

-Sonjay Dutt has once again left MLW to head over to IWA-PR as they have just gone to cult status and offered him a large sum of money to work for IWA-PR rather than MLW. MLW management have told close sources that they wont look to hire Dutt again.

Credit- MLWrestling.com

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW Underground Preview

In this week's edition of MLW Underground, we will find out who will be the last man in the MLW World Heavyweight Title match at MLW Lightning Strikes. With Sonny Siaki, Low-Ki and Alex Shelley already in the match. It will come down to Bobby Roode Vs a opponent of his choice. The winner of that match will fill the fourth spot in that match.

Paparazzi Productions have requested tha MLW Management give them a match this week so they can showcase their big man. Seeing as they wanted a match and BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs are looking for a match aswell, both teams will face each other this week on Underground.

The Havana Pitbulls have requested a match with Generation Next, as they want to show Gneration Next that they can win a match on their own. The Havana Pitbulls will be looking to show Generation Next and the rest of the tag team division what they are about.

B-Boy has spat his dummy because he wasn't in the World Heavyweight Title Tournament and thinks he was hard done by. Low-Ki heard about it, so he challanged B-Boy to a match. If B-Boy wins he takes Low-Ki's spot in the match at Lightning Strikes, But if Low-Ki wins he retains his position in the match.

Also with Alex Shelley and Low-Ki now in the World Heavyweight Title match at Lightning Strikes, MLW Management is scouting workers to see who they will put in a match for the MLW Junior Heavyweight title. Four wrestlers are currently being looked at. We hope to find out soon who the two will be.

Tune into Underground this Wednesday to watch all of this explosive action

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Guest Korrosion

OOC: Since i don't have much time on my hands these days, i will be changing my writing style just so i can write shows up quicker. Thanks!
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I like the idea of a MLW diary, but you need to balance out your roster a little better. Put some fresh faces on there; a few guys who haven't already received pushes from RoH, TNA, or another indy promotion.

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I'm with the machine, your roster is way too TNA/ROH influenced for MLW. Add some former MLW talent to the roster otherwise this comes across as a glorified indy under the name of MLW. Pick up PJ Friedman, Richard Criado, and/or Chaysn Rance just to add some former MLW and Florida talent to your roster.

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Guest Korrosion

IPB Image

MLW Lightning Strikes Preview

The platform has been set for MLW Lightning Strikes. This Sunday the 29th we will see who will become the first MLW World Heavyweight Champion and also which team will be the first MLW Global Tag Team Champions. The card for MLW Lightning Strikes is going down like this:

-Team Canada's, Bobby Roode & Petey Williams take on the team of BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs.

-Lance Hoyt is lookin gfor a challenge and has found one in TJ Wilson.

-Johnny Devine is facing B-Boy for the number #1 contenders spot for the MLW Junior Heavyweight Title.

-The Naturals are taking on Generation Next in a 60 Minute Iron Man Cage Match for the MLW Global Tag Team Titles.

-Our mainevent for MLW Lightning Strikes will be a four-way Ladder Match for the MLW World Heavyweight Title. Low-Ki Vs CM Punk Vs Sonny Siaki Vs Alex Shelley, who will be crowned MLW's first World Heavyweight Champion. Tune into MLW Lightning Strikes to find out!

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