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Hitman : Silent Assassin


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I played the original Hitman on pc and loved it . I was ok . Could get the best ranking on most stages. I received Silent assassin for a gift but at the time I was playing other games so i put Hitman on the shelf and forgot about it,

My friend brought over Blood Money and I started playing and instantly fell in love and started kicking ass . After several tries on some stages I figured out the simplest path to take to get the kill and escape unseen.

He's gone now and in order to feed my need for Hitman like games . I opened up Silent Assassin and wow I suck.

I can beat the first stage but my rating really sucks. I keep trying to replay it but it seems like I keep getting into a gunfight. Here's the method I figured would work but it always blows up in my face.

First thing I do is take my weapons and put them in the grocery box that way the grocery boy will take them in the kitchen. After that I rush back to the flower man . get rid of him take his clothes , flowers and hide the body.

I go up to the front gate , guards check me and let me through . I go up to the front door go in and a maid takes the flowers from me. If I try to go forward or up the stairs the guard gets alerted. So I go back out side and try to go toward the basement or the kitchen door , but no deal guards won't let me.

I'm usually forced to start over , then take out the peeing guard take his clothes and gun and hide the body. I then make my way through the basement into the kitchen and then upstairs . Either a guy catches me in the upstairs hallway or the woman in the kitchen gets spooked and ruins things.

Don't even get me started on the second stage . lol I have no idea how to take the sniper rifle to the building without people noticing me.

I really won't to complete this game and then I'm going to buy contracts before buying blood money.

Any help is appreciated

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There are sites with complete walkthroughs for SA on every level for that game if you're really stuck.

Best strat for Anethema i figured was to knock out the pissing guard (or alternatively sneak behind him, but that's makes things a little tougher).

Take his clothes....sneak in...down in the basement....wait for the patrolling guard....use the map to see where everyone is...but it shouldn't matter much if you are wearing the disguise. Then, walk...make sure you walk...running is a sure fire way to get noticed in Hitman:SA. up the stairs, straight out the door that's straight away from the stairs, out onto the ledge....then staying on the ledge, walk around the house, and over the slope of the roof, to the planks outside the Don's office. Wait for the lawyer and the uh...guy in the yellow (son?) to make their full trip outside and half-way around the little planks....then when they're back inside, and the Don is in his office (again, use the maps, but if you have to, you can look in the keyhole), go around the balcony and come in behind him. Strangle him, and get the key, and then run back the way you came...but once you get around the ledge to the door you originally came out of....line yourself up with the basement stairs and drop in. Then go, unlock the door....run in so that 47 and Diana start talking, then run out. Go out the way you came in, and exit the level. Don't forget to use saves. It helps.

I found that with the second level, it's all about using the sewers to your advantage. Leave the sniper rifle at first, and head out of the subway, but before you get out, take the side tunnel that leads to a locker room. Two strategies now...one, either knock out the guard when he walks behind the locker room, or for a cleaner method...when he walks behind the lockers, quickly pick the lock on the door in that room that leads to the sewers (or maybe the lock is in the next room...don't remember. Then somewhere...and I can't remember where because i haven't played the game in like 2 years (in spite of the fact that I own it, and love it), there's a manhole that comes up right next to an oddly abandoned guard's uniform. I'm not sure what kind of guard abandons their uniform right in the middle of nowhere...but whatever.

Anyways, once you have the guard uniform, you can carry the sniper rifle around. For some reason they think the sniper rifle and AK are the same :P . Just try to avoid coming into close contact with the guards, because they'll get suspicious pretty quick. If you can't avoid them, I've found that for some reason looking away from them as much as possible helps. Or maybe it just makes -me- feel better.

Anyways....good luck. Glad you enjoy Hitman series....it's always been my favorite series (well...since I played Hitman2 anyways).

I hope this helps. I know it's not real clear, but it's been a -long- time since i've played the levels through and my memory is a bit rusty.

Oh, and as an added note....when you get to the mission Hidden Valley...just do your best, getting SA on that level is a huge pain in the ass. Not really worth it imho Got professional and was satisfied.

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Hitman 2 was a fantastic game. I'm still a huge fan of the level set in the penthouse in the towers in Kuala Lampur - also the one in the basement when you set off the fire alarm.

And though being all ninja like with the sword is cool, those snow levels are too meandering...

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Silent Assassin was an awesome game. I think it's got the best last level out of the entire series, but I won't ruin it for you :P

For the first level I usually took the pissing guards outfit and sneaked into the garage, took the rifle and went back to the start of the level. I'd used the rifle to pop the target when he came out to play golf, then sneak in through the basement to his room to get the key. I'd normally end up getting caught but who cares, the ballers were fantastic in SA >_>

I hated the Hidden Valley level, and all the levels associated with it. The one where you actually kill Hayamoto is only slightly better, but they just really annoyed me. I seemed to always get caught hiding in the back of the van despite crouching down and I'd just start shooting everyone to vent my anger, but yeah. I wasn't too good at getting SA ranking in that game >_>

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thanks for the tips and info. yeah I've heard the Hidden Valley and the snow stages are a bitch.

Is it possible to complete each mission different ways in this game because it seems like in all the walktrhoughs i look at they do the same routine . What I loved about Blood Money is that I could try a different method each time and still have a good rating . it seems that in order to get the best rating in SA you have to take a certain route.

I think I'm going to try messing around again on the first stage and see if I can get my original plan to work out. I put my weapons in the groceries , take the flower guys clothes and flowers and then go through the front gate. Then I'll try to sneak around into the basement.

I've actually got a great site bookmarked for walkthroughs for each stage but I'm goign to hold off using them unless I absolutely get stuck . I like to try to play these type games without a guide.

again thanks for the help

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This is probably one of my favourite games ever. Spent hours and hours playing it. So many different ways to do things, really.

I still find myself playing it most days - although now I use the God Mode and All Weapons codes, to just fuck around, and kill every single person in the level with the Katana. Either that, or use the Hitman Ali code instead of the All Weapons code. Punching out every person in the level > *.

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