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The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg


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Just listened to it. It's not bad. I like how they've gone for a seven minuter as their lead single this time.

You can check the video out at www.ironmaiden.com

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Resident Maiden mark, reporting for duty.

It started off kind of slow, and didn't build up for a while. When it did, I enjoyed that, and was hoping for the big pay-off solo, then a powerful finish. Neither of those things happened. While that disappointed me, I still enjoyed the song. You never know, quite often recently, I've not liked songs on the first listen but they've really grown on me (eg Supermassive Black Hole, Dani California), so I'm hoping that's what we have a case of here. Really hoping. Maiden songs are usually instant.

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As I listen:

Nice intro. It seems a little different and slower than usual Maiden, but they had to evolve eventually. Bruce's voice sounds out of tune about 1:40 into it. Wow, the part where it kicks in is really good. Back to typical Maiden now. I think it's catchy. Bruce keeps going off every now and again but it's nothing major.

The interlude thingy is pretty good. Solo is a nice, simple one. It's not what they would usual bust out but it's not bad. I'm really digging this now. I definitely can't wait to hear it live in December.

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