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SmackDown! '06


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The Great American Bash

Presented by SmackDown and WWE Mobile

Sunday, Week 3, July 2006

WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. The Pitbulls

The opening match of the 2006 Great American Bash featured two of SmackDown's finest tag teams duking it out for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The fast-paced opener included some high-impact maneuvers such as a slingshot head scissors takedown by Paul London and the same man meeting the outside mats with a thud as a result of Jamie Noble's opportunistic dropkick. The tag team champions showed why they hold the belts in the end with some great team work to put away the challengers, London's dropsault sending Kid Kash staggering backwards into a sunset flip by Brian Kendrick that was rewarded with the three count.

United States Champion Finlay def. William Regal

The former United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, was also scheduled to partake in this one but a late fitness worry reduced the match to a basic one-on-one, which Theodore Long insisted go ahead despite Finlay's request of naming him the winner by "forfeit". The Britons put on a great technical display but the deciding factor here was Finlay's little "leprechaun" buddy who interfered against Regal multiple times throughout the match, in the end stealing his boot which Finlay later used as a weapon to knock the Englishman out for the count.

Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms def. Matt Hardy (non-title)

Heading into The Great American Bash we were informed that the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history, Gregory Helms, would be in action but we weren't told who his opponent would be. Helms wound up facing Matt Hardy in a non-title match that was a fast-paced affair. Each competitor took turns mocking the other and despite overcoming a top-rope neckbreaker, Hardy ended up on the losing side when he was rolled up by Helms who had a handful of Hardy's wrestling gear for a leverage advantage.

Undertaker def. ECW Champion Big Show (Punjabi Prison Match; non-title)

The first ever Punjabi Prison match in the WWE was supposed to feature the Undertaker and The Great Khali. Khali, however, was pulled from the match by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long as punishment for his pre-match assault on the Deadman backstage. The Big Show was also involved in the attack so Long ordered him to replace Khali, as Show clearly didn't want to partake in said match.

The match itself has the most menacing concept of any in WWE history - two bamboo structures surrounding the ring with leather straps, whips and tables scattered throughout. The only way to win? Escaping both entrapments. The Undertaker escaped the inner cage first after two of the four doors had been locked (each door could only be opened for sixty seconds the entire match) but was shortly thrown and locked back in by the Big Show. As the match came to its close, The Great Khali and Daivari came to ringside hoping to interfere but it was too late as the Undertaker was named victor after smashing through the outer structure.

Ashley def. Jillian, Kristal and Michelle McCool (four way Bra and Panties Match)

This battle of divas was to be competed under fatal four way rules - the first to strip another to their undergarments would be named the winner. Both Kristal and Michelle McCool lost their lower clothing while Ashley and Jillian had their tops removed. The finale arrived when Jillian failed to take off Kristal's top but Ashley succeeded in the task and was named the winner. We were all winners after, though, as the victor stripped Jillian of her pants before having the favor returned.

Mr. Kennedy def. Batista (DQ)

Six months. That's how long Batista had been rehabbing at home since being put on the shelf by Mark Henry, the anger and frustration brewing up inside of him. An injury to Henry forced the 'World's Strongest Man' out of the match, though, and an open challenge from Batista was answered by the cocky youngster Mr. Kennedy.

'The Animal' proclaimed he had plenty of anger to unleash at the Bash and it showed, not even waiting for the official start of the bout before pounding on his opponent. Kennedy received multiple lacerations on his head during the proceedings and the blood flowed profusely down his face for the majority of the match. Mr. Kennedy, however, ended up winning the match by disqualification when the former World Heavyweight Champion refused to let go of a choke hold. Batista wasn't satisfied with the damage already done, though, as he continued to beat down Kennedy with two trademark spinebusters and a crushing Batista Bomb. 'The Animal' was back!

King Booker def. World Champion Rey Mysterio (new champion)

The World Champion was unseated at the Bash, but in very controversial circumstances. Rey Mysterio was the greatest underdog champion of all time and his "friend" Chavo Guerrero seemingly had his back throughout the reign. King Booker was the 2006 King of the Ring and had plenty of momentum until just two days before the Bash on Friday Night SmackDown when he challenged Mysterio to a match. The champion won the bout and clearly had the upper hand heading into the main event of the pay-per-view.

King Booker's wife, Queen Sharmell, again was a big factor at ringside for The Great American Bash's main event, proving so when she tripped Rey Mysterio as he went for the 619. The interference cost Sharmell her place at ringside as the match official dismissed her backstage. Mysterio continued to roll but inadvertently took the referee out of commission. Rey's "friend" Chavo Guerrero then rushed down to the ring, steel chair in hand. Chavo looked to be aiming for Booker but instead changed his direction and waffled the champion with the weapon. His work done, Guerrero left the ring allowing King Booker to pick up the pieces and cover the champion for the three, becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. The show came to its close with King Booker clutching his new title and Queen Sharmell booming the words "All Hail King Booker!" around the arena over and over.

SmackDown Champions as of Sunday, Week 3, July 2006.

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageKing Booker won the World Heavyweight Title at the 2006 Great American Bash where he defeated Rey Mysterio in a singles match.

IPB ImageFinlay became United States Champion by defeating Bobby Lashley on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown in July, 2006.

IPB ImageGregory Helms has been Cruiserweight Champion since the 2006 Royal Rumble where he was the surprise entrant in a cruiserweight battle royal, jumping ship from RAW.

IPB ImageBrian Kendrick and IPB ImagePaul London won the WWE Tag Team Championship from MNM at Judgment Day in May, 2006.

SmackDown Injuries and Roster News as of Sunday, Week 3, July 2006.

IPB ImageBoogeyman is currently on the shelf with a torn tricep muscle that he suffered back in late March of 2006.

IPB ImageChris Benoit has taken an indefinite sabbatical from the ring after a beating at the hands of Mark Henry culminated a list of several other nagging injuries 'The Crippler' has been dealing with.

IPB ImageHardcore Holly is battling an MRSA infection and has no plans to return to the ring in the near future.

IPB ImageJBL replaced Tazz as SmackDown color commentator after losing a match against Rey Mysterio in which the stipulations meant he would have to leave his role as an active competitor should he lose.

IPB ImageJoey Mercury has not been seen since the sudden implosion of MNM in which consequential events lead to Johnny Nitro and Melina leaving for RAW.

IPB ImageBobby Lashley was forced out of action by apparent elevated enzymes in his liver. It is currently unknown how long the condition will keep the former U.S. Champion on the shelf.

IPB ImageMark Henry is recovering from a broken patella and torn patella tendon which will keep the 'World's Strongest Man' on the sidelines for approximately eight months.

IPB ImagePaul Burchill was another victim in Mark Henry's path of destruction. The proud pirate is currently rehabbing a knee injury to which the extent is unknown.

(I realise that there are other injuries/injury worries on the SmackDown roster but these were either revealed in real time after I'd started my game or are not listed for storyline purposes.)


Crowning a Champion

Friday, Week 4, July 2006

The Great American Bash was quite an event, full of text-book technical and high-flying wrestling, bloody battles and one inexplicable betrayal. At the end, after all the action had gone down, King Booker was on his knees in the squared circle, clutching the World Heavyweight Championship. This Friday night on SmackDown the King has promised he and his wife, Queen Sharmell, will host "a royal celebration" in the middle of the ring. What the new champion has in store for us we can only guess at this point in time, but it should be an entertaining night.

Rey Mysterio may still have been living his dream today were it not for Chavo Guerrero's despicable actions on Sunday. Mysterio's supposed "friend" dropped the now-former World Champion with a huge chair shot that left the crowd stunned and lead to a new title holder. Will we get an explanation from Chavo, and will Mysterio even be in condition to appear on SmackDown? That was one big chair shot.

Also at the Bash, Mr. Kennedy scored the victory in the biggest match of his career so far, albeit via disqualification. His opponent, Batista, bloodied Kennedy and left him laying in the ring in a pool of his own blood. Will Kennedy take this as a great win for his career, or a reason for revenge? One thing we do know is that 'The Animal' is well and truly back and will be in attendance on Friday night.

ECW Champion Big Show was forced to replace The Great Khali in last Sunday's Punjabi Prison match against the Undertaker. The Deadman will be satisfied with his victory over the champion but this writer thinks that he still has a score to settle with Daivari's enormous client.

The $250,000 WWE Diva Search continues this week on SmackDown. Erica was eliminated this past Monday on RAW, leaving just six diva hopefuls left - J.T., Jen, Layla, Maryse, Milena and Rebecca - all of which will compete in Diva Musical Chairs this Friday night!

Finally, we have received some huge news from the General Manager's office; in a rematch from The Great American Bash, Brian Kendrick and Paul London will again put their WWE Tag Team Titles on the line against the Pitbulls! Don't miss all the fallout from The Great American Bash this Friday night on SmackDown, 8/7 CT on UPN.

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Hmmm... interesting. Not much of a backstory, but to the point and focused on what the diary is all about. I'll definitely be reading to keep an eye on the competition :P. All jokes aside though, it'll be interesting to see how you handle things with your injured roster. Look foward to reading. (Y)

EDIT: Oh, and awesome graphics for the diary. Made them yourself?

Edited by The Aztec Warrior
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Wow, this looks goo even thought the first post wasn't much. The graphics were used very well and also look very good. The Great American Bash Results was a good short write up and the preview for this weeks Smackdown looks good. I always loved your diaries and I am sure I will like this one. Good luck with this, I will be reading.

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Guest TNA/WWE Fan

I will be looking forward to how this diary goes. If this is as good as you neatly made it and presented it then I will defently be following this thread.

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People actually pay attention to star ratings anyway? Who gives a fuck?

Anyway, the graphics and what-not look awesome but the content is going to be great as well judging by your previous stuff. I'm interested in seeing how you deal with all the injuries and problems SD are having at the moment, and I'm looking forward to the first show.

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Holy shit. 10 posts of feedback allready !

Wow. Anywho, as you may or may not know i am one of your biggest fans when it comes to your diaries and have read every one of them here at EWB. I will read this one as well ...

Good luck with it all.

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So I was browsing the rules of this forum and came upon this gem.

3. Postwhoring/Bumping

Neither is allowed. Again, it seems pretty basic, but let's go over it together.

Postwhoring is makeing a post that adds nothing to a discussion or the thread/diary. "Good show" and nothing else is postwhoring. "Push Raven" and nothing more is postwhoring. We want you to feel free and encourage you to reply to the diaries, it is important to a lot of our posters, but we don't want you to say nothing meaningful at all and move along. All that does is boost your post count, get you a bad reputation as a postwhore, and piss people off. Your post count is only important to you, not the rest of us. Don't punish us because you want to feel important. It is not allowed, and warnings will result.

Look familiar? Anyone? Anyone at all seen that before?

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Looking pretty good so far. It's clean, professional, and the graphics are smooth. I do hope you periodically update the champion images and whatnot. They look sweet.

I'm wondering if you're going to follow a similar path to the real-life scenario, with workers dropping off the active roster like flies? I think that'd make for a really good read.

Hope you keep this going. I'll be reading.

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IPB Image

SmackDown Results

Coronations and Carnage

Friday, Week 4, July 2006

The final SmackDown of July opened up with a music video of the events that took place at The Great American Bash. Each match was highlighted, the Punjabi Prison and World Championship matches receiving more time for a detailed visual description. The highlights, of course, were mainly freeze-frames but they showed the vital moments in each bout. The video finished with a shot of the new World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker, on his knees clutching the belt and the words "All hail King Booker" echoing around the arena. SmackDown's usual opening credits followed.


What has become the usual camera shots of the crowd, stage and ringside area opened the show with Michael Cole's voice welcoming the viewers at home to the program and predicting an exciting night with all the fallout from The Great American Bash. Color commentator John Bradshaw Layfield was introduced and he quickly gave us his views on what went down at the Bash, targeting the World Heavyweight Championship match and proclaiming he was glad King Booker now had the title that he "so rightfully deserves". Before Cole could respond, the music of the WWE Tag Team Champions blasted throughout the arena and we were set to kick off SmackDown with a rematch from the Bash!


The successful defense of their tag team gold at last Sunday's pay-per-view event obviously had Kendrick and London pumped up as they seemed to be even more up for it than usual, rushing to the ring with an extra spring in their steps. After the champions' trademark simultaneous backflip and mask removal, the challengers appeared and they were all business tonight, storming to the ring and immediately attacking their opponents.

The match began officially once the referee was able to garner some control and recognize Brian Kendrick and Kid Kash as the two legal combatants. The Pitbulls' pre-match antics gave them the upper hand in the early-going as they were quickly able to isolate the blonde half of the tag team champions. Frequent tags between the challengers left a fresh man in the ring at all times, Kendrick gradually being beaten down. Jamie Noble initiated an assault on Kendrick's knee as Kash had done on last week's SmackDown in an attempt to ground the favored aerial attack of the champ. Kid Kash continued the strategy using a variety of leg locks and stomps.

Kash and Noble were certainly in charge but the challengers became a bit too cocky for their own good. A double team maneuver was in the works but Kendrick managed to regroup as the Pitbulls taunted to the crowd, signalling they were in control. Kendrick mustered up all his energy and fought out of a double suplex, instead planting both opponents with a DDT at the same time. The crowd and his tag team partner behind him, Kendrick crawled towards his corner and finally made the tag to Paul London who had been desperate to get in the match from the get-go. London was like a house on fire as he took out both of the challengers. A comeback by the Pitbulls was short-lived as Brian Kendrick rejoined the fray and sent Kid Kash toppling through the ropes to the outside with a dropkick, following him out with a suicide dive over the middle rope.

That left London and Noble in the ring and the two duked it out, exchanging punches and kicks. Noble tried to wrap the champion up in his unique submission hold but a clever northern lights suplex reversal prevented it from being locked in. Kendrick and Kash continued to brawl on the outside as London rocked Noble with the dropsault and then a dragon suplex. Unable to bridge into a pin attempt, London crawled into a cover which was stopped at two when Kid Kash re-entered the ring and whipped London with one of the chains he and Noble bring to the ring. Referee Chris Kay was forced to disqualify the challengers but the decision didn't stop Jamie Noble joining in on the whippings, which they also applied to Brian Kendrick. The WWE Tag Team Championship was staying where it was at the beginning of the show but this war seems far from over as the Pitbulls left with anger and frustration written across their faces.


Returning from a commercial break we were treated to a brief analysis of the tag team title match by 'The Voice of SmackDown' JBL who pinned the Pitbulls' loss on their lack of experience whereas Michael Cole argued that it may have had something to do with them being frustrated and resorting to chain-whipping the champs. They were interrupted by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long who made his way down to the ring in his usual swagger. Once between the ropes, Long took a microphone and looked out into tonight's crowd.

Long: "What's up wit' you great fans of SmackDown?! Now I'm out here to address the issues currently enforced upon the SmackDown roster. We all know that Bobby Lashley was declared unhealthy just under a week ago and-"

The General Manager was cut off by The Great Khali who approached the ring with Daivari by his side, his massive steps getting him to the squared circle rather quickly. Daivari brought another microphone into the ring as Long, with an inquisitve look on his face, refused to let go of his.

Daivari: "'What's up wit' you great fans of SmackDown'? Who cares about the fans of SmackDown?! Last Sunday night at The Great American Bash, you Theodore Long made a grave mistake in removing The Great Khali from the Punjabi Prison match. That match was made famous by Khali in the punjab jungles of India and you go and replace him just like that? Just understand, Teddy, that you are the one to blame for the Undertaker's misguidance in his 'resurgence'. Because of you putting an inferior athlete to The Great Khali against the Deadman on Sunday, you made Undertaker himself, as well as the SmackDown fans, believe that the former phenom of the WWE was back in full force. That, you see, will come to bite Undertaker in the ass when he will once more be demolished at the hands of The Great Khali. You have created false hope, Teddy, and these fans won't appreciate seeing their Undertaker be squashed again. The Deadman is blinded by his own hype, but The Great Khali will make him see the error of his thoughts - all you have to do is do the right thing and make it official - Undertaker versus The Great Khali at SummerSlam... in a Punjabi Prison match!"

The crowd cheered at the prospect of another Punjabi Prison match where their SmackDown hero could feasibly dismantle Khali.

Long: "You want another Punjabi Prison match scheduled for SummerSlam playa? Well I'm sure these fans would all love to see one too but I'm afraid it just ain't gonna happen. You had your chance and you blew it, so go and deal with that elsewhere because I got an announcement to make."

Long turned back to the crowd to continue his initial speech, but he was again interrupted by Khali who snatched his manager's microphone away and yelled at the General Manager, his roar was again largely indistinguishable but it sounded like the Undertaker was mentioned several times. Long went to speak again, this time with a fearful look across his face but before he could say anything, Khali dropped him with a big chop to the head. Michael Cole went beserk on commentary, calling Khali's actions dispicable and unprovoked. Even Daivari tried to stop Khali, but his small frame was easily shoved out of the way by the big man. Khali picked Long (who was seemingly out of it already) back up and lifted him into the air by the throat in a powerful two-handed grasp. Numerous security members ran down to the ring but couldn't prevent Khali from tossing his boss mercilessly to the mat. Khali eventually left on his own accord, being reprimanded by Daivari on his way backstage. The on-hand team of medics rushed down to the ring to assist Theodore Long as we were taken to another commercial break.


The RAW Rebound then aired, the weekly highlight package of Monday's happenings on the 'red brand'. D-Generation X were again full of tricks as their distraction cost the Spirit Squad the World Tag Team Championship to the Highlanders. Chairman of the WWE, Mr. McMahon, was seen ordering a rematch for the titles next week on RAW, declaring that the Spirit Squad were "useless" and if they lost again they'd be fired!

Hulk Hogan's return to RAW was also featured on the Rebound as he thwarted a Randy Orton attack and dropped 'The Legend Killer' with a big boot to the face.


We returned to SmackDown in time to see Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, decked out in trademark bandana and trenchcoat over his wrestling gear, with a microphone in the ring.

Helms: "The cruiserweight division is what separates SmackDown from the competition. The best athletes in the world competing every week in high-flying, fast-paced action. And the cream of the crop? Gregory Helms, the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history. You don't have to look any further for SmackDown's finest and I furthered that reputation last Sunday at The Great American Bash when I pinned Matt Hardy. I have been champion for six months and no one has even come close to taking away my title, and that's the way it is gonna stay. So whatever loser you guys have lined up in the back for me, send him on out here so we can get this over and done with."

Helms dropped the microphone and removed his entrance-specific clothes as Super Crazy's music hit.


The champion wanted to get this one started quickly as he stopped Crazy entering the ring with a knee to the face as the Mexican hopped up onto the apron. Helms stepped back and charged at the challenger's mid-section but Crazy dodged and Helms fell through the ropes and all the way to the floor. Super Crazy then attempted an asai moonsault but there was nobody home so he followed his opponent back into the ring, only to be knocked down by a brutal knee lift. The match officially got underway as the ring bell sounded.

The champion was in control as a result of the pre-match clash and he began his attempt to ground the high-flying risk taker. It worked for the most part, too, some strong sleeper holds as well as an abdominal stretch kept the challenger away from the ropes. It wouldn't last forever, though, and Super Crazy started to build up some momentum when he escaped a third sleeper hold with a back suplex. The crowd were behind the Mexican and it gave him the advantage, taking it to the Cruiserweight Champion with spinning kicks and flying elbows. It would all be part of a vain attempt to become champion, however, as his former tag team partner and recent enemy, Psicosis, made his way out to ringside. Psicosis approached the ring and did his damage when Helms had the referee distracted, planting Crazy with a spinning heel kick from the top rope! The assailant escaped the ring and left Gregory Helms to finish the job with his patented shining wizard maneuver. The three count was academic and the record-breaking title reign continued, all thanks to Psicosis.


Finlay was then seen walking backstage wearing his new t-shirt (bearing the slogan 'I Come Ta' Fight'; available now on wweshop.com) and his United States Title belt slung proudly over his shoulder. All of a sudden, William Regal appeared in the scene and got Finlay's attention, jogging up towards him.

Regal: "Ah, Finlay, just the man I wanted to talk to."

Finlay: "What's up William?"

Regal: "It's about last Sunday in that United States Title match, remember when we were forced to face one another by Theodore Long?"

Finlay: "..."

Regal: "Well I just wanted to ask what you thought you were doing with that little 'leprechaun' of yours. We both know I would have had you beaten were it not for that bloody midget nicking my boot and clocking me one with it."

Finlay: "'Leprechaun'? [laughs] There's no such thing as leprechauns, William."

The U.S. Champion looked bemused as he walked away but the camera caught a smile creeping across his face as Regal looked on with a similar confused facial expression to the one Finlay had used just a few seconds before.


Upon returning from another break we were shown a brief video highlighting the events of ECW on Sci-Fi this past Tuesday. It detailed the confrontation between Mike Knox and the Sandman in which Sandman refused to apologise for hitting Kelly Kelly with the Singapore cane as it was Knox's fault it happened. Sandman went to hit Knox with the weapon again but Kelly Kelly was again dragged in the way to take the hit as Knox ran away. Big Show's demolition of the FBI and another assault on Tommy Dreamer by Test were also reviewed.


Going back to the ringside area, play-by-play commentator Michael Cole was entering the ring with a microphone, JBL referring to him as an "idiot" and wondering what he was doing between the ropes.

Cole: "Ladies and gentlemen, we all saw what happened last Sunday at The Great American Bash. Rey Mysterio was beaten for the World Championship due to the shocking and inexcusable actions of one Chavo Guerrero. So at this time, I would like to question the assailant himself about his actions, please welcome Chavo Guerrero."

Chavo Guerrero's music blared into the arena and the former Cruiserweight and WWE Tag Team Champion made his way out from the backstage area, being heavily booed by the audience. Once in the ring and having finished throwing dirty looks at the fans, Guerrero stood next to Cole and awaited his questions.

Cole: "Welcome, Chavo. I guess there's no point in beating around the bush, so to speak. The one question on everybody's mind right now is just why did you do what you did to Rey Mysterio at the Bash?"

The retired athlete looked around at the crowd again before talking into the microphone Michael Cole had pointed towards his mouth.

Chavo: "You know what, Michael? I could easily explain my actions right here and right now but I'm not going to. [loud jeers from the crowd] None of you SmackDown fans deserve an explanation, you Michael Cole, don't deserve an explanation. And more importantly, Rey Mysterio doesn't deserve an explanation. So wha-"

Guerrero was cut off by the sound of Rey Mysterio's voice as the former World Champion appeared on the big screen to huge cheers from the audience.

Rey: "Chavo. Hey, Chavo. As you can quite clearly tell, I'm not at SmackDown tonight. [disappointed boos from the crowd] That chair you bent over my head gave me one bad ache on my skull, man. And as far as me, the SmackDown fans and even Michael Cole not deserving an explanation goes, that's a crock, man. You preached your allegiance to me and these fans when you showed up on SmackDown a couple of months back. But now it's all different isn't it? Now I don't know what's changed in that head of yours but I do know you clearly showed your true colors last Sunday. So right now I'm going to do what many people say I shouldn't. I'm going to kick some ass now and ask questions later. Chavo, I want you out of retirement and in the ring next week on SmackDown!"

The crowd in attendance livened up at the prospect of Rey versus Chavo next week. Guerrero on the other hand, paced around the ring shaking his head and index finger.

Chavo: "No, no, no, Rey! You don't call the shots, I'm retired and I - I - it ain't gonna happen!"

Guerrero shoved the microphone back in Cole's chest and quickly exited the ring, leaving through the crowd. Mysterio was left on the screen with a look of frustration on his face as the feed was cut from wherever he was speaking from.


Returning to his regular commentary position, Michael Cole along with JBL hyped up the "royal celebration" that King Booker was scheduled to have later in the night.


In a quick match, the toughest man to ever wear a dress, Vito, dispatched youngster Scott Wright after a butterfly DDT. The finishing maneuver was dubbed 'The Code of Silence' by Vito himself according to Michael Cole. Vito is on one long unbeaten streak since he chose to wear a dress in the ring, something which JBL surely didn't want to see imitated by anyone else on the roster.

After the match we left for another commercial break but not before getting a glimpse of the six remaining Diva Search finalists who were on there way out to the ring for Diva Musical Chairs, next!


SmackDown was then graced with the presence of Mike Mizanin. The Miz made his way out to the ring and took a microphone from ringside.

Miz: "What's up all you MIZFIIIITS!? It's been a great night of SmackDown action so far but it's about to get even better with the sexiest women on television - THE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLAR TWO THOUSAND SIX DIVA SEARCH CONTESTANTS!"

'Move Along' by The All-American Rejects thumped over the PA system and the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search finalists made their way to the ring, one after another as The Miz introduced them.

Miz: "Maryse!... Milena!... Layla!... Rebecca!... Jen!... J.T.!"

This wasn't exactly the most complicated concept in WWE history, so The Miz got the six divas started right away to some generic music, five steel chairs sitting in the middle of the ring. Each round went pretty quickly, and the girls started dropping off - Layla, Jen, Milena, Maryse. It came down to J.T. and Rebecca and after some chair-moving and shoving between the two, J.T. eventually won the contest despite Rebecca's physical protest, The Miz having to step in between the two. At the end of it all, J.T. was the winner and would therefore be immune from elimination next Monday night on RAW.



After a quick break the cameras returned to the ringside area as Michelle McCool was making her entrance for her match, Kristal accompanying her to the ring. Jillian made her way out with 2005 Diva Search winner Ashley. The match got underway with Jillian in total control, utilising some athletic maneuvers such as a handspring elbow and a handstand leg drop to get the upper hand. A distraction on the apron by Kristal caused Jillian to lose focus, however, and McCool took advantage with a roll-up for two. Michelle took over and dropped Jillian with a big boot but could only muster a two count. With the verbal encouragement of Ashley and the crowd, Jillian got herself back into the match but it amounted to a loss as Michelle eventually scored the victory with a roll-up, using the ropes for added leverage. Ashley and Jillian protested to the referee but the decision stood and Michelle, along with Kristal, returned to the locker room happy.


A short video was aired of Sylvan, ambassador at large of Quebec, walking around outside the arena earlier in the day, trying to convince people to visit the "beautiful province of Quebec" by handing out leaflets and protesting its superiority over other places in the world. Not many passers-by seemed to be interested.



Following the video we returned to the ring for some more wrestling action, the Native American warrior Tatanka battling the fitness guru Simon Dean. The powerhouse of the two began the contest the stronger, tossing Dean around the ring like a ragdoll in the opening few minutes. After a sly thumb-to-the-eye Simon took control and tried to wear down his opponent with a modified armbar. Tatanka was able to power out, though and he dropped Dean on his head and shoulders to escape the move. The WWE legend began to rally, using several chops to knock Dean to the mat over and over. Simon tried a blatant low blow, but Tatanka caught his foot just in time and planted him with a Samoan drop. After a near fall, Dean tried to battle back but the Native American warrior dodged a dropkick and planted the fitness guru with the Wykea for the victory!

The winner of the match was announced and the referee held up his hand but Tatanka was quickly attacked by the Gymini! Jesse and Jake went to work on Tatanka, stomping away on him as Simon Dean recovered and encouraged the assault. The threesome would hurriedly escape the ring, though, as Matt Hardy rushed down to break up the assault. However, the damage was done, Simon Dean and his Gymini laughing and high-fiving at Tatanka rolling around in some pain in the ring.


The "royal celebration" was scheduled next, the ring and entrance way covered in red carpet. Two men in old-fashioned cloaks came out and played a short trumpet piece to signal the arrival of 'the king'. The new World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker, then appeared, coming to the ring in a white carriage, pulled by men in red coats. As they approached the ring, Queen Sharmell saluted her husband and stepped off of the transport, making her way into the ring (where Booker's throne was situated) as gold and red streamers, balloons and confetti rained down from the roof. As the royal music continued to play Sharmell took a microphone and spoke.

Sharmell: "Peasants worldwide! Bow down to your new king! My man, the new WORLD Heavyweight Champion - KIIIING BOOOOOOKERRRRR!"

Booker stood up in his carriage and spread his arms out in the air, his robe dangling from his shoulders, his crown and scepter sparkling and his newly-won World Heavyweight Title belt proudly displayed around his waist. He shortly left his transport and joined his queen in the ring. After again raising his arms in the air he sat on his throne and gracefully accepted the microphone from Sharmell.

Booker: "Greetings my loyal subjects. Tonight I am officially crowned your new World Heavyweight Champion. But this King is more than just a champion, I am a leader. I am the KIIIING OF THE WORRRRLD! So, my loyal subjects, peasants worldwide, bow down to your-"

King Booker's speech was interrupted as Batista's music sounded throughout the arena! The king and queen looked annoyed, angry and surprised as 'The Animal' made his way out into the aisle. Batista strode through all the balloons and confetti at ringside, taking a microphone from the timekeeper's table and entering the ring.

Booker: "What in the hell are you doing here, peasant? I'm-"

Batista: "I heard that everybody was invited to this little celebration bash. [laughs] You got balloons, streamers, red carpet, you even got some... erm... entertainment right here. [signals towards Sharmell, who looks shocked and starts mouthing off] Booker, you shouldn't be concerned with your 'royal celebration', you need to be concerned with getting your ass kicked by me for that belt around your waist!"

Booker: "And what gives you the ri-"

Batista: "I'll tell you what gives me the right. A few weeks ago, Theodore Long made my scheduled match with Mark Henry at the Bash a number one contender's match. Now, seeing as Mark Henry got 'injured', that makes me the number one contender. So Booker, get your ass off that cheap seat, lace up your wrestling boots and be prepared for 'The Animal' to be unleashed!"

Batista, who had come down to the ring in wrestling gear, chucked down his microphone and gestured for Booker to bring it. The king, however, scrambled off of his throne and scampered to the other side of the ring, his queen in tow.

Booker: "Naw, naw, Batista. You ain't gettin' nothin'-"

The King was again cut off, but this time by a good thing in his eyes as his royal court, William Regal and Finlay, rushed into the ring to attack 'The Animal'. They started to beat him down but Batista powered out and shoved them away before proceeding to knock both out of the ring. As Batista refocused his attention on the champion, he was attacked again, this time by Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy had slid into the ring and waffled Batista with a steel chair. The weapon shot gave Booker and his royal court the opportunity they needed to beat down 'The Animal', stomping away at him and Finlay using his shillelagh on the victim's back. Batista managed to get back to his feet and shove the three assailants away, but was promptly dropped again with another monstrous chair shot by Kennedy - this one to the head. Mr. Kennedy snapped, unleashing several chair shots on the man he defeated at The Great American Bash while King Booker and his court exited the ring and made their way back up the aisle, enjoying the sight in the ring. SmackDown came to a close with Batista motionless on the canvas with Mr. Kennedy standing above him, focused and chair in-hand.

(This first week of results was not booked in TEW but has been written out as my other shows will be. The involvement of TEW will start from now, simply because it's easier to start in August rather than booking from July in-game.)

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It's a given that you're going to have loads of useless replies, if only because of your name and the knowledge of the cleanliness and graphics that follow it.

Just a few little notes... really little notes.

I really enjoyed Kennedy beating down Batista. It does something that WWE's creative doesn't seem to know how to do: elevate one wrestler without making the other seem like total shit. Batista is still an animal, and Kennedy has now become a playing factor. Nice.

It was interesting to have a show where the Miz didn't eff up a mic moment. Maybe you'll keep him after all?

Oh, and keep the leprechaun going. I figure you will, if only from the topic description, but do. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

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I agree with Blink. For some odd reason, I like Finlay's leprechaun.

Decent show. You kept relatively true to life, which I like. It didn't seem like enough happened to fill two hours, though. And there weren't any real uppercard matches, which kind of bothered me.

However, I like where you're going with Chavo and Rey, as well as keeping the tag team title feud going for a while. The stuff with Booker and Batista was good too. I like the way you had Khali demolish Teddy Long. I don't like Long at all.

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