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Recommend Me A X-Box 360 Game!


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I just got the X-Box 360 a few days ago. Got Prey and Chromehounds with it, and had to pick up NHL 2K6 as well (I couldn't wait for September 12th).

Prey is meh. Cromehounds sucks. And NHL 2K6 for the 360 is good, but having played the regular X-Box version to death, this version is already dated. So I need a game to play until Madden and then the hockey games come out.

Any recommendations?

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Initial reports on Dead Rising say it's gonna suck. It comes out on Tuesday, yet no official reviews for it yet, that's always cause for concern. I just picked up a 360 today, I really like Dead or Alive 4 and I haven't given a shit about a fighting game in years.


EGM reviewed Dead Rising, gave it 7.0, 7.0, and 8.0, I believe. EGM isn't exactly the authority on reviews anymore though...

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How is the gamer punished for wasting time?

Instead of like every other game when you die it's game over and you just reload, if you die here you end up waking up a few minutes later. In this world, if you wake up a few minutes later you may miss the chance to meet somebody or to do an event that could've gotten you a good weapon or something. We've tried to make it so that, even if you miss that event, you still don't want to quit, you want to keep going forward rather than having to reset the game.

That's a "feature" of this Dead Rising game apparently. I took it from the gamefaqs boards so who knows. If that's true then that really sucks. So the player wont be able to experience the full effect and story of the game because they die? What gamer is perfect and can go through such a game without death? So many times games rely on trial and error, so death is sometimes a necesary evil. This "feature" really turns me off.

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I was hyped about Dead Rising until I learned that you have to actually do the missions because of timers etc and there's no way to actually go around and just kill zombies for an hour or so. Either way I'll still be getting it.

Since you've got Prey and Chromehounds I suspect you like shooters, if so get Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter or Call Of Duty 2, they're the best games I've played for the 360.

I'll run through the games I've got and tell you whether or not to bother with them.

King Kong - You'll go through it once and never want to go through it again. There's no replay factor. Give it a rent, it's an easy way to get 1000 achievments points for 6 hours of play. Rent

Madden 2006 - I wasn't bothered about all the features being gone, it's still a great game. But with 2007 two/three weeks away it's not worth bothering with. Don't Bother

Gun - It's pretty decent, worth a rental but don't buy. Rent

Dead Or Alive 4 - A great game and looks great. Give it a rental to try it out but don't buy as the next one is due out later this year. Rent

Kameo: Elements Of Power - It's a good game but I got bored of it and haven't got half way through it yet. I might go back to it but I doubt it. Don't Bother

Table Tennis - It's by Rockstar, so it's good. Although it's a little monotonous. You'd probably be best served getting the demo off live and playing as I can't see there being much more than that actually. Dont' Bother

GRAW - As I said above it's tied with COD2 for my fave game so far. The best looking game alongside Oblivion. Buy

COD2 - Great shooter. Better than the first COD and the multiplayer (now it's been patched and more maps added) is hella fun. Buy

Prey - I really liked this game and loved the story. But you've got this already. Buy

Need For Speed Most Wanted - I enjoyed this, but it's not worth buying. Give it a rental. Rent

Burnout - Buy it. It's the best driving game out on any platform at the moment. Buy

Oblivion - If you want something to fill the void until Madden comes out, don't buy this as it'll take over your nights and you'll probably forget about Madden. Buy

2006 Fifa World Cup - I just wanted something whilst the World Cup was on. If you're into soccer rent it, if not don't bother. Don't Bother

Far Cry - If you've played it on the PC it's the same game. I didn't like it however, played about half an hour and tossed it to the side. Don't Bother

Tiger Woods - Great game, give it a rental if you like but don't buy as 07 is due out before the end of the year. Rent

Tomb Raider - It's a return to form for Lara Croft. I really enjoyed this game but it's a one time through game. Rent

Battlefield 2 - Fun for the multiplayer and that's all. If you like multiplayer games rent it or download the demo, otherwise don't bother. Don't Bother

Blazing Angels - I think this is among the worst flight games I've played. Avoid Totally

Fight Night Round 3 - The best boxing game on any console ever. I don't know if there's another one coming out soon but rent it. Rent

Hitman Blood Money - It's a great game but you'll not want to go through it more than once probably. Rent

Condemned - Like so many games on the 360 you'll got through it once and never put it in again. Rent it because it's a good game. Rent

I'm probably missing something but they're the ones I've got that I can remember off the top of my head.

Plus if you just want a fun game, download Street Fighter from the Arcade.

Also, I probably wouldn't bother buying anything if you can't buy many games because over the next three or four months there are some great games coming out like Gears Of War, Madden 2007, Saints Row, Splinter Cell: DA, Crackdown, Marvel UA, COD 3, Rainbow Six Vegas and SD vs. RAW 07. Just go through renting the backlog of 360 games, it should keep you going until Madden.

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