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Kevin Smith to do a horror movie?


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In fairness, the Q&A recap at News Askew said that he said this after being peppered for information on his next project, so he might have just been messing with them. Either way, it could be cool to see him do something different. Or, since we've never seen him do anything other than comedy/dramedy, it could be awful. I still remember hearing that he'd had a romantic comedy greenlit with a 15 million dollar budget though, so it might still be a smokescreen.

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Okay, so at least we know it's not a joke:

epic7c wrote: any details about the upcoming horror flick?

Waaaaaay too early for that.

But it'll be pretty different from anything else I've done thus far - that much I can tell you. There may be a few chuckles in it along the way, but it won't be comedy-horror. It'll be chills and gore.

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