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Recent dance songs.


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So, recently I like a few dance songs I've heard, which for one is very wierd for me anyways, but I have found one, which was:

Cascada - Everytime We Touch

There are a few more really good recent ones, help me find out what they are as I can't remember the names of them.

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YES!!! It's been out longer than people think, but yeah that song is great. I remember talking about it not that long ago, about how I couldn't stop humming it.

I love all of Bob Sinclair's stuff. "World, Hold On" is getting a lot of airplay at the moment. With the kid, the rocket and the whistling.

There's that song with Tom Jones. "Stoned In Love". Cannot remember who it's by though. It begins with a "C" though. Chicane.

They're 3 of the popular songs doing the rounds at the minute...or well, a few weeks ago anyway. :shifty: All good stuff.

David Guetta Vs The Egg's "Love Don't Let me Go" is swank and "Tell Me Why" by Supermode is alright too.

Maybe it's some of those. :shifty:

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Hahaha, Pretty Green Eyes was great. Michael Gray's "The Weekend" always put me in a good mood too. Can't go wrong with some Armand Van Helden, Dario G or ATB either. And of course Mylo. And I have a softspot for DJ Sammy. Normally some catchy stuff.

I went on a mini-dance trend towards the end of last year...or it may have been last summer. Basically I kept asking people for cheesy dance songs...nobody knew any. I was dissapointed. :(

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It's often listed as techno, since that is Crystal Method's forte.

You might think me odd, but check out some of the Dance Dance Revolution soundtracks. Some particular favorites:

1. Moshic - Moment 40 (Moshic's Floorshaker Remix) -- technically classed as Prog House, but the beat is solid enough to keep you bouncing.

2. Supa Fova - I Need You (Insideout Door Mix)

3. System SF (Sota Fujimori) & Anna Quinn - Look To The Sky -- sadly, my bandmates refuse to make cover this as a rock song. The moment I can nab ProTools and musicians who want to pull this off, you betcha ace.

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I think Adagio For Strings is a great song to dance to if you're wasted.

By Tiesto?

Try Happy Hardcore for old/new dance music. (Y)


Traffic is alright too.

The entire album those two are on (Traffic/Adagio) is incredible. It's my favorite dance album to date.

My favorite new dance song is Feel Alive by the Benassi Bros. Sure, all their songs sound exactly the same. But, it's stuck in my head a lot lately.

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I actually have a new monkey track done by my mate's scally brother and his scallier friend...it's marvellous. :shifty: Just ask Bluey.

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