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Ash J. Williams

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Their sound is hard to explain, but they are similar to bands such as Neurosis and Cult Of Luna...basically, long songs, generally layering sound upon each other until it breaks down, if that makes any sense.

Heavy, but not conventionally so, its more like a wall of sound when they get going. The vocals are also deathy, but sparsely used.

Isis is a monolithic, breathing, dense, incredibly spiritual musical experience that, while rooted in heavy metal and the punk/hardcore aesthetic, relies just as heavily on ambience, atmosphere, and tone as it does complexity, aggressiveness and raw emotion. Not so much a band per se as a collective, the artisans who comprise the Boston quintet paint vivid and surreal conceptual compositions layering feedback, power chords, intense quiet/loud dynamics, and vocals that are often shouted, more often screamed, and occasionally sung.

Bit namby pamby with the way they've put it across, but yeah.

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I was going to see Isis on one of their offdates of the tour, but they cancelled because Tool added the Madison date.

Oh yeah, and another reason why Isis is supporting Tool is because Maynard and Turner have become friends, Turner even guested on the latest Tool album on a track that didn't make the album.

Have a nice time, I wish I was able to go, but I've got no money and I'm going to Roger Waters at the end of next month and then Alice in Chains in November (probably).

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I've heard AIC do Man In A Box with Duvall. He's pretty good.

Layne's death is one of the biggest losses in rock music, as far I'm concerned, though.

Ash, if Tool does Prison Sex, be sure and bust out a lighter and light it for me, k? :) (lame title, but great song)

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