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Disgaea 2

Riceman 4K

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I've only played a little bit of FF Tactics. The isometric turn-based battle system is similar enough, although frankly I found FFT's version to be more tedious. :shifty:

As for 'whether it's any good'...allow Disgaea into your life and it will own your soul. In a good way.

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I'm at Level 4-2 right now. Just be straight pwning fools...

Adell, Roz, Tink are my Big 3.

Gunner, Healer, Magic Knight be holding it down.

Red Mage and Blue Mage with the magic support.

I'm prolly gonna create a Ninja/Female Ninja next. I had a Geomaster but I found him to be pointless and got rid of his ass. How are good is the Sinner or Samurai class?

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Guest We Are Robots

This game is extremely good and extremely addicting. There is a great level (Cave of Ordeals: Ordeal 1) for leveling up quickly in it, and it has all that sweet sweet Chrono Trigger-like New Game + action.

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It's released in the UK today, and Play.com still haven't even processed my pre-order, let alone post it. So clearly my only option was to say "fuck 'em", cancel the order and I will be leaving work during my lunch break to go and buy it from Virgin/HMV/Game/whichever has it first.

And off I go...now~! >_>

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Since I got paid today and have it off, and stokerino brought this back up...

To anyone who's played both, if you had the choice would you buy 2 for $50 or the first for $30?

In 2004 I was gonna buy Disgaea but didn't have the cash at the time, and lost my chance. I didn't want to get the 2nd without playing the first, but my EB has both for the time being (the first pre-owned of course).

I'm playing FFXII right now, but I think I should pick at least one of them up or else lose my chance yet again at either this time.

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