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World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

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Unforgiven Quick Results

Last month at Unforgiven there will alot of high speed entertaining matches, Mickie James regained her Womens Championship when she pinned Lita, Umaga upset Kane as he pinned him with the Samoan Spike, The Spirit Squad retained when they defeated the Highlanders, Johhny Nitro defeated Jeff Hardy but the night wasnt over as the two main event highly entertaining matches where just getting started. On this night DX Vs The Mcmahons and Big Show in a Hell In A Cell ended when Triple H Pedigreed Michaels on the steel chair,The fans were in shock as Triple H looked down on his former friend Shawn Michaels with an evil smirk on his face causing the Mcmahons to get a cheap victory. Also Edge remained undefeated in Tables,Ladders and Chair matches and also retained his WWE Championship when he defeated Cena fairly on that night. John Cena sticked to what he promised to do and that was to leave RAW and head back for Smackdown.
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Raw Preview

Mikie James Will go head to head with lita, a re-match from Unforgiven as Lita demanded a rematch to Authority Johnathan Coachman... At unfrogiven mikie james cheated to win the Womans Title when she put her two feet to the second rope... Lita Was left in the wring shocked... To make the mach totally fair edge is banned from ringside.

We still don't know what will hapen between Triple H and Shawn Michaels... at unforgiven the match between the Mcmahon's and the Big Show Vs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels [D-Generation X] went terribly wrong for shawn michaels as Triple H went back to his old ways and attacked Shawn... The McMahon's, Big Show and Triple H all left their mark on Shawn Michaels, leaving him battered and bloody in the ring.

Johnny Nirto is going against Shelton Benjamin, One on One Once again, when shelton went to to jonathan coachmans office last week... Johnathan got annoyed and said it is his last chance and if he loses he can never get another shot at that title again

There has been rumours around WWE that Umaga will be in action and we are not allowed to reveal anything justnow but you will need to watch or read results to find out

Edge is happy that John Cena has officially signed a contract to go to smackdown but will edge be surprised by an opponent or will Edge not need to lift a finger for the whole night...

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ECW On RAW + Smackdown!?

Rumours have been spreading round the Internet that 4 superstars from ECW will go onto seperate WWE shows, recently ECW was cancelled because of bad rating and a selected few have cought vince mcmahons eye... will they get to be in the wwe spotlight or will they get fired also it has been known that the superstars that jumped to ECW are now on there selective shows meaning that the superstarsthat went to ECW from WWE will go back to their original shows... watch RAW and Smackdown! For More.
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MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada

RAW Roulette

The Intro hits as the pyro flares up and the fans go wild.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, Im jim ross and beside me my partner at the commentary team Jerry Lawler. Tonight is going to be great folks. Were in The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada and tonight is a very special night... It is RAW Roulette Night King. What do you think?

King: Yeh JR anything can happen tonight from singles to handicap...hell to even a Cage!

JR: That is right now we'll hand you over to Johnathan Coachman to decide the first Match

[Johnathan Coachman appears on the screen wit the RAW Roulette beside him]

The Coach: Welcome to RAW Roulette night, lets decide the first match of the night. Jeff Hardy Vs. Umaga.

[Jeff Hardy walks in looking angry and spins the wheel]

[The wheel slowly stops as Jeff eagerly awaits.It Lands on Table]

The Coach: Well there it is, the first match will be Jeff Hardy Vs. Umaga In a Table Match.

Jeff Hardy VS Umaga [TABLES MATCH]

Jeff Hardy's Music Hits as he taunts and makes his way down to the ring...he slides in the ring and taunts on the second rope... He stands in the corner and waits for his apponent

Umaga's Music hits as Umaga makes his way to the ring with AAE at his side... he walks up the steps and in to the ring where he taunts and the crowd boo...he stands in the opposite corner ready to fight

The bell rings as Umaga receives a dropkick from Jeff, jeff punches umaga in the back of the head while he ison the ground but umaga starts to get up and jeff goes for spinning heel kick but umaga counters by ducking under it... Jeff gets up and runs to umaga as he receives a clothesline from him... Umaga slides out the ring and goes under the aprin and takes out a table...he goes into the ring with the table and places it in the corner... Jeff is still on the floor so he picks jeff up and throws him in the table in the corner... Umaga runs to the opposite corner then runs back... umage jumps and turns round to his backside and puts jeff hardy through...The bell rings as the ref attempts to raise umaga's hand but umaga scares him out the ring... umaga leaves the ring with AAE and walks up the ramp and through the curtains.

OR: 70%

CR: 75%

MQ: 61%



Jeff Hardy Lost 1 Point of Overness from this match

Umaga Gained 1 point of overness from this match

A hype video plays for sabu showing clips of his hardcore ECW moments and saying that he is now on RAW.

OR: 70%

Johnathan Coachman is backstage ready to spin the wheel... Kenny from the spirit quad comes in and demands to spin the wheel.. Coach kindly lets him... It slowly stops and lands on HARDCORE

Spirit Squad Vs. Duggan And Eugene

the spirit squad's music hits as all 5 members make their way to the ring and jump in the ring using trampolines...

JimDuggan's music hits as Jim Duggan and Eugene walk down to the ring...the spirit squad attack duggan and eugene before they reach the ring...they attack them with steal chairs and throw eugene in the ring as the bell rings...kenny quickly goes to the top rope and hits the doane-nation on eugene and covers while diggan is left outside lifeless...1...2...3! The bell rings as the spirit squad celebrate and leave the ring.

King: tht was record time JR

JR: oh shut up king... that was un called for!





Maria is backstage having an interview with Randy Orton

Maria: orton how do you feel about going against Carlito next

Orton: shut up, why should i tell you anything

Orton walks away and maria is left standing


Randy Orton vs Carlito

Flying clothesline by Carlito, blasting Orton. Carlito pickes him up and crushes him with a running senton. Hooks the leg for a two count. Orton counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Orton slams Carlito. Flying shoulder tackle by Orton sends Carlito to the mat. There's a two count on the pin. Orton goes under the ring and gets a chair and goes back into the ring and chair shots Carlito. Cover, but there's a last second kick-out. Orton slams Carlito down. They brawl to the outside and into the crowd. Elbow from Orton. Cover for a two count. Eye gouge from Randy Orton. They brawl back over the barier and into the squared circle. Orton only gets knees on a splash. Carlito hits a bulldog off the ropes. Cover for a two count. Back heel kick off the second rope, Orton goes down. Pinfall attempt gets a 2 Count once again. Carlito slams Randy Orton down. He goes outside and grabs a table from under the ring... he sets it up and puts carltio onto it... orton goes up onto the apron and hits a Running elbow drop , sending carltio throught the table. Randy Orton pulls Carlito bvack into the ring and sets him up for the RKO..He hits and goes for the cover 1....2....3!! Ortons music hits again as he taunts and leaves the ring.





The Coach and eval venus are backstage deciding the stipulation for his match again vaedge tonight in vals home town...He spins the wheel and it slows down...It lands on Cage and he walks out smirking.


Torrie Wilson vs Victoria and Mickie James

Victoria's entrance music hits as mike james and victoria walk down to the ring...tanuts and waits for opponent. Torrie's music hits as she makes her way down to the ring and taunts.The Bell Rings. Victoria snapmares Torrie Wilson. Mickie hits a dropkick on Torrie Wilson. 'Hit' may be an exaggeration, as it barely touched. Mickie James scoops up Torrie. Victoria bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. Cover for a two count. Flying knee to the face from Victoria. Pin : 1 - 2 - kick out. Victoria \ Mickie whip Torrie into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Victoria blocks the suplex attempt. Big clothesline from Torrie. 'Big' because it missed by a big margin. Pinfall attempt gets a 2 count. Victoria pushes out of a Torrie Wilson hold. Torrie gets up and walks into a spinning heel kick, evidently feeling that the 'duck' tactic is over-rated. Victoria \ Mickie whip Torrie into the ropes and hit a double backdrop. Cover for a two count. Torrie Wilson fights out of a grapple. Side suplex from Torrie. Shades of Dino Bravo there, although even Dino could execute it better than Torrie. Hooks the leg for a two count. Victoria reverses a Torrie Wilson hammerlock. Badly executed second rope splash by Victoria. Flying elbow off the top rope by Mickie James, poor elevation though. Mickie James sets Torrie Wilson up in the corner. Tornado DDT! 1....2....3.





A limo pulls up outside and edge walks out looking angry from hearing the match he is in tonight and lita tries to calm him down but it is not working.Edge enters the arena as the screen fades


Sabu vs Johnny Nitro [non title]

Sabu's Music hits as he runs to the ring and quickly taunts. Johnny Nitro's music hits and he walks to the ring with malina and stands in the corner.The Bell Rings. Sabu hits a right hand. Spin kick by Sabu to the face. Nitro counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Flying elbow from Johnny Nitro. Nitro hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. Sabu powers out of a Johnny Nitro headlock. Sabu crushes Nitro with a running senton.sabu goes outside and looks under the ring for a table and see's nothing.Sabu looks up at the ring as nitro dropkicks him from in the ring and nitro goes out aswell and grabs a steel chair from under the ring and plants sabu with it.He throws Sabu back in the ring and takes a mic from the announcer goes back in himself and asks sabu if he quits.Sabu said NO!.So nirto goes back outside and grabs the steel chair and takes it back into the ring to find sabu standing and he dropkicks the chair into nitro's face. Sabu slides ou the ring and runs up the ramp to the back stage.A minute later sabu runs back down with a table in his hands.Johnny Nitro slides out the ring and grabs the table from sabu but sabu runs round the back of him and hits the low-blow.Sabu sets up the table and throws nitro on it.He runs back in the ring and opens the steel chair, bounces off the ropes jumps off the steel chair, on to the ropes and hits the arabian face buster.The ref asks if nitro quits and he shouts I Quit into the mic.Sabu celebrates in the ring and walks backstage





the Camera shows Val Venus warming up backstage puching a punchbag


Edge Vs Val Venus [WWE Title]

Val Venus's music hits as the fans go wild and he walks down to the ring kissing a girl at ringside, he goes in the ring and taunts in the second rope. Edge's Music hits as the fans boo and he walk down with lits, he enters the ring and the cage is lowered.The Bell Rings.Venis takes a clothesline from Edge, pickes him up then Bodyslams Venus. Edge climbs the cage early Val Venis is in hot pursuit, and he grabs edge and pulls him back down to the canvas. Venis powers out of a headlock.and then a Flying shoulder tackle by Venis sends Edge to the mat. Venis hits a right hand. Val Venis throws Edge into the cage. Val Venis and Edge climb the cage....Venus trys to end easy for the home town crowd but edge isnt fooled! Edge pulls Val off of the cage sending him crashing on the canvas Edge goes for the spear and missing sending him crashing into the ringpost.Val takes the oppertunity to leave but the crowd boo as lita runs down with a steel chair.Val Venus is just leaving when lita hit him with a steel chair and he turns around to meet the spear from edge.Edge walks out the door as the bell ring and he smirks while kissing lita.Val is left disapointed in the ring.Ashamed of what just happened Val Grabs a Mic and says sorry to his home town.Edge has left and Val's Music hits as the screen fades.





Overall Show Rating: 73%

E-Mail Show Rating:6.83

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As You Should Know I Will Be Handling The Smackdown Roster So Yes Here I Am LOL

Matt Hardy Injured!!

Unfortunately Matt Hardy Has Suffered From An Injury Of A Broken Nose When He Was Wrestling Smackdown House Shows Over The Weekend, Docters And Medics Expect Matt To Return To The Ring In Approximally 1 Months Time. It Will Be Interesting To See What The WWE Will Do About This Recent Injury As Matt Was Storylined To Have A Cruiserweight Title Match With Gregory Helms At WWE Smackdown PPV No Mercy.

Credit: 24Wrestling

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IPB Image

King Coward?

October 6,2006

Batista Challenged King Booker To A World Heavyweight Championship Rematch Last Week With Just Less Than 14 Days Away From No Mercy, On Smackdown But Our Royal King Declined His Challenge And Instead Said That Sir William Regal Will Be More Than Happy To Take Out Batista. Theodore Long Has Booked Batista vs King Booker At No Mercy But Has Also Been Interested To See Sir William Regal and Batista Go At It And Has Booked That Matchup For Tonight. Will Royalness Stirke Luck? Or Will The Animal Unleash Again?

Also Since Great American Bash Chavo Has Had A Vision That Rey Is Apparently Trying To ''steal'' The Guerrero Name, Also Vickie Guerrero Seems To Think So But All Rey Wants Is Peace Between Them All And Wants Them To Stop Using The Guerrero Name As An Excuse. Teddy Long Has Booked A Rematch With Chavo Guerrero And Rey Mysterio Due To Take Place At No Mercy But In Order For That To Happen They Will Have A Contract Signing On Smackdown To Make It Official.

John Cena Recently Lost To Edge At Unforgiven In Tables,Ladders And Chairs And Will Make His Debut On Smackdown Tonight Who Will Cena's Opponent Be? Will He Be Victorious? Will He Make An Impact?

2 Weeks Ago The Miz Debuted And Defeated Tatanka But Used The Ropes For Leverage,Last Week The Miz Was Very Pleased With His Win But Tatanka Demanded A Rematch With Miz Which Has Been Added To This Weeks Card.

Batista vs Sir William Regal

John Cena Debuts

Miz vs Tatanka

Rey and Chavo Contract Signing

And All Much More On Smackdown

You can see all the action for yourself this week a 8/7 CT on UPN.

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WWE Smackdown!

WWE Smackdown Intro Plays With The Music Rise Up By Drowning Pool As The Pyro Goes Of And Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield Welcome Us To WWE Smackdown. They Show Some Of The Audience At Ringside In This Soldout Show Which Is Live In Atlanta Georgia.

I Walk Alone By Saliva Hits Through Out The Sold Out Arena As Batista Walks Out To A Standing Ovation Wearing A Very Nice Sharp,Expensive Suit. The Crowd Continue To Cheer As Batista Taunts Untill His Pyro Stops, He High-Fi's Some Of The People In The Audience. He Continues To Walk Down The Ramp And Finally Slides Into The Ring And Runs For The Turnbuckle,He Climbs The Turnbuckle And Taunts As The Crowd Are Still Not Settled By Batista, He Grabs A Microphone And Begins To Speak As The Crowd Settle Down.

Batista: Booker! Last Week You Had An Excuse Once Again To Get Out Of A Match With The Animal, And Now I Have To Wait Untill No Mercy To Capture My World Heavyweight Championship? And Tonight I Have A Match With Your Kiss Ass Servant Regal? I Don't Care About You,Or The Rest Of The Kings Court And As A Matter Of Fact I Want Your Ass Out Here Right Now! Come On Booker!..............Come On.......Thats It I'm Coming Back There.

Batista Slams Down The Microphone And Heads For The Back As We Go To A Commercial Break.

OR: 83%

The Miz vs Tatanka

We Come Back From The Commercial Break As Tatanka Is In The Ring And The Miz's Entrance Theme Hits The P.A System And The Miz Runs Out And Gets A Mixed Reaction From The Audience. He Slowly Walks Down The Ramp And Slides Into The Ring. Miz Smirks At Tatanka And Offers A Handshake But Tatanka Cheap Shots Miz And The Bell Rings.

Tatanka Starts To Stomp On The Miz But The Ref Tells Him To Stop It And Tatanka Raises Miz Up To His Feet,He Drags Him To The Corner And Then Irish Whips Him To An Other Corner,Miz Holds His Back In Pain As He Falls To His Feet. Tatanka Raises Miz To His Feet Again But Miz Lays Some Shots To The Stomach And Then A Few Kicks To The Stomach, Miz DDT's Tatanka As The Crowd Are Still Not Really In The Mood For This Match, Miz Gets Up To His Feet Then Gives Tatanka A Running Legdrop. Miz Is Happy With His Performance And Decides To Lay Stomps Onto Tatanka, The Ref Warns Him And The Miz Starts To Argue With The Ref, Tatanka Pushes The Miz Into The Ref Causing The Ref To Bump And Fall Of His Feet. Miz Turns Around A Low-Blows Tatanka As The Crowd Boo But He Wasnt Finished There. He Escapes The Ring And Picks Up The Ringbell. Tatanka Gets Up And Puts His Head Through The 2nd Rope To Confront Miz But Gets Clobbered With The Ringbell, The Miz Slides Back In And Drags The Ref Then Pins Tatanka. 1........2......3 Miz Cheats Another Victory. The Miz slides out of the ring to the floor, then turns and leaves through the crowd. He's happy to have the win, and evidently isn't going to hang around for Tatanka to get some payback.

Winner: The Miz

OR: 52%

CR: 43%

MQ: 62%

Match Rating: - *1\2

Tatanka lost 1 point of overness from this match. The Miz lost 1 point of overness from this match.

The Crowd Are Speechless But Then Spot MVP Arriving To The Arena With 2 Hot Girls, He Sits Down In The Front Row And Starts Laughing And Joking With The Girls.

OR: 30%

Montel Montavious Porter gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

The Cameras Are Focussed On The Backstage Arena, The Hooliganz [London and Kendrick] Are Talking But are spotted by Teachers Pets. They attack, and after a short brawl, London and Spanky have been left down on the floor, hurt.

OR: 62%

Idol Stevens gained 2 points of overness from this segment. KC James gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Vito vs Funaki

Funaki's Music Hits As He Smiles And Gets A Cheap Pop From The Crowd, Funaki Walks Down To The Ring, He Slides In And Taunts But Then Vito's Music Hits As He Walks Out Wearing A Purple Split Dress, MVP And The Girls Have A Laugh At This As They Point At Him. Vito Slides In With A Smirk On His Face, The Bell Sounds.

They Lock Up But Vito Quickly Gets Hold Of Funaki In A Headlock He Punches Funaki's Head Over And Over Again. He Lets Go And Irish Whips Funaki To The Ropes, Funaki Then Recives A Powerslam By Vito The Ref Counts 1...2......Kick Out By Funaki. Vito Raises Funaki And Hits Him With A Suplex, Vito Taunts,Lifts Up His Dress And Then Locks In The Upskirt Armbar!!! Funaki taps out! Which Ends A Fast Paced Contest. MVP Shakes His Head And Laughs At Both Men But Vito Collects A Mic And Starts To Speak.

Vito: Montel,MVP You Think Its Not Right For A Man To Wear A Dress? Well The People Here Dont Agree With You, I Want A Match With You At No Mercy And I Will Prove That I Am Not A Joke Got That!? Vito Drops The Mic As MVP Shouts Something Out Which Is Not Heard From The Audience, Cole Announces Ashley Massaro And Michelle McCool Will Have A Bikini Contest Up Next On Smackdown But Then The Scene Fades To A Commercial.

Winner: Vito

OR: 66%

CR: 62%

MQ: 70%

Match Rating: **1\2

We Come Back From A Commercial Break And Both Divas Are In The Ring, Ashley Smiling To The Audience And McCool Shouting Out ''You Dont Deserve To See Me'' They Are Both In Robes And ready for this bikini contest. Ashley goes first, and poses for the crowd. Michelle goes next, and struts around the ring. The judge listens to the crowd reaction and then declares Ashley Massaro the winner. She celebrates while Michelle McCool stands in the corner looking furious, But both looking like sluts.

OR: 68%

Michelle McCool gained 3 points of overness from this segment. Ashley Massaro gained 2 points of overness from this segment. We Stand By With Josh Matthews Backstage As He Is Interviewing The Animal Batista.

Matthews: Batista Tonight You Will You One On One With Sir William Regal In A Singles Matchup Your Thoughts?

Batista: My Thoughts? You Think I'm Happy About This? Ok I Am A Patient Man But I Am Still Waiting For My Rematch With Booker But Now I Find Out It Has Been Postponed Till No Mercy. I'm Pissed Of Josh But I'm Not Gonna Let Finlay,Sharmell Or Even Booker Ruin This Match I Will Defeat Regal Tonight And Then I Will Defeat Booker At No Mercy. Sorry Josh That Is All I Have Business To Atend To...

Josh Looks On As Batista Leaves

OR: 80%

Batista lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

John Cena vs ???

The Time Is Now Hits As Cena Gets A Mixed Reaction From The Crowd But Mostly Strong Boo's From The Audience. Cena Walks Down The Ramp Then Slides Into The Ring Before Taking His T-Shirt Of And Throwing It To A Female Fan In The Crowd. Cena Waits For His Opponent But Looks A Bit Pissed Of That He Is On Smackdown Also Not In A Main Event Scene. FBI Theme Music Hits As Nunzio Walks Out To Quite Alot Of Cheers From The Audience. He Speedily Runs Down Into The Ring And Then Starts To Punch Cena As The Bell Sounds.

He Continues To Lay Right Hands Onto Cena But Cena Stares At Nunzio And Then Just Clotheslines Him Down, Cena Trys To Stomp On Nunzio But Nunzio Leaves The Ring While Holding His Head, The Ref Starts To Count But Cena Slides Out And Slams Nunzio's Head Off Of The Steel Steps, The Referee Gets To A 4 Count Before Cena Rolls Nunzio Back In. Nunzio Gets Up And Runs Against The Ropes And Then Dropkicks Cena He Gets The Cover 1..2 Kick Out Nunzio Stomps On Cena And Pins Again 1..2 Kick Out He Pins Again 1.Kick Out. Nunzio Goes Crazy And Picks Up Cena And Trys To Irish Whip Cena But Cena Reverses Into An Irish Whip To The Corner, Cena Runs Into Nunzio With A Strong Knee And Then Lifts Him Up For An FU, Nunzio Quickly Gets Down And Dropkicks Cena So Hard That Cena Goes Right Through The Second Rope. The Crowd Are Happy That They Are Not Making Nunzio Exactly ''job'' In This Matchup. Nunzio Taunts As The Ref Counts To 2 And Cena Slides Back In, He Is Gory But Nunzio Runs To Him And He Receives A Spinebuster. Cena Raises Nunzio But Nunzio Puts Cena Into A Small Package The Ref Counts 1..2..2 1/2 So Close Which Could Have Been Considered An Upset, Nunzio Is Upset And Starts To Stomp On Cena. Nunzio Heads On The Turnbuckle And Hits The Moosault On Cena The Ref Counts 1...2. Cena Powers Out. Nunzio Picks Up Cena But Is Reversed By An FU, Nunzio Is Out And Cena Locks In The STFU Nunzio Taps! Cena Celebrates As They Head For A Commercial Break.

Winner: John Cena

OR: 70%

CR: 68%

MQ: 73%

Match Rating: **3\4

We Come Back From The Commercial And There Is A Red Matting In The Ring And A Brown Table With A Contract On It. Teddy Long,Rey Mysterio And Chavo Guerrero Are All In The Ring As Rey And Chavo Stare At Each Other With Hate, Teddy Splits Them Apart. Chavo Sits On A Seat And Stares At Rey And Then The Contract, He Flips Over The Page And Signs It. Mysterio Also Signs It,but is immediately attacked by Chavo, who drives the table into his ribs. Chavo Guerrero has Rey Mysterio down on the canvas and is ascending the corner. Frog Splash!!! Chavo Guerrero walks off, having won this battle. Teddy Long Looks Shocked As He Trys To Help Rey Up. No Mercy Will Be A Great PPV.

OR: 75%

King Booker Is Backstage, Ready To Get Interviewed By Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Well Hello Booke.......

King Booker: Thats King Booker,Peasent!

Josh Matthews: Sorry....KING Booker..

King Booker: Yes?

Matthews: Well I Recently Interviewed Batista And He Was Pretty Mad At You And The Kings Court....

King Booker: Quiet Please...Peasent I Dont Care If Batista Is Mad At Us Its Because He Is Less Fortunate And Has No Title And Certinatly Has No Life, You Know What...Tell Dave Batista That He Better Had Watch His Back At No Mercy........

Booker Leaves

Queen Sharmell: That Was My Man King Booker...All Hail King Booker!!

Sharmell Also Leaves And Matthews Is Left Confused. We Go For One Final Commercial Break As The Main Event Is Up Next.

OR: 90%

Batista vs Sir William Regal

We Come Back From A Commercial Break As Sir William Regal Is In The Ring Staring At The Stage, His Music Blares Down As I Walk Alone By Saliva Hits Through Out The Arena And Batista Walks Out To A Standing Ovation.The Crowd Continue To Cheer As Batista Taunts Untill His Pyro Stops, He Continues To Walk Down The Ramp And Finally Slides Into The Ring And Runs For The Turnbuckle,He Climbs The Turnbuckle And Taunts As The Crowd Are Still Not Settled By Batista,The Crowd Settle Down As Batista And Regal Stare In Each Others Eyes And The Bell Sounds.

Batista And Regal Lock Up,Batista Pushes Regal Into The Corner And The Ref Breaks It Up. They Lockup Again And This Time Batista Locks In A Sleeper Hold And Regal Struggles But Elbows of Batista.Regal Lays The Strong Left Hits On Batista, But Batista Counters A Strong Punch And Then Kicks Regal In The Gut. Batista Works On The Neck Of Regal, He Gives Regal The Brainbuster, Batista Picks Up Regal And Then Powerbombs Him Down To The Mat. Batista Picks Regal Up,Then Irish Whips Him Right Over The Rope. The Ref Looks Down To Regal And Starts Counting, Out Of Nowhere Finlay Runs Behind Batista And Is About To Hit Him With His Weapon Batista Ducks And Spinebusters Finlay Down. Regal Returns To The Ring And While The Ref Is Trying To Get Finlay Out, Regal Rakes The Eye Of Batista But Also Sends Him A Low-Blow, Batista Drops To The Floor Holding His Crotch In Pain, Regal Smirks And Pins Batista 1....2...2 1/2 KICKOUT Batista Kicks Out And Regal And Finlay Are In Shock, Regal Has Lost It And Just Stomps On Batista As Much As He Can. He Runs Of The Ropes And Gives Batista A Kneedrop He Pins 1..2. Kick Out He Pins Again 1...2. Kick Out. Regal Complains To The Ref, He Then Picks Batista Up But Batista Spinebusters Regal The Crowd Go Crazy As Batista Taunts And Signals For A Batista Bomb, He Is About To Turn Around But Finlay Holds His Foot So He Can't Move. Regal Rolls Batista Up 1.....2 Kickout, Regal Is Still In Shock And Leaves The Ring For A Breath. Batista Slowly Gets Up And Demands Regal Should Get His Ass In The Ring. Finlay Distracts The Referee And Regal Slides Into The Ring And At Full Speed Headbutts Batista In The Crotch. Regal Smirks And Pins The Ref Turns Around A Counts 1...2 Kickout. Regal Gets Pissed Of And Starts To Lay Rights And Lefts Towards Batista. Regal Elbows Batista And Then Pins But With His Feet On The Rope 1....2.. The Ref Spots The Feet. Regal Gets Pissed And Throws A Temper To The Ropes. He Turns Around And Gets Kicked In The Gut Batista Bomb! Batista Hit The Batista Bomb Pin 1...2.......3 Batista Wins This Matchup.


King Booker comes running down the aisle with a chair! Batista is just leaving the ring...and Booker scores with a brutal chair shot! Batista falls to the floor holding his head. Booker Smiles As The Show Comes To An End.

OR: 80%

CR: 82%

MQ: 77%

Match Rating: ***

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  • Admin

I Can Type Like This Too But It Makes Things Harder To Read And Is Grammatically Incorrect To Do. Stop?

SD! seemed short (not read RAW yet), but the booking seemed logical enough. Cena's boos would surely be edited out on a SD! taping though?

One thing I will say though is that you have a good balance between matches and angles/interviews. me likey that.

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Gothic Gimmicks?

There are rumours flying all over the internet that Joey Mercury will be returning next month from rehab and he is supposendly forming a Gothic tag team with Steven Richards which will be named The Gothic Gathering ,Though these are just rumours,more news as we get it.

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Hey man. I just had a few problems.

1. The tables match on Raw. Very unlikely.

2. Edge vs. Val Venis. Venis is talented, no doubt. But hes a Heat mainstay.

Besides that and the huge text, good luck!

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IPB Image

Major Scoop!!
Exclusive News has revealed that Ring Of Honor wrestler Colt Cabana will appear on raw as a jobber to face Rob Conway.WWE said they're losing talent and are scouting Indy wrestlers to join, watch RAW to see him in action.
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ECW Storyline Cancelled

As a result of the cancelling of ECW there were rumours that all ECW superstars were going to invade Raw and Smackdown and there would be a huge 6 on 6 ECW Vs WWE at Survivor Series though these ideas have dropped and ECW have just been put out of the picture. Though we are expecting some ECW superstars with talent to go on a random brand.


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