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Malcolm In The Middle


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I don't know what you call it, but it's a great episode. Basically, Hal finds money that's been lying some where in the house for a few years, and he says to Dewey;

"You're apart of this moment son, here's $20, go buy yourself some baseball cards."

Anyone know what you call that episode?

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I saw that earlier.

It hadn't been there for years, Dewey earned it on the street and said that if he could make 400 or 500 dollars then could he leave school.

Malcolm also did a project that embarassed reese so he embarassed himself and everyone else in the school.

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I liekd the one where Dewey got lost and that lady drove him around.. eventually leaving him in a cornfield cause he was so annoying. That was a two parters right?

Yeah, that would be the last episode of the first season coupled with the first episode of the second season, if memory serves.

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Guest Preston

my personal favourite one is when they go to the waterpark and the episode after where they are coming back and get stuck in a traffic jam (or is it the same episode?) and the evil ice cream man is there and at the end the dog eats the phone number of that canadian girl.

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