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The Black Parade!

The Chief

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All Right!

Check Out New Song at http://www.Purevolume.com/Mychemicalromance

My Chemical Romance will issue their new album, The Black Parade, on October 24th.

My Chemical Romance properly introduces their forthcoming new album The Black Parade with an online video interview where they answer questions submitted by fans and present the process of making The Black Parade and the concepts behind the album.

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It seems better than their old stuff to me. They're kind of a guilty pleasure of mine and I have Black Parade stuck in my head for most of the day, but either way I'm not sure if I'll buy this one or get it from a friend like that last one. Truthfully though I prefer this to the last cd already, I'm not so sure about their whole "alter-ego" thing that they talked about. Plus Gerard looks like even more of a douche with blonde hair.

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Anyone who feels a need to f and blind without any reason loses my interest instantly. That and Gerard Way is a douche

My brother likes them so I'm sure to hear the whole album when it's released... Just got to sit through Kerrangs regular MCR sympathy searching and hype articles for a ocuple of months now though :(

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Wow, somebodys trying to be Queen a little bit too hard.

Pure wank.

yeah, MCR are the first band ever to write something based on their influences./or bands they lie

so you (or anyone else), dont and have never like them...? or this song?

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