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Electric Wizard

MalaCloudy Black

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Anyone else know of them? I think Bushmeister does, personally, I think they're fucking ace and the album Dopethrone is badass. Really, really heavy stoner/sludge doom.

I'm partial to the song Barbarian:

He left the northern hills to seek his fortune

A lone barbarian with only death lust to guide

He carved a kingdom of stone

King Conan, sitting on his bloody throne

His black mane sweeps across his face

Grim and silent with a steely blue gaze

Like a panther ready to strike

His blade crashes down to end your life

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Heavy Sludge Doom?

I hate music sometimes.

Fine, just doom metal then. :P

EDIT: Reily I see you looking at the topic, no, you wouldn't like them and yes, I know you think they suck and you're going to go listen to Dragonforce now.

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Heavy Sludge Doom?

I hate music sometimes.

Doom and Sludge are just off-shots of a similar brand of music.

Genres aren't hard unless you make them that way.

But yeah, Heavy Doom Sludge sounds a bit.....OTT for what they probably sound like.

And no, I haven't heard them, though I might check them out.

For Keith:

Inspired largely by the lumbering dirges and stoned, paranoid darkness of Black Sabbath, doom metal is one of the very few heavy metal subgenres to prize feel and mood more than flashy technique (though the latter can certainly be present). Even more indebted to Sabbath than most metal, doom metal is extremely slow, sludgy, and creepy, feeling so heavy it can barely move; its deliberate pace and murky guitars are meant to evoke (what else?) a sense of impending doom.

And allmusic.com links Sludge to Doom. Basically, heavy, slow, meandering. Adding Sludge/Stoner to the Doom part suggests it might be a little bit faster/rockier than just your basic Doom metal stuff.....thats how I read it at least.

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Stoner usually implies long, drawn-out and trippy music, kinda like sticking together bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Explosions In The Sky and Black Sabbath.

Sludge is an amalgam of doom and hardcore, i.e. like letting Black Sabbath have sex with Hatebreed and see what comes out. Most sludge bands tend to be with grind and/or thrash influences, however, like Eyehategod, Soilent Green and The Melvins.

Electric Wizard is badass stoner music, though I personally prefer Sleep and Om over them.

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