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Miami Vice

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Friend of mine picked this up Saturday night for our LAN. Gratefully, the game plays both single-player and LAN multiplayer without the DVD. It requires registration if you want to play Online, though, and that's where the CD Keys are taken into consideration (keep that in mind, amigos y amigas.)

As far as the gameplay goes...wow. They used the Dawn of War engine and improved a lot of the animations and semantics. A perfect example of how this evolves past a strict DoW clone is a moment when three riflemen took defensive position behind random bales of hay...briefly. I say briefly because after they were found, the hay was obliterated from the map by a grenade attack. Whilst the men got away in time, you could see the charred hay fall to the ground gracefully after the explosion. Excellent touch, and this is probably the first game I'm grabbing for my new gaming rig.

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I got this game for my birthday, and only plan to use it for PC use (ie. no online play). So if anyone wants to buy my CD key, step forward.

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