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WCW 1991 Re-Imagined


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WCW 1991 Re-Imagined

In December of 1990, when Ted Turner seceded from the NWA, he completed his goal to take his little wrestling company mainstream and compete with the much bigger WWF. Turner's idea was that he had the money, the television time, and the stars, so he didn't need the NWA anymore. While many expected Turner to take his new promotion to even greater heights than he was able to under the NWA umbrella, they also thought he would allow many of the NWA’s champions, such as Sting, to remain with both promotions. They were right on the first and wrong on the second. Turner cut all ties between WCW and The NWA. As January 1991 began the NWA was without a World Champion and WCW was born on TBS via WCW Saturday Night. What had once been the flagship show for the NWA was now the home of WCW, owned and operated by Turner and his executives. While the boys and the dirt sheet writers knew of the big change and how monumental it was, the general and casual fan had no idea anything was different. The NWA Titles were now referred to as WCW Titles, and the champions joined WCW due to the lure of a permanent position and a nice large paycheck. The long and storied history of the NWA was simply "borrowed" by WCW. The legendary rise of The Nature Boy Ric Flair in the 1970's was now a part of WCW history, and the letters NWA were no longer mentioned. Turner had done what he had long sought, he had taken his little wrestling company and turned it into a major player in the world of professional wrestling seemingly overnight. While things were good and looked nice on the outside, backstage was an all together different story.

Jim Herd was the man officially in charge in 1990, although his right hand man and head booker was former wrestling star, in his mind at least, Ole Anderson. Herd and Ole had some good ideas, and for the most part their tenure in charge in 1990 wasn't a complete failure. Even though Herd had been smart enough to bring in new talent with the plan to build tomorrows stars today, Ole had other ideas. His revolved around bringing in former "stars" with years and years of experience, and putting them over the younger talent. The main problem with this was that wrestlers like The Z-Man and Flyin’ Brian Pillman were getting squashed by wrestlers such as Dutch Mantell and Harley Race who no longer had any rub left to give. The fans saw The Z-Man and Pillman as losers who were regularly beaten by old men. Old men who weren't that much higher in stature within the company than they were. For most of 1990 the top spots were held by the same few people, and no one new was allowed near it. This would prove to be a major problem in the second half of 1990, which was made even further prominent by the biggest failure and blunder of the Herd and Ole era: The WCW Heavyweight Title reign of Sting.

Most thought, Ole included, that the man to get the next big push would be fan favorite and big man Lex Luger. Since his introduction in the late 1980's into the NWA, the plan had been to push this man to the World Title. However Ric Flair, easily the biggest star in the company, had other plans. His involved the number one babyface Sting. He wanted to drop the title to Sting, propelling him to the top, as he felt that Luger simply wasn't ready yet. Many agreed with Flair's assessment, and a long and bitter struggle occurred between Herd, Ole, and Flair. In the end, Flair won out and at The Great American Bash 1990 Sting did indeed win the title from Ric Flair in a classic match. Here, however, is where the mistakes were really made. Whether it was to be Sting or Luger did not matter, because the top of the heap was a barren wasteland in WCW. As already mentioned, the Main Event scene included the same few people and no new stars were allowed near it. Thus, once Sting beat Flair he didn't have any already established Main Event players to wrestle and defeat to establish himself as a worthy World Champion. His opponents included Sid Vicious, an up and comer no doubt, Barry Windham, a former up and comer who was now pretty much seen as a perrenial Midcarder for life, and The Black Scorpion. For six months Sting held the World Title to wrap up 1990, and for six long months Sting was without a credible heel opponent to make him look strong. The match at Halloween Havoc against Sid was a good one, but there was never any doubt that Sting was walking away with the title. By the time Sting actually wrestled the real Black Scorpion his title reign was officially a joke.

The Black Scorpion was an idea concocted by Ole to create a mysterious new Main Event player in WCW that had ties to Sting's past. At its very core a mystery, Ole's idea was that the fans would become so enamored with the idea of trying to deduce the identity of The Black Scorpion that the lack of opposition for Sting would be forgotten. Just as a reminder, this was the same man that decided that Robocop should come to ringside and save an injured Sting from The Four Horsemen earlier in the year. The main problem with Ole's Black Scorpion idea was that he had NO CLUE who was under the black mask and garb. Various workers played the part, with Ole himself voicing the character most of the time, so that The Black Scorpion was all different shapes and sizes. Further complicating things was the fact that The Black Scorpion's "veiled threats" and "remember California, Sting" promos were all over the place. Many felt Ole was trying to make the fans believe that it was Sting's former Tag Team Partner The Ultimate Warrior. However, he was inked to a long-term WWF deal. Whatever Ole's reasoning, the magician character of The Black Scorpion was a joke. It all came to a head at Starrcade 1990 when Sting was set to face "the real Black Scorpion" after numerous false Scorpion's had been vanquished by The Stinger. The night of the show and Ole STILL didn't have a man to put under the mask. So Ole and Herd went to Ric Flair, always a company man, and asked him to do the deed and the job. Herd and Ole had spent the second half of 1990 doing their best to bury Flair, but Flair agreed, donned the garb, and Main Evented Starrcade with Sting. It came as no surprise to anyone as the match progressed who was under the mask, but it was still played off as a big deal when Sting removed the mask and the briefest of glimpses of Flair's face was given on PPV. The remaining few weeks of 1990 were booked without any enthusiasm or creativity by Ole. The reason? He was out of a job, as was Jim Herd, come January 1, 1991.

Turner, now the owner of the number two wrestling company in the United States, wanted a clean and fresh slate for the beginning of his new era. His idea, while laughed at and balked at by many, was to take three men with a little history, albeit very little in two of our cases, but no personal or political agendas, and have them control the destiny of WCW. For six months at least.

Myself, a former talent relations agent for about nine months in WCW, Jim Ross, an announcer, and new employee Eric Bischoff, another announcer, former AWA Announcer, and generally well known ass kisser to the corporate types, were handed the creative and business reigns of Ted Turner's new wrestling company. On January 1, 1991 we were in charge. The Terrible Trio, as Sid Vicious nicknamed us, were handed The Book and The Checkbook and told to try to turn WCW around. In the first six months we had several goals. Take this company, which under the NWA name had been losing money, and get it to make money. In the process of doing that, directly compete with the WWF and let the world know that WCW was number two for now, but that we were heading straight for the number one spot. We were to prove to the wrestling world that a company that didn’t rely on over the top gimmicks and general craziness but instead on solid in ring action and slow building and slow burning storylines was the alternative. We were to reinvigorate the US Wrestling scene in any way we had to. We were to change the way that the general populace looked at American televised wrestling as well by giving the fans two hours a week on TBS and another hour across the country in syndication that featured competitive matches and not squashes. In essence, we were charged with the goals of redefining professional wrestling as it was known in America.

We took to our job with the eagerness of a child in a candy store and along the way made some mortal enemies, but our first six months were certainly not boring.

OOC: This may seem familiar to anyone who knows of my past in The Dome here on EWB or any of her previous incarnations, and it should. My biggest success was WCW1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex. The above backstory is more or less the same I used when I first started that diary in November of 2002 and every subsequent return to the idea since, with a minor change here or there. However the name this time is a bit different. It is now named WCW 1991 Re-Imagined for a reason. If you ever read the old diary, if you ever heard about the old diary, if you ever wondered what the fuss was about the old diary, you won’t find that here. Re-Imagined means a fresh start, from the beginning, all over again. Some things may seem familiar or downright the same, and at first they might be, but I can assure you that as we move onwards it will take a definite change. Some pushes may seem familiar, and anyone who knows me knows of my love for The Midnight Express, The Fabulous Freebirds, Brian Pillman, The Z-Man, and a certain guy who stomps and has hard hands. You can expect to see all of them returning and being pushed in some fashion or another, but rest assured there will be new pushes. Who Is Jeff Jarrett? Well this time he’s just a kid in The USWA. Why do this, you might ask? Because I want to. Welcome to a brand new WCW 1991, and hopefully a lot of you will join me for the ride this time as well. TGC

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WCW Saturday Night

Saturday January 05, 1991


The Omni

Announcers: Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone

The new opening for WCW Saturday Nigh features shots of The Four Horsemen, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Enforcer Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and Sid Vicious, in action, Sting and Lex Luger in the ring posing, Flyin’ Brian Pillman coming off the top rope with a Cross Body Block, The Steiners posing in the ring, Teddy Long flanked by Doom, The Fabulous Freebirds Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy “Jam” Garvin exchanging punches with The Southern Boys Tracey and Steve, Ricky Morton locking up with Beautiful Bobby Eaton, and finally a close up shot of the all new, shiny, gold WCW World Heavyweight Title. From there the scene cuts to inside The Omni, where standing at a podium are Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone.

Ross: Welcome to a new year and a new beginning for World Championship Wrestling Saturday Night right here on TBS, your home for professional wrestling for over a decade. I’m Jim Ross and I am joined by my new co-host and good friend Tony Schiavone.

Tony: Thank you Jim. And fans, do we have a great show for you tonight. It is a new year, and for many of the wrestlers in WCW it is an all new beginning and a chance to start fresh. In just a few short moments we will see the WCW Television Champion The Z-Man defend his title in what may be his greatest title defense to date against The Enforcer of The Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson. Then, in our massive Main Event, Sting will be in the building and he will defend the WCW World Heavyweight Title against Barry Windham, also of The Four Horsemen. Folks, wrestling just doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Ross: You know it Tony. WCW Saturday Night is going to revolutionize the way wrestling is presented around the world. We are “live” from The Omni in Atlanta, the new home of WCW Saturday Night each and every week and we are set for the hottest wrestling action in the world, so let’s head to the ring.

WCW TV Title Match: The Z-Man© vs. Arn Anderson w/Barry Windham

The music of The Four Horsemen plays and from behind the curtain comes Arn, with Barry in tow. As the duo walk slowly amidst some booing from the crowd Ross and Tony discuss the battle that these two had with Doom at Starrcade on December 16 of last year for the WCW World Tag Team Titles. A brief clip is shown featuring the official announcement being that since a member of each team was pinned simultaneously it was a Draw and Doom retained their titles. As Arn slides into the ring and Barry waits on the outside, Jim Ross says we will get some sort of word later in the night from the WCW Championship Committee regarding the WCW World Tag Team Titles at Clash Of The Champions.

At this point The Z-Man comes from the back to his music and the fans cheer for the plucky hero. He slaps some hands as he makes his way down to the ring and around ringside, gets into the ring, and hands the belt to the referee, who shows it off as the official introductions are made. Soon enough the bell sounds and the match is underway. The two men, who have met numerous times in the past in singles competition although not for the TV Title, quickly lock up and get down to business as Jim Ross “reminds” the fans at home that all WCW TV Title Matches have a Fifteen Minute Time Limit. It matters not however, as Arn dominates this match for the majority of the 8 minutes it airs, and end it with a DDT and a pinfall to capture the WCW TV Title in the first match of the new year for WCW. As the referee hands the belt to Arn, who almost breaks a smile, Barry claps on the floor with an approving nod and smirk. Tony and Ross make the comment that The Z-Man just totally seemed off his game tonight as AA rolls to the floor.

OR: 67

Crowd: 74

Match: 77

And this is where as part of The Terrible Trio I will occasionally make my thoughts known on what we are doing, what is working, and what is not working. In this case The Z-Man’s WCW TV Title reign came to an end so quickly not due to our lack of faith in him, but more so because of the many changes that we felt were necessary to make heading into this new year. So many things are going to slowly evolve as we put our stamp on it and distance ourselves from the horrid year that was 1990. Plus you can never go wrong with The Enforcer.


1991: The Year Of The Horsemen

After the commercial break Ross sends it to his “new colleague” and the new “voice of Saturday Night Interviews” Bob Caudle. Caudle is standing in front of a mock wall with a WCW Saturday Night banner hanging behind him.

Caudle: Thank you Jim and Tony, and I am pleased to be here. With me now is the brand spanking new WCW Television Champion The Enforcer Arn Anderson along with…

Arn walks up with Barry, Sid Vicious, and The Nature Boy Ric Flair all in tow. Flair is dressed in his Armani suit, wearing his sunglasses, and a bimbo on his arm. Sid is also dressed very swank, while Arn is drenched in sweat and Barry is wearing his wrestling trunks and a Horsemen T-Shirt.

Arn: Along with the greatest assemblage of professional wrestlers gathered in one spot ever, Bob. With all due respect to you, to the folks here at TBS, and to anyone else within WCW management, step back, hold the mic, and be quiet as you do it. The Four Horsemen don’t need anyone to ask stupid questions. We know the drill and we’ll do it better than you anyways. Now, I am the new Television Champion, and 1991 has started off the right way right off the bat. You start the year with the franchise of WCW, the franchise sets the bar pretty high, and then the rest of the wrestlers in the back spend the rest of the year trying to keep up and failing. Just like every other year. This is just the first step in bringing all the gold back where it belongs. Barry?

Windham steps up, glares at Caudle, then looks into the mic.

Windham: Doom, the last half of last year you two had issues with The Horsemen that you hoped would be solved when you stepped into the ring with Arn and The Nature Boy at Starrcade, but as usual The Horsemen changed things up and nothing ended. While you two have run around for the last few weeks trying to avoid us, we’ve been keeping an eye on you both. Don’t ever turn your back on The Horsemen. Not ever. As for you, Stinger, you’re going to learn real fast what you can’t seem to ever grasp, that being that you simply don’t ever step into the ring with a Horseman.

Barry backs up a step as Flair smiles, and Sid steps forward.

Sid: Luger, you and me are going to dance very soon. I hope you haven’t gotten too attached the WCW United States Title in the last two weeks, because it’s coming to The Horsemen very soon. Very soon.

Flair pats Sid on the shoulder and takes center stage effortlessly, like always.

Flair: WCW. World Championship Wrestling. The future of wrestling. And we’re the only thing that matters. Arn just took The Z-Man to school here tonight. Later on Barry is going to take Sting to that same school, and he’s going to learn the same lesson. The Four Horsemen are the elite group in professional wrestling, and that’s just how it is. We dress like champions, we ride like champions, and we surround ourselves with the most beautiful women on the planet, ain’t that right honey?

The bimbo on his arm giggles as Flair twirls her around. He lets go and she steps back a pace, behind him, where she belongs.

Flair: Stinger, it’s a new year and you’ve had your day in the sun. You’re about to leave the limelight once and for all, pal, so I hope you had a good time. Whether it’s Barry tonight, Arn next week, Sid next month, or The Nature Boy when you least expect it, the WCW World Heavyweight Title, the premiere belt in this sport, the one that only the best of the best ever touch, it’s coming back home. Since The Horsemen have been in power we’ve barely let anyone else even sniff it. To beat me and take that you put your name into the absolute best of this sport, a place where you’ll forever be immortalized as one of the greatest, and for that I applaud you. You deserve your name up there Sting, but it’s time to come back down to your regular place beneath me and beneath The Horsemen. You are good Sting, but you’re no Double A, you’re no Barry Windham, you’re no Sid, and you’re no Nature Boy. 1990 may have been The Year of the Stinger, but 1991 is going to be The Year Of The Horsemen. Woooo!

Flair straightens his jacket and his glasses and turns to leave, but before he can Caudle steps forward.

Caudle: Ric, might I ask about The Black Scorpion?

It’s Arn who steps forward however and fields the question.

Arn: Never. You can never ask about that.

And with that The Horsemen walk off towards the back.

Caudle: Okay, Jim, Tony, back to you.

OR: 97

And that is why they are the most elite group in professional wrestling.

Doom© w/Teddy Long vs. The Southern Boys

The Southern Boys are already in the ring as the scene shifts there and Jim and Tony discuss the comments of The Horsemen. Seconds later the WCW World Tag Team Champions come out led by Teddy Long for this non title match. Teddy leads them to the ring amidst some booing from the fans in attendance, which they ignore, where Simmons and Tracey start the action off after the introductions.

The match is barely that, as Simmons and Reed tag in and out on a very regular basis while Tracey plays face in peril. However when he finally makes the not tag to Steve nothing changes. After almost ten minutes of brutally stiff action totally dominated by Doom, Simmons hits a Running Shoulder Tackle followed by a brutal Powerbomb and scores the 1-2-3 to end this match. As Teddy is clapping for his team and about to get into the ring, Arn Anderson and Barry Windham hit the ring with steel chairs and lay out Simmons from behind. As Reed tries to react he too is nailed with a chair shot from Windham and he falls from the apron to the hard floor below. Arn rolls to the floor and stalks Long, who stands by frozen looking very frightened. Arn grabs the two belts from his shoulder and rolls back into the ring, where he hands one to Barry. They hold them high in the air, then lay them both over Simmons, who isn’t moving. The fans are actually cheering The Horsemen for this as they exit the ring, making more noise than they did for the majority of the match, the chairs left laying next to Simmons.

OR: 58

Crowd: 59

Match: 71


The Stinger

After the commercials it’s straight to Caudle in the interview area.

Caudle: Welcome back folks, and it is my honor to present the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting.

The fans in the arena go nuts as Sting walks up, all smiles, the title around his waist.

Sting: It’s my personal honor to be here tonight, Bob.

Caudle: Well it’s awfully good of you to say. Now Sting, later tonight you will defend the title against Barry Windham, but I know you heard the words The Four Horsemen directed your way earlier as well as the impact they have made already tonight.

Sting: Oh I heard them, I saw them, and I think I can still smell them. The Four Horsemen are indeed the most elite group in wrestling today, yesterday, or tomorrow. To be in their ranks is an honor and a privilege that you don’t take too lightly. I should know Bob I was there. I am among the few that get to say “I was a Horseman”. It means something. Well, it meant something. Sadly, as time goes on the eliteness wears off when you’re putting people like Sid in there. But before him, well, it was a special group. So I do take them very seriously when they look my way and start making threats, as anyone should. That said, I have a few friends that I know will have my back if and when it’s necessary, and one of them is a former Horseman himself. As for Barry and myself later tonight? Well, Windham is phenomenal no doubt. He’s one the biggest, toughest, hardest hitting monsters in this sport, and I should know we’ve tangled a time or twelve. But tonight will end like all the others, with me walking out victorious. Oh and Bob?

Caudle: Yes Sting?

Sting: As for The Black Scorpion, here’s a secret. (yelling)IT WAS FLAIR! OWWWW!

Caudle smiles big, the fans cheer, and Sting exits the interview area as the scene cuts to the ring.

OR: 95

Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs. Flyin’ Brian Pillman

Beautiful Bobby is the first to come from the back. He makes his way to the ring met with boos from the fans, as he disrobes in the aisle. Once he is inside Pillman’s energetic music begins to play and the fans cheer for him as he comes bounding from the back and running down the aisle, slapping hands on his way. He slides under the bottom ropes and before he can even get to his feet, let alone remove his jacket, Eaton is laying the boots to him. The referee calls for the bell now, as Eaton is booed even more.

Eaton brings Pillman to his feet, where Pillman is able to deliver a forearm shot to the chin that staggers Eaton and allows him to get his jacket off and recover a bit. Eaton is quickly back however, and the two go tooth and nail back and forth for the next fifteen minutes, through a commercial break during which Tony assures the fans the tape machines are rolling, until Eaton is able to hit The Alabama Jam and secure a hard fought and much deserved 1-2-3 win. As Eaton is on his way to exit the ring Pillman gets to his feet and extends his hand towards Eaton. Eaton pauses, walks over, and stares at the hand and then at Pillman. The fans are cheering him to do it, but he turns to leave again. Then amid the boos he turns back and quickly shakes Pillman’s hand before quickly exiting to some cheers.

OR: 77

Crowd: 72

Match: 100

The Z-Man Has Your Back

As Pillman is also leaving the ring The Z-Man comes from the back and motions for Pillman to join him at the interview area. Pillman looks confused, but he goes, where Z-Man now has Caudle as well.

Caudle: You asked for this, Z-Man?

Z-Man: I did. Brian, I saw what happened out here, just as I know you watched my match, and I realized what we both need. We need to start watching each other’s backs again, like when we were a Tag Team, yannow?

Pillman looks confused even more.

Pillman: Watch each other’s backs? From what? You lost a good match as did I, but we lost clean. There’s nothing to be ash…

Z-Man: Just think about it. We have the chance here to reinvent the greatest Tag Team ever. Better than any Expresses and better than any Horsemen. Just think about it.

The Z-Man walks off as Caudle and Pillman look at each other.

Caudle: Any thoughts Brian?

Pillman: Yeah, I think he got dropped on his head really hard earlier, Bob.

Pillman walks off as Caudle smiles and tries not to laugh.

OR: 65


The Steiners Will Defend At Clash Of The Champions Against…

To the interview area where Caudle is now standing next to The Steiners.

Caudle: I’m a busy man on my first night on WCW Saturday Night. But to be in the presence of the best Tag Team in professional wrestling, personal opinion only, makes it all worth it. Gentlemen?

Scott: Thanks Bob. We’re just here to let the fans know that at Clash Of The Champions we’ll be putting these…

Scott taps his WCW US Tag Team Title.

Scott: …on the line against The Fabulous Freebirds…

Rick puts his hand on Scott’s shoulder as he interrupts.

Rick: The Fabulous Freeloaders, Scotty.

Scott smiles and laughs.

Scott: Yeah them. We just got word from the WCW Championship Committee and we wanted to share the news.

Caudle: I assume The Freebirds know this too?

Rick: They do now. Hi guys.

Rick waves as the camera cuts to the ring where Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy “Jam” Garvin are in the ring looking on.

Scott: We’ll see you two at The Clash.

And with that the duo head off camera.

Caudle: Tony and Jim, let’s head to the ring.

OR: 69

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. The Renegade Warriors

As Tony and Ross discuss this big announcement, the scene goes to the ring where the referee calls for the bell. Garvin and Mark Youngblood start the match out with Mark getting the upper hand to start. Mark tags in Chris, who quickly loses the momentum his partner had gained, but he is able to tag Mark back in. However Garvin and Hayes are soon making quick tags, completely controlling the match. As Mark hits a desperation move Missy Hyatte comes from the back. Ross wonders what his former broadcast colleague is doing here tonight, right as she grabs Chris Youngblood’s foot stopping him from getting a tag to his partner Mark, who is in terrible trouble. Mark is then nailed with a Bulldog DDT from Hayes and the end is here. He hooks the leg and gets the 1-2-3 to end this match.

OR: 59

Crowd: 57

Match: 76

But If Missy Hyatte Is With The Freebirds Where Is Big Daddy Dink?

The Freebirds and Missy Hyatte head to the interview area, where Hayes grabs the mic from a surprised Caudle and pushes him aside.

Hayes: And that is how champions look. The Horsemen say 1991 is their year? We say 1991 is the year of The Fabulous Freebirds. A US Tag Team Titles match at The Clash in a few weeks is just the beginning of great new things for the greatest Tag Team of all time, daddy.

Hayes puts his arm around Missy, who smiles.

Missy: Gone are the fat road managers and the worthless hangers on. Now The Fabulous Freebirds only run with the best, like me. Steiners, you two need to shine those belts up and get ready to hand them over to the next champions. You can win all the Pat O’Connor Memorial Cups you want to, especially when The Freebirds aren’t in the tournament, but you can’t beat Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy “Jam” Garvin on your best days, and especially not now. The Fabulous Freebirds have entered a new era of greatness, and you are all invited to watch.

Missy then leads her men off after Hayes tosses the mic back to Caudle.

OR 73

We may have overdone it a bit by stressing how much this is a new era here, the year of this group, the year of that group, but without flat out saying that everything is going to be different I think we achieved the same thing here. Plus we set a great match up for COTC.


Brad Armstrong vs. Stunning Steve Austin

Brad makes his way to the ring first, slapping some generally apathetic fans hands. Next up some regal sounding music plays as a blonde haired man in a gown faintly reminiscent of The Nature Boy’s gowns comes from the back. He turns his back on the fans, and the word Stunning is displayed across the back of his gown. He then very arrogantly walks down the aisle, glaring at the fans and almost comically moving aside to make sure that no fans touch him. He gets onto the apron, where he takes off his robe and lays it in the arms of a ring attendant, then proceeds to berate her about treating it well. He sneers at Armstrong as he enters the ring, then demands the referee checks him for foreign objects as the introductions are made. Once the referee finishes this up the bell is sounded and the match is quickly underway.

The two men have a short feeling out process as Tony and Ross discuss this very arrogant young man who has just recently signed with WCW, the greatest professional wrestling promotion on the planet. As Austin applies an Arm Bar, Ross puts Austin over as a very talented young wrestler who has been making waves and a name for himself despite being a complete jerk. Soon enough Austin hits a devastating move that throats Armstrong on the top rope. Austin makes the cover as Ross calls that The Stun Gun. Austin gets the 1-2-3 to end the match. He gets to his feet and demands a towel from the ring attendant. He then proceeds to try and wipe himself down, before he tosses it on Brad, glaring, and rolls to the floor.

OR: 54

Crowd: 43

Match: 79

An auspicious if not somewhat low key debut for a man whom we have big plans and high hopes for in Stunning Steve Austin.


WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting© vs. Barry Windham w/The Four Horsemen

Barry is accompanied to the ring by the whole of The Horsemen, who stand at ringside as Barry enters. Ross and Tony are quick to point out that things don’t look good for Sting, perhaps belaboring the obvious a bit much, as Sting makes his way from the back to the roar of the crowd. He smiles as he comes from the back and makes his way to the ring. Once inside he hands the belt off to the referee, they do the normal bit, and then the bell is sounded.

Barry and Sting lock up, and it all quickly goes bad. Arn is up on the apron quickly distracting the referee as Sid slides into the ring. It doesn’t appear that the intention was not to be DQed however, as Flair slides in as well right in front of the referee. Arn then grabs the ref by the neck and hops off the apron, sending the ref to the mat as Sid pummels Sting about the back. Barry takes turns helping, then Flair takes off his belt and whips Sting as Arn rolls into the ring. Arn delivers a boot to Stings’ head, as the fans explode. Sid looks ready to Chokeslam Sting when the WCW US Champion hits the ring. Lex Luger Double Clotheslines Arn and Barry, sending both men to the floor, then turns and lays Flair out with one punch. Sid releases Sting and he and Luger begin exchanging lefts and rights as Flair rolls to the floor next to Windham and AA. Luger gets the upper hand, and he next Clotheslines Sid to the floor to a roar from the crowd. He helps Sting to his feet as The Horsemen look on infuriated. Tony and Ross send it home.

OR: 71

Crowd: 83

Match: 73

And thus the main focus of the Main Event scene is set for the foreseeable future. Not the match we promised the fans, but it worked. Everyone looked good, The Horsemen came across as a threat again tonight, And Luger was positioned perfectly. Overall opinion by the three of us was that the debut show worked out just fine.

OR: 71

TV Rating: 2.85

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*smiles contentedly*

so, Saturday Night..........

It's details like the show opening, where the statement of intent is obviously laid out, focusing on everything that's good about WCW right now with the best and/or most promising, guys on the roster all getting displayed and the real future of the company, that are gonna make it really easy for people to get right into this and immerse themselves in the era and the diary without having to struggle simply because it's not something they know well.

Zenk Vs Arn will own, man I can't get across how much I love both those guys. Sting Vs Windham will be great too, I really hope Barry gets that big push and actually becomes a LEGIT main eventer somewhere down the road. Sting/Windham in something really big will be great, but for tonight simply adding to the Sting/Horsemen situation will be enough I guess.

I love the whole deal with Saturday Night "revolutionising" the way wrestling is presented around the world too, kinda allows you to be a bit more expansive in what you do rather than constantly being stuck with "but this is Saturday Night, in 1991, I can't do this, I can't do that".

Man, Arn & Windham Vs Doom was hot. Anyway, Z-Man and Arn pretty much is too. Another statement of intent, moving the title right off the bat and setting things in place for where you want to go. See, Zenk's great, and could be a superb TV champion but starting off with him with the belt, you kinda miss out on the heroic surge after the title that he needs to really cement himself as a decent champ at that level. Getting it off him frees him up to build elsewhere in whatever direction he's taken, and I can't wait to see it happen, asuming it does of course, which I kinda have a feeling it will. Zenk essentially got squashed, something that's way too familiar in WCW but I just refuse to believe that he's not moving on to bigger and better things somehow. The number of times they'd send Zenk out there to stand up to someone and speak out, like Luger, or Maxx Payne, or the Halloween Phantom or whoever, and actually look like he was stepping up only to have them squash him in about 34 seconds and undo any good work that his heroic "I've got balls, no really I have, look, I'm standing up to this bully" had done. anyway, yeah, Arn's a better TV champ at this point, plain and simple.

See, I liked Caudle, but, I dunno, somehow with this revolutionary product it just kinda felt for me like the NEW "voice of Saturday night Interviews" should have been someone that was kinda, well, NEW? I'm not saying the product needs modernising and bringing in Mark Madden and stuff, but just someone a bit fresher, and you'd have had plenty of options, everyone from DDP to Bischoff and a whole lot more in between.

It's bizarre how many people don't really talk about these four when they talk about the Horsemen as a group, but that's an insanely strong stable. Arn and Flair are absolutely two of the classiest most incredible performers the business has ever seen, and Sid's way under rated, he knows his limiations and is good at what he does, then there's Windham who's as good in the ring at this point as anyone I can think of. The Horsemen segment is great from start to finish. Arn sounds perfect and captures the whole ethos of the Horsemen, they're just better than you, ya know? Add to taht the whole "control the promotion, by controlling the belts" mentality and it's classic Horsemen. Sid says barely anything, and it's simple and to the point, the absolute best way to have Sid speak, and then Flair's great. he totally shows how to cut a great promo. Flair's clever enough to acknowledge that Sting's good, otherwise what does it prove when he beats him? He puts over Sting, then just raises his own bar even higher above it, it's great work in getting himself and his stable over. Oh, and I chuckled when Arn told Bob that he could never speak about the Black Scorpion. Some things are best left forgotten

Doom and the Southern Boys was what it had to be. Doom looked strong against a team with no right pushing them at all, then we got the build to the inevitable COTC Doom Vs Horsemen tag match. I like Doom, Ron Simmons was insanely under rated through this part of his career and I always had a soft sport for Butch Reed. I liked Long in this period too, and remembering what they managed to produce in the ring with the Horsemen I can't wait for a more detailed PPV/COTC match

The Sting interview did its job but I dunno, it just kinda ran off a bit int he middle when he was going on about them putting Sid in there. I couldn't work out whether he was trying to be funny, or smart, or serious, or what. But what's with everyone knowing how to cut promos and properly get themselves over by building up their opponents as credible threats before they beat them? I like, I like, and yeah, the Black Scorpion line was funny, but, in a way it kinda suffers from 1991ism or somethnig. Like, it would have been funnier then than it is now if that makes sense.

Pillman and Zenk both losing on show one? Kinda surprised but so far not concerned. The fact that you specifically had the commentators say that Zenk was off his game tonight, plus the booker's notes, then the fact that Pillman pushed Eaton all the way doesn't exactly suggest either are getting jobbed out any time soon. Eaton's great, in the ring, but I just don't know whether you can really make me care about him in any environment that doesn't involve him having a tennis racket carryign manager and a tag team partner with educated feet

The Pillman/Zenk segment was cool, it's slowly going somewhere and all my faith in both getting some form of push is still in tact. It's the natural feud somewhere down the road, and their match at Wrestle War was really under rated so if you can take that, and give the whole thing more personality and emotion then you're onto a winner

No way in the world the Freebirds are gonig over the Steiners, surely? Freebirds are fun, but havnig them go over the Steiners would be uber push that I just don't see coming. it is COTC though, and it is the US titles, and..... nah, it aint happening, i don't think?

Hyatt is a Goddess, the pairing with the Freebirds is something I'll need to get used to I guess but there's way more value in the Birds at this point than I think most people give them credit for and they can be a huge part in bringing along some of your younger teams too. And with that interview they already seem like a more credible threat. I liked Hayes on the mic at this point, and yeah, I hope you get as much fun out of them as you can

Austin's debut did its job, Brad would give him a good opening match too, and Austin looked like a potential star in the making. It's bizarre that it seems kinda fresh, with what i see on tv all the time now, for a talented young wrestler to just be debuting by, ya know, wrestling?

and the main event does everythign it had to, there's time down the road for classic windham vs sting matches, in the meantime the Horsemen needed to look like the dominant force in pro wrestilng, which they did all show long, while Luger and Sting's alliance sets up all the main event storylines for the foreseeable future. The Horsemen's quest to regain the gold should be a great ride

The show did everything it needed to, and could never have got away with being spectacular and over the top. The right things got set in place and pretty much everyone read like their real life selves. Before I read the show I thought this diary was gonna own, having read the show I now still think the diary is gonna own.

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Now this is what I’ve been waiting for. TGC goes back to what he did best a long time ago, and what promises to be an amazing ride. I’ve read the backstory like three times, but wanted to wait for the first show to post any thoughts and such, so here we go.

-As I mentioned on MSN, I only started watching WCW in ‘95 and the furthest I’ve gone back is Starrcade ‘91, so with the storylines at this point I’m going to be a bit lost, but a lot of the athletes I won’t be. The Horsemen at this time weren’t exactly the strongest unit, but they were an integral part of the show. Glad to see them showcased in the opening video. It’s funny to see Ross mention them being live, specially when back then we probably would have believed it, but the big headline at the top that says “Taped” makes his statement moot.

-Opening match pits two of my favorite old time WCW workers. Arn Anderson had workrate coming out his ears, as did Zenk at this time. Last I saw Zenk he was writing a column for a wrestling website somewhere, can’t remember. That doesn’t matter though as it has nothing to do with this match. Damn, Zenk didn’t put up mich of a fight in that match, but either way, no matter who won, you had a solid champion. You’re right, you can never go wrong with The Enforcer :shifty:

-Right into a Horsemen interview, and you nailed Arn Anderson. I’d have expected nothing else though, but I just wanted to mention how unique Arn is when he speaks, and it takes a very good writer to be able to get him down. He’s very old school. Okay, it’s very wrong but I loved the line about the bimbo stepping behind Ric, where she belonged. I’m a sick, sick man. I’m pretty sure the interview in the last diary didn’t do this good and it was blamed on Windham. This one here hit better it seems, and that final thing by Anderson about Black Scorpion was great.

-I have no idea who “The Sourthern Boys” are but I’m going to guess Tracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong. Guess it really doesn’t matter as this match seems set up more to showcase the feud between Doom and The Horsemen. Poor Steve, someone really needs to give him a break, if indeed it is Steve Armstrong.

-Loved Sting’s shot at Sid, but I still mark for Sid. Nice little mention of the time when he was a Horsemen. I remember reading about that storyline, but never got to see it played out. Not a huge guess to think that Sting is talking about Luger having his back there. Funny when we know how fickle Luger is between being face and heel. Now look what Sting has done. He’s gone and let the Flair out of the mask....:shifty:

-Damn, was Eaton really that good or are the stats fucked up like they are with me? I can’t imagine him and Pillman putting on a five star classic, but then again as I’ve said, my exposure to the old stuff is a bit weak. Eaton’s a bit conflicted at the end, but after a match like that, heel or not, there needs to be a handshake.

-Nice little segment after with Pillman and Z-Man. Makes me wonder if you’re going the same route with this storyline, because if so, I can’t wait to see what changes and what stays the same. Last comment by Pillman was golden.

-Damn, I forgot about the U.S Tag Team Titles. Kind of reminds me of the later WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champs in that it was a bad idea. Okay, am I the only one who got a weirded out moment when Rick waved at the camera.

-Again, two guys I’ve never heard of in “The Renegade Warriors” but again, it doesn’t matter much as they were simply fodder for The Freebirds. After all, you can’t have them looking bad when they have a title shot against a team like The Steiners coming at Clash.

-So Hyatt is with The Freebirds, and they believe it’s their year. Unfortunately The Horsemen have already called this year as theirs, and I’m more inclined to believe a group like The Horsemen. Freebirds getting past The Steiners in this effort seems a bit farfetched, but they might do it. We’ll have to wait and see.

-So this is Austin’s debut. Definitely was very low key, but then again at this time not many people had really heard of him, so giving him clean win over a jobber would do the trick. I love the arrogance nature. Kind of reminds me of Rick Martel with the whole wiping down after the match and such. Good to see you keep him using the Stun Gun early on.

-Main event was what it was. There wasn’t a lot of action, but that was given away with the first few lines, and the fact that The Horsemen have all crowded around ringside. Damn, doesn’t even get past a lock up before The Horsemen hit the ring. Things are getting very mixed up with who’s feuding with who. Windham and Anderson with Doom, and Sting and Luger with Sid and Flair? Okay, maybe not as confusing as I thought at first.

Nice little debut show so to speak with the new men in charge, and the beginning of the year. The feuds are set up. I’m in heaven again. TGC is back where he always should have been. There should be a song like that..lol.

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Writing thoughts as I read here:

1. Interesting choice to run Saturday Night from the Omni each week. You can draw more people to the shows and yet still have a solid base to work off. The Omni is probably also open to more flexibility with production and such.

2. Arn Anderson winning the TV Title I like as I am a big Arn Anderson mark and if him with the TV Title means he's on every taping then that gets a big old (Y) in my book. Wonder if you'll take the same direction with The Z-Man as well.

3. Very nice Horsemen promo. Of the four I'd say you write Arn Anderson the strongest as you really get across the intensity in his words when he speaks. Keeping Sid with the minimal speaking role was also a wise decision.

4. A squash match but that's too be expected, you need to get your World Tag champs looking strong. Another segment with Double A in it too is excellent.

5. Eaton and Pillman produced a 100% match quality match? I think this is crying out for a Best Of 5/7 series between the two. Doooooooooooooo it.

6. I didn't like The Freebirds needing help to beat the Youngbloods. If Missy needs to help them out here, what kind of shot are they gonna have against the Steiners? If it's their year I see them needing some more help. After all, the Horsemen have already claimed it.

7. Nice to see Austin debut. An arrogant persona is a normal one to see in wrestling but getting over the little things like the towel at the end all add an unique edge to the character.

8. I could see the beatdown coming a mile off in the main event but it did a job of setting out the stall of Sting and Luger as a unit against the Horsemen so kudos there.

Overall it was a well written and well booked first show with a lot happening to look forward too, but I just wonder how long it'll be until Ron Garvin shows up.

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While I don't really mind the Omni as the choice (it makes since in logistics), I do think that it might be just a smidge to big for the time. I dunno, They (WCW) aren't really that far from running "Large" shows at the Omni as of 1991 .... but I digress

While I felt the Horsemen promo was done well as far as who had what part, and who did what talking .... with the exception of Arn, I didn't really feel as though it was the Horsemen. Flair especially. He was so over the top until about '94 .... seemed a little bland, but the point was put across, so it works.

Best part - the intro of Austin. Great job showing and concentrating on the character.

worst part - Hyatt helping the Freebirds. They still have two strong years in them, and Hays was a supposed main event threat as late as '90, so this makes them look really weak

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WCW WorldWide

Sunday January 06, 1991

WCW Studios and The Omni

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and James E. Cornette

The brand new opening for WCW WorldWide features rapid fire action shots of wrestlers in shadows, all black figures, interspersed with quick head shots of Sting, Lex Luger, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Enforcer Arn Anderson, Wildfire Tommy Rich, Butch Reed, Ron Simmons, James E. Cornette, Missy Hyatt, Ricky Morton, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Barry Windham, Flyin’ Brian Pillman, Sid Vicious, The Z-Man, Brad Armstrong, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Tracey Smothers, and Stunning Steve Austin before the scene explodes and is replaced with the WCW WorldWide logo. From there it is to the small WCW Studios, where Tony Schiavone and James E. Cornette are seated on bar stools looking at the camera.

Tony: Welcome to the first WCW WorldWide of 1991…

Cornette: …and welcome to my show. I am Mama Cornette’s baby boy and this is my toad boy Tommy Schivoney.

Tony: Actually I’m Tony Schiavone and do we have a night of hard hitting World Championship Wrestling action for you folks tonight. We’re “live” from the WCW Studios in downtown Atlanta, Georgia and we’re going to bring you one hour of the hottest wrestling action on the planet.

Cornette: You know, Tommy, nobody cares who you are or what you think. Let’s just get to the wrestling, shall we?

Tony: Absolutely James.

The Steiners© vs. The Highway Patrol

The Highway Patrol are already in the ring pacing a bit as The Steiners’ music plays and the fan favorites from Michigan make their way down the aisle with their WCW United States Tag Team Titles around their waists. Tony mentions quickly that this is not a title match, as The Steiners are next set to defend the belts against The Fabulous Freebirds at Clash Of The Champions. A small inset window pops up which shows the announcement being made on WCW Saturday Night, before it goes back to the “live” action at ringside as the scene edits to feature Rick and Sgt Buddy Lee Parker in the ring locking up. The match goes another seven minutes, which is all The Steiners, and ends when Scott nails a huge Steiner Line on Lt. James Earl that almost rips his head off, as Tony put it. Rick stops the attempted run in by Parker, and Scott makes a slightly arrogant cover to get the 1-2-3. As Scott and Rick celebrate to some moderate cheering, the camera picks up Missy Hyatt in the aisle golf clapping for the champions, who appear not to notice her.

OR: 69

Crowd: 55

Match: 83


After the commercial break it is back to the studio, where the duo are still seated.

Tony: What an exciting opening match for the new year of WCW.

Cornette: It was a great match Tommy, and the WCW Championship Committee members should be applauded for some of the decisions they have already made this year in regards to the titles of WCW.

Tony: Decisions such as Arn Anderson and The Z-Man going head to head this weekend on WCW Saturday Night?

Cornette: Absolutely. And we will see our new WCW Television Champion in action in our Main Event later tonight against Ricky Morton in what should be a great match.

Tony: Absolutely, James, as two halves of two great wrestling Tag Teams will meet up one on one with the TV Title on the line.

Cornette: But we also already know that The Steiners will defend their United States Tag Team Titles against The Fabulous Freebirds at The Clash as well. We’ve seen these two teams go back and forth a number of times, and with the gold on the line before, but something tells me that this time these four men are really going to put it all on the line.

Tony: It should be great match no doubt. And speaking of The Enforcer and Tag Team Titles, let’s go to these pre-taped comments from Teddy Long and Doom, the WCW World Tag Team Champions.

The Horsemen Are Doomed

Teddy Long is standing in front of his men Ron Simmons and Butch Reed, Doom. All three are in front of a WCW WorldWide banner.

Long: So The Horsemen wanna play with the biggest, baddest, nastiest men in all of WCW again huh? The Horsemen wanna try and out bully the bullies?

At this point a small inset window shows the post match attack from Saturday Night without the sound.

Long: Well I think we can oblige ya both. After the attack that you prolly though was going to leave Doom down and out for awhile I went to the WCW Championship Committee and made things happen. You want us? You got us.

That window is replaced by a new window which shows The Enforcer and Barry Windham staring slightly downwards, as if they are watching Long and Doom, which indeed they are.

Long: At Clash Of The Champions Dixie Dynamite in just a few short weeks from Gainesville, Georgia you two will get another chance to take the WCW World Tag Team Titles from my men. I almost pity the two of you.

Simmons: Anderson, Windham, we were just playing with you two fools before, the way a cat plays with a mouse right before it kills it for good.

Reed: Prepare to be killed boys.

Long: Oh, and did I forget to mention that what happened at Starrcade ain’t gonna be happening at The Clash? This time out it’s a Double Pinfall Tag Team Match, and what that means is that you have to pin both members of the team to win the match. And they ain’t no way you two is gonna be pinning both members of Doom. Now you two have a nice day.

Long leads Doom off, as the inset window becomes the main window, and Barry and Arn smirk and nod their heads before walking off themselves.

OR: 77

Back to the studio.

Cornette: Did I not tell you the WCW Championship Committee was making some of the best decisions ever, Tommy?

Tony: It’s Tony James, and this certainly qualifies as another major match for The Clash Of The Champions 14: Dixie Dynamite. You simply can’t afford to miss this show, January 30 live from Gainesville, Georgia on TBS.

Cornette: That’s both sets of Tag Team Titles on the line in one huge night. But you have to wonder what this will mean for Arn Anderson, who as the WCW TV Champion will be forced by the laws and rules of World Championship Wrestling to defend that belt as well.

Tony: You’re assuming he’ll even make it to The Clash as the champion James. Heck, he may not make it past tonight as the champion if Ricky Morton has anything to say about it.

Cornette: I have faith in The Enforcer, Tommy. You almost want to have an inside man in the WCW Championship Committee just to find out who Arn will be wrestling at The Clash too.

Tony: Do you have an inside man, James?

Cornette: I think we have to go to commercial now Tommy.


Jack Victory vs. Wildfire Tommy Rich

Both men are already in the ring as the show returns from commercial. They lock up as Tony and Cornette mention a brief history between these two in recent weeks. The match is very slow paced with the majority of it featuring mat wrestling and submission moves being applied and counter, albeit sloppily. Finally after eight minutes Rich nails the Thesz Press and then applies a Boston Crab. Victory quickly screams out how he quits to the referee who was asking, and the bell is sounded. Rich releases the hold then holds his arms high in the air to the small amount of applause from the crowd.

OR: 50

Crowd: 45

Match: 56

Tony: A huge win for Wildfire Tommy Rich here tonight, James.

Cornette: It was a big win for him for sure, but then any match that over the hill nobody wins is a big win for him.

Tony: What?

Cornette: He’s a leech on this company and if anyone in management has any sense he’ll be removed from it soon.

Tony: Well it’s a good thing you aren’t a part of management then.

Cornette: Are you so sure of that Tommy?

Tony: Well, I think if you were…

Cornette: We better get this next set of commercials out of the way now.


After the commercial break it’s back to the studio.

Tony: We are back folks, and now we have a challenge issued in this pre-taped interview with Sting and Lex Luger.

Cornette: Have you already watched these?

Tony: I had to prepare for the show.

Cornette: And what are you trying to insinuate, Tommy?

The scene cuts away as Cornette grabs his tennis racket from the floor.

A Challenge For The Horsemen?

A man is standing in front of the WCW WorldWide banner.

Eric: Hello folks I am Eric Bischoff, and I am you man behind the scenes here on WCW WorldWide. At this time let me welcome my guests the WCW United States Champion The Total Package Lex Luger and the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting. Gentlemen?

The duo walk into the scene and shake hands with Bischoff.

Eric: Now this Saturday Night on TBS the two of you came into conflict with The Four Horsemen…

The scene shifts to the Main Event of WCW Saturday Night showing a little bit of the attack on Sting and the save by Luger. It then goes back to the previous scene.

Eric: …and if not for Lex Luger’s timely interference there’s no telling what might have happened to you Sting.

Sting: That’s very true, which is why I made sure that Lex was ready and waiting in the back. Of course it did take him a little bit.

Lex: Hey now…

Sting: And I am pretty banged up and bruised.

Lex: Okay wait…

Sting: But we’re still going to take it to The Horsemen just like they took it to us, aren’t we Lex.

Luger smiles and chuckles.

Lex: Yes we are. The Horsemen want us? Well all they needed to do was ask. You got us, and if you really want us bad enough we can do it at the Clash Of The Champions two on two, ain’t that right Stinger?

Sting: That’s about the long and short of it.

Eric: Any thoughts on the challenges they almost made towards your belts?

Lex: I didn’t hear them ask to wrestle for the belts. Did you Stinger?

Sting: Flair got his match at Starrcade, didn’t he?

They both laugh.

Lex: yes he did.

Sting: Well then, all that is left to say is OWWWW!

They leave together smiling and laughing.

Eric: And that’s all for now. Tony?

OR: 82

Cornette: They can joke and laugh now, but something tells me they might not like the matches the WCW Championship Committee is going to be making very soon.

Tony: What? How do you know this?

Cornette: It’s that time, Tommy.


WCW Television Title Match Main Event: Arn Anderson© vs. Ricky Morton

After the break the match begins in progress, and Tony makes it clear that only a few minutes of the fifteen minute TV Title time limit has been missed. He tries to prompt more information out of Cornette, but none is forthcoming. In the ring Morton has the early momentum but he soon loses it when he misses an attempted Elbow Drop off the top rope. Arn recovers and begins to work on the neck of Ricky. As the time dwindles down, with Tony mentioning how much time is left every three to four minutes, Arn is solidly in control. He hits a Brainbuster with two minutes left and makes the cover. He scores the 1-2-3 to win the match and retain his belt with just under a minute and a half left on the clock. As soon as he is to his feet he is laid out with a Running Shoulder Tackle from Ron Simmons. Simmons then proceeds to smash Arn’s face into the canvas. Barry Windham comes from the back, but he is blindsided with a chair shot to the back by Butch Reed. The carnage continues with Simmons applying a Camel Clutch to Arn, who looks out, and Reed choking Barry with the chair in the aisle. Finally Long calls his men off as referees come running out. Doom stands proud and tall in the aisle as the scene cuts back to the studio.

OR: 75

Crowd: 76

Match: 76

Tony: Well that was truly despicable, but after what The Horsemen did to Doom on TBS I don’t think it was unwarranted.

Cornette: Fair is fair, Tommy.

Tony: It’s Tony. Well folks that’s all the time we have this week but…

Cornette: Wait, before we go I was on the phone with my inside man on the WCW Championship Committee during the commercials and I can make it official that at Clash Of The Champions 14: Dixie Dynamite it will indeed be Sting and Lex Luger facing The Nature Boy Ric Flair and Sid Vicious in a Tag Team Match.

Tony: I never saw you get on the phone at all.

Cornette: Tommy, it’s now time to go.

Tony: But that match is going to be…

The show cuts to black.

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Second show, and it’s only been two days. You people are killing me here. Okay, so it’s mainly just you, but still, there are so many diaries to read. Okay, you know I love it..lol. Onto the show.

-Let the insulting of Schiavone begin. James E. Cornette and Schiavone should make for a nice comedic pairing, especially if Cornette keeps insulting Schiavone. Opening match is pretty much a give away on who’s going to win, but that’s okay. I liked the little “inset” idea with the announcement for Clash being shown. Slightly arrogant cover, eh? Already a hinted heel turn for Scotty? We’ll have to wait and see. Missy won’t be clapping when her boys get killed at Clash, will she?

-Does Doom really think they can intimidate The Horsemen? I’ve never seen a lot of Doom, although I seen a bit of Simmons early work with WCW, and he’s good, but in my opinion he’s not Anderson. Unfortunately though I don’t see The Horsemen winning this battle either, which is sad. Oh well.

-Victory, Rich? BLAH! That’s all I got to say.

-Okay, I’m loving the back and forth between Schiavone and Cornette. Corny going for the tennis racket was a nice touch. Eric Bischoff on screen? Well, at least he’s not doing full time commentary. Sting poking fun at Luger. Surfer Sting was cool. Not a great promo. Besides the Luger shots it really just kind of fell.

-Nice Television title match with Morton pushing Anderson nearly to the limit. I remember this happening between Morton and Austin in the old diary but I don’t see it happening like that here with Anderson. Even so, it looks like Doom is opening the Horsemen up with their sneak attack, getting the advantage here. Big mistake on the part of Doom. Anderson’s gonna spike them.

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Heh, Cornette was great ! Classic James E. I loved it.

I also loved the Doom bit - a feud with the Horsemen will be great ! I could see Arn selling the ass beating.

Also, nice job with getting across the 'studio' feel. Kind of hard to do, but with characters like Schiavone and Cornette, you've got the tools, and did it well.

Oh, and .... dude ..... 'Wildfire' Tommy Rich .... Awesome. (Enforcer said it)

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Yeah nice shows.


I can't write ten paragraphs of comments. :( Mainly because I don't know WCW of this era. So what bothers me the most is you not pointing out which man belongs to which tag team and who the men are (full names). Maybe I should be googling for these things myself but meh...

Other than that, I'm fully enjoying this. Old school WCW definitely interests me, especially after the matches I've seen particularly from '91 and '92...I think.

Excellent usage of commentators. Very nice and accurate (I guess?) promos. Matches could use a bit more description...maybe not. Text effect usage (or something), as always, perfect. Anything else? It's good as always.

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just a quick note before I go any further with the next show...

"Flair especially. He was so over the top until about '94" maybe it's just me, but I'd say that was totally the other way round, almost all the over the top crazyness from Flair, I remember being later in his career as he's pushed further and further the "i can do whatever i want and get away with it, because i'm ric flair", while most of his stuff from this period I remember being really well thought out and intelligently presented, admittedly with a LOAD of charisma, but not over the top and for me that's why I think TGC nailed Flair in the opening show. anyway...

on with the show....

Smothers in the opening video package but not Armstrong? Hmmmm, just, hmmmmm. This is hard for me because there's just so many people in this diary I want to see pushed that it's hard to accept some guys not gettin the spotlight. I actually liked the Young Pistols/Southern Boys, and once they started playing the arrogant punk heels, I got into them a lot. anyway, yeah, Tommy Rich in there too? If it's any indication on pushes it's gonna be really interesting to see where Smothers and Rich are headed as they're two guys that don't get pushed a whole lot around here

Steiners on tv is always good, Steiners dismantling people always works. They're such an incredible team at this point and I really hope that with such a hot tag team division, and some of the sort of additions you may well make, there's some good stuff ahead.

Cornette's great as I'm reading this, and you're obviously far too good to fall into the trap a lot of people do with heel announcers, especially when we're talking about the likes of Cornette, Ventura, Heenan, not EVERYTHING they say is a heel line, but most people write it as if that's the case. Cornette does plenty to earn his money there, putting people over and hyping and pushing the product, and it's a really good presentation of Cornette.

Just because of how much I loved seeing Doom go at it with the Horsemen in real life, I'm really pumped about this COTC match. I'm really hoping there's no Doom de-push because reading them ehre is reminding me how much I loved their whole look/persona/gimmick/ring style back in the day. The double pinfall match gives you so many options in the booking of the match that it's untrue and I'm genuinely excited about it

Rich, Victory was weird, maybe I'm wrong but at this point it just seemde like a match without a purpose. This isn't a top line show, admittedly, but it just didn't do anything, and its' not even the kinda match youc an throw out there just on the basis that it'd be good because the guys can really go. MAYBE I should be reading more into the line from Cornette about Rich beign a leech on the company and how he should be gone, but I dunno, we'll see.

Luger sounds so generic out there, which is good, because it's just how he comes across on the mic in this period. "Yes we are. The Horsemen want us? Well all they needed to do was ask. You got us, and if you really want us bad enough we can do it at the Clash Of The Champions two on two, ain’t that right Stinger?" taht was simple but just sounded VERY Luger right about now, he was generally well spoken and didn't fluff his lines, but he wasn't Sting, or Flair, no matter how much he wanted to tried to develop into Flair-lite

all the teasing of Cornette being on the championship committee is getting interesting, just because he'd be a really interesting, and slightly odd, fit. Giving Cornette any sort of power can only lead to good places with so many options on how he could mastermind all sorts of masterplans that nobody gets until it's too late.

The main event was great for this level of show. You got an excellent wrestling encounter out there, and developed a feud, AFTER the excellent wrestlign match had happened. It was a nice end to a show that needed to continue to lay hype on COTC, and there's only one way to have Doom and the Horsemen play it right now, to just let them beat the living crap out of each other. It's nothing spectacular but it doesn't need to be, they're capable of some great stuff. Gotta worry for anyone who lays that sort of beating on the Horsemen, but Doom shouldnt' be backing down from anyone right now.

Sting/Luger Vs Flair/Vicious is your quintessential COTC main event, somethnig with a big feel to it, but steering clear of something you might want to save for PPV. It'll build the Horsemen and Sting/Luger feud nicely.

everything so far has been solid and that's a great base to keep building an excellent diary from

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WCW Saturday Night

Saturday January 12, 1991


The Omni

Announcers: Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone

The opening for WCW Saturday Nigh features shots of The Four Horsemen, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Enforcer Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and Sid Vicious, in action, Sting and Lex Luger in the ring posing, Flyin’ Brian Pillman coming off the top rope with a Cross Body Block, The Steiners posing in the ring, Teddy Long flanked by Doom, The Fabulous Freebirds Michael P.S. Hayes and Gorgeous Jimmy “Jam” Garvin exchanging punches with The Southern Boys Tracey and Steve, Ricky Morton locking up with Beautiful Bobby Eaton, and finally a close up shot of the all new, shiny, gold WCW World Heavyweight Title. From there the scene cuts to inside The Omni, where standing at a podium are Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone.

Ross: Welcome fans one and all to World Championship Wrestling Saturday Night here on TBS. I am Jim Ross and I am joined by the greatest commentator I have ever met, Tony Schiavone.

Tony: Thank you Jim. So far 1991 has proven to be a banner year for World Championship Wrestling. Some new faces, some old faces, and some big changes have already started this year off with a bang.

Ross: Right you are Tony. Last week right here we opened 1991 off with a new Television Champion.

The scene cuts to the final moments of the match last week between The Enforcer Arn Anderson and the then TV Champion The Z-Man where Anderson defeated him for the belt. From there it is back to Tony and Jim.

Ross: And there is no rest for the WCW Television Champion, as tonight he defends his newly won belt against Pistol Pez Whatley in what is sure to be a massive encounter.

Tony: Oh you know it will be, and The Enforcer will be tested for sure by Whatley. We also have Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton taking on The Royal Family, Jack Victory and Rip Morgan, a huge rematch from last week as Flyin’ Brian Pillman and Bobby Eaton go toe to toe, and in our huge Main Event in a non title match the WCW United States Champion The Total Package Lex Luger will take on the six time WCW World Heavyweight Champion The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Ross: And speaking of that exciting match between Flyin’ Brian and Beautiful Bobby Eaton, let’s go to the ring right now for our opening match this week.

Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs. Flyin’ Brian Pillman

Eaton comes out first and heads straight to the ring, looking determined and focused as always. Once inside the ring he disrobes and awaits his opponent. Pillman’s music hits and he comes half running from the back slapping hands on his way. Perhaps learning from his mistake last week, Pillman takes his jacket off on the floor, then climbs the steps and enters the ring never taking his eyes off of Eaton. After the introductions the referee calls for the bell. Pillman extends his hand to Eaton, who does a quick hand shake and the two quickly lock up.

Pillman this week is on fire, completely dominating this match from the opening bell, using his quickness, his high flying, and his tremendous agility to stay one step ahead of Eaton the entire time. Ross and Tony discuss how these two are putting on a wrestling showcase for everyone tonight, but how Pillman is simply a few steps ahead of the veteran Tag Team wrestler on this evening. At this point The Z-Man comes from the back, a huge smile on his face. He is clapping his hands once at ringside After what Ross calls the finest Standing Drop Kick in the business, Pillman heads to the top. He finally sees Z-Man as he sits perched on the top rope, and he starts talking with him almost yelling as he asks him just what he is doing down here. Z-Man hops onto the apron with a huge smile, which gets the referee to come over and start arguing with them both for Z-Man to get off the apron. Eaton makes his way to his feet, and he rushes over and smacks The Z-Man in the face, which causes him to stumble and knock Pillman hard head first to the apron. Eaton climbs up top himself as The Z-Man finally gets to the floor holding his jaw, and one Alabama Jam later Eaton has the 1-2-3 win here tonight in a great match with an unfortunate ending. The Z-Man looks upset on the floor, while in the ring Eaton helps a dazed and confused Pillman to his feet. As the fans cheer this move Eaton and Pillman shake hands for the second week, despite the glares that Pillman is shooting at The Z-Man.

OR: 86

Crowd: 72

Match: 100

(A great match no doubt. These two just click in the ring. Something we definitely need to remember for the future.)


The Z-Man Goeth?

Immediately following the commercial break it is straight to the WCW Interview Area where Caudle is standing next to a red faced Brian Pillman and a shocked looking Z-Man.

Caudle: While we were at break Flyin’ Brian dragged The Z-Man over here where he has been verbally berating him. Brian?

Pillman: Verbally berating him? I have been speaking the truth, Bob, and the truth is that Tom here just cost me my match with Beautiful Bobby. A match I had won. A great match that just got screwed up by you.

He jabs a finger into The Z-Man’s chest rather hard.

Z-Man: Brian I was just trying to…

Pillman: I don’t care what you were trying to do. Look, we were a pretty good Tag Team once upon a time, but the fact of the matter was that we didn’t really click. We had no emotion in the ring. We had no passion as a team. We were just a pretty good Tag Team. There is no going backwards, there is no Flyin’ Brian and The Z-Man in the future. I don’t want you watching my back and I don’t need you watching my back. Just do me a favor, Tom, and stay out of my life and out of my way.

Pillman storms off after shoving The Z-Man aside.

Caudle: Z-Man I am sorry about that. Anything you want to say?

Z-Man: Brian is angry now, but he’ll get over it and realize that we’re good on our own, but we’re better together.

Caudle: I think Brian was pretty serious here tonight Z-Man, he even called you by Tom.

Z-Man: Brian will get over it. Trust me, I know him better than anyone.

Caudle shrugs his shoulders as Z-Man walks off all smiles.

OR: 76

After a commercial for the new WCW Hotline where you can hear Sting, Lex Luger, Jim Ross, Missy Hyatt, and others, it’s back to the ring.

The Southern Boys vs. The Sierras

All four participants are already in the ring, and in fact Tracey Smothers is applying a Sleeper to Fidel, when the scene returns to the ring. Tracey backs Fidel into his corner as he is struggling with the Sleeper, and Steve tags in. Fidel soon makes a tag out bringing in Dave Sierra, his brother as Tony feels the need to say on commentary, and before long The Sierras have control of the match as they work over Steve. Steve makes the hot tag to Tracey after almost five minutes of being beaten down but refusing to stay down, and Tracey is on fire. He sends Dave head first into Fidel, who was trying to get into the ring, and then nails a Bulldog on Dave and hooks the leg getting the 1-2-3 to win the match for his team. Tracey and Steve hug and mug for the camera.

OR: 40

Crowd: 29

Match: 51

(Not a good match by any stretch of the imagination, but it allowed The Terrible Trio to look both teams over and plan for the future. One team has one, the other not so much.)


Coming To The Clash

Immediately following the commercial break a video montage is shown of a beast of a man just literally destroying much smaller opponents. It finally shows The Z-Man being devastated by his man, and ends with:

Big Van Vader Returns To WCW At The Clash Of The Champions

OR: 61

The Royal Family vs. Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton

As Rip Morgan and Jack Victory come from the back wearing gowns adorned in the British Flag, white powdered wigs, and waving at the fans Tony and Jim discuss how huge it is that Big Van Vader is returning to WCW in a few short weeks following his recent stays in Japan, Germany, and England. Once The Royal Family is in the ring the music of The Rock-N-Roll Express plays and Ricky and Wildfire Tommy Rich come from the back. The scene cuts to a clip from WorldWide where Tommy Rich defeated Jack Victory in a singles match. Jim tells us that since Robert Gibson is out with a broken leg, and since The Royal Family challenged Wildfire to a Tag Team Match, he went and got his longtime friend and the man he teamed with at Starrcade.

After the referee calls for the bell Wildfire and Morgan start the match off, with the fans starting a mild Wildfire chant after some prodding and prompting from Morton. Wildfire dominates, thus he decides to tag in Morton, and the old Tag Team formula that Morton all but invented comes into play. Morton soon falls to the evil ways of The Royal Family, being kept from his partner and not allowed to tag, whilst Morgan and Victory make quick tags back and forth. As Tony and Jim wonder what has gotten into these two and why they are now dressing as if they were English Nobility, Morton scrapes and claws his way across the ring and makes the hot tag to Rich, who rushes in laying into both men. Rip Morgan rolls to the floor following a particularly vicious Clothesline, and one Thesz Press later Rich is getting the 1-2-3 to pin Victory yet again and secure the win for his team.

However even though the match is over, it’s not the end of the violence, as a man rolls into the ring and starts beating on Rich. Morton gets into the ring, but he is nailed with a wooden gavel looking thing by Morgan, who had also returned. Soon enough The Royal Family and the man that Jim Ross says is Jason Knight, are laying a vicious beat down on Rich and Morton. Finally, they seem pleased with themselves and leave the ring, all smiles. Before the commercial break Tony and Jim wonder what is going on.

OR: 55

Crowd: 50

Match: 61


WCW Television Title Match: Arn Anderson© w/Barry Windham vs. Pistol Pez Whatley

Whatley is already in the ring as The Horsemen music plays and Barry Windham accompanies The Enforcer to the ring. Once AA is inside he hands off his belt, glaring at Whatley the entire time. The instructions are given, the introductions are made, and then the bell sounds.

This is not a match at all, as Arn all but pounces on Whatley, not allowing him a second of offense or defense at all. In under two minutes Arn nails his perfect Spinebuster and scores the 1-2-3 win, barely breaking a sweat. On the floor Windham is all smiles and is clapping his hands. Arn rolls to the floor and grabs his belt, and The Horsemen make it a few steps towards the back when JJ Dillon walks out, clapping himself while holding his rolled up papers. Once the trio meet they all shake hands and head off towards the interview area.

OR: 59

Crowd: 48

Match: 70

Getting The Band All Back Together

Bob Caudle is standing in the interview area when The Horsemen and JJ Dillon walk up.

Arn: Don’t say a word Caudle. Last week Doom made their statement loud and clear. They simply responded to The Four Horsemen, but they did it with style and with force. We can respect that. We do respect that. You see, over the last few years we all kind of got used to the Horsemen lifestyle. Women, wine, fast cars, champagne, limos, expensive clothes, and parties that would make Trump blush, but there comes a time when you have to realize that what you’ve become might be fun and it might make waking up each morning a bit of an adventure, but what you were is what made you to begin with. The Horsemen know what we were, and last week we showed that to Doom. BW?

Windham: In the 80’s The Horsemen knew what it took to get the job done. By any means necessary. We lived by that motto. But like Arn says, sometimes people change, and while it might seem like we got even better, what we really did was lose our edge. Well, Doom, as we showed you both we have our edge back. All we really needed to get back to when we were the absolute best of the best was a little voice. A little guidance. The 80’s are long gone, the decade of excess is behind us, and here we are in the 90’s. What’s going to make the 90’s even better? We like to think the 90’s will be the decade of accountability. So, when those WCW World Tag Team Titles are securely around our waists, I want you all to remember that we warned you. We came out here, we demolished anyone and everyone that stood in our path, and we told you that The Four Horsemen were back better than ever and with the greatest mind in all of wrestling back at our side. JJ?

Dillon walks up and smiles for a second, before he places his chin on his hand and taps his forehead with the paper.

JJ: If memory serves me correctly, I do believe that the heyday of The Four Horsemen saw Horsemen holding all the gold in WCW. Yes, I do believe that was the epitome of our greatness. People have come and gone. Tully’s no longer around, Ole’s off at home spending time with his family, and we made a few mistakes when we brought in The Total Package and Sting, but we have rectified those mistakes. These two, the absolute greatest Tag Team in all of wrestling, big Sid Vicious, the man who knows how to hurt people and is, to be blunt, more vicious and sadistic than any other man walking today, and the franchise himself, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, this is The Four Horsemen of today and of the future. We have one title, and very very soon we’re going to take all the others. I am back, not to guide this group to greater glories, because quite frankly they don’t need anyone to tell them how to do what they do better than anyone else, I’m back to keep them focused on the prize. Pistol Pez Whatley was a bump on the proverbial road, and we Double A just took that bump and ran right over it. This is the exact same thing that will happen to The Package, to Doom, and to Sting. And this “interview” is over.

With that The Horsemen walk off to the back amid boos, as Caudle just stands there watching them leave.

OR: 70

(So why did we bring back the creative genius that is JJ Dillon? The same reason we brought back James E. Cornette and are about to return Paul E. Dangerously as well. All three men are in fact creative geniuses as I said, and their wisdom, their guidance, and their knowledge of this sport is beyond reproach. By having all three men on staff behind the scenes, as well as onscreen we simply continue to strengthen WCW in our bid to become number one, and that’s all myself, Jim, or Eric really want.)


Simply Stunning

After the commercial break it’s back to the interview area where Bob Caudle is standing next to Stunning Steve Austin.

Caudle: Welcome back, and I am here with one of the newest, youngest, and hungriest men to join WCW, Stunning Steve Austin. Steve…

Austin glares at Caudle.

Austin: You and I go back away Bob, but you will address me with the proper respect that you know I deserve and demand.

Caudle clears his throat.

Caudle: I apologize Stunning Steve.

Austin: Much like Brad Armstrong, whom I defeated both soundly and definitively last week, and Ranger Ross whom I will do the same to this week, you are forgiven.

Caudle: What did Brad or Ranger Ross do to need forgiveness?

Austin: They both dared to presume that they were worthy to step into a ring with myself. Now you know this about me, Bob, but allow me to bring knowledge to the hicks, hillbilly’s, and inbreeds here in Georgia as to who I am and what I am. Simply put, I am better than the entire lot of you. I don’t waste my time reading romance novels, I don’t mourn for the South, I don’t think she’ll rise again, and I sure don’t kiss my sister and ask her to call me daddy.

The crowd is nearly erupting in boos now.

Austin: I came from Texas, a state I’m ashamed to be from, but we can’t help our heritage or where our parents decided to live. All we can do is move beyond our humble beginnings and achieve greatness on our own. I have done this, sadly for all of you, and yes that means you too Bob, you don’t have the fortitude to move much beyond the couch. Hold your microphone Bob and don’t look at me that way, you know your station in life, so accept it. I am your better, just as I was Brad Armstrong’s better, and just as I will now be Ranger Ross’ better. Oh, and Ross, if you were in my league you’d already be General Ross, and not a lowly grunt. The war has just come to you, it’s a shame you won’t be able to do any better than most of your buddies. And that is why I am Simply Stunning.

Austin sneers and walks off.

Caudle: And that match is next.

OR: 71


Ranger Ross vs. Stunning Steve Austin

After the break both men are already in the ring, and Austin already has the upper hand in this match. Tony and Jim attempt to give Ranger Ross’ credentials, saying that he is a decorated soldier that has brought his unique fighting style to WCW after a storied career in the military. However, for all their bragging on him, he does little more than lose here, as this is little more than a slightly extended squash match for Stunning Steve. After The Stun Gun Austin hooks the leg, a slight knowing smile on his face as the referee counts the 1-2-3 and calls for the bell. Much like last week against Armstrong, Austin is handed a towel from the ring girl and he proceeds to wipe himself down as he glares down at the unmoving form of Ranger Ross. The camera picks up Austin saying he thinks he’s “removed the stench of a loser” from himself as he tosses the towel onto Ross and exits the ring amid some booing from this crowd.

OR: 50

Crowd: 46

Match: 54

Ross: Well folks, up next is our Main Event Non Title Match, as The Total Package takes on The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Tony: A Pay Per View worthy main event right here on WCW Saturday Night, Jim.

Ross: Only on the new World Championship Wrestling, Tony. We’ll be right back folks.


Main Event Non Title Match: Lex Luger© vs. The Nature Boy Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon

Flair is accompanied to the ring by JJ Dillon, who looks quite pleased here. Once inside the ring, Flair struts, removes his robe, and waits with a little bit of pacing, as Lex Luger’s music plays and the United States Champion comes from the back. He opens his robe on the floor, showing off his US Title. Then wags his finger and says not this time towards Flair, as he smiles. He enters the ring, hands off his title, and after the normal things the referee sounds the bell and the Main Event is under way.

Flair attempts to get inside of Luger’s head early on, but such mind games don’t seem to have any effect on the former Horseman, who simply laughs it off and shakes his head. He brings the fight to Flair, who ducks between the ropes and confers with Dillon on a few occasions. This particular mind game does deem to work, as Luger gets frustrated, eventually making a rookie mistake, as Ross calls it, allowing Flair to gain the upper hand with a well placed Eye Rake and Low Blow, which the referee conveniently misses. Flair begins to work on the lower back of Luger as well as the right upper thigh and knee, and Tony mentions that doing the double work on Luger makes sense, taking away his greatest move, The Human Torture Rack, ad well as setting him up for The Figure Four. Ross mentions that a win here for Flair would no doubt send the WCW Championship Committee into overtime redoing the contender’s rankings just as Flair attempts for the Figure Four almost ten minutes into the match. Of course as he locks it in in the center of the ring, Tony says that the tape machines are rolling as it’s time for a commercial.

After the break Luger is hopping on one leg, and a small inset window shows hoe Luger used his tremendous upper strength to drag himself to the ropes despite the pain. Back to the “live” action sees Flair nail a Chop Block and send Luger toppling to the mat. JJ is clapping and nodding, as from the back Sid Vicious rears his ugly head, slowly walking towards the ring. Flair delivers a knee across the forehead of Luger, then reaches downwards. Luger counters with a Small Package, and at the two count, with the fans exploding in cheers, Sid reaches the ring and forcibly pushes Luger so that he is now in the pinning predicament. Luger releases at one, as JJ Dillon gets on the apron and starts yelling at the referee. With his attention diverted Sid enters the ring and delivers a devastating Choke Slam onto Luger then rolls to the floor. Flair applies the Figure Four Leg Lock yet again, and a dazed and out of it Luger lies on his back and is pinned 1-2-3 with the hold applied. The fans boos for all they are worth, as Jim and Tony both ironically say that they are “speechless” now over this.

Sid gets back into the ring, as Flair backs into the corner. Sid grabs Luger by the throat and tosses him with relative ease into the corner. He then smiles at Flair and does his own variation of The Stinger Splash into Lex, who simply crumbles to the mat. Dillon is barking orders to Sid, as Flair walks over and drives his boot into Luger’s throat now. The fans erupt into cheers at this point however as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion rushes from the back and enters the ring. Flair and Dillon retreat as Sid and Sting go toe to toe with lefts and rights. Sting Irish Whips Sid into the corner opposite Luger, and is about to fly with a Stinger Splash, but Flair grabs the big man’s arm and he and Dillon pull him over the ropes to the floor. As they back away Sting checks on Luger as a familiar voice rings out through the arena.

OR: 88

Crowd: 91

Match: 83

Representing The WCW Championship Committee…

Voice: All right now this can settle down right about now. And bring the camera to me you idiots.

The camera travels a bit before it stops at the interview area, where James E. Cornette is standing all smiles as Caudle holds the mic.

Cornette: Anyone who watched WCW WorldWide this past week knows that I am have people within the WCW Championship Committee who value my opinion and let me know of important updates. Well, that was the past. This is the now. I am now officially the spokesperson and a member in good standing with the Championship Committee. I will be at all events, in the back, in constant communication via the phone and fax with my fellow members, much like I have been tonight. What does this mean? Well, it means that after this match, after The Nature Boy so soundly defeated the WCW United States Champion here tonight he is now the official Number One Contender for Luger’s title. Now rather than wait and make the fans wait, we made the decision to do it up right, which means right here next week the fans will see that title match take place.

The fans in the arena cheer loudly at this announcement.

Cornette: Awwww keep it down you idiots. Let me repeat that, next week right here on WCW Saturday Night, The Total Package Lex Luger will defend his WCW United States Title against the six time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, The Nature Boy Ric Flair. And that is all.

Cornette walks off as the scene cuts to the ring where Luger, now standing on his own two feet, is looking at Flair and The Horsemen, as Flair smiles and WOOS! In Luger’s direction.

OR: 75

(And this is exactly the kind of thing we meant when we said that under our regime the way that professional wrestling is viewed would change in WCW. A big time match two weeks in a row on our flagship show, but without undermining what we can ask the fans to pay for on PPV.)

OR: 67

TV Rating: 3.13

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Another show, which means another series of comments. For some reason I don't think I can do long ones like I do for the WWE diary, but let's see here.

-Opening match was great, which definitely would have got the crowd heated at this era. Z-Man getting involved was pretty good, specially with him being over zealous and causing Pillman the loss. Eaton gets a good win, and then the Pillman/Zenk stuff after the match was golden. Someone must have hit Zenk a little too hard.

-Nothing else really interested me until the Vader announcement. Good to see him come back as this time he was quite the agile big man. He could add a lot to the main event scene again.

-I love how much they hyped up the Anderson/Whatley match at the beginning of the show, saying that Whatley would give Anderson a huge match here, and he got squashed around the two minute mark.

-Horseman and Austin interviews were both great. Horseman going back to what they know best. Hopefully they get their ruthlessness back. Austin continues his prima donna gimmick, making sure everyone knows how much better he is than them. I really liked the Hollywood style Austin so hopefully you work that in there somewhere.

-Huge main event that breaks down into a melee, which was actually a given in my opinion. I'm surprised to see Flair pick up the win as I would have thought it would be Luger picking up the win and then going for Flair's belt, but it's the other way around here. Which means I can't see Flair winning that match, but it might surprise me.

It wasn't a great show, but I don't think you've ever written anything horrible either, so it's about average, which is still levels above everyone else.

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I've been a long-time reader of TGC's WCW 1991, and while I don't believe I've ever gotten chance to really give any feedback on it, I'm glad to see that it's making it's big return here. Anyways.

You know Ross and Tony have been put on insane shill mode when they're saying that Pistol Pez Whatley is going to test Arn fucking Anderson. C'mon now. Then again, this was a time when a SNME main event could have been Hogan against Akeem. So I reckon to just take things as they may come.

Bobby and Brian are a great set to have against one another, and I hope that what happened between Pillman and Z in the previous TGC edition of WCW 1991 happens here as well. If I remember it right. I think I do though. Can honestly say that I was never too crazy about what happened with Beautiful Bobby there.... but all signs point to it happening again. Yes I'm being vague for those who didn't see it before. Yay me. But then, this is why we're reading WCW 1991 Re-imagined. Perhaps you shall change things. Perhaps you really liked it and aren't going to change anything. Your call. Just letting you know my thoughts.

And we all know Brian was serious because he called him Tom. Bob Caudle is a real dumbass, but the sad part is that I can really hear him saying that.

For some reason I'm guessing the Sierras aren't the team that are getting something done in the future. That's fine. Can't say I'm all that wild over the Southern Boys, but at least they can go if given the right team to go against.

Hooray for Big Fat Tater! Seriously now, that is one of the best ways to hype Vader. Just show him beating the piss out of people and fans will know exactly who and what he is.

I'm going to be completely honest and say that I have no recollection of the Royal Family or their gimmick. So I find myself really not caring at all about them. But Ricky Morton is cool as hell, so I'll just leave it at that and move on.

SKA-WASH. Arn kills Whatley. As it should be. It took longer for you to write about JJ coming out than it did for the match. Y'know, I was just talking about the Four Horsemen today, and Arn in particular. The greatest thing about Arn Anderson is that he had no real "gimmick" except being an Anderson and therefore a tough son of a bitch. Outside of that, he didn't look that impressive, he didn't have anything to really reach out and catch you with (except an Anderson Left), but he was damn good in the fact that he was simply damn good. His interviews were to the point and didn't really slap you over the head as anything other than just a guy who is going to slap you over the head. And plus, when talking about interviews I also snickered at the thought that no one ever interrupted their partner or manager in old school interviews. Everyone had a lead-in. So seeing that here, as I knew I would from an old school icon like TGC, makes me smile. Onwards.

Austin going for the cheap heat, but I did love the quip about Ross being a lowly grunt, but he'd be General Ross if he were in Austin's league. And then he kills Ross, which works entirely.

Flair winning is great, but was Sid interfering really necessary? I know Luger needs protected to some extent, but since he's dealing with Ric fucking Flair, then there's no reason he could lose anything by dropping the match clean. The Sid-der Splash was worth a chuckle imagining it though, so that makes up for everything.

Now this works out greatly. The old school mentality of "You beat the champion non-title, so you get a title shot" is something that I incorporate into everything, and I absolutely love it. It's just good sense, really - if Wrestler A can beat the champion, then he's better than said champion; so give him a title match because if the champion isn't as good then he shouldn't be holding a belt.

This is what I love about reading TGC diaries. They're really old school-fests, and I've love me an old school-fest. As noted above, not the greatest show ever read, but good enough for Saturday Night. The Clash and PPV cards will be better times, but for SN, it just needs to do what it does: hype the Clash and PPV cards.

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The Austin interview was a great show of his character. Loved it.

The Arn squash was just classic ..... we need more of them.

My curiosity is lit as to how you'll play out Luger/Flair, however I'm guessing giving the free tv audience the Luger win is what you were trying to avoid.

All in all a good show.

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WCW WorldWide

Sunday January 13, 1991

WCW Studios and The Omni

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and James E. Cornette

The brand new opening for WCW WorldWide features rapid fire action shots of wrestlers in shadows, all black figures, interspersed with quick head shots of Sting, Lex Luger, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Enforcer Arn Anderson, Wildfire Tommy Rich, Butch Reed, Ron Simmons, James E. Cornette, Missy Hyatt, Ricky Morton, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Barry Windham, Flyin’ Brian Pillman, Sid Vicious, The Z-Man, Brad Armstrong, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Tracey Smothers, and Stunning Steve Austin before the scene explodes and is replaced with the WCW WorldWide logo. From there it is to the small WCW Studios, where Tony Schiavone and James E. Cornette, tennis racket at his side and clipboard in hand, are seated on bar stools looking at the camera.

Tony: Welcome fans to another edition of World Championship Wrestling WorldWide Wrestling.

Cornette: Excuse me Tommy, but as the new official WCW Championship Committee Representative and spokesman I have to interrupt you here and announce that right here tonight on WorldWide we have a rematch from the very first WCW Saturday Night of 1991 as the Television Champion Arn Anderson will defend his title against the former champion The Z-Man. That is our huge Main Event.

Tony: You know James, you’ve known me long enough to actually know my name.

Cornette: This is a jam packed show, Tommy, and you’re wasting precious time. We also have The Fabulous Freebirds taking on The Southern Boys, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, a guy I know an awful lot about, taking on Rip Morgan from The Royal Family, as well as comments from The Four Horsemen and Flyin’ Brian Pillman. Absolutely jam packed show Tommy.

Tony: Can we at least get some words as to how you became the WCW Championship Committee Representative?

Cornette: Backstage politics just bore the fans. As Mama Cornette always told me, keep the private stuff private and the public stuff public.

Tony: Okay then. Well hopefully we can get something out of him as the night goes on, but for now let us head to the ring for this fantastic opening match.

Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs. Sir Rip Morgan w/The Royal Family (Lord Jack Victory and Knight Jason)

Both of the competitors are already in the ring, while at ringside Lord Jack Victory and Knight Jason, as they are called by Tony and Cornette, watch intently while holding the Union Jack. As the two lock up in the ring, Tony asks Cornette if he knows why these three suddenly seem to think that they are a part of the Royal Family. Cornette says that Victory is Lord of a small region, Knight Jason has been knighted to act as security for said region, and Sir Rip is in fact descended from the Royal Family in lineage too long and convoluted to explain here and now. Tony says that he’s not buying it, while inside the ring Beautiful Bobby downs Sir Rip with a Drop Toe Hold. Knight Jason scrambles onto the apron but he gets leveled with a right hand by Eaton that almost comically sends him toppling down onto Lord Jack. Eaton quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails The Alabama Jam to score the victory. As he gets to his feet amidst some cheers from the fans, Lord Jack enters the ring and breaks the Union Jack over his back. Beautiful Bobby drops to one knee, as Knight Jason comes from the top rope and almost nails a Bulldog successfully. Sir Rip soon makes it his feet as well and the trio lay boots to the downed former Midnight Express member, before the referee is able to send all three from the ring. Despite the loss, they look pleased as they walk around the ring and head to the back.

OR: 49

Crowd: 37

Match: 62

Back in the studio and Cornette is shaking his head and looking less than pleased.

Cornette: You see Tommy, I taught Beautiful Bobby better than this. He knows to never turn his back on anyone when in that ring. It doesn’t matter that he’s alone now, he knows better than this. He needs to forget about shaking hands and listening to the idiot fans and remember how to be a winner.

Tony: A winner? He is. He hasn’t lost a match all year.

Cornette: Winners walk away, losers are left laying. He was left laying Tommy. It’s almost as if he’s forgotten everything I ever taught him.

Tony: Are you actually taking responsibility for the massive success that Beautiful Bobby Eaton has had over the years, James?

Cornette: No, but I will say that whether it was Sweet Stan Lane or Loverboy Dennis Condrey, The real heart, soul, and talent in The Midnight Express was never Beautiful Bobby.

Tony: I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Folks, let’s head to a commercial and when we get back we will hear from The Four Horsemen.


The Horsemen Know The Score

After the commercial break, and a brief word about the ongoing conflict in Iraq in a CNN News Update, it is right to the WorldWide interview area where The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Sid Vicious, and JJ Dillon are standing, alone, and in mid interview.

JJ: …back where I belong, with The Four Horsemen, and it only shows that while we may be the best in the ring, we are in fact also the smartest as well. Big Man?

Sid: We take what we want, when we want, where we want, and how we want. Once upon a time, Total Package, you were the biggest and the baddest in The Horsemen, but those days are long gone. Now you are looking at the man. You may be The Total Package, but I am more vicious than anyone you’ve ever met. We may have danced in the past, but this time it’s going to be the most brutal experience of your life. I promise you this.

Flair smiles, pats Sid on the shoulder, and then removes his sunglasses.

Flair: He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s about one thing, and that’s doing Horsemen business. What does that mean? That means when we say kill, he kills. When we say hurt, he hurts. When we say destroy, he destroys. He’s the perfect fighting machine, he’s unstoppable, and he’s a Horseman through and through. That is what is in your future Sting and Luger. Speaking of Sting and Luger, we have two wannabe’s who won’t ever be as great as The Nature Boy, and they are holding all the gold in WCW. Someone tell me, please God, someone tell me what’s up with that. At Clash Of The Champions, Sid and myself are going to take you two beyond your limits. Just when you think we’re done hurting you we’re going to show you new levels of pain. You two want to try and stop The Four Horsemen in what is to be our greatest year? Jack, you two couldn’t stop us in our worst year. You know what’s worse, JJ?

Dillon smiles.

JJ: What’s that Slick Ric?

Flair: What’s worse is that those two aren’t representing WCW the right way. It’s the United States Wrestling Title and the World Heavyweight Wrestling Title. You two are good, damn you’re good, but you’re not the best. I’ve proven it time after time after time that I am the best. Case in point, Luger, one on one you couldn’t go toe to toe with The Nature Boy this weekend. It’s no surprise though cuz you never could. You could never get the job done against the greatest wrestler alive today bar none, and you never will be able to. I am so far beyond you in ability you jacked up, bleach blonde, nothing, and that will never change. This coming weekend on WCW Saturday Night when we meet for the United States Wrestling Title I am going to take it home with me when I out wrestle you. Then when Stinger finally gets the nerve up to meet me one on one again for my WCW World Heavyweight Wrestling Title I’ll be the only champion in all of wrestling history to have the two most prestigious belts ever around my waist at the same time because you and me Stinger, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, we’ve only just begun.

The trio each put the four fingers up as Flair Woo’s and then head off as the show goes to a break.

OR: 91


After the break it’s back to the studio.

Tony: In just a moment we will have The Fabulous Freebirds taking on The Southern Boys “live” from the WCW Arena, but first I want to comment on this match made for this coming weekend’s WCW Saturday Night, James. After cheating to win this past weekend, Ric Flair will be rewarded with a WCW United States Title Match against the champion Lex Luger.

Cornette: Cheating to win? Here we go again, Tommy, with your biased commentary. Your job isn’t to provide personal insight into the matches, but to call the action. It is my job to provide the personal insight.

Tony: Well, let’s let the fans decide.

A window pops up showing the ending of the Non Title Match from this week’s WCWSN Main Event, in which Sid helps Flair get the victory over Luger.

Tony: James?

Cornette is now holding his tennis racket and sort of tapping his leg with it.

Cornette: I saw it at the arena, and I see it now. What matters is what the official WCW referee saw or didn’t see in the ring, Tommy. We’re not the NFL and we don’t have instant replay in wrestling, and that’s just a fact. Also a fact is that The Nature Boy got the pinfall victory over The Total Package, and from where the WCW Championship Committee sits that means that this weekend Ric Flair gets a United States Title Match, whether you, Lex Luger, or the idiot fans agree or not.

Tony: Okay then.

Cornette: No, shut up. Furthermore, we have a match to get to so let’s do just that. You really are getting on my last nerve today, Tommy.

The Fabulous Freebirds w/Missy Hyatt vs. The Southern Boys

As The Freebirds make their way to the ring, while Steve and Tracey are already in the ring waiting, Tony and Cornette discuss the storied history that these two teams have after numerous confrontations last year. An inset window opens up showing back and forth victories between the two teams, ending with their last meeting with a Freebirds victory. After the bell sounds it is Hayes and Tracey who lock up, and the match is very much open with both men getting much needed offense in. After some time of the two teams trading the upper hand back and forth the crowd begins to cheer as The Steiners come from the back and watch the match from ringside. They mildly taunt Garvin and Hayes with their United States Tag Team Titles, which obviously distracts them both. As Missy is yelling at the ref to get them out of here, Tracey, who was in trouble, is able to make the hot tag to Steve, who rushes in, taking it to Hayes. Hayes tags Jimmy back in, Steve makes another tag to Tracey, and Hayes hits the floor where an argument ensues between him and Rick and Scott. Meanwhile, inside the ring Tracey hits a Lariat and makes the cover. As Missy is yelling for Hayes to make the save, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin is pinned cleanly in the center of the ring. The Southern Boys are elated, and quickly hightail it from the ring, while Hayes looks on shocked. He turns to Rick Steiner and levels him with a right hand that lays him out, then he and Scott start fighting at ringside, as the referee is trying to separate them. Garvin makes his way to the floor, where he and Rick soon start brawling as the fans are cheering. Soon enough Rick and Scott roll into the ring and call for the two to come do it now, but The Freebirds leave the ringside area with Missy forcing them off.

OR: 63

Crowd: 53

Match: 73

Cornette: Complete and utter chaarchy exploded there.

Tony: Chaarchy?

Cornette: Chaos and anarchy combined to create chaarchy. Learn some big words and expand your vocabulary, Tommy.

Tony: Despite me being pretty sure you just made that word up…

Cornette: What?

Tony: …the way to Clash Of The Champions: Dixie Dynamite is getting more clear as the United States Tag Team Champions just cost the challengers a win tonight simply by being at ringside.

Cornette: Something that the WCW Championship Committee doesn’t care for too much. Therefore, because of that, we can now add a rematch between The Southern Boys and The Fabulous Freebirds to this weekend’s WCW Saturday Night show, and The Steiners won’t be allowed in the building.

Tony: But surely as they just beat the Number One Contender’s The Southern Boys just earned themselves a WCW US Tag Team Titles match with The Steiners. Based on your logic involving Flair and Luger.

Cornette: Are you on the championship committee? No? Then shut up again. Don’t we have a commercial break to do?


Not Flyin’ So High

After a recap of what number to call for exclusive info on WCW via the WCW Hotline, it is to the WorldWide interview area where Eric Bischoff is standing.

Eric: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to welcome Flyin’ Brian Pillman to the interview area.

Pillman walks over smiling, and he and Bischoff shake hands.

Eric: Brian, let’s talk about the problems that seem to exist between yourself and The Z-Man so far this year.

Brian cuts him off.

Pillman: Let’s not and say we did. Look, everyone wants to know what’s up with me and Z-Man and his weird behavior, but the fact is I don’t know why he suddenly wants us to be best friends and Tag Team partners again, and I don’t care. It’s not going to happen. Z-Man is running around all crazy like thinking we need to look out for each other, when in reality all we need to do is win our matches.

Eric: Fair enough. Later tonight he has a TV Title rematch against The Enforcer Arn Anderson, and we all know where one goes so goes all The Horsemen. Will you be watching his back for him later on here tonight?

Pillman: Didn’t you just hear what I said? Look, good for Tom for getting his rematch so quickly, but it’s not my business. He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself, and he can go out there and win. He didn’t ask for my help when he won that belt, he didn’t ask for my help when he lost that belt, and quite frankly it’s upsetting me that anyone thinks I would help him get it back. We are not joined at the hip. We were friends, we were partners, and we had a good run, but those days are over.

Eric: One final question. Brian, are you saying that the two of you aren’t friends anymore?

Pillman: I’m saying that he can win, lose, or draw on his own. This interview is over. Oh, but the next time you want to interview me, try asking me questions about my career and my matches, not someone else’s, okay?

OR: 77

Cornette: Before you start asking something stupid, Tommy, I want to say that I agree with Flyin’ Brian’s sentiments there. Why should he answer questions about The Z-Man and why should he have to help The Z-Man?

Tony: All I was actually going to say was that our Main Event is next.

Cornette: Are you trying to make me look as dumb as you?


WCW Television Title Main Event Match: Arn Anderson© w/Barry Windham and JJ Dillon vs. The Z-Man

After The Z-Man’s entrance, the music of The Four Horsemen plays and BW and JJ Dillon lead the TV Champion to the ring. As per usual, AA is all business. Once he steps inside the ring he listens to the instructions JJ gives him as the introductions are made. The Enforcer’s eyes never leave The Z-Man, who is all smiles and is hopping around. The two men slap hands as JJ leaves the ring, and we are informed that this match has a fifteen minute time limit as all TV Title matches do. Once the bell sounds the two are right to it, not wasting a second before getting the match underway. Unlike their meeting earlier in the year when Arn won, The Z-Man is on top of his game here. It is very much a back and forth effort for the opening half of the match, but the second half is soon dominated by AA, who begins his methodical and complete dissection of Z-Man. AA goes for a DDT, but Z-Man grabs the rope and holds on, allowing him to fight off the move. On the floor JJ and Barry yell for Arn to get him, as Z-Man groggily heads for the top turnbuckle. Arn gets to his feet as Barry scrambles around to the other side of the ring, but it is too late as Z-Man connects with a Missile Drop Kick right to the chest of Arn. Sadly for him, he is too slow to make the cover, and Arn kicks out at two. However it is at this point that the bell sounds, and the ring announcer makes it known that the TV Time Limit has expired, and that The Enforcer has retained his title as a result. JJ on the floor looks relieved, while Barry quickly enters the ring. He grabs Z-Man and whips him into the corner where he starts to beat the hell out of him. He whips him out of the corner right into a Spinebuster by Arn. The Horsemen leave the ring as Z-Man is left down and out, despite wrestling a superb match.

OR: 77

Crowd: 72

Match: 82

Back in the studio.

Tony: The Z-Man and Arn Anderson jut put on a great match, as we all knew they would.

Cornette: And I wouldn’t be surprised, Tommy, if we didn’t see those two go at it again very soon for that belt.

Tony: Is that an official announcement?

Cornette: No, but this is. At Clash Of The Champions: Dixie Dynamite, The Enforcer will defend his WCW Television Title against The Z-Man, despite having a WCW World Tag Team Titles Match already signed.

Tony: That’s what happens when you are the TV Champion, a title that simply must be defended on every Television program WCW has.

Cornette: I know that, but I’ll assume that was for the idiots out there and not me.

Tony: Yes, well, we are out of time here tonight folks, so for James…

Cornette: For Tommy What’s His Name, I’m Mama Cornette’s baby boy saying see you idiots next week.

The show fades to black.

OR: 72

TV Rating: 0.04

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Great job with the Cornette quotes on Eaton's match. Great work.

Very nice job with Flair putting over Sid. Nicely done.

I love the Steiner/Freebird stuff, but damn ... the Freebirds are looking like crap. Dont' know if it's on purpose or not but damn. Damn, damn, damn.

Good main event ... Arn/Z-man a nice match .... digging the z-man/pillman stuff.

solid show again

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Okay, feedbackage...

-Overhyping the Midnight Express return much? Who doesn't see it coming? That's not a bad thing though, but then again, you may surprise me which is always what I figure. I'm not buying The Royal Court as a good stable, or even competent wrestlers, but Eaton against anyone can make a good match. Okay, sorry, a tolerable match.

-As I mentioned on MSN, it was weird not seeing Barry or Arn in the Horsemen promo. Actually I think I said Arn, cause who really even remembers Barry is there? :P But it was still a very well written promo, which highlighted the points of Luger and Sting.

-Freebirds lose, and while they're being built up, the distraction is enough to save face for them a bit. Not sure on the Sourthern Boys as I don't see you pushing them very far, but at least keeping them competent is a good thing. Brad Armstrong needs a good push.

-So Pillman's being portrayed as the heel of this situation? Only in WCW would that work. Pillman's trying to stay calm but Zenk and the rest of the people keep pushing. Pillman's going to go become a "Loose Cannon" in 91 methinks.

-Time limit draw is an alright ending, as long as it's Arn keeping the title. Somehow I don't see Z-Man winning the third one either, but it's nice to see them battling it out. Wonder which match Arn's going to be tired for though, this one or the tag match.

Nice solid show as usual, and this keeps getting better. Can't wait for Clash!

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