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Gamestop not taking Wii/PS3 pre-orders?


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GameStop Not Taking Wii, PS3 Pre-Orders?

Want to guarantee your console? The line starts here.

by Mark Whiting, 10/02/2006

Thinking about getting one of those spiffy new Wii or PS3 consoles this holiday? You'd best start lining up now. GameStop -- America's largest 'videogame only' retailer -- says they're not taking pre-orders on console hardware.

That little tidbit came up at the annual GameStop sales conference, held last Saturday in Dallas.

"The great thing is there is a lot of demand." said Steve Morgan, president of Gamestop. "But launch is one day. And really the key to this business is what flows after the launch. We did learn a lesson last year. I think the lesson is caution and optimism at the same time."

Predicted shortages of the PS3 come as no surprise in these here parts -- the comparatively low numbers of console units hitting North America practically guarantees it. Of note, however, is that GameStop also seems to be banking on a Wii sellout. With 1 million units inbound, that's a lot of holiday optimism.

GameStop's decision not to guarentee your hardware pre-order is by no means carved in stone -- but from this point it seems a pretty sure thing from a strictly-business point of view. Last year, GameStop caught some heat after it mistakenly took in more Xbox 360 preorders than it had the capacity to fulfill. Looks like they've learned something from the experience.

The message is clear: The best way to assure you've got a console under the tree is probably still the old-fashioned one. Get out, line up.

Either that, or start saving your nickels for Ebay.

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You know why they're not taking pre-orders?

Because of what happened last year with the 360 and pre-orders.

Many stores took more pre-orders then they would get for the first shipment. They started telling people this and told some people they wouldn't get their's until the second shipment... some even on the third shipment.

Well, this pissed some people off and I know first-hand of some of their wrath.

I worked at a GameStop last holiday season and a man came in around 8 or so on a Saturday, I believe. Well, this was after the first shipment of 360s had come and gone about two weeks ago. This guy wanted to talk to the manager on duty so, I got Duncan, who was the manager on duty.

Well, this guy started yelling at Duncan because, while his son's friends all got 360s from stores without pre-orders. Well, this guy's son was "a little sad" the he hadn't gotten his yet. Duncan explained the current situation to the man and said his son was contacted about it as well, back in August, if he was on the second shipment list. Well the guy continued on, even accusing Duncan of selling 360s to his friends, instead of giving them to the people on the list.

Now, I had known Duncan for only around six months or so but, I was surprised that he handled the situation with a very cool and professional tone, even after something that was way over the line.

The guy left his number and Duncan said he would call him personally once his son's 360 arrived.

Now, that was not an isolated incident. People were pissed about having to wait, even though they had been told a few months in advance.

So, it's a LOT smarter to just not take pre-orders. Certainly, it might be more work but, it's the same old situation of some assholes just ruining it for the rest of us.

Also, EWRFan, unless you camp out, you won't be finding a Wii on launch day.

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Seeing as I won't have the money to buy one until I get a job next summer, I'll probably just wait and get the 5th/6th shipment. By then more games will have come out, and if there are any bugs(which there always are), they'll have fixed most of them by next summer. I'm glad I have my 360 to hold me over til I can get a PS3 and a Wii.

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Actually from personal experience, people in Puerto Rico dont camp out. So I guess that If I get there just as the mall opens(7am Wal-Mart, 9am the rest of the mall) and I lineup at Wal-Mart's security door, which always opens exactly at 9, rush trough the corridor and get to EB(which takes a minute tops) I might just get one. If not, Bill Gates, I am converting!

Really, I have had a Wii or 360 war for a week or so and this might be the deciding factor.

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I'm sort of torn on this, on one hand you would hope that the people most desperate for the system will be the most likely to get them, rather than the current system where you could pre-order and then pick it up the next day or whatever. But on the other hand it sucks for the people who work or whatever and would like on on release.

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I'm sort of torn on this, on one hand you would hope that the people most desperate for the system will be the most likely to get them, rather than the current system where you could pre-order and then pick it up the next day or whatever. But on the other hand it sucks for the people who work or whatever and would like on on release.

Exactly. It's ridiculous to think that everyone that wants the system is going to put life on the sideline to camp out.

What's funnier is that this message is on the PS3 section of their site:

Online Console Pre-Order Information Coming Soon! Sign-Up Now To Receive Our E-Mail Alert!

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Here's a full story on what KingOfMyWorld just said:

GameStop details PS3 preorders

-In-store program starts Tuesday morning; $100 deposit required, most stores expecting only eight systems.-

GameStop has unveiled its in-store PlayStation 3 preorder campaign to GameSpot, and the retail chain looks to be bracing for a shortage of systems at launch day. Starting Tuesday morning, GameStop and EB Games stores will begin accepting "limited" preorders for the system with a $100 deposit. The preorders are "limited" in that very few will be received, and customers will not be guaranteed a PS3 on its November 17 US launch day.

"Most stores will receive a preorder allocation of eight units, while a few select stores will receive 16," a GameStop official said. "In either case, employee purchases will be restricted to a total of no more than two systems per store."

As for how the $100 can be paid, the company will accept cash, credit, or trade-in. Last month, the company conducted a test-run of preorders for the Wii and the PS3 at its Hawaii stores. In that one-day campaign, the company required that customers pay for the systems' $50 deposit with trade-in credit.

Reservations for the retailer's in-store program will be limited to one per household. The company's online preorder program will be revealed at a later date, "after software and accessory availability dates are


Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6159525.html

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As I was driving home from school I passed by my local Gamestop (I always pass by as it's on my way home) and as I looked from my car into the store I saw it packed with people. I just had to see how it was going in there so I parked and I went into the store and the second I did they announced that they were out of pre-orders. Many many sad faces within the crowd. I couldn't help but laugh (not going against Sony but just the fact that people aren't patient anymore).

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Am I the only one who isn't that arsed to buy new consoles on launch day? I'm going to quite happily keep chugging away on my PS2 until PS3 does its obvious price drop 6 months to a year after release then buy one, when there'll actually be some good games coming out.

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